Doctor Who - The Architects Of History


(Running. TARDIS materialisation. Female Computer Voice)
COMPUTER VOICE: Warning. Incursion detected in Hangar Fourteen. End warning.
SAM KIRKE: No. No Rachel, not that way. It's coming from down there, it's ... No. It's ... it's behind us. It's all around us. I can't tell.
RACHEL COOPER: There, by the steps. Just taking shape. Can you see it?
SAM KIRKE: It's them. They've come for us. I knew they would.
RACHEL COOPER: We have to get outside. We can't let them see you here. Down there Sam, between the fighters. Go, I can handle them.
(Rushing off. Door opened.)
MAJOR RICHTER: ... I am simply saying is that we could be doing far more than we currently are to identify poten...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You there. Who are you?
RACHEL COOPER: No, sorry. Not how it works. You're the one who set off the intruder alarm, so you get to do the introductions first.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Very well. I am Oberst Klein, in charge of Temporal Affairs for the Galactic Reich. You have heard of our department, I trust?
RACHEL COOPER: Ah. Yes. Sorry, Ma'am. Rachel Cooper. I'm a member of the ground crew here. A technician, but...
MAJOR RICHTER: This is the moon base?
RACHEL COOPER: That's right, sir. Hangar Fourteen. You've missed the ramp by ... Oh, about fifteen metres.
MAJOR RICHTER: And the year, Citizen Cooper. It is Twenty Forty-Four, yes?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The one hundredth year of our Golden Age. Where else do you think we would be, Major Richter? Look at those ships. The first to be fitted with Dalek propulsion units. Those ships will expand our empire beyond this one solar system. They will carry our colours to the stars and beyond.
MAJOR RICHTER: I just wanted to be sure we were in the right...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: When you've travelled as widely as I have, you develop an instinct about such things. Everything is as it should be.
RACHEL COOPER: Er, yeah. Now, erm, about that alarm. There will be a security detail on its way over here. I could call...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Good. Then they can inform your Commandant that we have arrived. And they can take my TARDIS to the operation centre.
(Marching off. Door slides open, closed.)
RACHEL COOPER: Yes, Ma'am. No, Ma'am. Three bags full, Ma'am. So, that was the infamous Elizabeth Klein.

MAJOR RICHTER: The security detail should have been here to greet us. There was no excuse for complacency.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I agree, Major Richter, but you and I might accept our fair share of the blame for that.
MAJOR RICHTER: I assume that speech back there was for my benefit, Ma'am? All that talk about Glorious Reich. I've not heard such passion from you in a long time.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I think it is important sometimes to reflect on all we have achieved. Without us...
MAJOR RICHTER: Without us, Man could not live and work on the surface of the Moon. He could not gaze up at the Earth because there would be no eco-bubble to protect him.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Without us those ships would be painted in the colours of our enemies. You and I remember this place as it was but we are the only ones who do. Maybe that's the problem.
MAJOR RICHTER: Begging your pardon, Ma'am, that is not the way to Generalleutnant Tendexter's office.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You can deal with the Commandant. I have business to attend to.
MAJOR RICHTER: The prisoner. I guessed as much when you brought us to this year again. Is he the reason you seem so ... cautious these days? We have achieved so much, Oberst Klein, but - we can do more.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I am aware of your feelings on that subject, Major Richter, but one day you will understand, one day when you have seen as many versions of this place as I have.
(Walking over.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Who is he, Klein? How is it that a mere prisoner has so much of a hold over you? (Quieter) Why do you keep bringing us back here?
(Walking. Metal door unlocked and opened. Dripping water in cell. Walking in.)
THE DOCTOR: You're back, then.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Yes, Doctor. I'm back.

(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who. The Architects Of History, by Steve Lyons. Starring Sylvester McCoy and Tracey Childs. Part One.

RACHEL COOPER: It's okay, Sam. They've gone.
SAM KIRKE: I thought they'd never go away. I thought they'd never get that box, that machine out of here. What time is it? I'm due back on shift at twelve hundred hours.
RACHEL COOPER: You've got time, Sam, it's okay, you've got time.
SAM KIRKE: What if they come back? What was I thinking? I have my cleaning job. I'm one of the lucky ones. So what if other people have more ... i-i-if they were born with better genes than I was.
RACHEL COOPER: Don't talk like that.
SAM KIRKE: You saw what just happened, Rachel. Temporal Affairs. They were right here. A-and I can't afford...
RACHEL COOPER: They don't know a thing. It was chance that brought Klein here, that's all. Stupid, random chance.
SAM KIRKE: I must have been mad. We must both have been mad. Nobody gets away with something like this, with ... with what you're suggesting. When was the last time, when was the last time you heard of anyone...
RACHEL COOPER: Because no-one has tried.
SAM KIRKE: People have tried. They just don't ... we don't remember it. You know that. You know how it works, what they can do. You heard how they came for Gustave two weeks ago, and ... and Marc a few weeks before that. They can't lose, Rachel.
RACHEL COOPER: Believe me, Sam, I know what I'm asking you. If I could do this alone I would, but I need you. And you came to me, remember?
SAM KIRKE: Oh, they will. And they'll have all the time later, all the time in the world to work it out, and then...
RACHEL COOPER: No! Don't you see? If they were going to do that, if they were ever going to find out about us they'd have come for us already. We're safe. We're the ones who can't lose.
SAM KIRKE: I'm sorry. I just can't ... I can't risk it. I'm a loyal citizen. Loyal to the Reich. Please, Rachel, just ... leave me alone.
(Running off.)
(Running off.)

(Rustling of papers.)
MAJOR RICHTER: I'm sure you'll find the paperwork in order, sir.
TENDEXTER: I don't doubt it, Major Richter. One thing I will say for Temporal Affairs is that your paperwork is always immaculate.
MAJOR RICHTER: Thank you, sir.
TENDEXTER: Even if your Commandant is apparently too preoccupied to present it to me in person.
MAJOR RICHTER: Oberst Klein sends her apologies, but she had to...
TENDEXTER: I think I can guess where Oberst Klein is. My concern is that this would be - what, the fourth member of my staff she's taken this year? If she's so keen to see my prisoner she could just ask.
MAJOR RICHTER: If you'd care to examine the seal on that warrant, sir...
TENDEXTER: Yes, thank you, Major, I had made that observation.
MAJOR RICHTER: Then you can appreciate that this is no trivial matter. This cleaner's actions could undermine the security of the Reich itself.
TENDEXTER: And there has been a trial, I see. Or rather, there will be. Or will have been? A trial over which it appears I presided myself. Except that of course, I have no memory of so doing.
MAJOR RICHTER: The intentions of the accused are beyond doubt, sir. If we don't act now, this crime will be committed. This base will be compromised.
TENDEXTER: All right, Major Richter, don't need to hear the whole speech again. You may make your arrest, take all the men you need to assist you.
MAJOR RICHTER: Thank you, sir.
TENDEXTER: Well, I can hardly object, can I? I can hardly stand in your way, not when it appears that I issued these papers myself.

ELIZABETH KLEIN: I have to say I'm impressed. Disappointed but impressed. I had thought our interrogators might have softened your resolve by now.
THE DOCTOR: Then perhaps your interrogators aren't as good as you thought they were, Oberst Klein. Or perhaps I have already told them the truth.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I doubt that. You forget that I know you, Doctor. Oh, I know you don't recall the adventures we had. You think we met for the first time in a squalid little cell only a few months ago. But in another time-line, another world we travelled in the TARDIS together.
THE DOCTOR: I think you might have me confused with someone else. Alone this time, I see?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: A suicide mission, a clumsy attempt to sabotage our reactor core? Oh no, no Doctor, I don't think so.
THE DOCTOR: You have no idea where I came from, this version of me. You think I might have a TARDIS of my own somewhere on this base. And that worries you, doesn't it?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You wouldn't have come here without an escape route planned.
THE DOCTOR: It worries you because, this power you think you wield, it's worth nothing to you if you don't wield it alone.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You know I'm keeping you alive, don't you? Were it not for me, Tendexter would have had you executed long ago. If you could just open your eyes, if you could see what I'm building here.
THE DOCTOR: I can see what you've turned down, Klein. You've rewritten history again and again until you like what you read.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And of course you would never do such a thing. If it weren't for you, Doctor, my time-line, the proper time-line, would still be intact.
THE DOCTOR: I'll have to take your word for that.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You just won't accept it, will you? The year is Twenty Forty-Four. A unified Earth Government has ended famine and disease, averted wars before they could even begin, repelled invaders from a score of worlds.
THE DOCTOR: I can see how it happened, of course. You set out with one goal alone, to restore the time-line from which you came, but my TARDIS wouldn't let you meet yourself, wouldn't let you correct the mistake you once made.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I have used my TARDIS in ways you would never have dared dream. I have become the architect of a better world, a golden age.
THE DOCTOR: And now you're exporting your idea of perfection to the stars, in swastika-patterned space ships. I thought I was getting through to you, Klein. The last time you were here with Faber you seemed...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Who? Who are you talking about? Faber ... I don't know anyone called Faber.
THE DOCTOR: Don't you? The love of your life? The man you left behind in Nineteen Sixty-Five? Think, Klein. I know it must be hard sometimes to know what's real and what only used to be, your head filled with memories of days that never were.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You never met Jonas. And I ... I never told you about him. Not this version of you. How could you...?
THE DOCTOR: You've been travelling in time long enough now, Klein, long enough to begin to see how its fragile strands are spun. Punch through them as you've been doing, and you risk bringing the whole web down.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You would say anything, do anything, to get your own way. But you've had your chance, Doctor, you've had your time, it's over. I don't think you do have a plan after all. Why else would you have spent six months in chains?
THE DOCTOR: What's the point of escaping? You'll only go back in time and stop me and I wouldn't even remember it.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: So, to answer one of your questions - no Doctor, you don't worry me, but I will grant you this much. This is not the world, the time-line I set out to restore all those years ago. It is a better one by far.

(Kitchen sounds. Marching.)
MAJOR RICHTER: I will have silence, please. Silence! You, where do you think you're going?
(Trolley being wheeled.)
SAM KIRKE: Er ... I - I was taking these plates to the kitchen, sir. M-my duties...
MAJOR RICHTER: I commend you on your diligence, citizen, but I'm sure you would not wish me to think you were sneaking away, that you had something to hide.
SAM KIRKE: No. No, sir. Nothing to hide. I'm loyal to the Reich, I swear, and I always will be. In - in the future, I mean.
MAJOR RICHTER: In the future, of course. Major Richter, Temporal Affairs. I am here to execute an arrest warrant, as it seems one among you has deduced already.
SAM KIRKE: No, sir. I mean ... I mean, yes, sir, I mean ... I've never seen you before, but ... y-your uniform insignia, that - that blue flash...
MAJOR RICHTER: You all know the principles upon which our society is built. We must stand united against the outsiders that would divide and destroy us. Sadly, some of us lack the strength of will to maintain that unity. Our intentions may be good, but our genes are weak. I want you to search your hearts, citizens. Search your hearts, and be honest about what you find there, because as your comrade here has so rightly surmised, I have seen the future, and I know that somebody in this room will betray us.
(Moving forward.)
SAM KIRKE: I ... I don't understand. Why are you giving me this?
MAJOR RICHTER: Because you are a good and loyal citizen, so I know I can trust you, to read out the name on these papers, and identify the traitor in question to me.

(Regular bleeps, like an alarm. Walking in.)
TENDEXTER: All right, Feldwebel. I'm here. What's the problem?
(Female Feldwebel)
FELDWEBEL: The tactical screen, sir. Those signatures. A moment ago they weren't there, I swear. I just don't see how....
TENDEXTER: Let me see that. No. (Laugh.) That can't be, that's impossible, it must be a ... malfunction. Didn't you think to run a diagnostic before you disturbed me?
FELDWEBEL: I did that, sir. The computer confirms it. There are six ships out there, less than two light minutes away and closing fast.
TENDEXTER: Then they're already in...
TENDEXTER: But why weren't we warned? What's the point of having a network of satellites if they don't ... Didn't we get a warning from the satellites?
FELDWEBEL: Nothing, sir. As I said, the ships appeared from nowhere.
COMPUTER VOICE: Diagnostic. Sensor systems functioning normally. Satellite network online, and reporting no problems. End diagnostic.
FELDWEBEL: I could try to contact them.
TENDEXTER: Yes. Er, no. I want our fighters scrambled, A-Flight. I want visual confirmation. And I want to know how this happened. Our satellites ... Nothing should be able to enter this solar system without our knowing about it?
FELDWEBEL: Should we put the moon base on alert, sir?
TENDEXTER: Yes, yes, do that. And Klein - her time machine is still here. She must be on the base. Get me Oberst Klein at once.
(Alarm signal.)
COMPUTER VOICE: Announcement. This installation is now on full alert. All operational personnel are to report to emergency positions. Repeat. This installation is now on full alert. End announcement.

(The alarm can be heard faintly in the background.)
RACHEL COOPER: What made you change your mind?
SAM KIRKE: That Major. Klein's stunted sidekick. He was in the refectory. I thought ... His eyes were boring right through me. But it wasn't me he wanted, it was Karen. Karen Montoya? She was so scared.
RACHEL COOPER: I don't think I know her.
SAM KIRKE: She just transferred from the twilight shift. Keeps herself to herself, works hard, but always seemed unhappy. She wanted to start a family, but she couldn't get a permit. Maybe she just ... I mean, one day she might have...
RACHEL COOPER: What did they do?
SAM KIRKE: Marched her out of there. Told us to forget we ever knew her. Left us afraid to think the wrong thoughts, same as they always do.
RACHEL COOPER: We can stop this, Sam. We can stop this today, but we have to act fast. Here.
SAM KIRKE: What? Wh-what's this thing? It looks like a listening device.
RACHEL COOPER: It's probably best if I don't explain, but I need you to plant this on the TARDIS ... on Klein's time machine? It'll be in Operations. I don't have clearance to get in there, but you...
SAM KIRKE: I'm rostered on there this afternoon. You mean ...? I didn't expect it to be so soon, Rachel.
RACHEL COOPER: I know, Sam, and I'm sorry. But you hear that siren? We're out of time. If only I could see the future myself. If I'd have known this morning that Klein and Richter were going to appear right in front of me...
SAM KIRKE: No, no. It's okay. In fact, better this way. 'Cause I've made up my mind, and that means ... well, the sooner the better. Get it over with. Until we do, I'll ... I'll always be waiting.
RACHEL COOPER: You just place that device on the time machine, Sam. That's all you have to do. But you have to do it this afternoon. It has to be now.

(Operations room.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You should have told me about this, Tendexter, why didn't I know about this?
TENDEXTER: I don't know what you mean, Oberst Klein. I sent for you as soon as I...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I mean the last time we met, four years from now.
TENDEXTER: What, you think I'd keep something like this from you? Six unidentified craft within striking distance of Earth? This is exactly the sort of thing your department exists to prevent.
MAJOR RICHTER: Indeed, and yet we did not know this was coming. There was no report.
TENDEXTER: Well ... well then, maybe it will turn out to be nothing after all. An equipment malfunction as I first thought. We'll soon know. I've scrambled eight fighters. They should be nearing...
TENDEXTER: We had twelve on standby, of course, but four of them - some manner of blockage at Hangar Fourteen. We've sounded the alert, every ship on this base will be battle-ready within six minutes.
MAJOR RICHTER: Excuse me a moment.
(Walking off.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Citizen Kirke, is it not?
SAM KIRKE: Yes, sir. Sam Kirke, sir. I clean in here three times a week. I - I could come back later if you'd rather...
MAJOR RICHTER: No, no, you go about your business. You must have your Commandant's trust after all to be working in this Operations Centre.
FELDWEBEL: We're getting pictures, sir, from Eagle One Niner. Putting them on screen.
(Rhythmic sound.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And there is the first of our enemy ships. Recognise the design, Major Richter?
TENDEXTER: It's ... so ... so black - that fin on its back and that ... decor on its front - they're like teeth, it ... looks like a...
MAJOR RICHTER: A shark, Generalleutnant Tendexter, it looks like a shark.
TENDEXTER: So, this is an attack. But how is that possible - how could they have ... Why didn't you see it, in the future?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: All very good questions, Tendexter. I suspect that only one man knows the answers. Major Richter, you will prepare the TARDIS for departure, I will join you shortly.
(Walking off. Door slides open.)

(Grinding metal of prison door. Walking in.)
THE DOCTOR: Back so soon, Klein? I would offer you a cup of tea or perhaps a chocolate biscuit, but as you can see...
(Chains rattling.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I'm not here to make small talk with you, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: What a shame. I thought we could reminisce again about old times that never happened.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Not this time. This time I want to talk about the Selachians.
THE DOCTOR: Selachians?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Don't play the innocent with me. In their time the Selachians were the scourge of their galaxy. It took me months and many trips in the TARDIS to keep them from conquering this one too. But this is Twenty Forty-Four, and in Twenty Forty-Four the Selachians have not yet built their armoured suits, let alone developed space travel. So tell me Doctor, what did you do?

(Opening door.)
TENDEXTER: Major Richter, you can't just leave.
MAJOR RICHTER: You heard Oberst Klein - I have to prepare the TARDIS.
TENDEXTER: Look, please. Can't you help us? Those creatures - look, if they're from the future, you must know something...
MAJOR RICHTER: Selachians, Generalleutnant, they're called Selachians. Walking armoured sharks. Ruthless, paranoid and totally without pity.
TENDEXTER: But - but why are they here? What do they want? And maybe if we knew that we could negotiate with them.
MAJOR RICHTER: What the Selachians want, sir, is to destroy you. You can attempt to negotiate with them if you wish, I wouldn't give you much for your chances.
(Whistle sound.)
FELDWEBEL: It's the alien, sir, they're acknowledging our transmission.
TENDEXTER: Take that call. Put it on the screen here. Er, no. Delay that. Major Richter, you know these creatures. Perhaps you could ... Richter?
(Door closed.)
TENDEXTER: All right, you just hide in your little blue box while I ... I'll talk to them now.
FELDWEBEL: Patching them through, sir.
(Bleeps. Static.)
TENDEXTER: I am Generalleutnant Adolf Tendexter, representing the Terran Galactic Reich. Your ships have violated our space, and I insist...
(Male voice of alien)
SELACHIAN: I do not care about your name or your rank. You are nothing but plankton to be ground beneath the heel of the Selachian Empire. Your primitive ships are no match for our war craft. You have ten minutes to surrender, or else we will destroy you.

(Running on metal.)
SAM KIRKE: Rachel? Rachel!
RACHEL COOPER: Sam. You're supposed to be in Operations.
SAM KIRKE: Everyone was so busy, I - I slipped away. I had to find you, I had to talk.
RACHEL COOPER: Did you do it, Sam? Did you plant the device on Klein's TARDIS?
SAM KIRKE: I think so, but ... Richter was there. He almost saw me. I didn't have time to make sure it had stuck, but ... I think it did. Rachel, there are ships out there, outsiders.
RACHEL COOPER: It has to work. We can't have gone through all of this for nothing.
SAM KIRKE: Did you hear what I said? The moon base, it's under attack, and ... Klein, what if ... Klein was the only hope we had, what ... what if we ... w-what if we need her after all, maybe we should...
RACHEL COOPER: No, Sam. You did the right thing. I wish I had time to explain it to you, but we ... it's best if we aren't seen together.
SAM KIRKE: I never thought this would be me, you know.
SAM KIRKE: Before we met. I never thought I'd be a rebel. I knew my place, I did as I was told.
RACHEL COOPER: I ... I was the opposite, I ... I used to dream that Temporal Affairs would come for me, and I'd have to go on the run and join a resistance group. And then one day I ... It was my twenty-first birthday, and I realised something. I realised that they weren't coming, and I was never going to be important, never going to make a difference.
SAM KIRKE: Thank you, Rachel. Whatever comes of this, thank you for showing me who I can be.
RACHEL COOPER: What ... What will you do? Where will you go?
SAM KIRKE: Back to me old life, back to work, my cleaning. They won't have missed me yet, and if they have, I'll tell them I was afraid, that I ran. They won't execute me for that, it'll just be a few weeks in confinement.
RACHEL COOPER: Oh, I shouldn't do this. I'm supposed to leave you behind, that was the plan, but I just ... Come on, Sam. Quick, before I come to my senses.
SAM KIRKE: What? W-what are you ...? Where are you going?
(Rushing off.)
RACHEL COOPER: You're coming with me, Sam Kirke. Come on!

ELIZABETH KLEIN: Don't lie to me, Doctor. I see your hand in this. Or ... or that of your people. I demand to know the truth.
THE DOCTOR: You claim to know me, Klein. Then you ought to know how I respond to demands.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Why are the Selachians here in this time period?
THE DOCTOR: I really have no idea. But surely your Galactic Reich can defend itself against a few little monsters?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Of course it can. Our defences are decades ahead of their time. Our fighter ships are equipped with the finest weaponry of three galaxies.
THE DOCTOR: And should they fail you just rub out the history books again, start over. Only you can never quite get it right, can you? There's always something more to be fixed, some new threat to counter. They just can't seem to get along without your help.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: That has been a concern of mine, but that's why others have been trained to continue my work. So long as we have the TARDIS...
THE DOCTOR: Others, such as Faber? Whatever happened to him, Klein? Faber was important to you once, more important than any of this. You were a different person with him.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: This ... This is serious, Doctor. The Selachians have time travel.
THE DOCTOR: So, what's to stop them from doing to you what you did to them, what you've been doing to the rest of the Universe?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Very well, then. Keep your silence. I'm leaving now. I will see for myself the outcome of this attack, and I will learn how best to pre-empt it. When next we meet, you will have no memory of this conversation, but I will take great pleasure in explaining to you just how your oh-so-clever scheme has been thwarted.
(Grinding of metal as door closes.)
THE DOCTOR: So another strand breaks.

(Fast bleeps. Door opens. Walking in.)
TENDEXTER: Oberst Klein, thank goodness you're back. The Selachians...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Put it in your report, Generalleutnant Tendexter, if you survive to file one. I'll read it in the future.
TENDEXTER: You can't leave us now. We need you. We don't know what to do - you're supposed to tell us what to do.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Must we go through this again? It's always the same. Against the Sontarans, against the Daleks ... If I had a hundred marks for every time I've seen you or somebody like you break under the pressure...
TENDEXTER: I don't know what you mean. I was decorated for my part in the Dalek war.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: In this time-line, perhaps so. This time-line in which I was here to warn you of your mistakes one by one before you could make them. Don't crow to me about your war record, Generalleutnant. The man standing in front of me now has never fought a war that wasn't already won.
TENDEXTER: And I suppose this "we" are just one more mistake to you, one more of your time-lines to abandon as you please? Well, I won't have it, Klein. As your superior officer, I am ordering you to...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You can't order me to do anything, Tendexter. When matters of the future are concerned, my department has jurisdiction. Continue to stand in my way and I will have you charged with treason.
TENDEXTER: What about us? What happens to us if you've alter the past? Do we just ... just cease to exist? How will that happen? What will it feel like?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I don't know, and I care less. But think of it this way. Perhaps I will reach the future to learn that you dealt with this incident all by yourself, that my assistance was not required. Somehow though I doubt it.
(Door opened.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Goodbye, Generalleutnant Tendexter. I would wish you good luck, but frankly it doesn't matter a jot what you do now.
TENDEXTER: Damn you, Klein, you can't do this to us!
(Banging on door.)
TENDEXTER: Come out of that box! I order you to come out of that box!

(TARDIS doors operated. Interior control room. Walking in. Door closed over.)
MAJOR RICHTER: I have set the co-ordinates, Oberst Klein. Central Records in Berlin, Twenty-One Forty-Four, if you would like to confirm...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Just take us away from here, Richter. I will be in my quarters.
(Walking off. Door leading off opened. Console noises. TARDIS dematerialisation sound. Then its sound becomes erratic and distorted.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Oberst? Oberst Klein, there is something wrong here. These readings. Oberst Klein!
(Rushing over.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Stand aside. Let me see.
(The erratic TARDIS takeoff sound continues.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I don't know what this means.
MAJOR RICHTER: I performed the takeoff sequence as I always do. I didn't make a mistake, I swear it. This can't be my fault.
(Cloister bell tolls, the warning of impending danger.)
MAJOR RICHTER: That bell. Do you hear that bell? What does it mean?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The instruments are going haywire. The co-ordinates, they're shifting back and forth as if ... as if something is holding us here, anchoring us in this time. Increase the power to the engines, Richter, that switch there. We're going to drag ourselves free...
(They both suddenly cry out.)
MAJOR RICHTER: What's happening, Klein?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Shut it down. Shut it all down, now!
MAJOR RICHTER: It's too late! We're being torn apart!
(They both cry out repeatedly as the increasingly erratic sounds of the TARDIS's resistance continue.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: The Architects Of History was written by Steve Lyons, and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, with Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein. Rachel Cooper was played by Lenora Crichlow, Sam Kirke by Ian Hayes, and Major Richter by Jamie Parker. Lloyd McGuire was Tendexter, and Chris Porter was the Selachian. Feldwebel was played by Rachel Laurence, and the Pilot by David Dobson. Other parts were played by The Cast. Original Music was composed by Jamie Robertson. Directed by John Ainsworth, The Architects Of History was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who. The Architects Of History, by Steve Lyons. Starring Sylvester McCoy and Tracey Childs. Part Two.

(Interior TARDIS control room.)
MAJOR RICHTER: I have set the co-ordinates, Oberst Klein. Central Records in Berlin, Twenty-One Forty-Four, if you would like to confirm...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Just take us away from here, Richter. I will be in my quarters.
(Walking off. Door leading off opened. Console noises. TARDIS dematerialisation sound. Then its sound becomes erratic and distorted.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Oberst? Oberst Klein, there is something wrong here. These readings. Oberst Klein!
(Rushing over.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Stand aside. Let me see.
(The erratic TARDIS takeoff sound continues.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I don't know what this means.
MAJOR RICHTER: I performed the takeoff sequence as I always do. I didn't make a mistake, I swear it. This can't be my fault.
(Cloister bell tolls, the warning of impending danger.)
MAJOR RICHTER: The bell. Do you hear that bell? What does it mean?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The instruments are going haywire. The co-ordinates, they're shifting back and forth as if ... as if something is holding us here, anchoring us in this time. Increase the power to the engines, Richter, that switch there. We're going to drag ourselves free...
(They both suddenly cry out.)
MAJOR RICHTER: What's happening, Klein?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Shut it down. Shut it all down, now!
MAJOR RICHTER: It's too late! We're being torn apart!
(They both cry out repeatedly as the increasingly erratic sounds of the TARDIS's resistance continue.)

(Erratic and distorted materialisation. Door opened, coughing by ELIZABETH KLEIN and MAJOR RICHTER.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: We're still on the moon-base. We've moved about a hundred metres.
MAJOR RICHTER: No, Oberst Klein. You can't go back in there. The flames.
(MAJOR RICHTER coughing. Sounds of fire extinguisher.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: What do you think you're doing? You'll cause more harm than good. The instruments in there...
MAJOR RICHTER: I don't think there are any instruments in there, look. Look for yourself, the fire is out, now see.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The back of the box ... it's just a box. But that can't be. What happened to the console room, to all the rooms? It can't be ... empty, it just can't be empty.
MAJOR RICHTER: I'm afraid it is, Oberst Klein. I'm afraid our miraculous time machine is gone.

(Operations room.)
SELACHIAN: Your deadline has expired, plankton. You will now turn over your lunar facility, or there will be...
TENDEXTER: Unacceptable. That is simply unacceptable.
FELDWEBEL: Sir? We've lost the transmission, sir. The Selachian Leader...
TENDEXTER: I know that. Thank you, Feldwebel. I broke the contact. I want that transmission traced. I want to know which of those ships the Selachian Leader is on and I want our fire concentrated on that ship.
TENDEXTER: I want flights B, C and D in the air. I want the visuals we've acquired to run through the computer analysed, and all potential weak points in the Selachian fleet identified. Contact Earth command and request urgent reinforcements. Have I missed anything?
FELDWEBEL: Sir, B-Flight commander reports Hangar Fourteen still blocked.
TENDEXTER: And get on to the vault. If there's anything down there we can use, I don't care if it's in development, I don't care if there's a chance it might blow up in our faces, I want it strapped to a fighter and sent up there.
(Bleeps of communication.)
FELDWEBEL: Incoming transmission, sir. The Selachian Leader...
TENDEXTER: Refuse it. The Galactic Reich does not negotiate with outsider scum. So, that ... that walking tin of tuna thinks it can succeed where the Daleks failed? Well, Klein or no Klein, he's about to find out what the human race is made of. Feldwebel, instruct A-Flight to attack.

(Chains rattle.)
THE DOCTOR: Well Klein, this is an unexpected pleasure. Whatever happened to, "when next we meet you will have no memory of this conversation?"
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I need you to come with me. The TARDIS. Something has happened to it. Please, don't make this any harder for us all than it has to be.
THE DOCTOR: Any harder? I take it, Klein, you have some irrational reason for believing I'll agree to help you?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You'll help me, Doctor, because you don't like the Selachians any more than I do.
THE DOCTOR: A disagreeable race I'll grant you. Of course, you could also choose to see them as a product of an abused history. And a few minutes ago, you thought I was in league with them. What changed your mind?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I need the TARDIS. Without it, we're defenceless. Earth will fall to those monsters. The whole of Time itself will fall to them, and I'm sure that was never a part of your plan. Even you couldn't be so ... so...
THE DOCTOR: Ruthless? Is that what you think, Klein? Selachians, Nazis. Suppose I don't care which of them wins this war? Suppose I don't see all that much of a difference between you?

(Running. Many others walking in the background.)
SAM KIRKE: Well, we'll never get across the ramp. There are too many people.
RACHEL COOPER: Of course there are. Tendexter's put the base on full alert. Everyone who's anyone is out here now. That's why no-one will stop to question us. Come on Sam, we can do this.
MAJOR RICHTER: Bad luck, citizen. Cooper, wasn't it? You've found the one man who does wish to ask you and your comrade here a few questions.
SAM KIRKE: Ma... Major Richter. I thought you'd ... I mean, this isn't what it looks like. Ra... Rachel and I, we were just ... w-were...
MAJOR RICHTER: You are loyal to the Reich, I know that Citizen Kirke, that is why you will spare a moment of your time to assist me.
RACHEL COOPER: That and the plasma pistol you're sporting. Nice piece of kit, sir.
MAJOR RICHTER: Well, a posting to Temporal Affairs has its, shall we say, fringe benefits.
RACHEL COOPER: Look Major, I'm at fault here. I took Sam from his duties. I didn't think anyone would mind. Hangar Fourteen, we need, er, the fighters that are blocked in there. Sam says he'd help me clear the doors.
MAJOR RICHTER: Hmm. Did he also mention this little gadget?
RACHEL COOPER: A listening device?
MAJOR RICHTER: I think you know better. I have been to the future, Citizen Cooper, I have been to alien worlds, I have seen their technology, used it, and yet I have never seen anything like this.
RACHEL COOPER: So, you're looking for a techie to give it the once-over? I'll do what I can but, erm, you should probably take it to the boffins in the vault.
MAJOR RICHTER: I know what the device does, I have seen it in action. What I wish to know is, who attached it to my time machine. And then I remembered that you, Citizen Cooper, were alone with the TARDIS this morning, and that you, Citizen Kirke were skulking about the Operations Centre.
RACHEL COOPER: Then you saw us together and you thought ... what? That we were trying to escape? Now, where would we go?
SAM KIRKE: It's like Rachel said. Hangar Fourteen...
MAJOR RICHTER: We will discuss this further with Oberst Klein and Generalleutnant Tendexter.
(Laser pistol cocked, whine.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Both of you, march.

(Operations Room.)
FELDWEBEL: Eagle One Niner down, sir. The pilot bailed out but he's drifting in space. Eagles Three and Two Four report they can't reach him.
TENDEXTER: Well, tell them to press the attack. Pilot's no good to us without his ship. How ... How are they doing this, Feldwebel? The technology on board those fighters ... They told us this couldn't happen.
FELDWEBEL: Another hit. Eagle One Two reporting the loss of port engines. Attempting to stabilise. Eagle Six down, sir. Eagle Six down!
TENDEXTER: What's happening out there, Feldwebel? We have the firepower, the numbers, why aren't we hurting them?
FELDWEBEL: Eagle Two Four reports a direct hit on the Selachian flagship, sir, but ... no sign of damage. Hostiles returning fire.
TENDEXTER: Damn it, we need more ships up there. Where are those reinforcements?
FELDWEBEL: B-Flight is off the ground, moving to engage. C-Flight ... Sir, one of the Selachian ships, it ... it's broken formation. It's coming towards us!
TENDEXTER: A bombing run? But they - they'd have to be insane, our shield ... I want the whole of B-Flight between them and us. They are to bring that ship down whatever it takes, you hear me Feldwebel, whatever it takes!

(Door closed. Walking.)
THE DOCTOR: It's as I thought. The interior dimensions of the TARDIS have been torn loose from the exterior. The damage is irreversible.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I refuse to accept that. There must be something you can do, there must be some way you can fix it.
THE DOCTOR: There's nothing to fix. It's gone, Klein. Nothing can bring it back. But the weapon that could do that ... it doesn't exist, even in the Selachian's time. There's only one place I've seen such a weapon.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: We can carry out the post-mortem later. What now?
THE DOCTOR: They would have triggered it from space, but they'd have needed someone down here to...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Did you hear me, Doctor? I asked you what do we do now.
THE DOCTOR: I'm open to suggestions.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: It's time we stopped playing games, time for the truth. I know you have a way out of here. You have to take me to it for the sake of...
THE DOCTOR: Do we have to go through this again, Klein? Even if I had another TARDIS, even if I knew where it was, do you think I could let you, of all people, through its doors, after what you did the last time?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You remember?
THE DOCTOR: Escaping from Colditz? The Chaylis in Kenya? The hatching yards of the Vrill? Of course I remember.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: But that time-line no longer exists. How could you...?
THE DOCTOR: I'm a Time Lord, Klein, with a lifetime's worth of exposure to the vortex. Seven lifetime's worth. You might have rewritten those lifetimes, placed me in a Universe I don't recognise, but you couldn't take my mind.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You mean you don't...? You really don't know how you came to be here?
THE DOCTOR: I remember my past. That's what I held on to. I remember my TARDIS disappearing, stranding me, then Time reshaping itself around me over and over, then I was here, in this world, in that prison cell, just three days ago. As for what my rewritten self might have been up to before I arrived, before my consciousness replaced his, I'm as much in the dark as you are.
(Metallic rumbling.)
THE DOCTOR: It sounds as if the Selachians have begun their attack. Terrifying, isn't it, to know that there's no going back this time, that whatever happens now, you have to live with the consequences.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Where do you think you're going? Your cell, Doctor, is this way.
THE DOCTOR: But the Operations Centre, I believe, is this way. And that's where we need to be now, Klein. To face the Selachians. To deal with your problems, in the here and now.

(Panicked cries.)
RACHEL COOPER: This way, Sam. Back to the base. Run!
MAJOR RICHTER: Do not take another step. You are still my prisoners, and I will...
RACHEL COOPER: You'll do what? You'll shoot us? Don't you see, Richter? Can't you feel that wind? Those bombs have punctured the eco-bubble.
SAM KIRKE: We're ... w-we're losing air!
RACHEL COOPER: It's worse than that. If the bubble collapses we'll be blown out into space. We've got to get under cover.
SAM KIRKE: Rachel, watch out!
(Crash, RACHEL COOPER gasps.)
MAJOR RICHTER: The hangar. We'll be safe in there. Go on, both of you, that's an order.
(Panicked cries continue. Running. Door opened.)
RACHEL COOPER: Richter, what are you doing? No, you can't just...
MAJOR RICHTER: I am saving three lives. Now, take your hands off the door control or I will drop that figure by one.
(Door sealed.)
SAM KIRKE: Lot of people out there. Our friends.
MAJOR RICHTER: It is too late for them. There is nowhere outside of this hangar and if I hadn't closed the doors when I did there'd be no air left inside it either.
RACHEL COOPER: You could have given them a chance. A few more seconds at least.
MAJOR RICHTER: We should count our blessings that we don't share their fate. And perhaps, Citizen Cooper, we may also share a thought for the saboteurs who planted this device on my time machine because...
RACHEL COOPER: That again? Really? That's how you want to spend your final minutes in this world, conducting a witch-hunt...?
MAJOR RICHTER: Because had it not been for those saboteurs, nobody would have had to die today. Temporal Affairs would have prevented this disaster.
SAM KIRKE: What ... what do you mean? What are you saying, final minutes?
RACHEL COOPER: I'm sorry, Sam. I wouldn't count those blessings just yet. Like the man said, there's no oxygen out there, and ... no means of generating it in here. We're cut off from the main building.
SAM KIRKE: They'll restore the eco-bubble, though. Or send somebody for us. They ... they won't leave us trapped here. Is ... is it me, or is the air already starting to feel a bit thin?
RACHEL COOPER: So, how about you, Major Richter? Want to take a look around, see if we can find a nice bright light for you to shine in our eyes? Maybe some thumbscrews? Or do you think that maybe, just maybe, we can concentrate on finding a way out of this mess?
MAJOR RICHTER: I don't work with traitors, Citizen Cooper. And the more I hear from you, the more convinced I become that a traitor is what you are. So I will conduct my witch-hunt, as you call it. I will get to the truth. Because if nothing else, what little air remains in this hangar will last three times as long with only one pair of lungs to breathe it.

(Electronic noises and crash.)
COMPUTER VOICE: Warning. Eco-bubble compromised. Ramp exposed to vacuum. Emergency procedures instigated. All exits sealing. Moon-base now in lock-down. End warning.
FELDWEBEL: Reports are starting to come in, sir. Casualties in the scores, in the hundreds. Anyone who was still out there...
TENDEXTER: While the rest of us are sealed inside this building. Sitting ducks.
FELDWEBEL: B-Flight was off the ground, sir, but ... C and D ... Trying to contact our fighters now. No response from Eagle Four Three. No response from Eagle Eight Five. No response from Eagle Six One.
TENDEXTER: Now, don't waste your breath, Feldwebel. Auto-distress signals are lighting up the board. We've lost hangars four, six, eleven and fifteen.
(Distant explosion.)
TENDEXTER: Klein was right, was right about me. But h... how could I have stopped this?
(Walking in.)
THE DOCTOR: Wrong question, Generalleutnant Tendexter. What you need to be asking is, how do we stop it now? Excuse me, I need to get to those controls.
TENDEXTER: What the ... Oberst Klein. What is the meaning of...?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I don't like it any more than you do, Generalleutnant, but...
THE DOCTOR: Yes, yes, I'm sure I'm breaking every rule and regulation in the book because there's always a book somewhere. Put your finger on that button, would you, Klein? Now, hold it there while I, erm...
(THE DOCTOR muttering things under his breath while sonic screwdriver operating.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You had your sonic screwdriver with you all along. How...?
FELDWEBEL: Incoming signal, sir. Ten of them.
TENDEXTER: I've told you, Feldwebel. I have no wish to speak...
FELDWEBEL: No sir, these aren't comm signals, they're too broad, compressed with algorithms the computer can't decode. I don't know what they are.
THE DOCTOR: Transmat beams. They're transmat beams. There are ten Selachians attempting to materialise in this room, and the only reason they haven't succeeded yet is because I'm oscillating the output frequency of the moon-base reactor core...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: To interfere with every combination matrices. That's ingenious, Doctor. But you're utilising most of the core's capacity to do it. And the transmat beams are increasing in strength. How long...?
THE DOCTOR: About another ten seconds.
(Fizzing sounds.)
THE DOCTOR: On second thoughts, make that five.
TENDEXTER: What, you mean you ... you can't ... you can't stop them? Well, we have to get out of here. Evacuate. Regroup in ... oh, I don't know, in... in...
THE DOCTOR: No time for that, Generalleutnant. They're here.
(Sound of transmat and gasping from assembled group.)
SELACHIAN: In the name of the glorious Selachian Empire, I lay claim...
THE DOCTOR: And now they've gone. For a short time at least. I couldn't block the beam outright, so I had to settle for deflecting them.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: To where? Back to their ships, out into space?
THE DOCTOR: Not quite so far, I'm afraid.

(Sound of transmat.)
SAM KIRKE: What...? What's happening? What is that thing, it's ... it just ... just appeared from nowhere.
MAJOR RICHTER: Don't you recognise it, Citizen Kirke? Have you really not seen your alien masters before?
RACHEL COOPER: You're just choked because its gun is so much bigger than yours.
SAM KIRKE: It hasn't seen us yet. Maybe if we're quiet it'll think there's nobody in here. Maybe they'll just ... leave.
RACHEL COOPER: Looks like a shark, an armoured shark. What do you think, Richter? Aquatic? Is that water I can hear in its suit?
MAJOR RICHTER: We'll see soon enough. I'm going to riddle that monster with...
SAM KIRKE: No! You can't shoot, it's arm will ... I mean, what if its armour is too strong for your bullets?
MAJOR RICHTER: This pistol, Citizen Kirke, was developed by the finest weapon-smiths of the Thirty-First Century. I hardly think it would...
RACHEL COOPER: We don't have much choice. You were right about that thing leaving us alone, Sam.
(Sound of Selachian walking.)
RACHEL COOPER: It's headed for the doors. And the bad news is...
SAM KIRKE: It's headed for the doors, but there's no air out there.
MAJOR RICHTER: Hey! Come back and face us, you fish-faced freak!
(Three shots.)
SELACHIAN: Human plankton.
RACHEL COOPER: Okay. So, now he's thinking that asphyxiation might not have been such a bad way to go.
(Walking over.)
SELACHIAN: You will pay for your assault upon a Selachian trooper. Surrender and face your deaths with some honour, or be shot down like cowards. Either way, you will die today.
(Shots, gasps, running.)

MAN: Please ... Please, I've done nothing to you!
SELACHIAN: Cease your snivelling, plankton. All surface creatures bear your guilt of your crimes against our kind.
MAN: (choking) I'm only a cook. You can tell by the colour of my eyes. I can't be a leader. I was just looking for a place to hide. You're choking me!
SELACHIAN: I can do worse than that if you don't direct me towards these leaders of yours. Where is Generalleutnant Tendexter?
MAN: Operation ... The operations Centre. He'll be there, or in the office that's just off it. Straight down the corridor!
SELACHIAN: And they tell me human beings have spines.
(Scream, body dropped. Walking over to another Selachian.)
SELACHIAN 2: Leader, what is this place? How were we separated?
SELACHIAN: Our transmat beams were thrown off course. Evidently the Terrans of this age are more advanced than we were given to believe. Even so, they are no match for our technology. We have breached their facility as planned.
SELACHIAN 2: We should have been warned. Our agent among the humans...
SELACHIAN: There will be a reckoning for that later. For now.
(Noise of communicator.)
SELACHIAN: All troopers will converge on the area designated "The Operations Centre." Bearing Oh Nine Five, distance approximately Oh Point Three Five Four kilometres from my signal. Should any surface creatures cross your path, eliminate them.

(Shots of Selachian guns, running.)
SAM KIRKE: What's the point in running, Rachel? There's nowhere to run to.
RACHEL COOPER: We need time to think. Richter may be a thug, but he's a highly-trained thug. If he can buy us a few more minutes...
(Scream by MAJOR RICHTER.)
SAM KIRKE: You were saying? He's dead, Rachel. Major Richter is dead, and we're next.
RACHEL COOPER: Get down here, Sam. I don't think the Selachian saw which way we went. Look. It's just standing there, guarding the doors. It doesn't know that we can't get out that way.
SELACHIAN: There is no escape for you, humans. The longer you hide from me the more painful I will make your inevitable deaths.
RACHEL COOPER: It's trying to intimidate us. That's what these things do, I'm guessing. That's what the shark motif's all about. Don't fall for it, Sam.
SAM KIRKE: Rachel. I ... I'm sorry, but I think I have to...
RACHEL COOPER: A rivet gun. Well done, Sam. Don't suppose it'll do much good, but it's something. Erm .. y-you do know that you're pointing that thing right at me?
SAM KIRKE: Please, Rachel, just listen. I don't want to do this, but I...
RACHEL COOPER: Okay, okay. It's okay, Sam. I - I know what this is. It's about what Richter said - that - about that device I gave you being from the future. But I swear to you, he was wrong about me. Trust me, if that monster over there finds us, it's not going to greet me with a big hug.
SAM KIRKE: What ... what if we gave ourselves up? We never fired on the Selachian. That was Richter. We aren't even armed, it might...
RACHEL COOPER: No, no. That's not an option. Remember what I told you about when I was younger, about wanting to make a difference, but knowing that it couldn't happen? I met someone, Sam. Someone who gave me a second chance at life. Someone who showed me that there's always hope.
SAM KIRKE: Then ... you are a spy? You're working undercover.
RACHEL COOPER: But not for the Selachians, Sam. I'm working for a friend of mine. My best friend. The Doctor.

(People coughing in the background of the Operations Centre. Electronic sound registering life-forms.)
TENDEXTER: Is that them, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Non-human life signs, ten of them, scattered across the base. Yes, Generalleutnant, I'd say that was them.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You really didn't send them far, did you?
THE DOCTOR: And they appear to know their way back too, converging on this room, all apart from this one here in the ... Now, where is that?
TENDEXTER: Hangar Two. You bought us some time at least. If the Selachians want to get in here now they'll have to blast their way through the emergency bulkheads. Twenty centimetres of Dalekanium-laced steel.
THE DOCTOR: And don't imagine they can't, or won't.
(Blast of Selachian gun from outside.)
THE DOCTOR: Ah. It seems the first of our guests has arrived already.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: This is your fault, Doctor. We should have done as I said, looked for your ... your alternative self's TARDIS and escaped in that. But no. You had to stay and face your consequences.
THE DOCTOR: You're talking as if we're defeated, Klein. Correct me if I'm wrong, but neither of us is dead yet.
TENDEXTER: Two Selachians out there now. The bulkhead is holding, but the computer estimates it will fail in ... approximately fourteen minutes. That's if no more of these things turn up.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Doctor, take a look at this.
THE DOCTOR: The operating protocols for the reactor core. Very interesting, Klein, but I've already...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Don't you see? That core outputs more energy than all the fighter ships on this base combined. It's the greatest weapon we have. And you, you Doctor bypassed all the safety shutouts in about a minute flat, found a back door in. What I'm saying is, you could...
THE DOCTOR: No, Klein. There's a reason those safeguards exist in the first place. Scrambling a few transmat beams was risky enough, but this...
TENDEXTER: What? What could he do?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The Doctor could trigger a reactor core backlash. He could send a microwave pulse right through the moon-base. We'd be safe in here - the bulkheads would protect us. The Selachians, however, would boil in their water-filled armour.
THE DOCTOR: I wouldn't expect you to respect the sanctity of alien life, Klein, but your own people are out there. You saw what your monitors said - one hundred and sixteen survivors.
TENDEXTER: A hundred and twelve now. The Selachians are slaughtering them. If we don't do something soon they'll kill us all. Can you do what Klein says?
THE DOCTOR: I won't commit mass murder for you.
(Gun cocked, whine of power.)
TENDEXTER: I didn't ask if you would do it, Doctor. I asked if you could.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: He's done the hard work already. I could probably trigger the backlash myself, if I had more time.
THE DOCTOR: And you'd do it too, wouldn't you, without hesitation, without remorse.
TENDEXTER: I'm not hearing a better idea from you.
THE DOCTOR: I don't think too well with a gun to my head, but then, you don't appear to be thinking too clearly either, Tendexter. What happens after you pull that trigger? Who'll save you then?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Put the gun down, Tendexter. One thing I have learned about the Doctor is that you won't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do.
THE DOCTOR: Why, thank you, Klein.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Look at this man, all of you. This man could save our lives, but he chooses not to. It's against his principles. Well, good for you, Doctor. Now at least you can die with a smug look on your face.
THE DOCTOR: Alternatively I could live. We could all live. Everybody on this base, both inside this room and outside of it. There might be a way.
TENDEXTER: Might be?
THE DOCTOR: I think I know what's going on. I think I can stop the killing. But it's something of a gamble. And if I'm wrong...
TENDEXTER: What makes me think I'm not going to like this?

(Making adjustments.)
SAM KIRKE: What's happening? Rachel. I think we should get down from here.
RACHEL COOPER: A few more seconds. If I can just get the power to the cockpit system, and...
SAM KIRKE: I can't see the Selachian. It could be sneaking up behind us. Rachel!
RACHEL COOPER: I doubt it. Their armour isn't made for sneaking. Pass me that wrench, would you, Sam?
SAM KIRKE: This fighter wouldn't even be here if ... I mean, this is a maintenance hangar, and even if we could ... Once you get the engines running, how are we supposed to get the Selachian standing behind the intake valves?
RACHEL COOPER: One worry at a time. If only the Doctor were here, he'd have a plan. He always has a plan. He didn't always tell me what the plan was...
SAM KIRKE: You really think he could beat the Selachians?
RACHEL COOPER: He's done it before. Selachians, Sontarans, Autons ... But this time ... this time, even he seemed ... he said that this time, and - and this is ridiculous because the last time we fought the Daleks they were threatening the Universe ... this time he said the stakes were the highest they'd ever been.
SAM KIRKE: Rachel, I...
RACHEL COOPER: So he takes me back to Earth, he plonks me right back down in my old life working in the garage, and he fixes it so that, a few days later I get my call-up papers.
SAM KIRKE: I think that ... I - there's something I should tell you...
RACHEL COOPER: So a week after that I'm working on the moon-base, and - the Doctor, he's already here, a prisoner. And he left me a list of instructions, but nothing about what to do when ... when...
(Groans in frustration.)
RACHEL COOPER: When things go wrong.
SAM KIRKE: The Selachians. Rachel, the Selachian, it's found us! Jump! Rachel, jump for it!
(Selachian shots fired.)

(Blasting open. Gasps and cries of panic, one saying "what's going on?" Selachians walking in.)
SELACHIAN: Do not move. You are prisoners of the Selachian Empire.
TENDEXTER: Selachian Leader, hear me. I am Generalleutnant Adolf Tendexter, and I am...
SELACHIAN: We have already been introduced. Troopers, kill everyone in this room.
(Guns primed, gasps from the people there.)
TENDEXTER: No, wait! We've ... we've done what you wanted, we ... put down our guns, I called off the attack on your ships, we're surrendering to you.
THE DOCTOR: Stand down your troopers, Leader. That's an order. There will be no more deaths today.
SELACHIAN: And who are you, human, to give me orders? I am in command here. This moon-base belongs to the Selachians.
THE DOCTOR: Look more closely, Leader. I'm not human, and you've achieved your objectives. The Reich's time machine is destroyed. Its former pilot is your prisoner. There she is standing in front of you.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: What are you saying...? You're betraying me to them.
TENDEXTER: Doctor, what is the meaning of this? You've said you...
SELACHIAN: Doctor. I have heard that name.
THE DOCTOR: That's right, you have. I'm the reason why you're here. I gave your rulers the means to reach this moon-base a hundred years into your own past. And I told them how to conquer it. I planned this invasion, right down to the last detail. And that, Leader, is why I am now taking command.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: The Architects Of History was written by Steve Lyons, and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, with Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein. Rachel Cooper was played by Lenora Crichlow, Sam Kirke by Ian Hayes, and Major Richter by Jamie Parker. Lloyd McGuire was Tendexter, and Chris Porter was the Selachian. Feldwebel was played by Rachel Laurence, and the Pilot by David Dobson. Other parts were played by The Cast. Original Music was composed by Jamie Robertson. Directed by John Ainsworth, The Architects Of History was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who. The Architects Of History, by Steve Lyons. Starring Sylvester McCoy and Tracey Childs. Part Three.

THE DOCTOR: Stand down your troopers, Leader. That's an order. There will be no more deaths today.
SELACHIAN: And who are you, human, to give me orders? I am in command here. This moon-base belongs to the Selachians.
THE DOCTOR: Look more closely, Leader. I gave your rulers the means to reach this moon-base a hundred years into your own past. And I told them how to conquer it. I planned this invasion, right down to the last detail. And that, Leader, is why I am now taking command.
(Sarcastic clapping.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Oh, well-played, Doctor, you certainly had me fooled. You have a ruthless streak in you after all.
THE DOCTOR: The prisoner will remain silent. Leader, you will take these humans to the detention block. Tendexter can show you the way. But ensure that Klein has a cell to herself. I haven't finished with her.
SELACHIAN: Tendexter stays here.
THE DOCTOR: That was not a request, Leader!
SELACHIAN: The woman Klein is yours. That was your agreement with our Supreme Leader. But this human is mine. I have questions to put to him.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, very well. But remember what I told you. No more deaths.
SELACHIAN: I cannot promise that. The humans will be treated according to their actions. Any attempt to defy us, any failure to follow Selachian instructions, and their lives will be forfeit.

(Electric fizzing of Selachian weapons. Running, out of breath gasps by RACHEL COOPER.)
SELACHIAN: You can not run forever, plankton.
RACHEL COOPER: The rivet gun. Sam. Well, don't just stand there, use it. Shoot! Here. Give me that thing.
(Shooting, metal bouncing off metal.)
SAM KIRKE: It's no use, Rachel. You're not making a dent.
RACHEL COOPER: No, look. It's left arm, do you see that? That crack was just a hairline fracture, but it...
SAM KIRKE: It must have been ripped out. He must have damaged it before he...
(SAM KIRKE cry out. Metal bouncing off metal.)
RACHEL COOPER: Damn it! I'm out of ammo. I need something else. Duck!
(Explosion. SAM KIRKE gasping in pain. Moving something heavy made of metal.)
SAM KIRKE: H-how about a fire extinguisher?
SELACHIAN: You have nowhere left to run. Now you will die. Accept...
(SELACHIAN gasps as hissing.)
RACHEL COOPER: Sam. That's ... just brilliant. This one. Keep aiming for his eyes. If you can cover its helmet with foam I can...
(SELACHIAN gasp, metal thump.)
SAM KIRKE: Rachel! Watch out for its arm!
(Hiss of foam. Thump, RACHEL COOPER cry out, gasping.)
RACHEL COOPER: Wounded me. I can't...
SAM KIRKE: You - you did it, Rachel. You widened the fracture. There. There's water coming out of its armour but it's still on its feet. Lean on me. Come on. We have to move.
SELACHIAN: For this you will not die quickly. You will be dismembered, limb by limb.
SAM KIRKE: It's still standing, Rachel. It's still standing.
RACHEL COOPER: Give it time, Sam. It's losing water, it can't last much longer, we just ... just have to keep out of its reach until it drops.
(SELACHIAN struggling. They gasp.)
RACHEL COOPER: Which might be easier said than done. Run!
(SELACHIAN gasping, gurgling as though drowning, dropping onto metal. Rushing off.)

(Metal cell door opened.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And here he is, the all-conquering hero.
THE DOCTOR: Enjoying your new accommodation, Klein? I would say I have fond memories of my time chained up in here, but ... that wouldn't be quite true.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: What do you want from me?
THE DOCTOR: I only remember the last three days, as you know. I did grow to appreciate the subtlety of that water drip however. Do you hear that?
(Water drop trickle heard more clearly in the silence.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I'm not deaf.
THE DOCTOR: It's artificial, of course, intended to break the spirit of this cell's occupant. A constant reminder to him or to her of the passing of time. Every minute, every second, every ... drip.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Have you come here just to gloat? You got what you wanted, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Don't be so obtuse, Klein. I told you. I keep telling you. I'm not the Doctor you thought I was. I have no memory of this time-line of yours.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: All the same, our positions have been quite neatly reversed, haven't they? Now you're the one prepared to sacrifice the rest of us, prepared to go to any lengths to bring back your world. Because that's what this is all about, isn't it? Your alliance with those monsters.
THE DOCTOR: I swear I didn't know.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: How do you justify that to yourself? No, I can guess. Soon this time-line will be erased. So, anyone who has suffered and died here for your sake, it won't have happened any more. Your conscience will be clear.
THE DOCTOR: What I said to the Selachian leader, I couldn't be sure any of it was true. I still don't know the full extent of my alternative self's plan, and I certainly didn't approve of it.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Don't you? I have seen hundreds of possible worlds, and one thing I've learned is that people rarely change. The Doctor of this time-line, if you had lived his life, seen what he has seen...
THE DOCTOR: I refuse to believe that.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I think we're finally seeing the real you. And the two of us, it appears, are a lot more alike than you would care to admit.

SELACHIAN: Tendexter, you have lied to me.
TENDEXTER: I haven't, I swear. I've answered your questions.
SELACHIAN: You offered me your people's surrender. Why is it then that I can no longer contact one of my troopers?
TENDEXTER: I don't know, how could I know? You kept me here in this room like some slave to do your bidding. Whatever's happened out there...
SELACHIAN: One of your treacherous kind has murdered one of my soldiers!
TENDEXTER: Am I supposed to be sorry about that? Why are you still here anyway? You've destroyed that time machine, you've emptied our vault of technology.
SELACHIAN: I will decide when our work here is done.
(Door slides open. People walking in.)
TENDEXTER: What the ... what's happening now? What are these people doing back here?
SELACHIAN 2: I brought the prisoners as instructed, Leader. Six of them.
SELACHIAN: I gave you fair warning, human. I told you what would happen if we were met with...
TENDEXTER: No! No, you can't mean ... Earth knows what's happening up here, you know. I - I alerted them as soon as your ships appeared. They'll be making plans.
SELACHIAN: The blood of my kind has been spilt, Tendexter. I will have the blood of yours in recompense. Kill them!
(Selachian guns fired. Screams.)

SAM KIRKE: Are you certain it's dead?
RACHEL COOPER: If it wasn't I would be by now. I can't imagine a live Selachian just lying here while I ... while I ... (Gasp.) ... take its arm apart. (Sigh.) Oh, that's charming, that is.
(Squelch of released fluid.)
RACHEL COOPER: Oh, that's rank.
SAM KIRKE: They look like worms. Is ... is that ... is that the Selachian?
RACHEL COOPER: No, Sam. That, I hope, is the inside of a transmat module. Organic wiring, you see? Grown rather than made. The Zygons have something similar.
SAM KIRKE: You take about all this as if it's normal, as if it's something you see every day.
RACHEL COOPER: Yeah. Well ... it's been a long time actually, but you can't imagine what it's like, Sam, out there. You think you know what life is about, but there's ... there's so much more. So much they've been keeping from us.
SAM KIRKE: I know what you mean. They don't want us to dream.
RACHEL COOPER: I'm going to show you the stars, Sam, like the Doctor showed me, once we get out of here.
SAM KIRKE: If we get out of here. Can't be much air left now. Can you make it work, the transmat?
RACHEL COOPER: I think so. The tricky part will be unwiring it from the armour. It looks like...
(More squelching liquid.)
RACHEL COOPER: Oh! Oh, gross!
RACHEL COOPER: It ... it looks like these worms feed off the Selachian's blood.
(SAM KIRKE almost gagging.)
SAM KIRKE: Maybe ... Oh ... Maybe I'll ... I'll take a look around, see if I can find a pair of space-suits after all. Oh...
RACHEL COOPER: Yeah, maybe you should. Oh!
(Walking off.)
RACHEL COOPER: The pilots do leave their suits in the hangars sometimes. They're not supposed to, but they do. And a quick space-walk? It has to be better than ... than ... trusting our component molecules to a bunch of ... Ugh! Oh. That is not good.
SAM KIRKE: Rachel? Rachel. It's Richter. Richter's body. He was lying right here, but...
RACHEL COOPER: (off) What was that, Sam?
SAM KIRKE: It's Major Richter. He's gone. He's disappeared.
(Walking up to him.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Don't worry, Citizen Kirke, I haven't gone far. Fortunately the body armour of the Thirty-First Century is every bit as good as its weaponry. Now, as I recall, we were interrupted in mid witch-hunt.

(Slow dripping of water in background.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Tell me about him, Doctor, about Jonas.
THE DOCTOR: Are you sure? You didn't want to know before.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You remember what I told you, of course, in your time-line. I thought you'd have forgotten. Was he really here?
THE DOCTOR: You tell me. The man you loved and lost. And you with the ship that can take you anywhere in Space and Time. Why didn't you go back for him?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I always thought one day ... one day when my work was done, but somehow I kept ... I just kept putting it off. Maybe I was afraid...
THE DOCTOR: Or maybe you weren't. Just how many people did you train in the use of my TARDIS, Klein?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You don't mean ... No. No, they couldn't have.
THE DOCTOR: When you rewrote history, you made yourself the most important person in it. A lot of time, everyone was afraid of you including the leaders you profess to serve. And what do you suppose frightened them the most?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The Führer. Everyone I ever met was afraid that my contact with outsiders would ... change me, that I might turn against him.
THE DOCTOR: Not a pleasant thought, is it? That your past itself might not be your own, that someone else might have looked at your life and decided that it needed a few small changes to keep you in your place.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And ... and what about your past? What would you like to change? I think we both know now why you came to this moon-base. You wanted to lure me here, and you orchestrated the Selachians' attack.
THE DOCTOR: None of that was me. It was my other self, the Doctor who belonged in this time-line.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Nevertheless, I'm here, you're here, they're here, and you're running out of options. So tell me, Doctor - what next? Are you going to do it? Are you going to execute me?
THE DOCTOR: You seem remarkably sanguine about that prospect.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I didn't expect to feel ... oh ... almost relieved, I suppose, that it's over. You were right about one thing at least. No matter how many trips I took in the TARDIS, how much I changed, I could never quite make things right.
THE DOCTOR: Of course you couldn't. I could have told you that from the start, Klein. You could never go home.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You ... you won't do it. You won't kill me. You're too squeamish.
THE DOCTOR: You're right. I won't. Apart from anything else, it would achieve very little now that you no longer have a time machine. I didn't come here to execute you, Klein. No version of me did. What I came here to do I'm beginning to suspect was something far worse.

SELACHIAN: You will begin now, Tendexter.
TENDEXTER: You don't have to do this. Why don't we find the Doctor, why don't we talk to him before...
SELACHIAN: You know what you have to say. My troopers are fetching six more prisoners as we speak. If you would rather exchange places with one of them...
TENDEXTER: No. No, I'll do it. I ... I need a moment to collect my thoughts, that's all.
(Sighs. Bleep of communicator.)
TENDEXTER: Attention. All moon-base personnel. This is your Comman... This is Tendexter. I've been asked to speak to you because...

Tannoy: (TENDEXTER) ...something has happened. One of the Selachians have occupied us has been killed, and the Selachian Leader ... the Selachian Leader and I would like the culprit to come forward. If he does, I have been promised that nobody else will be hurt. The Selachians will take what they want and they'll leave us be. Otherwise, they've already shot six people. Colleagues of ours. Friends. They say that until the man who killed their trooper comes forward, there will be six more deaths, every half-hour. I'm appealing to you, all of you. Please. We can't beat these monsters.

Tannoy: (TENDEXTER) It's futile to even try.
(Sound of disconnection.)
SAM KIRKE: What ... what - what do we do? You heard what the Commandant said. If we don't turn ourselves in...
RACHEL COOPER: It might be a moot point, Sam. I've got the transmat device unwired from the armour, but I can't ... without Selachian blood to power it...
MAJOR RICHTER: If you can't make that device work, Citizen Cooper, then the two of you are dead.
RACHEL COOPER: You mean the three of us, don't you?
SAM KIRKE: Can't we at least contact the Selachians, tell them that it was us that killed their trooper, and ... that we ... were dying anyway.
MAJOR RICHTER: There's a space-suit next to the back wall. One person can walk out of here. Of course, the other two will die when he opens the door.
RACHEL COOPER: So let me guess. We draw straws, right?
MAJOR RICHTER: That would be one option. Another would be that the man with the gun gets the space-suit. A pity, really. Citizen Kirke here will be no loss to anyone but you - I would have like to have saved you, Citizen Cooper, I would have like to have heard how that story of yours ends.
(Whine of gun charge.)
SAM KIRKE: What are you doing?
MAJOR RICHTER: Don't worry, I wouldn't waste the charge cycle on shooting you . What would be the point? But I did think I might destroy that transmat device before I leave, just in case you haven't been entirely honest with me.
RACHEL COOPER: No, don't! I ... Okay. There might be a way I can get us all out of here.
MAJOR RICHTER: I'm listening.
RACHEL COOPER: When I said I couldn't ... er, what I meant is, I ... I can, maybe, get one journey out of this thing. The trouble is, it was designed for personal use. It can only take the weight of one Selachian.
MAJOR RICHTER: But one Selachian in its armour must be as heavy as two people.
RACHEL COOPER: That's right, two. Not three, and the space-suit would still be safer. Why don't you take that and ... and Sam and I can...
MAJOR RICHTER: I don't think so, Citizen Cooper. I would rather keep you within reach. We will transmat out of here together while Citizen Kirke - well, I'm not sure I can allow a traitor to the Galactic Reich to walk free.
RACHEL COOPER: You kill him, Richter, you hurt Sam in any way and I swear, I'll short this thing out myself. Here, take this.
MAJOR RICHTER: What are you...?
RACHEL COOPER: The Selachian's court-link. Grab hold. One-time offer, Richter. Live or die, but you have to decide right now.
MAJOR RICHTER: You're bluffing, of course. You wouldn't sacrifice yourself, wouldn't jeopardise whatever plans you've made with your Doctor friend for the sake of a cleaner. But very well, I will play your game - after all, what harm could it...
(Electrical fizzing. MAJOR RICHTER screams.)
SAM KIRKE: What did you do?
RACHEL COOPER: Take my hand, Sam. We're getting out of here.
MAJOR RICHTER: (gasping) You won't get away with this. I will track you down and I will kill you both, do you hear me? I will kill you both!

(Metal cell door opened.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Where are you going?
THE DOCTOR: You heard Tendexter's broadcast. There are people in danger. I'm going to help them.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You're insane. A Selachian...
THE DOCTOR: As it seems I brought them here, it's up to me to deal with them.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Not this time, Doctor. You know what you're supposed to do this time. You've already admitted...
THE DOCTOR: You wouldn't understand. You were wrong about me, Klein. What happens here in this time-line, it does matter. Those people out there matter. I can't let them suffer. I won't.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Everything you said about the web of Time, about the damage I did to it, the broken strands, was any of that true?
THE DOCTOR: Every word.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Then what right have you to walk out of here now? We're talking about a handful of lives weighed against the whole of Space and Time, and you're willing to take that gamble? Risk everything to make a point?
THE DOCTOR: It's more than that. I'm not that man, Klein, the man you want me to be. You can say what you like, even rewrite my past, but it doesn't change who I am. If I can save them, I will. I'm the Doctor. That's what I do.

(Cell door being closed.)
RACHEL COOPER: Oh, that's him, Sam. That's the Doctor. What's he still doing here?
SAM KIRKE: That's the Doctor?
RACHEL COOPER: Do you think he saw us? He seemed to glance this way. If I could just speak to him, if that Selachian wasn't standing guard over him.
SAM KIRKE: Doesn't look like it's standing guard. It looks more like ... like an escort to me. As if the Doctor's the one giving the orders.
RACHEL COOPER: That's the way to the Operations Centre. But ... Sam, he ... he was supposed to meet us. He was supposed to meet me, outside Hangar Fourteen, and I thought ... I think he was supposed to bring Klein with him.
SAM KIRKE: You think?
RACHEL COOPER: Maybe. Er, maybe if he heard Tendexter's broadcast. Yeah. Yeah, that'll be it. He wouldn't leave those people to die. But ... what about us, Sam? What do we do? What if he needs our help?
SAM KIRKE: W-we could make things worse by interfering. We should just do as the Doctor said. F-find a pair of space-suits, and...
RACHEL COOPER: It's been six months since I last spoke to him. He's always been too well-guarded. Six months. Anything could have happened in that time. What if things have changed? What if...?
(SAM KIRKE gasps.)
RACHEL COOPER: Sam? Sam, what ... are you okay?
SAM KIRKE: I'm okay. I just had a bit of a dizzy turn there.
RACHEL COOPER: Your shoulder. Oh ... why didn't you tell me? You've been shot.
SAM KIRKE: It's okay, Rachel, really, it's okay. It's just a flesh wound. Richter, as ... as we transmatted out of the hangar, he...
RACHEL COOPER: Let me see?
(SAM KIRKE gasping.)
RACHEL COOPER: I said, let me see. Oh, Sam. You should have told me. I should have noticed instead of blathering on about the ... That gun. Richter's gun, it fires plasma bullets. They don't just burn your skin, they ... they burst inside your body. We have to get you some help.
SAM KIRKE: No. No time. It's too dangerous. Hangar Fourteen. If that's where we're going, I can hold on till we get there. I can.
(SAM KIRKE cries out.)

SELACHIAN: This is intolerable, Doctor. You have no right to interfere in...
THE DOCTOR: I have every right, according to my agreement with your Supreme Leader. If you have a problem with that...
SELACHIAN: One of my troopers is dead. There must be consequences, else the surface-dwellers will think us weak.
THE DOCTOR: What did you expect? Your bombs slaughtered them in their hundreds. They were always going to fight you.
SELACHIAN: You were not so squeamish when you planned that attack. You agreed that the destruction of the atmospheric bubble was the most efficient...
THE DOCTOR: That was then. I said no more deaths, Leader, and I meant it.
SELACHIAN: You know what these humans did, what they will do to us in the future. I will not let that happen again. Those, Doctor, are my orders.
(Walking off.)
TENDEXTER: Do you think ... Did you get through to him? Will he stop the executions?
THE DOCTOR: For now. The Selachians like to throw their weight around, but beneath all that they're basically insecure. So long as our agreement stands they won't risk breaking it. I'm sure they know what I can do.
TENDEXTER: Is it true, what he said? Is all this ... what they're doing here, is it all just ... payback for what we'll do to them some day?
THE DOCTOR: I haven't seen the future of your time-line, Tendexter, but if it's anything like the one I have seen, the human race has a great deal to answer for.
TENDEXTER: Then it's the same where you come from? Things are no better there?
THE DOCTOR: I never said my world was perfect.

(Door opened.)
SELACHIAN 2: Halt! This base is under Selachian control. Other life forms are denied access. Identify yourself.
MAJOR RICHTER: Don't shoot. I've come to turn myself in. I have information for you.
SELACHIAN 2: I said identify yourself. Remove the space-suit helmet and show me your face.
(Noise of helmet being removed.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Major Richter, Assistant Head of Temporal Affairs for the Galactic Reich. And if you're interested I can tell you who killed your comrade out there.
SELACHIAN 2: Tell me what you know.
MAJOR RICHTER: In a moment. First I have a question for you. Those guns your lot wear strapped to your arms - could they penetrate your own armour?
SELACHIAN 2: It is not for you to question Selachian technology.
MAJOR RICHTER: I'll find out for myself, then.
(Shot fired. SELACHIAN 2 cry.)

(Pounding from outside metal door.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Who's there? What's happening out there? Doctor? Doctor, is that you?
(Metal cell door opened.)
MAJOR RICHTER: No, Oberst Klein, it is not your outsider friend.
(Walking inside.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Richter. I might have guessed. Where did you get the gun?
MAJOR RICHTER: I pulled it off the arm of a dead Selachian. There's another one outside the door, but we need to move before...
(Chains being moved as ELIZABETH KLEIN interrupts.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Oh no. No, no, no. I am not going anywhere with you.
MAJOR RICHTER: You don't have any choice.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I believe I do. I believe the Doctor will come to his senses and return for me. In the meantime this cell is the safest place for me to be.
MAJOR RICHTER: So, you confess that you are working with him now?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I have ... reached a decision, yes. And what about you, Richter? Who do you work for? You've always been ambitious enough, so to have taken my TARDIS behind my back, to have interfered in my past?
MAJOR RICHTER: That's Major Richter to you, and I don't know what you're talking about. But I think you've misunderstood me, Klein. You have no choice but to come with me, because if you don't I will shoot you.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You picked the wrong time to stage a mutiny, Major Richter. I have no ship for you to seize.
MAJOR RICHTER: You know, I wasn't just appointed to be your deputy, I pulled every string I could for the chance to work with you. I'd heard how efficient, how ruthless you were, and I could see from the start that something had changed. You were always just going through the motions.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Then leave me, Richter. Let me stay here. You don't need me.
MAJOR RICHTER: You've no idea how tempting that sounds. But you have more experience with time machines than I do.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You mean you've found the other TARDIS? The one in which the alternative Doctor travelled here. I knew I was right. I knew it had to exist. But ... but you won't be able to get inside it.
MAJOR RICHTER: I haven't found the Doctor's time machine yet, but I do know where to look for it, and I know who must have the key.

(RACHEL COOPER/SAM KIRKE gasp for breath.)
RACHEL COOPER: Come on, Sam, we're almost there. One ... one foot in front of the other. That's it.
(Thump against something.)
SAM KIRKE: I can't. I can't go on. Please. I just have to rest.
RACHEL COOPER: You can rest all you like once we get you patched up. The Medical Bay is right around the next corner. Come on.
SAM KIRKE: Even if I could, Ra-Rachel, it - it's too late.
RACHEL COOPER: It's not too late. I'll get help. (Calling) Help! Somebody help us!
SAM KIRKE: No. You know what the ... what the Selachians will do to you if they catch you? You should have left me behind. Should have done that right from the start.
SAM KIRKE: Go back to the stars for me, Rachel. You gave me a chance to be a hero. I don't ... don't want it to have all been for nothing.
RACHEL COOPER: It won't be. I swear to you it won't be. The Selachians think they've won, but...
SAM KIRKE: Please. Rachel, don't.
RACHEL COOPER: My ship. The - the Doctor's ship, it's a TARDIS, like Klein's. A time machine. It's outside Hangar Fourteen. We're going to rewrite history one last time, Sam. That was the plan all along. We're going to put things right.
SAM KIRKE: Don't. Don't say any more. I'm not the man you think I am. The Selachians, they brought me here from the future. I'm a spy, Rachel. I'm working for them.
RACHEL COOPER: You ... you're what?
SAM KIRKE: I tried to tell you in the hangar. The Selachians told me to get close to you. I didn't know why. They said they'd set me free. I ... I didn't think I could stand up to them then. You showed me.
RACHEL COOPER: You can do it now, Sam. You can stand up to them now.
SAM KIRKE: You don't ... you don't understand. They couldn't risk normal radio contact, so ... something in my brain. When I sleep, it uploads my memories to the flagship. Everything I've seen, everything you told me, and I think ... I think, Rachel ... I think I have to sleep now.
RACHEL COOPER: Oh, Sam. Sam, I'm so ... so sorry. I shouldn't have got you into this. I should have found some other way, but I ... but I'll find you again, in a world with no Galactic Reich, and no Selachians, where you'll be free to be everything you ever were meant to be, and I'll make sure that you know what you did today, that you saved the whole world, and...
(SAM KIRKE sighing as though asleep.)
RACHEL COOPER: I will keep my promise to you, Sam Kirke. I will show you the stars somehow, someday.

(Electronic bleeps of download.)
SELACHIAN: So Doctor, you intended to betray us all along.
THE DOCTOR: What on Earth gave you that idea? I assure you...
SELACHIAN: My sources are none of your concern. Do not compound your crime by attempting to deny it. You thought you could use us to topple the humans' empire, then snatch our spoils from us.
(Fast bleeps.)
TENDEXTER: Doctor, look at this. More of their ships are popping up all around us, hundreds of them.
THE DOCTOR: What is this, Leader? Our agreement...
SELACHIAN: Our agreement is void, Doctor. You broke it when you plotted behind our backs. But we expected no less. That is why we made plans of our own.
THE DOCTOR: This isn't possible. I couldn't have, I wouldn't have let this happen.
SELACHIAN: You gave us the means to transport six war craft backwards in Time. Your mistake was in thinking us too stupid to replicate those means.
TENDEXTER: The ships. They're ... they're heading towards Earth, they'll be within firing range in about thirty seconds.
THE DOCTOR: Stop this, I order you to stop this at once!
SELACHIAN: I do not take orders from plankton! You underestimated us. You will not do so again. We are about to make an example of these surface-creatures, one that they will still speak of in awe and fear in our own time.
TENDEXTER: Listen to me, please. I know we've mistreated you in the past, in your past, and on behalf of the human race I apologise, do you hear me? I'm sorry. We're sorry, but none of us here today know anything about that. You can't punish an entire race for something we'll never do!
SELACHIAN: I'm sure your head of Temporal Affairs would disagree.
TENDEXTER: Please! My family is down there!
SELACHIAN: Then they will die, Tendexter. My pilots have instructions to reduce your world to a ball of cinders. And then, with the technology that the Doctor has provided for us, the Selachians will be the new masters of Time.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: The Architects Of History was written by Steve Lyons, and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, with Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein. Rachel Cooper was played by Lenora Crichlow, Sam Kirke by Ian Hayes, and Major Richter by Jamie Parker. Lloyd McGuire was Tendexter, and Chris Porter was the Selachian. Feldwebel was played by Rachel Laurence, and the Pilot by David Dobson. Other parts were played by The Cast. Original Music was composed by Jamie Robertson. Directed by John Ainsworth, The Architects Of History was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who. The Architects Of History, by Steve Lyons. Starring Sylvester McCoy and Tracey Childs. Part Four.

(Walking up.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Citizen Cooper. I had a feeling we might find you here, at the closest exit to Hangar Fourteen. In a space suit too. Planning an excursion?
RACHEL COOPER: I thought I'd stretch my legs, take a stroll along the ramp. I'd invite you to join me, Richter, if you weren't wearing a space suit yourself.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Look, I don't like this any more than you do, Miss Cooper, but will you take us to the Doctor's TARDIS?
RACHEL COOPER: The Doctor's what?
MAJOR RICHTER: We know you must have a key. I can take it from your dead body if you'd rather.
RACHEL COOPER: Yeah. I noticed you'd got yourself a bigger gun. Won't do you much good though, Richter. There is no key.
MAJOR RICHTER: You must think me a fool. I heard you talking to Citizen Kirke. I know you're in league with the Doctor and I know you headed straight for Hangar Fourteen when the Selachians arrived.
RACHEL COOPER: Oh, bad mistake, Richter, mentioning Sam's name. Want to know why? Because now I don't care if you do shoot me dead. Go on, do it. Throw away your only chance to save yourself. I would like that.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: This TARDIS, I assume, won't open for anyone but the Doctor or you?
RACHEL COOPER: It won't even show itself to anyone else. So, you see, Klein, you have a problem. Because the only way the two of you are getting inside that ship is over my dead body, and that just isn't possible.

(Sonar-like bleeps.)
TENDEXTER: You see? You see that, Leader? Ships launched from the Earth to meet your fleet. I told you they'd be ready for you. Now, call off this war before it starts. You can still spare both sides a great deal of bloodshed.
SELACHIAN: Your ships are outnumbered, Tendexter, and I suspect no more capable than the ones we have already destroyed. The only blood shed today will be warm blood.
THE DOCTOR: And even if Earth could win this battle, the Selachians would just go back in Time and fight it in a different way. Isn't that right, Leader?
SELACHIAN: I instructed you to put on that space suit, Doctor. Do I have to start killing my hostages to make you comply?
THE DOCTOR: There'll be no need for that. It's just a little, ah ... tight around the shoulder. Ah, there.
(Helmet put on.)
TENDEXTER: Are you happy now, Doctor? Do you see what you've done? You brought these creatures here, you have the blood of the human race on your hands!
THE DOCTOR: (speaker) All right, Leader. I'm ready. What do we do now? All stand in a ring, hold hands, click our heels together and chant, "There's no place like..."
SELACHIAN: Now Doctor, these two troopers and I will transmat out onto the back and take you with us. We will arrive in the vicinity of Hangar Fourteen where, according to my information, we will find your TARDIS. You will guide us to it and open its doors to us.
THE DOCTOR: (speaker) Typical Selachians. Never satisfied with what you have. Always worrying that somebody somewhere might have a bigger gun, a deadlier bomb - or a better time machine.
SELACHIAN: Not any more, Doctor. Not after today.

THE DOCTOR: So, here we are then. And that must be Hangar Fourteen. I don't see a time machine around here.
SELACHIAN: (speaker) Do not insult my intelligence. The machine is obviously camouflaged.
THE DOCTOR: I'm sure it is. But what you fail to quite grasp, Leader, is that this version of me has never been out here before. This TARDIS you're looking for - it could be anything. That fighter ship, the hangar itself, it could even be hiding behind that stone ziggurat.
SELACHIAN: (speaker) I am losing patience, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: But then I expect some things haven't changed that much in this time-line. For example, I was never an especially-skilled pilot. It would be just like me - oh, I don't know, you know - to park right across the hangar doors.
SELACHIAN: (speaker) There is nothing in front of the hangar. Nothing except ... except...
THE DOCTOR: Funny, isn't it, how sometimes you can look right at an object without seeing it. Of course, when you're dealing with an advanced perception filter...
SELACHIAN: (speaker) The ziggurat! There is a ziggurat in front of Hangar Fourteen. How did I not...?
THE DOCTOR: You saw it. You just didn't think it was important. You didn't even bat an eyelid as I placed my hands on the locking pad, and opened this door. Do you have eyelids, by the way? What was that you were saying, Leader? Something in front of the hangar?
SELACHIAN: (speaker) I ... I don't remember. There was something important. Something was here. What was just here?
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry. It'll all come back to you, especially if I were to present your brain with the stimulus it can't so readily ignore like, for example, the sight of me stepping through this doorway. Goodbye.
(TARDIS doors opened. Walking in. Electronic sounds.)
SELACHIAN: (speaker) Doctor? Doctor, where have you ... The ziggurat. He is inside the ziggurat. Fire at the ziggurat, you fools, before he ... Ahh! Doctor, I will see you dead for this, I swear.
(TARDIS dematerialisation sound.)
THE DOCTOR: Not today you won't.

(TARDIS materialisation.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: That sound. Is that ... Is that what I think it is?
RACHEL COOPER: The Doctor. He must have escaped from the Selachians. Yeah - he must have made it back to the TARDIS.
MAJOR RICHTER: How very thoughtful of him. He has saved us a journey. Okay, the pair of you, start moving down that corridor.
RACHEL COOPER: I don't think so, Richter. This doesn't change a thing as far as I'm concerned. I'm going nowhere with you.
MAJOR RICHTER: I would suggest that it changes one thing, Citizen Cooper - I no longer need you. The Doctor will open his time machine for me.
RACHEL COOPER: Yeah? Good luck with that.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: She's worth more to you alive, Richter. I remember what the Doctor is like about his companions, and if I may make one more observation...
MAJOR RICHTER: We have two choices, ladies. We can stand here until the Selachians find us, or we...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: It sounded to me like the TARDIS materialised by the detention block. The Doctor is looking for me . He needs me. I think you know that, don't you, Miss Cooper? You must have an inkling of what he has planned.
RACHEL COOPER: Yeah. Right. And you? You're just gonna go along with that, are you?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Considering the alternative...
MAJOR RICHTER: Fine. So the Doctor wants you, and he wants you. And as I believe I might have mentioned already, I'm the one with the guns, and no-one is going anywhere without me.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: We all want the same thing, Miss Cooper. We want to reach that time machine, and we stand more chance of achieving that goal if we all work together. So, what do you say, both of you? Truce?

(Shots, Selachian guns.)
PILOT: Eagle One Four One to Eagle Command. Requesting instructions. I ... They've hit my weapons mounting. I can't ... Heaven help us. I don't know what to do. They're firing on the Earth.
(Sound of burning.)
PILOT: God help us. I can see whole continents burning. We're trying our best, but the sharks, it - it's like they don't even know we're up here. Well, I'm going to make them notice us. I think that if we can hit them just right, if we can break through their shields, start a chain reaction in their engines, take them down with us. I ... I don't know if I can, but ... Oh, I can't see my home any more.

PILOT: (speaker) There's just ... there's just smoke. Everything I ever knew, everyone I ever loved. I don't know if you can hear me, Eagle Command. If you can, wish me luck. Pray for a miracle. Eagle One Four One out.
TENDEXTER: Enjoy your victory while you can, you shark. You know as well as I do, it's meaningless now. You've let the Doctor escape.
SELACHIAN: You forget. We know the secret of time travel too. The Doctor will be found and destroyed.
TENDEXTER: If I were him, do you know where I'd be right now? I'd be orbiting your home-world, a million years ago when you were just microbes floating in the sea, and I'd have with me enough photonic missiles to sterilise that wretched planet.
SELACHIAN: You appear to have found your spirit, Tendexter. What are you trying to hide from me?
TENDEXTER: I don't know what you mean.
SELACHIAN: Move away from that console. No!
(TENDEXTER gasp, run aside.)
SELACHIAN: That light. What does that light signify?
TENDEXTER: It signifies that you should have kept a closer eye on me instead of letting the Doctor distract you. Here. I had disabled the warning system, but you may as well hear it now.
(Alarm bleeps. Female electronic sound of computer)
COMPUTER VOICE: Warning. Reactor core building to overload. Estimated time to explosion, eleven minutes and twenty seconds.
SELACHIAN: You ... You will kill your own people.
TENDEXTER: Before you can, you mean? You're wasting your time. I closed the Doctor's back door into the control systems. Even I couldn't open it again in the time we have left.
(Sound of Selachian communicator.)
SELACHIAN: All troopers will return to their war craft.
TENDEXTER: That's right, run while you still can. Go back to your people. Tell them that the human race won't die quietly.
SELACHIAN: But you will die. You are still trapped on this base, Tendexter. If this is an attempt at bluff, if this base is not destroyed by your actions, then trust me, it will be destroyed by mine.

(Selachians using matter transmitter to leave.)
TENDEXTER: Now that you haven't seen the full extent of my actions just yet, we'll be seeing each other again.

(Sonic screwdriver sound.)
SELACHIAN: Please ... repeat your instructions, Leader. I did not receive. Leader? Can you hear me? Leader.
THE DOCTOR: Your communicator won't work, I'm afraid. Sonic screwdriver.
(Walking forwards.)
THE DOCTOR: You see, I'd rather nobody else knew I was still here.
SELACHIAN: Halt! Drop the weapon or I will...
(Sonic screwdriver has stopped.)
THE DOCTOR: Shoot me? That appears to be the Selachians' answer to everything. How old are you, trooper?
SELACHIAN: That is none of your concern. I...
THE DOCTOR: Not more than four or five cycles, I suspect. Still young, inexperienced.
SELACHIAN: The occupant of this cell. Did you free her? Did you ... did you kill the guard?
THE DOCTOR: Certainly not. He was shot by one of your own guns. And I'd rather like to know where Klein is myself.
SELACHIAN: I instructed you to drop the weapon.
THE DOCTOR: I heard you. But the sonic screwdriver isn't a weapon.
SELACHIAN: Then you will surrender. I will take you to my leader, and he will decide what to do with...
THE DOCTOR: But one thing it can do. The one thing it was designed for. The one thing it excels at. It can open things.
THE DOCTOR: There's an access hatch in that armour of yours at the base of the fin. Kill me and as I die I will press this button. I will open that hatch.
SELACHIAN: You ... you are bluffing. There is no device that could do such a thing.
THE DOCTOR: Isn't there? Oh, I reckon it would take about twenty seconds for that armoured suit to drain, not nearly enough time for anyone to miss you, to come looking for you, to find you dying here.
SELACHIAN: I ... I have my instructions. My leader would...
THE DOCTOR: I won't tell him if you don't. We could both turn our backs, walk away and pretend we never saw each other. We could both survive - or we could both die. Your choice. What do you say?

(Walking quickly.)
RACHEL COOPER: They weren't down this corridor either. Come on.
MAJOR RICHTER: Not so fast, Citizen Cooper. We'll proceed with caution.
RACHEL COOPER: Why? I told you Richter, I saw the Selachians transmatting out of here. You're wasting time.
MAJOR RICHTER: You saw two Selachians leaving. We don't know that the rest of their number went with them.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: However if they did leave then they likely had good reason. The sooner we can reach the Doctor's TARDIS...
MAJOR RICHTER: You will proceed to the end of the corridor, Citizen Cooper. Check that there are no enemies lurking around the next corner.
RACHEL COOPER: Why do I get all the plumb jobs? No, don't tell me, I remember. You're the one with the gun, right?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Listen to the girl, Richter. She has - we both have - far more experience of this sort of situation...
(Noise starts up around them, matter transmitter.)
MAJOR RICHTER: Wait. That sound. What...?
SELACHIAN: Where am I? Who are you? What have you done? Identify yourselves.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Now, while it's disorientated. Run!
(Selachian gun shots. Running.)
RACHEL COOPER: There's another one.
SELACHIAN: Halt. You will surrender yourselves for execution.
(Selachian shots.)
RACHEL COOPER: Get down. Klein - Klein, what are you doing?
(Clicks of empty gun.)
MAJOR RICHTER: My gun, it's out of power. Wait. Where is my...?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Your plasma pistol? It's right here, Major Richter, pointed at your head.
(Selachian walking over.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Don't shoot. I have everything under control. My name is Oberst Elizabeth Klein, and I am on your side. I have been working with the Doctor.
RACHEL COOPER: Don't listen to her, she's lying.
SELACHIAN: The Doctor has proven himself a traitor.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: All the more reason, then, to spare me. I have knowledge of time travel. That technology is still new to you, but I have been studying it, working with it, all my life. I can help you.
SELACHIAN: You were attempting to escape.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: That isn't true. I was made to leave my cell at gunpoint. These people here...
RACHEL COOPER: We're her assistants. Klein can't do a thing without us. No-one knows their way around the inside of a TARDIS console like I do, while Richter...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: A nice try, Miss Cooper. I'm particularly impressed that you tried to save Richter as well, but no. These two are of no use to me. Not only that, but they are responsible for the deaths of at least...
MAJOR RICHTER: I will kill you for this, Klein, do you hear me, I'll kill you...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: The deaths of at least two of your troopers, not to mention the damage they just inflicted on you with a weapon wrested from a Selachian corpse. These are the fugitives you have been searching for. Your instructions on how to deal with them, I believe, are perfectly clear.

(Alarm signal.)
SELACHIAN: What happened? Why are we still here? Why did the transmat not work?
SELACHIAN 2: Diagnostics inconclusive, Leader. Could the Doctor have ... could he...?
TENDEXTER: The Doctor isn't to blame for everything. All right, he may have provided a little inspiration, but I fought in the Dalek war, you know. I was decorated for...
SELACHIAN: What did you do?
TENDEXTER: Adjusted the frequency of the reactor core output. It's bouncing your transmat signals right back where they came from. You're trapped here.
COMPUTER VOICE: Reactor core will overload in approximately six minutes.
TENDEXTER: Earth might be finished, but we'll take the leader of our enemies down with us.
SELACHIAN: You must have a shutdown code. You will give it to me.
TENDEXTER: Or else? Nothing to lose, remember?
SELACHIAN: You will give that code to me, or you will die in agony. Six minutes is a long time, Tendexter...
(Walking over to him.)
SELACHIAN: ... and you will learn just how much pain a Selachian warrior can inflict in that time.
(Electrical fizzing. TENDEXTER screams.)

(Running up. stopping.)
THE DOCTOR: Klein. I've been looking for you. Where have you...?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Does this mean you've seen reason at last? I know you have a TARDIS nearby. Where is it? Tell me.
THE DOCTOR: Can't you see it, Klein? It's right here.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Then we have to get out of here.
(Shots heard in the distance.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Doctor? Oh no. No, no, don't you dare. Don't you even think about racing headlong into danger again. Don't you ever learn?
THE DOCTOR: But those gunshots...
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Are none of our concern.
THE DOCTOR: You never did much care about the mess you left behind you.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You can't save everyone. And the more you try, the greater the risk that you'll lose the ones who matter. The firing has stopped.
THE DOCTOR: So, the Selachians will be on the hunt for fresh prey. I can't argue with your logic, Klein, I never could. That doesn't mean I have to like it.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I know what you're thinking, Doctor, but it's too late for her. Rachel Cooper gave her life so that we could escape. The best way to honour her memory is to take this chance she's given us.

(TARDIS doors opened. Running in.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: This is it, then. Your TARDIS in this time-line, it's different from your usual models.
THE DOCTOR: Just as well. I suspect, if you thought you could fly this ship, you would have pulled that gun on me by now. It won't work in here, by the way.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Black walls, low lighting? It suits you, Doctor. It suits the real you. And it's appropriate, of course, for an execution chamber.
(Console bleeps. TARDIS doors closed.)
THE DOCTOR: As you said, Klein, this is it, then.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: We could still fix this. We could travel to the future, find a defence against the Selachians, deliver it to Tendexter in the past.
THE DOCTOR: You don't expect me to agree to that?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: No. No, I don't. Because for all your protestations, all your feigned innocence, you've always known how this was going to end. Your way.
THE DOCTOR: You brought us to this. You're the one who went rampaging through the past with no regard to the damage you were causing.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I was happy in my life, Doctor. I was happy with my world until you came along, until you tricked me into taking that first step. You started this.
(THE DOCTOR sighs.)
THE DOCTOR: You're right, Klein, again. I made a mistake, and that's why it's up to me to fix it. You'd better leave, before the Selachians do to this TARDIS what they did to the last, and then...
(Console bleeps. TARDIS dematerialisation.)
THE DOCTOR: Then, we have a great deal to talk about.

(Alarm bleeps.)
COMPUTER VOICE: Reactor core will overload in approximately two minutes.
SELACHIAN: It can't end like this. Our time machines, my troopers, my followers, why aren't they here? Why haven't they saved me? This is your fault, Tendexter. You had best pray that there is no afterlife for us, because if there is, I will find you there. I will find you, and exact a bloody revenge from your soul. I am a Selachian warrior, a leader. You cannot defeat me just by ... by dying.
COMPUTER VOICE: Reactor core will overload in approximately one minute and twenty seconds.

(TARDIS materialisation.)
(Running up.)
RACHEL COOPER: Doctor, it's me, Rachel, I'm still here! Doctor!
(Bashing on the door.)
RACHEL COOPER: I'm hurt. Took a shot to the arm. I need you, Doctor.
(Selachian walking up.)
COMPUTER VOICE: Reactor core will overload in approximately one minute.
SELACHIAN: You cannot escape, human. There is nowhere to run.
(Selachian gun powered up.)
RACHEL COOPER: Perfect. As if it's not enough that the entire moon-base is about to go off in our faces. Go on, then. Shoot me. Finish the job you started. Why should I even care?
SELACHIAN: You are not afraid to die?
RACHEL COOPER: I can think of worse things. Far worse things. Don't you get it? It doesn't matter any more. Nothing matters. Nothing we do, nothing we say, because the Doctor has gone. He won, and he left us behind.
COMPUTER VOICE: Reactor core will overload in approximately thirty seconds.
SELACHIAN: This facility is doomed. There ... there is no way out, for any of us.
RACHEL COOPER: Do you want to know what I'm afraid of, Doctor? Really afraid? I'm afraid you might not find me, in this new time-line of yours. I'm afraid that I might live out my small humdrum life, and ... and never know how much more there was to see, how much more I could have been.
COMPUTER VOICE: Ten seconds.
RACHEL COOPER: Everybody has to die some time. I accept that, Doctor. What I can't bear is the thought that I might never have lived.
COMPUTER VOICE: Five, four, three, two, one.

(TARDIS control room background.)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And so it ends. The moon-base destroyed, Earth not far behind it. A hundred years of prosperity, of progress, of peace. My golden age.
THE DOCTOR: It's not quite over yet.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I'm aware of that. Everything is prepared, I assume? Well, of course it is. You said it yourself in the Operations Centre. You made your plans well.
THE DOCTOR: I never stopped hoping that there might be another way. I hope that perhaps my alternative self might have found something.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Tell me about Jonas. While there's still time, I ... I want to ... remember the time we had together, if I can.
THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry, Klein. I misled you. Jonas was never here. I never saw him. As far as I know, you never went back for him.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: (laugh) You ... (laugh.) ... you mean you lied to me?
THE DOCTOR: I made you think about what you were doing to others, I made you ask yourself how would you feel if it was done to you in return.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Oh, right down to the last detail, and that detail was me. You played on my doubts, my dreams, because you knew they would lead me here.
THE DOCTOR: I suspect you were right the first time. I think you were afraid, afraid that, even if you could find Jonas, if wouldn't be the same between you. Afraid of tarnishing your memories, losing your past.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You were right about me, Doctor. I don't know what's real any more.
THE DOCTOR: You were tried in your absence, Klein, and convicted. This TARDIS was configured to carry out your sentence. All I had to do was to get you into this room, and push this button.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And I will never have existed. I'm right, aren't I? Executing me would never have been enough. I am to be erased from all time, dematerialised.
THE DOCTOR: You're an anomaly, Klein. A refugee from a world that should never have been. A time-line that was born and died in the wink of an eye.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: But it did exist, didn't it? It was real. And ... and if I had never lived there? What then, Doctor? What if I had never taken that first journey back to Colditz Castle? What if we had never met?
THE DOCTOR: Would your time-line have become the primary one? Would the Nazis have won the Second World War?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: If you do this, if you push that button ... with that single action, you could achieve everything I have ever desired. You could restore my world, my home. Of course, I will not be around to see it. Even so...
THE DOCTOR: It might not work like that. Time has an amazing propensity for self-correction. If you're not around to fulfil your part in history, it might cast someone else in your role. Perhaps someone less dangerous.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: But you don't know, do you? You can't be sure.
THE DOCTOR: It could go either way. Your world or mine. I think we can agree, based on what we've just seen, that either would be an improvement.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: And whichever time-line wins out, you'd have no choice but to accept it, because you wouldn't dare intervene in the past directly, you couldn't live with the consequences. I think I'm ready now.
THE DOCTOR: There's no hurry, Klein. We're parked outside of Time. Nothing can happen beyond those doors. You can take as long as you wish.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Oh no. No Doctor, you don't get off the hook so easily. You don't get to pretend that none of this is on your hands. This is what you were sent here to do. It's your responsibility.
THE DOCTOR: I can't.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I know you can. Push that button. End my life. Look at it this way. I'm giving you an opportunity. A chance to see who you truly are.
THE DOCTOR: There's no way out of this for you, Klein. I can't let you go. You'll grow old in here. You'll die. And the world you leave behind will be one of desolation.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Then you know what you have to do, Doctor. I can wait as long as it takes. As you said, we have no shortage of time.
(Walking off.)

(TARDIS dematerialisation.)

(Sound of trickling water, like a fountain. TARDIS materialisation. Door opened. Walking out)
ELIZABETH KLEIN: You must be the Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: You recognise me?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Not that particular face, but who else could you be? Who else would materialise a Nineteen Sixties Police Box in the middle of a secure installation?
THE DOCTOR: Who else indeed. I'm in the right place, then.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Has it changed so much in two years? Yes Doctor, this is still UNIT. We're still here, fighting to keep the world safe.
THE DOCTOR: Elizabeth Klein. Yes, of course. Born in England to German parents, raised in a time of war, gifted with an inquiring mind and a prodigious intellect but also, a need for order.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Excuse me, have we ... have we met? I just thought, when you said my name, for a moment there...
THE DOCTOR: In another life, perhaps. It can be hard sometimes to know what's real, and what only used to be.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I think I do recognise you - your description at least from a dozen old files. You were in Shoreditch in Nineteen Sixty-Three, yes?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Kenya in Nineteen Fifty-Three, The Shangri-La holiday camp near Llandridnod Wells in Nineteen Fifty-Nine.
THE DOCTOR: And Colditz Castle in Nineteen Forty-Four?
ELIZABETH KLEIN: Ah yes, we thought that might be you too. So, to what do we owe the honour of this visit, Doctor? And should I be preparing for the worst?
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry, I haven't brought the monsters with me this time. At least, none that I'm aware of. I just wanted to see how things were here, check that nothing is, well, out of place.
ELIZABETH KLEIN: I see. And have we passed inspection?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, Doctor Klein. You most certainly have. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining in the sky, the birds are singing in the trees, and everything is as it should be.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Keff McCulloch.)
ANNOUNCER: The Architects Of History was written by Steve Lyons, and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, with Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein. Rachel Cooper was played by Lenora Crichlow, Sam Kirke by Ian Hayes, and Major Richter by Jamie Parker. Lloyd McGuire was Tendexter, and Chris Porter was the Selachian. Feldwebel was played by Rachel Laurence, and the Pilot by David Dobson. Other parts were played by The Cast. Original Music was composed by Jamie Robertson. Directed by John Ainsworth, The Architects Of History was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.