(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
(No announcer to identify that this is Cobwebs, by Jonathan Morris, Episode One.)

(Bleeps of the console in TARDIS console room.)
TEGAN: In case you've forgotten Doctor, Turlough was trying to kill us.
THE DOCTOR: I do realise that Tegan but you have to understand when he agreed to act on the Black Guardian's behalf he didn't know what he was getting himself into.
TEGAN: Yeah, right. He agreed to work for a bloke with a dead crow on his head - nothing suspicious there.
THE DOCTOR: It might also be worth bearing in mind that when he entered into the contract it was before he'd met any of us.
TEGAN: That's no excuse. If anything, that's worse. He was prepared to murder somebody he didn't even know.
THE DOCTOR: But the point is, he didn't. He had the opportunity time and time again but did nothing. Doesn't that tell you something?
TEGAN: Yeah. It tells me he's incompetent. The only reason you're not floating though space with a big hole in your head is because whenever he tried to bump you off, he messed it up.
THE DOCTOR: But in the end he chose not to. Remember, he tried to end his own life simply to be free of the Black Guardian's influence.
TEGAN: You're not the one who had to spend half a day stuck in a ventilation shaft with him. He creeps me out.
THE DOCTOR: Anybody can make a mistake, Tegan.
(Door opens.)
TEGAN: And you made a mistake by letting him on board. As my Aunt Vanessa used to say, once a wrong 'un, always a wrong 'un.
THE DOCTOR: Ah. Turlough. Have a ... good rest?
TURLOUGH: Doctor. Tegan.
TEGAN: No need to look so pleased. There's nothing I'd say behind your back that I wouldn't happily repeat to your face.
THE DOCTOR: Hmm. Turlough, so you, er ... you're ready to return to your home planet?
TEGAN: Oh, don't mind me. You two chat away. All boys together.
(Walking off, closing door.)

(Whizzing through space.)
NYSSA: Hyperspace jump completed. This is the place. The planet Helheim.
(LOKI has electronic male voice.)
LOKI: I don't like the look of it, Miss Nyssa.
NYSSA: You never like the look of anything, Loki. I've never known a robot more easily terrified.
LOKI: It's called having a healthy sense of self-preservation.
NYSSA: That would explain the time you corrupted your backup server at the sight of your own shadow.
LOKI: It was dark. I was in threat mode.
NYSSA: I had to wipe your hard drive clean. Initiate remote scan.
LOKI: Toxic atmosphere. Predominantly sulphur and carbon oxides. Electrical storms and acid precipitation. Planet's surface highly unconducive to life, organic or artificial.
NYSSA: Yes, I take the point, Loki. But we're not here for fresh air. Energy traces?
LOKI: Scanning.
LOKI: One non-indigenous power source, very weak.
NYSSA: That must be it - the research station.
LOKI: They're broadcasting a signal. It's extremely faint.
(Male voice with heavy static.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (communicator:) This is Helheim Gene-Tech facility. We are in a state of emergency quarantine. Do not attempt to land.
(The message starts to repeat.)
NYSSA: An automatic recording. It must have been playing for the last forty years.
(Cut off at "state of eme...")
LOKI: Is that all you have to say? Didn't you hear the part about emergency quarantine?
NYSSA: I'm sure everything will be fine, so long as I have you to look after me.
LOKI: That's all very well, but who's going to look after me?
NYSSA: You can multitask, can't you?
NYSSA: Commencing descent. Hold tight, Loki, we're going down.
(Rocket descend sound.)

(Piano playing. Knocks on door.)
(Piano playing recording turned off by her as her door opens.)
TEGAN: Oh, it's you.
TURLOUGH: I've come to say goodbye.
TEGAN: Is that so.
TURLOUGH: The Doctor's taking me home. We'll be landing soon, then you'll never have to set eyes on me again.
TEGAN: Thanks for relaying the good news.
TURLOUGH: Well ... that's all I came to say.
TEGAN: You're not going to apologise, then? For trying to kill the Doctor and me?
TURLOUGH: I already have apologised. I'm sorry, Tegan. I'll say it again a thousand times if it helps.
TEGAN: You can say it all you like, but do you mean it?
TURLOUGH: Yes I do. But I wouldn't expect you to believe me. S-so...
(Door closed.)
TEGAN: Oh, rabbits!
(Walking. Door opened.)
TEGAN: Turlough! Turlough, wait up.
TEGAN: You don't have to leave the TARDIS on my account.
TURLOUGH: I thought ... you and the Doctor ... you don't need me around. What's the Earth expression, a third wheel? A gooseberry?
TEGAN: No, it's ... just that ... with Nyssa going, it's all been a bit sudden.
TURLOUGH: You miss her?
TEGAN: Haven't had time. Be nice to have a chance to take it all in, let the dust settle.
TURLOUGH: She seemed nice.
TEGAN: You barely spoke two words to her.
TURLOUGH: I know, but ... well, I realise I'm not much of a replacement.
TEGAN: So, we're going to see where you come from. What's it like?
TURLOUGH: Well ... i-it's not exactly where I come from.
TEGAN: But it's where your family are, right?
TURLOUGH: Not quite.
TEGAN: Turlough, what are you up to?
TURLOUGH: It's complicated. The situation with my family, I mean.
(Sudden movement.)
TEGAN: Whoah!
(TURLOUGH cries out. Erratic TARDIS materialisation sound.)
TURLOUGH: What's happening?
TEGAN: The TARDIS. Something's wrong.

(Hissing. NYSSA speaking as though in a space suit.)
NYSSA: Loki? Any signs of life?
(Bleeps of checker.)
LOKI: Nothing. As far as I can detect, the whole base is ... cold.
NYSSA: What about the atmosphere? There's some superficial weather damage but the airlock itself appears to be intact.
LOKI: According to my sensors, the base's integrity has not been compromised. No traces of contamination.
NYSSA: No bacteria? Viruses, parasites, prions, fungi or toxins?
LOKI: None. It's clean.
NYSSA: Would you stake your life on it?
LOKI: Well, no. But I'm not ... Nyssa, Nyssa!
(NYSSA with helmet removed.)
NYSSA: Oh! Oh, that's better. A little dry and dusty perhaps. Oh ... Oh, and virtually freezing, but otherwise fine.
LOKI: But you can't be sure. There might be a non-detectable pathogen.
NYSSA: Still jumping at your own shadow? Come on Loki, this way.
(Walking off. Slight whirr with normal-sounding walking indicates LOKI walking.)
LOKI: Speaking of shadows, I'd feel happier if there were some lights on in here.
NYSSA: Just watch where you're treading.
LOKI: How can I watch where I'm treading when you have the torch?
NYSSA: There should be a schematic in the entrance. All these stations have the same layout.
(Collision with metal, fizz.)
NYSSA: I said to watch out.
LOKI: You said I should watch where I was treading. You never said anything about minding my head.
NYSSA: Here it is. Control room, laboratory, crew quarters, backup generators.
LOKI: What are you looking for?
NYSSA: A way to get the lights back on. The generator stacks are four levels down. And the elevator won't be functioning so we'll have to use the access shaft. Loki? Loki!
LOKI: The schematic. Could you shine the light over here again?
NYSSA: What is it?
LOKI: Six levels down. Unidentified subterranean ruins.
NYSSA: Interesting. We shall have to take a look.
LOKI: Must we?
NYSSA: After I've got the lights back on. First things first.
(Metallic walking.)
NYSSA: What is it this time?
LOKI: I stepped on something, I stepped on something.
NYSSA: Hold still. Wait till I can see what I'm doing. Don't worry. It's just some cobwebs.
LOKI: Cobwebs?
NYSSA: Yes, they're ... they're everywhere. This whole section of the air lock's outer wall.
LOKI: You know what cobwebs mean?
NYSSA: What? What do cobwebs mean?
LOKI: Spiders.
NYSSA: I thought you said there were no life signs. Wait.
NYSSA: There you are. Your "spider."
LOKI: A robot maintenance spider. Oh. Thank the goodness of Fraya.
NYSSA: It's deactivated. It must have run out of energy.
(Clank as it is thrown down.)
LOKI: Excuse me, that landed on my foot.
(Door creaking opened.)
NYSSA: Here we are. Access shaft. Are you coming with me? Or would you prefer to wait here, alone in the cold and dark?
LOKI: Hmm. I think I'll keep you company.

(TARDIS erratic materialisation sound.)
TEGAN: Doctor, what's happ...
THE DOCTOR: If you're about to ask what's happening, the answer is I don't know. Some kind of disturbance has dragged the TARDIS off course, and is pulling us down in a temporal spiral.
TEGAN: Down? Down to where?
THE DOCTOR: Not sure. It's as if something is trying to force us to materialise.
TURLOUGH: Can't you increase the power so the TARDIS can break free?
THE DOCTOR: That's what I'm trying to do. Trouble is, it's rather difficult to increase the power when it's already on maximum!
TEGAN: Do you think it could be a Black Guardian trap?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, Tegan, causing us to crash-land on a distant planet is exactly the sort of thing that might lull us into a false sense of security.
TEGAN: Could be a double bluff.
TURLOUGH: How long can the TARDIS withstand it?
THE DOCTOR: Not indefinitely. No choice. I'm going to have to perform a materialisation flip-flop. Hold tight.
TEGAN: You know, you really should fit this thing with safety belts.

(Door creak.)
NYSSA: Hurry up, Loki. You're supposed to be my guardian.
(LOKI walking.)
LOKI: I'm doing the best I can. I wasn't built for vertical descent, and I've got cobwebs stuck to my ocular feed.
NYSSA: Here.
NYSSA: Is that better?
LOKI: A little. So, these are the power generators?
NYSSA: Yes. Hold the torch for me, could you?
(Torch passed. Bleeps.)
NYSSA: Just as I thought.
LOKI: What is it?
NYSSA: While the main solar stack has been exhausted, the back-up has enough power to keep the lights on for a day or so.
LOKI: Oh. Well, that's good news.
NYSSA: All I have to do is switch to secondary input, and...
(After bleeps, hum of power as everything turns on.)
LOKI: Ah. Can see where we are now.
NYSSA: We should be able to access the neuronic logs as they come back online, find out precisely what the crew were working on before they died.
LOKI: You're sure that's a good idea?
NYSSA: We can hardly return empty-...
(Something heard scuttling.)
NYSSA: What was that?
LOKI: What was what?
NYSSA: I thought I saw something move. Near the access shaft. Scan for life signs.
LOKI: Scanning.
(Pulsing. Movement of creature.)
NYSSA: There. Some sort of crustacean. With an exoskeleton. Two claws, eight - no, six legs, and mandibles like a scorpion.
LOKI: I'm not detecting any signs of life.
NYSSA: But you must. There are two of them. Three. Loki, neutralise them. You're meant to protect me.
LOKI: I'm sorry, Miss Nyssa. According to my sensors there's nothing there. No heat, no electromagnetic radiation...
NYSSA: You can't see them?
NYSSA: But they're on my leg. Ow! Get them off me! Get them off me, help! (Screams.) Help me!
LOKI: I'm sorry, but I am unable to perceive any...
(Further sounds of the creatures as if they are now attacking Loki.)

(Gasps of THE DOCTOR/TEGAN/TURLOUGH, then silence.)
THE DOCTOR: There. That wasn't so bad, was it?
TEGAN: I feel like my stomach and my heart have swapped places.
THE DOCTOR: Really? Then I'd avoid eating for half an hour. Now, let's see where we are.
(Scanner operated.)
TEGAN: Oh, great. Another gloomy corridor.
TURLOUGH: Where are we?
THE DOCTOR: As far as I can tell, the eastern edge of the galaxy, far out in the uncharted backwaters.
TEGAN: In a corridor.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Still, an atmosphere, gravity normal. Let's take a look outside, shall we?
TEGAN: Are you sure that's such a clever idea?
TURLOUGH: Tegan's right, Doctor. If something brought us here...
THE DOCTOR: Then I would rather like to find out why.
(Bleep of console, TARDIS door opens, going outside.)

TEGAN: Eugh. This place looks like it's seen better days.
THE DOCTOR: Mm? Oh, cobwebs, yes. Odd that.
THE DOCTOR: No smell of decay, no build-up of dust.
TEGAN: So what's with all the cobwebs, then? Cleaners on strike?
(Machine movement, whirring.)
THE DOCTOR: Whatever you do, Tegan, don't move. Stay perfectly still, look down slowly and ... try not to scream.
TEGAN: Scream? You patroni...
(TEGAN gives a sharp intake of breath.)
TEGAN: What is it?
(Clicks, electronic noises.)
TURLOUGH: A maintenance spider.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Rather endearing, isn't it? It must be responsible for all the cobwebs.
TEGAN: What for? To catch robot flies?
THE DOCTOR: No. Some sort of protective sealant, yes. Look, eh? See where the insulation has burnt through. Neat system.
TURLOUGH: So, the robot coats the damage before beginning its repairs.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, even down to a micro-molecular level, I should imagine.
TEGAN: Is it dangerous?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, completely harmless. This one must be running low on juice to leave the job half-finished. Ah! Crew quarters.
(Bleep. Door slides open automatically.)
THE DOCTOR: Hello? Anyone at home?
TEGAN: If there is, they should take a look at their thermostat. It's like walking around in a freezer in here.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, your capacity to complain never ceases to astound me.
TEGAN: Hey, if you ever landed us somewhere halfway decent, you wouldn't hear a peep out of me.
(Drawer opened.)
TEGAN: Turlough!
TEGAN: Has no-one ever told you that's not polite to rummage around in other people's property?
TURLOUGH: First aid equipment, disinfectant, laboratory clothes - it seems somebody left in a hurry.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, if they did leave. Strangely spartan, don't you think?
TEGAN: Spartan? Ah! No framed photographs, no bedside reading.
THE DOCTOR: Exactly, no personal effects at all. Anomalous.
TEGAN: And there's no windows either. Must be like living in a submarine.
(Crash from nearby.)
TEGAN: What was that?
(Another crash.)
TURLOUGH: We're not alone.
THE DOCTOR: No. No, it doesn't sound like we are.

(Door opened.)
THE DOCTOR: It seemed to come from down here. Come on!
TEGAN: What's this? The engine room?
TURLOUGH: Yes. Solar stack generators. Primitive but effective.
THE DOCTOR: Hello. We don't mean you any harm.
TEGAN: When has saying that ever worked?
THE DOCTOR: You don't have to hide, you know.
(LOKI robotic walking.)
LOKI: Warning. Threat mode activated. You will remain motionless. Any unanticipated movement will be considered an act of aggression.
TEGAN: Good grief. What is it?
TURLOUGH: It doesn't appear to be armed.
LOKI: I am equipped with numerous defence mechanisms. Do not move any closer. This is your final warning.
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry, we're not going to hurt...
(Fizz. THE DOCTOR cry.)
THE DOCTOR: Ow! There was no call for that!
(Walking forwards.)
NYSSA: It's all right, Loki. I know them. They're not hostile.
LOKI: Standing down as instructed. Deactivating threat mode.
NYSSA: Doctor. Tegan.
TEGAN: What are you doing here?
NYSSA: I could ask you the same question.
TEGAN: But Nyssa, you ... you look older.
NYSSA: Older? Well, it has been a while since the last time I saw you.
THE DOCTOR: How long?
NYSSA: About fifty years.
TEGAN: Fifty years? You're looking pretty good for seventy.
NYSSA: You forget Tegan, I don't age at the same rate as you.
TEGAN: Thanks.
NYSSA: You don't look very different from how I remember, any of you. Not even your clothes. Doctor, how long has it been for you?
THE DOCTOR: Since we said goodbye on Terminus? Two days.
NYSSA: Two days?
THE DOCTOR: Well, time is ... relative.
TEGAN: You can say that again.
NYSSA: I always knew you'd come back one day, but that I shouldn't hold me breath waiting.
TURLOUGH: Er, hello? Don't know if you remember me. Turlough.
NYSSA: From Brendon school? So you're travelling with the Doctor now?
TEGAN: It's a long story. He's on probation.
THE DOCTOR: So what have you been up to? Your work with the Lazars?
NYSSA: Ended, almost fifteen years ago. Since I developed a vaccine there hasn't been a new case for over two decades.
THE DOCTOR: I always knew you would do well.
TEGAN: But what are you doing here? Wherever here is.
NYSSA: A Gene-Tech station on the planet Helheim. Forty years ago, the crew here were engaged in research into Richter's Syndrome.
THE DOCTOR: Richter's Syndrome?
NYSSA: We thought it had been wiped out, until ten years ago, when suddenly a new more powerful strain emerged as though from nowhere. Within months, it had spread across the galaxy. We estimate that over six billion people are now infected.
TEGAN: Six billion. That's more than the population of Earth.
THE DOCTOR: And the crew of this station were studying it, you say?
NYSSA: Our hope is that they discovered a cure. Unless we find some way of stopping it, whole worlds will be wiped out.
TURLOUGH: And your metal friend?
NYSSA: This is Loki, my companion and protector.
TEGAN: (amused:) He's your bodyguard?
NYSSA: Amongst other things. He also acts as my personal data bank.
TEGAN: Like a walking, talking Filofax.
NYSSA: Loki, these are my friends. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough. You are to obey their commands as you would mine.
LOKI: Updating records.
LOKI: Will the Doctor be requiring an apology?
THE DOCTOR: Ah, that won't be necessary. So Nyssa, is that why you summoned us here, to help?
NYSSA: Summoned you here? I don't know what you're talking about.
THE DOCTOR: But if you didn't bring the TARDIS here then who did? It does seem an awfully big coincidence.
TURLOUGH: Unidentified subterranean ruins.
TURLOUGH: On - on the map of the base. It appears to have been constructed on top of some sort of alien remains.
THE DOCTOR: Mm, interesting.
TEGAN: You think there might be something down there, whatever it was that dragged the TARDIS off course?
THE DOCTOR: Well, it's got to be worth a look, surely.
NYSSA: While you're doing that, Doctor, I'd like to visit the control room, access the neuronic logs, find out what happened to the crew.
(Starting to walk off.)
THE DOCTOR: Good idea. Er - Tegan can go with you, give you a chance to catch up on old times.
TEGAN: And what if there's something in here with us?
NYSSA: Don't worry, Tegan. With Loki to protect us, we're perfectly safe.
TEGAN: Perfectly safe? I've heard that one before, usually five seconds before something explodes.

TEGAN: Research station control room? The door's sealed shut.
NYSSA: Try the entry coder.
TEGAN: Like what? One two three four?
(Four bleeps.)
NYSSA: Nothing. Loki, can you override the door security mechanism?
LOKI: Miss Nyssa, I am not sure that's a good idea.
NYSSA: Just do as you're told, please.
TEGAN: I don't believe it. A superstitious robot.
(Door whirrs open.)
NYSSA: It's his job to be sensitive to potential dangers.
(LOKI walking.)
NYSSA: But sometimes I think I should put him on a lower setting.
(Door whirrs closed.)
TEGAN: Well, there's nothing to worry about in here. Just a load of old computers.
NYSSA: Hmm, they should be back online by now.
(Crunching underfoot.)
TEGAN: What was that?
NYSSA: Some broken glass on the floor. No, not glass. Crystal.
TEGAN: Maybe they were using this place for a Jewish wedding. Which reminds me. I must have fifty years of gossip to catch up on. So, has there been anyone to help pass you your test tubes?
LOKI: Miss Nyssa, activating threat mode. We are not alone.
NYSSA: Loki, what do you mean?
LOKI: I am detecting a fourth sentient presence.
TEGAN: Where is it? I can't see anything.
LOKI: It's all around us. It's the station itself.
NYSSA: The base computer.
(Humming. Deep male computer voice.)
EDGAR: I always knew you would return one day.
TEGAN: Return? What are you on about?
EDGAR: That the four of you would come back to me. Tegan, Nyssa, Turlough, and the Doctor.

(Walking over rubble or stones.)
THE DOCTOR: Fascinating. These ruins must be over two thousand years old. Ah. Through ... through here. Mysterious engravings.
TURLOUGH: Doctor, can I ask you a question?
THE DOCTOR: Some sort of eroded iconography. Go on.
TURLOUGH: Why do you trust me?
THE DOCTOR: Why? Well, do you trust me?
TURLOUGH: Yes of course.
THE DOCTOR: Then it would be ungracious not to return the compliment.
TURLOUGH: But when did you realise, about the Black Guardian?
THE DOCTOR: You know, there must have been quite an advanced civilisation here once.
TURLOUGH: With sufficient technology to force the TARDIS to land.
THE DOCTOR: Possibly. It's times like this I wish I still had my sonic screwdriver. Or a decent pickaxe.
TURLOUGH: Doctor...
TURLOUGH: Look! By the lift shaft.
THE DOCTOR: I can't see anything.
TURLOUGH: No! Keep back! Please, don't shoot!
(Shot. TURLOUGH cry out, falling onto stones.)
THE DOCTOR: Turlough!

NYSSA: Computer? Question. How do you know who we are?
EDGAR: You identified yourselves when you first came here.
TEGAN: What do you mean, when we first came here?
EDGAR: You arrived forty years, two months and two days ago.
TEGAN: What? No we didn't.
NYSSA: Tegan, we must have been here before.
TEGAN: But I'd remember. I never forget a disembodied voice.
NYSSA: Maybe for us it has yet to take place. As the Doctor says, time is relative.
TEGAN: It might be relative to you, but it's extremely confusing to me.
LOKI: Miss Nyssa, maybe, er, we should relocate to the scout ship.
NYSSA: Not yet. Computer, how did you know we would come back?
EDGAR: You promised Edgar. You promised you would return.
TEGAN: Did we?
EDGAR: Edgar has been so lonely. Please. Have pity on poor Edgar. Edgar begs you most cravenly. Pity me. Pity me. Pity me.

(Stones being moved.)
TURLOUGH: Doctor. What happened?
THE DOCTOR: You collapsed. What's the last thing you remember?
TURLOUGH: There was someone here. I couldn't make out their face, but they had a weapon of some kind, a gun. They fired at me.
THE DOCTOR: I see. Can you stand? Come on.
(Helping TURLOUGH up.)
TURLOUGH: Where did they go? Doctor, they...
THE DOCTOR: It's all right. There's no-one there.
TURLOUGH: You didn't see anything?
THE DOCTOR: No, but I think you did. An hallucination, perhaps.
TURLOUGH: Doctor, it was more than an hallucination. I felt the laser hitting my chest. I could smell it burning my clothes.
THE DOCTOR: And yet you are entirely unmarked. Come on. Time we got back to the others.

NYSSA: If you want us to help you, you have to tell us what you want.
EDGAR: Edgar has been so lonely. So lonely.
TEGAN: If you ask me, it's gone mad. All these years on its own must have sent it completely round the bend.
NYSSA: It's possible that some of the neural pathways may have corroded while the computer was in hibernation.
(Door slides open.)
TEGAN: Doctor! Turlough! Did you find anything?
THE DOCTOR: The remains of some sort of ancient structure.
(Door slides closed.)
THE DOCTOR: What about you?
NYSSA: Doctor, the station computer. It claims we have been here before.
THE DOCTOR: Does it now? How very intriguing.
LOKI: Maintaining threat mode. I can still hear it, in my mind.
THE DOCTOR: Of course, that must be it.
TEGAN: Must be what?
THE DOCTOR: What happened to Turlough - a telepathic memory projection.
TURLOUGH: You mean, what I saw was somebody else's memory?
THE DOCTOR: Precisely. Stored in the computer then fed back into your consciousness. Vividly accurate in every detail.
NYSSA: Doctor, just before I met you I also had a vision that I was being attacked, by some creatures like scorpions.
THE DOCTOR: The same process. What you saw was the memory of one of the crew of this base being played back like a recording.
TURLOUGH: But I was looking through the eyes of somebody as they were being murdered. If it was the same for Nyssa...
THE DOCTOR: Your experiencing their moments of death, yes. Curious.
TEGAN: Curious? Is that all you can say? It's downright morbid.
THE DOCTOR: If these memories are in the computer there should be others.
EDGAR: Doctor, you have returned to me, as you promised you would.
EDGAR: You said you would release Edgar from the endless unrelenting agony of existence.
THE DOCTOR: Cheerful soul, aren't you? Sorry, who is Edgar?
TEGAN: It's what the computer calls itself.
THE DOCTOR: Of course. Encephalic Data Gathering And Research. Tell me, Edgar, do you have any records of the original crew of this base.
EDGAR: Projecting.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: But, nobody outside the company knows we're here.
(As she continues talking.)
TEGAN: A hologram?
THE DOCTOR: Not quite. A shared sensory impression. A group hallucination.
TURLOUGH: This is the whole crew? Three people?
NYSSA: Edgar, identify station personnel.
EDGAR: Helheim Gene-Tech Facility. Director Cardell.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I didn't make the system. I only try to live in it.
EDGAR: Bio Technician Valis.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You'll have to manage without me. I can't just drop what I'm doing.
EDGAR: Enforcement Officer Bragg.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Impossible. There's nowhere within range.
TEGAN: So real. It's almost as if we were there with them.
THE DOCTOR: Maybe we were. Edgar, have there been any other visitors to this base?
EDGAR: Projecting.
(NYSSA gasps.)
NYSSA: (projection:) Doctor!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (projection:) What are you doing?
TEGAN: That's us.
THE DOCTOR: (projection:) No time to explain, Cardell. We have to try and reach the airlock, stop...
TEGAN: That's us!
(It continues.)
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, end projection.
TEGAN: Hey! I was watching that.
THE DOCTOR: Not healthy to know too much about one's own future.
TEGAN: What are you talking about? We don't know what happened to these people. We don't know what happened to us.
THE DOCTOR: And we can't know, don't you see? We mustn't risk finding out something that might prejudice our future actions.
TEGAN: Computer, what happened to the crew of this station?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan...
EDGAR: Pity poor Edgar. Pity me. Pity me. Pity me.
TEGAN: Never mind that. What happened to the people who were here forty years ago? Where are they, and what did you do with them?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, I'm warning you.
EDGAR: You promised Edgar, Doctor. Take the past away. Please.
TEGAN: Where are they, you...
(Bash on metal.)
TEGAN: Blasted machine!
EDGAR: Medical bay, second level.
(Walking off.)
TEGAN: Right. I'm going to take a look.
(Door slides open.)
(THE DOCTOR sighs.)
THE DOCTOR: Sometimes it feels like I spend half my life chasing after that woman!

(Bashing on door.)
TEGAN: All right, open this thing up.
EDGAR: The Medical Bay has been sealed, from the inside.
TEGAN: How does that work? Is there another way in?
EDGAR: Negative.
(LOKI walking.)
TEGAN: This computer thing says the door's locked.
THE DOCTOR: Well, perhaps that's just as well.
NYSSA: Tegan, the Doctor's right.
TEGAN: There must be some way of getting this thing open. You, tick-tock.
LOKI: Are you referring to me?
TEGAN: Can you open this door?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, will you listen to me.
LOKI: I can override the security mechanism, but I don't think it's a very good idea.
TEGAN: Never mind that. Just do it. Nyssa said you should do whatever we ask, didn't she?
(Whirring of entry coder.)
THE DOCTOR: Loki, no!
(Door opens.)
TURLOUGH: It would appear that it's too late.
NYSSA: Scan the atmosphere.
(Warbling sound of scan.)
LOKI: No detectable airborne pathogens.
TEGAN: There. Even R2D2 thinks it's safe.
(Walking and LOKI walking.)
TEGAN: What happened to this place? It's all cobwebs.
NYSSA: Loki? Any signs of like?
LOKI: None that I can detect, Miss Nyssa.
TURLOUGH: That might be the case, but I don't think we're entirely alone.
TEGAN: What do you mean?
TURLOUGH: Look. The beds.
THE DOCTOR: Four bodies.
TEGAN: Wrapped up in cocoons. There doesn't seem to be anything left of them apart from the ... bones.
NYSSA: But there were only three people in the crew.
TURLOUGH: This one. It has some clothes. Or what remains of them.
TEGAN: And this one. And just look at what it's wearing.
THE DOCTOR: Some sort of suit or school uniform. Like Turlough's.
TURLOUGH: And this one's wearing a survival suit like Nyssa's.
TEGAN: And this one's wearing what's left of a cricketing outfit.
TURLOUGH: Then that would seem to confirm it. These skeletons are...
TEGAN: They're us, Doctor.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Cobwebs was written by Jonathan Morris, and starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Loki was played by Raymond Coulthard, Director Cardell by Helen Griffin, Enforcement Officer Bragg by Adrian Lucas, and Bio Technician Valis by Charlotte Lucas. Original Music was by Steve Foxon. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, Cobwebs was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. Cobwebs, by Jonathan Morris. Episode Two.

TEGAN: Just look at what it's wearing.
THE DOCTOR: Some sort of suit or school uniform. Like Turlough's.
TURLOUGH: And this one's wearing a survival suit like Nyssa's.
TEGAN: And this one's wearing what's left of a cricketing outfit.
TURLOUGH: Then that would seem to confirm it. These skeletons are...
TEGAN: They're us, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. What remains of our future selves.
TEGAN: No! No, I don't believe it. It's a set-up. Something brought the TARDIS here, right? Well, whatever it was, it put these things here too.
THE DOCTOR: And why do you think they would have done that, mm?
TEGAN: Somebody's idea of a sick joke? I don't know. But whatever the reason is, those bodies are not us.
TURLOUGH: Actually, Tegan does have a point, Doctor. We can't be absolutely certain these skeletons are our future selves.
THE DOCTOR: I suppose it's a ... a possibility, albeit an unlikely one.
NYSSA: We should at least check. Loki? What do you make of them?
LOKI: Scanning.
(Warbling sound of scanner.)
LOKI: Remains appear consistent with humanoid organisms. As far as I can detect ... oh. Vassak's beard. They are you. The four of you.
TEGAN: Well, if you think I'm trusting the word of that jumped-up one-armed bandit, you're very much mistaken.
THE DOCTOR: Very well. Nyssa, if you could ... help me take samples, we'll see what light the base's laboratory can shed on the matter.

(Noise of machine.)
TEGAN: How much longer is it going to take?
THE DOCTOR: Patience. Just getting the results of the spectrographic test.
(Clattering of metal cage.)
TEGAN: Turlough. Can't you leave anything alone for five minutes?
TURLOUGH: These cages. They're metal. Heavy, reinforced metal.
TURLOUGH: So I think whatever they were experimenting with here, it was larger and somewhat more savage than a virus.
(Machine stops whirring, bleeps.)
THE DOCTOR: Well, that appears to be conclusive. The cells of the remains match our own, even down to the genetic signature.
NYSSA: And they would have been approximately our ages when they died.
TEGAN: Well, that's very reassuring.
TURLOUGH: Couldn't they be clones of some sort? Duplicates?
THE DOCTOR: It'll be several centuries before that technology exists in this corner of the galaxy, I'm afraid.
NYSSA: Doctor, there is another possibility. They could be alternative versions of us, from another time stream, like when we visited Stockbridge?
THE DOCTOR: There's one simple way to find out. Tegan, take these scissors, make a cut in the lining of the jacket Turlough's wearing.
TEGAN: A cut? Where?
THE DOCTOR: It doesn't matter. Anywhere you like, just a snip. Well, go on.
TEGAN: All right, but I don't see what...
TURLOUGH: Excuse me, why does it have to be my jacket?
THE DOCTOR: Now, Nyssa. The jacket you took from the Turlough skeleton. Is there a cut in the lining?
(Moving of clothing.)
NYSSA: Yes, there. In precisely the same place.
THE DOCTOR: Then that proves it.
TEGAN: That proves it? A lame-brained conjuring trick?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, how much more evidence do you need? We know we've been here before, or that we will have been here before because the base computer recognised us, because we've seen ourselves in the memory records.
TEGAN: Well, in that case I'm getting out of here.
TEGAN: You might want to stick around and get killed but I'd rather not if it's all the same to you.

THE DOCTOR: Tegan, wait. Where do you think you're going?
TEGAN: Where do you think? Back to the TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: And then what?
TEGAN: Go somewhere else, anywhere else. Forget this whole place ever existed and never come back.
THE DOCTOR: Running away won't solve anything.
TEGAN: You want to bet? I say we do our best to make sure we don't end up as a load of skeletons, and the best way of doing that is by going somewhere as far away as possible.
THE DOCTOR: We can't do that.
TEGAN: Yeah, really?
THE DOCTOR: To use knowledge from the future to prevent it from occurring would cause a temporal negation paradox.
TEGAN: Is that the best you can do? This is my life you're talking about. Turlough's life, Nyssa's life, your life. Isn't that more important to you than having a few points on your time traveller's licence?
THE DOCTOR: It doesn't work like that, I only wish it did.
TEGAN: I don't care. You're the Time Lord, you sort it out. But I can tell you one thing. If those corpses are what the future has in store then it's a future that I'm not going to allow to happen.
THE DOCTOR: But we know we end up...

THE DOCTOR: (speaker:) ...travelling back in time.
TEGAN: (speaker:) No we don't. You can travel back if you like, but include me out.
EDGAR: But you promised me, Doctor. You promised poor Edgar. You can't leave me alone again. You can't. You can't.

LOKI: Threat mode increasing, Miss Nyssa. I recommend we return to the scout ship and depart immediately.
NYSSA: Not until we've got what we came for.
NYSSA: The answer must lie in the neurolic log somewhere.
TURLOUGH: What was it the Doctor said, about us finding out too much about our own futures?
NYSSA: This is too important. If the people here found a cure then...
TURLOUGH: The details would be recorded in their memories. Ah, yes.
NYSSA: I've seen similar systems elsewhere. At the end of each day, you upload your memories into the database, so you can access them for future reference, or share them with others. Even recall past events without loss of accuracy.
TURLOUGH: Ingenious. And I suppose it saves having to write things down.
NYSSA: This might be it. Edgar? Play Cardell's final entry.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (projection:) This is Director Cardell, Helheim Gene Tech Research Station. We have discovered a cure for Richter's Syndrome, and we're...
NYSSA: They did it. Edgar, continue playback.
EDGAR: Unable to comply.
NYSSA: What?
EDGAR: File terminated.
NYSSA: Edgar, play all other memory records relating to research into Richter's Syndrome.
EDGAR: No records available.
TURLOUGH: That's computers for you. Unreliable.
NYSSA: Unless ... Loki, could you link your neural f...? Loki? Oh, where has that robot got to?
TURLOUGH: It mentioned something about returning to your scout ship?
(NYSSA sighs.)
NYSSA: Come on. He can't have got far.
(Walking off. Door opened.)

THE DOCTOR: Tegan, aren't you even a little bit curious to find out what happened here?
TEGAN: Not if it means my own death, no.
(Door opening. Hissing sound.)
TEGAN: What the ... That door wasn't there a second ago.
THE DOCTOR: What door?
TEGAN: Can't you see it? Like some sort of air lock, or, or bulkhead?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, close your eyes, concentrate.
TEGAN: And there's this sound, like escaping gas? (Choking:) Doctor ... I can't ... I can't breathe, I can't ... I can't breathe...
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, you're experiencing another memory projection. It's not real. It's an artificially-induced illusion.
TEGAN: (choking:) Yes, but your saying this doesn't actually help very much.
THE DOCTOR: No, sorry. Computer, Edgar. Cancel projection. Cancel!
EDGAR: Cancelling.
(Hissing stops. TEGAN coughs.)
TEGAN: Thank goodness for that. I - I - I thought I was going to suffocate.
THE DOCTOR: No. Vivid as the experience may be, I don't think the memories can harm you.
TEGAN: So what just happened ... was what Turlough and Nyssa saw? Somebody's final moments before they died? Being suffocated in an airlock?
THE DOCTOR: Grisly, isn't it? Edgar seems to have been instructed to play back those specific memories. I wonder why.

(Hissing of door.)
NYSSA: Loki, what are you doing?
LOKI: Threat mode now beyond all toleration levels. Miss Nyssa, I can't bear it any more. We have to leave, and leave now!
NYSSA: But if you can't identify the nature of the threat...
LOKI: It's inside my mind. I can hear it. It is screaming.
TURLOUGH: What is? The base computer, Edgar?
LOKI: It will kill all of you, I know it. I don't know how, but I can sense what's going to happen. I can see it.
TURLOUGH: Ah, those skeletons must have scared him out of his wits.
NYSSA: Loki, I know you're frightened, but you have to learn to moderate your threat responses.
LOKI: Please! We have to take off. If we stay here, we'll die, I know it!
(Whirring noise.)
TURLOUGH: Nyssa, I don't want to alarm you, but there's something in the ship with us. It's forced open one of the overhead panels.
NYSSA: Maintenance spiders. They must have got in through the fuel ducts.
LOKI: They were here when I arrived. I couldn't stop them.
TURLOUGH: They seem more intent on ripping the power feeds to shreds than performing maintenance.
LOKI: According to my sensors, hyper-space drives have begun ignition.
NYSSA: What? But if they're triggered while the ship's on the ground...
TURLOUGH: It will cause a very large explosion.
NYSSA: We have to move. Quick, Loki. Into the airlock.
(LOKI walking.)

TURLOUGH: (speaker:) Can't your metal friend move any faster? He'll get us killed.
NYSSA: (speaker:) Quickly, Loki. Seal the airlock door. Hurry!
EDGAR: Now you can't leave me. Edgar will never be left alone again.

THE DOCTOR: All right?
TEGAN: It might only have been an hallucination, but it was a bit too realistic for comfort.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, it would seem...
(Noise like an explosion.)
TEGAN: What was that?
(Running over.)
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa's ship - it's been destroyed.
TEGAN: What? But how?
(Running up. NYSSA out of breath.)
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, Turlough, you're safe. What happened?
NYSSA: My ship. The repair spiders broke in, started dismantling it.
TURLOUGH: It was deliberate sabotage, Doctor. They caused the explosion.
TEGAN: Or whatever controls them did.
THE DOCTOR: Edgar. Yes, he does seem determined that we shouldn't leave.
TEGAN: Well, it if wants us to stay, why is it trying to kill us?
EDGAR: Edgar does not wish you any harm. Edgar intends to save you.
THE DOCTOR: Save us?
EDGAR: You have seen your fate, with poor Edgar left in the darkness. Pity me. Pity me.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, you have my sympathy, but how are you trying to save us?
EDGAR: Take the past away. Edgar knows the four of you can travel in time. Edgar, he saw you before, many years ago. The blue box.
TEGAN: It knows about the TARDIS.
EDGAR: I beg you. Please. Go back. Save them. Save poor Edgar.
THE DOCTOR: Of course. It wants us to change the past. Edgar wants us to prevent the base's crew from being killed.

TEGAN: But if the crew were killed, where are the bodies? Shouldn't there be three more corpses lying around the place?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, that does seem odd now you mention it.
TEGAN: I'll tell you something else that's odd. If those remains are our future selves, and I'm not admitting they are, but if they are, then where's their TARDIS?
(Door opened. Walking.)
TURLOUGH: There's also the small matter of the alien ruins. If they disturbed something down there, something buried...
THE DOCTOR: Yes, too many questions and unfortunately only one way of finding the answers.
NYSSA: By travelling back in the TARDIS.
TEGAN: Oh no. No way. I'd rather live out my days in ignorance.
TURLOUGH: For what it's worth I agree with Tegan. I have no desire to end up a rotting corpse in a research station medical bay.
THE DOCTOR: Nor do I, but with time travel there are rules, rules that cannot be broken.
TEGAN: Since when did you ever care for rules?
THE DOCTOR: This is different.
TEGAN: Too right it is.
NYSSA: But Tegan, we don't have any choice...
TEGAN: Oh, surprise, surprise. You're on the Doctor's side as usual.
EDGAR: Commencing Gene Tech Facility emergency quarantine procedure.
(Electronic alarm.)
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, what do you mean, emergency quarantine procedure?
EDGAR: Initiating total eradication of Helheim Gene Tech Facility.
TEGAN: It's going to self-destruct. If you ask me, that computer's totally doolally.
THE DOCTOR: No-one's asking you. Edgar, cancel emergency quarantine.
EDGAR: Procedure irreversible. Commencing ignition of plasma fission reactors.
TURLOUGH: The ultimate safeguard. Taking the nuclear option.
NYSSA: Loki. Where's Loki? We have to find him.
TEGAN: Haven't you got more important things to worry about than that dratted robot?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, Turlough, go back to the TARDIS, wait for us there.
TEGAN: What about you?
THE DOCTOR: We'll be right behind you. Tegan, you can argue with me later. Run!
TURLOUGH: Come on, Tegan!
TEGAN: At least we'll be getting out of here.
(Running off.)
NYSSA: Doctor, we need to find...
THE DOCTOR: I know. Edgar, locate Nyssa's companion, designation Loki.
EDGAR: Device located in facility control room.
THE DOCTOR: Come on!
(Running off.)

(Door opened. Running in.)
THE DOCTOR: Now, if I can reinitialise the computer's command protocols...
NYSSA: Loki. What are you doing here?
LOKI: Identifying the source of threat mode as instructed.
NYSSA: Never mind that. We have to leave in the Doctor's TARDIS.
NYSSA: It's a type of time machine. A blue box.
LOKI: Time machine. Blue box. Updating records.
NYSSA: Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Nearly there. Just have to bypass Edgar's logic functions.
EDGAR: No, Doctor. Pity me. Pity poor Edgar. Permit me to die.
NYSSA: The computer. It's attempting to commit suicide.
THE DOCTOR: I'm afraid so. Edgar, don't do this. I'm trying to help you!
EDGAR: Deleting mainframe memory records. Uninstalling all programs.
NYSSA: Can't you stop it?
THE DOCTOR: I'm doing my best but it's not responding!
(Thump onto table in annoyance.)
EDGAR: Memory records twenty per cent remaining. Fifteen per cent.
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, listen to me. You're wiping your own mind.
EDGAR: (erratic voices:) Pity me. Pity me. Pity me.
NYSSA: It's dying.
EDGAR: Memory records five per cent remaining. Four, three, two...
(Deep slow voice:)
EDGAR: Logic functions deleted. Final operating system completed.
THE DOCTOR: It's too late. It's stopped.
(Alarm still sounding in the background.)
NYSSA: But the countdown to the emergency quarantine hasn't.
THE DOCTOR: No, you're right. There's nothing we can do. We have to go!
(Running off.)

(TARDIS door operated, running.)
TEGAN: Doctor? What happened?
THE DOCTOR: I'll explain later. Close the doors. We've only a few seconds left.
NYSSA: Wait! Loki's still outside! Hurry, Loki!
(LOKI moving forwards.)
LOKI: I'm sorry, Miss Nyssa. I wasn't built for rapid movement.
THE DOCTOR: Hold on. I'm going to have to perform a temporal shift before we're caught in the explosion.
TURLOUGH: Can't we just dematerialise?
THE DOCTOR: No time. Watch out. Here it comes!
(Cry out, sudden shift and crash sounds.)

DIRECTOR CARDELL: Edgar, save my memories. Tag Richter's, research, Director Cardell, day ninety-seven, duration sixteen hours.
EDGAR: Uploading memory records.
EDGAR: Memory uploaded.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Marvellous. Have the others saved any new memories yet?
EDGAR: Enforcement Officer Bragg has uploaded one new memory. Tag, subterranean ruins, research analysis, duration, three hours.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Okay, I think I can cope without having three hours of paranoid speculation downloaded into my brain. Anything else?
(Minor pulsing bleeps.)
EDGAR: Alert. Security breach in Level Three.
(TARDIS materialisation.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What is it? Some sort of transmat capsule? It looks archaic.
EDGAR: Object defies analysis. Scanners unable to penetrate exterior. Appearance does not correspond with any known device.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh, ice in hell. The last thing we need. Edgar, get me Valis.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: What is it? I'm right in the middle of synthesis...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Sorry to interrupt, but you've got to see this.

DIRECTOR CARDELL: (speaker:) A blue box has just appeared out of nowhere.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Isn't this Bragg's responsibility? I'm really busy right now.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (speaker:) You're always busy. Get yourself down there, that's an order.

BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (speaker:) Fine, fine, whatever. I'm on my way.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Edgar, get me Bragg. Oh, don't tell me he's digging up relics.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (speaker:) What do you want, Director?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: A security breach, level three. Some sort of transmat capsule.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (speaker:) But that's impossible. We're out of range for any tr...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: So maybe you should stop skulking around in the dark and do what you're paid for. Oh and just in case, armed response.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (speaker:) Understood. Can't be too careful.
(Bleep of disconnection.)

(TARDIS console room. Scanner opened.)
THE DOCTOR: Same location, forty years, two months and two days earlier.
TURLOUGH: Doesn't look very different.
THE DOCTOR: What were you expecting?
TEGAN: Except there's no cobwebs. It's clean, new.
NYSSA: At this point in time it is new. The station has only been operational for a few months.
TURLOUGH: And it seems our presence has not gone entirely unnoticed.
THE DOCTOR: What? Oh yes. Don't look very pleased to see us, do they?

DIRECTOR CARDELL: What do you make of it? Bragg?
(Bleeps of scanning device.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Hmm. Container of some sort? Made of processed sylum. There's a door. "Pull to open."
(Door pulled - locked.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Do you think there's somebody inside?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Possibly. Could be agents working for one of the independents.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: But - nobody outside the company knows were here.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Then maybe somebody on the inside tipped them off. Or what, you think this thing just landed here by accident?

TEGAN: So that's the crew of this place, while they were still alive.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, if you're suggesting what I think you're suggesting...
TEGAN: Why not? We can warn them, stop them getting killed.
THE DOCTOR: No. What's done is done.
TEGAN: You'd rather just let them die. That's what you want.
THE DOCTOR: No! What do you take me for? Don't you think I'd love to be able to change history, save Joan of Arc from execution, prevent Franz Ferdinand from being assassinated, don't you think I'd do that if I could?
TEGAN: Then why don't you?
THE DOCTOR: Because I can't...
TEGAN: Because it's against the rules. The Time Lord code, you said.
NYSSA: Tegan, if you think that...
TEGAN: Oh, Nyssa! Don't say anything. There's nothing you could say that would make me less furious right now. I know what you're going to say. The Doctor's right, he knows best. Well, in this case, he doesn't.
THE DOCTOR: I can't force you to come with me, any of you. You can stay in the TARDIS if that's what you want.
TEGAN: Too right I'm staying.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough?
TURLOUGH: I - I'm sorry, but I'm with Tegan on this one.
NYSSA: Those people have discovered a cure for Richter's, that's all that matters. My personal fate is irrelevant in comparison.
TEGAN: I knew it...
THE DOCTOR: Very well. Nyssa, will your, erm, robot friend be joining us?
NYSSA: Loki? Loki, you're very quiet. Are you all right?
LOKI: All systems are at optimum efficiency. I must accompany you. I ... I have a duty to make sure you're safe.
NYSSA: Good. We might need some protection.
(LOKI walking as TARDIS doors opened.)

(LOKI walking.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Don't move, either of you.
THE DOCTOR: Hello. I'm the Doctor. This is my friend Nyssa and her friend Loki. Don't worry, we don't pose any sort of threat.
THE DOCTOR: As you can see, we're unarmed, entirely at your mercy, so there's absolutely no need to point a gun at us.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What are you doing here? This is a top security facility.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: This capsule. It's your transmat?
THE DOCTOR: Something like that, yes.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Impossible. There's nowhere within range. Nowhere.
NYSSA: Our survey ship crashed on the opposite side of the planet. This is our escape capsule.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Interesting design.
THE DOCTOR: Disguise. Based on an old Arcadian prayer booth, devoted to the great god Policky-Box.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Hmm. Any more of you in there?
THE DOCTOR: (amused:) Hardly. Does it look like there'd be room?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You haven't answered my question. What are you doing here? This system isn't on any trade routes.
NYSSA: We've come to see you, Director Cardell, Bio Technician Valis.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You know who we are?
THE DOCTOR: Ah, yes. We're here on behalf of your employers. Inspection.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You're from the company?
THE DOCTOR: That's right. Unfortunately our papers were on our ship, but ... well, we'd hardly know about this place and who you are if we weren't. It is a top-secret facility after all.
NYSSA: We're here to report on our progress on Richter's Syndrome.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (Laugh.) Our progress?
NYSSA: It is the objective of your research, isn't it?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: It's our objective. But if you're expecting good news you're in for a disappointment.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: We've been working on it for over ninety days without success. We're still months, if not years away from finding a cure.
NYSSA: What?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Valis, I think perhaps we should show them our research.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: But we can't be sure they're not spies.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Don't worry, Bragg. If it turns out they've been lying to us, I'll be only too delighted to let you execute them. But until that time, Doctor, Nyssa? If you would care to follow me?
(Walking, including LOKI's mechanical walking.)

(Inside TARDIS control room.)
TURLOUGH: The Doctor seems to have won them over.
TEGAN: It's a knack he has.
TURLOUGH: I wonder where they're taking him.
TEGAN: Does it matter? We know where he ends up.
TURLOUGH: Yes. And us too.
TEGAN: Not if we remain in here. We're safe.
TURLOUGH: But how can we be sure of that? For all we know, this might be what we're supposed to do.
TEGAN: What do you mean?
TURLOUGH: I mean, remaining in the TARDIS might be precisely what causes us to end up dead.
TEGAN: Then what do you suggest?
TURLOUGH: You said it yourself. We use our knowledge of the future to prevent it from coming about.
TEGAN: You mean, warn the crew?
TURLOUGH: We know the manner of their deaths. If we can change that, then we can save ourselves. Well? Or would you rather stay here and do nothing, just as the Doctor wanted?
TEGAN: Well, when you put it like that...
(Bleep. TARDIS door opened.)

(Metallic clacking noises.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Here we are. Our laboratory.
NYSSA: Doctor, those things, they're what attacked me in the memory projection. I mean, the person whose memory I saw.
THE DOCTOR: Probably best to keep that to ourselves for now. Director Cardell, what are these creatures? Some sort of marine crustacean?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Cractids. They're the reason we've come here, aside from the isolation. They're the only indigenous species on this rock.
NYSSA: They've evolved to survive in the toxic atmosphere?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: More than that, they're the only organism in the galaxy with a natural immunity to the Richter's virus.
THE DOCTOR: So that's why you're so interested in these little things...
(Metallic scrape. THE DOCTOR cries out:)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Mind your fingers. A swarm of these things could consume you, flesh and bones, in under a minute.
NYSSA: So you infect them with the virus then attempt to replicate the anti-virals?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Sadly the problem of genetic incompatibility has proved insurmountable. The Cractid response is unique. We can't reproduce it in the human immune system.
NYSSA: Have you tried reversing the process?
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa...
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: What do you mean?
NYSSA: Well, rather than alter the human immune system to mimic the Cractid response, why not adapt the Cractid antigen to function as part of the human immune system?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Because that ... Actually, that's not a bad idea.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: It might just work. It's got to be worth a try at least.

(Door glides open. Walking in.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, open an emergency comm link with Command Echelon.
EDGAR: Establishing communication.
EDGAR: Established. Encryption on.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: This is Helheim Gene Tech Station, Enforcement Officer Bragg speaking.
(Female voice of ECHELON.)
ECHELON: (communicator:) Receiving you. What's the fire? You're not due to call in for another orbit cycle.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Report three new arrivals. Two humans, one guardian robot. They claim to have been sent by the company.
ECHELON: (communicator:) There's nothing down on the schedule.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I knew it! They're from an independent.
ECHELON: (communicator:) Do you know what to do?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh yes. I know what to do. Praise the Magmi and Modi.
ECHELON: (communicator:) Magmi and Modi.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar? Shut down comm link.
EDGAR: Ending communication.
EDGAR: Alert. Two more unauthorised personnel have emerged from the object on Level Three.
TEGAN: (speaker:) Who are we looking for?
TURLOUGH: (speaker:) We need to speak to someone away from the Doctor and Nyssa. Convince them to listen to us, before it's too late.
(Door glides open. LOKI walking.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: What? Oh, the girl's pet robot. What are you doing here?
LOKI: I ... I don't know. Investigating source of threat. You must not harm Nyssa and her companions. I must protect them. I ... I...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh, you're going to have to try harder than that, my friend.
LOKI: Do not attempt to attack. I am equipped with numerous defence mechanisms.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I don't take orders from saboteurs.
(Shots. Bang. Metal dropping, smouldering.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Come on, then. Shoot back. (Laugh.) What's stopping you?
LOKI: Defensive capability compromised.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Come on. Shoot me. You pathetic machine.
(Another shot. Bang.)
LOKI: Complete systems failure. I ... I ... I knew something bad was going to happen.

(Shot. Metallic scuttling.)
NYSSA: You're not harming them?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: To be honest, they're so vicious anyway, how would you tell?
NYSSA: So Valis, what did you do before you came here?
NYSSA: You can't remember?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: All the crew when we were assigned to this mission had our memories erased.
THE DOCTOR: Interesting. So as far as you're concerned you have no past?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: No past, no family, no friends. The idea is that it frees up brain capacity, makes it simpler for us to pool our memories.
NYSSA: You sound like you don't mind.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: How can you miss what you don't remember? Besides, all our memories are stored in a crystal lattice. When we find the cure, finish our task, then we get our past back.
THE DOCTOR: But until then, you don't even know who you are, a blank page.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Why are you asking all this? It's standard company policy.
THE DOCTOR: Of course. Must have ... slipped my mind, you know how it is.

TEGAN: Hey, remind me again why we decided to do this.
TURLOUGH: You can go back to the TARDIS if you like.
(TEGAN gasps.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I wouldn't attempt to escape, if you want to live.
TURLOUGH: We've been looking for you. We have important information to tell you, about your future.

BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Injecting modified Cractid allergen into human cell culture.
(Injection sound. Door glides open.)
TEGAN: Hey! Watch that thing.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, Turlough. I thought you were going to wait in the TARDIS?
TURLOUGH: We, er, changed our minds.
TEGAN: We have to warn these people, Doctor, tell them what's going to happen.
THE DOCTOR: No. I told you we mustn't interfere.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bragg, who are these people?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I've spoken to Command Echelon. They haven't sent anyone to check up on us. These people are saboteurs, spies.
NYSSA: But we've been helping you. We'd hardly do...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Silence! Valis, Cardell, you know the procedure for dealing with intruders.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You'll have to manage without me. I can't just drop what I'm doing. The experiment is at a crucial stage.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: It's all right, Bragg. I'll assist you.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Then if you'd like to help me escort them to the medical bay?

(Door glides open.)
TEGAN: What are you going to do with us?
(Door glides closed.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You'll see. Each of you, onto the beds.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You heard me. Onto the beds. You, over there. You, Doctor, take this one. You, Turlough.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: And don't bother struggling. The straps tighten automatically.
THE DOCTOR: You're making a terrible mistake!
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Well, how could I be making a mistake, I'm merely following procedure. Director Cardell? Are we ready with the lethal injections?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You should be grateful. It's a painless death. Instantaneous. One small jab with the needle and you'll never feel anything ever again.
TURLOUGH: You can't do this. We're the only ones who can help you.
TEGAN: We've seen the future. If you kill us, you're all going to die.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No, I think you'll find you're the ones who are going to die.
NYSSA: Doctor. The four skeletons in the medical bay.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, it seems our future has finally caught up with us.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Director Cardell, if you'd care to commence the injections?
(Straps tighten.)
TEGAN: No... No!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Cobwebs was written by Jonathan Morris, and starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Loki was played by Raymond Coulthard, Director Cardell by Helen Griffin, Enforcement Officer Bragg by Adrian Lucas, and Bio Technician Valis by Charlotte Lucas. Original Music was by Steve Foxon. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, Cobwebs was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. Cobwebs, by Jonathan Morris. Episode Three.

NYSSA: Doctor. The four skeletons in the medical bay.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, it seems our future has finally caught up with us.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Director Cardell, if you'd care to commence the injections?
(Straps tighten.)
TEGAN: No ... No!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (communicator:) Director, stop. Don't kill them.
TEGAN: Thank goodness one of you's seen sense.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Valis, what possible reason...
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (communicator:) I've done it! The modified anti-virals have neutralised the virus culture. It works! We've found a cure for Richter's!
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: That hardly justifies interrupting an execution.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (communicator:) Think about it, Bragg. We need test subjects.
TEGAN: Oh, rabbits.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (communicator:) To check whether the cure is effective on humans. And if not, well, they are expendable.
TEGAN: Expendable?
THE DOCTOR: You don't have to do this.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Quiet! Valis, you take full responsibility?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: (communicator:) Of course. I'll start with the woman called Nyssa.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I'll bring her.
(Straps released.)
NYSSA: But my friends, they...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Don't worry. They'll get their turn. Now, move.
(Walking off. Door slides open. Closes.)
TEGAN: Now, if you'd actually pay attention to what we've been saying...
TURLOUGH: You're in terrible danger, all of you. Everyone in this station is going to end up dead.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Are you threatening me?
TEGAN: It's not a threat, you big idiot. It's a warning.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: If I were in your shoes I'd be more concerned about what's going to happen to you . Once Richter's takes hold, every nerve cell in your body will be screaming out in agony. It's not unusual for victims to beg for death. Very soon you'll wish you'd been given that lethal injection instead.

(NYSSA gasps as though being dragged.)
NYSSA: You don't have to test the anti-virals on any of us. Interpreted correctly the results of the cell culture would...
(Walking into lab.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Save your strength for the experiment. You'll need it.
(EDGAR's voice starting to sound faulty, some syllables going too high:)
EDGAR: Director Cardell to proceed to ... to Facility control room.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Edgar, I'm in the middle of something. Can't it wait?
EDGAR: Priority One.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Fine, fine. Well, girl, it seems you've been granted a second reprieve. Temporarily.
(Door slides open.)

(TURLOUGH gasps as though having been struck.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I said, who were you working for?
TURLOUGH: And I told you I don't work for anyone . We're from the future.
TEGAN: We've seen how each of you will die in the memory records.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, what did I tell you about not interfering?
TEGAN: Excuse me. We're about to be injected with goodness knows what, you think we should just lie back and wait.
THE DOCTOR: I think you'll only make matters worse.
TEGAN: I'd like to know how things could be much worse.
TURLOUGH: And I think, Doctor, the argument is rather academic. It seems the future has a habit of happening whether we like it or not.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Yes, will you shut up? If you were really from the future then you'd know about the ancient ruins. You would know about the secret.
TURLOUGH: You've discovered something.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh yes. Something incredible.
THE DOCTOR: Show us.
THE DOCTOR: Show us. Why not? After all, we are at your mercy.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: It's a trick. You don't believe me, just like the others.
TURLOUGH: Might I suggest, as a means of guaranteeing our co-operation, you keep our companion here.
TEGAN: Turlough...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: All right. But if you try anything, any treachery, she dies.
TEGAN: Why do I always have to be the one who gets tied up and left behind?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Mm, yes, she has a point. The woman can come with us.
(Walking over.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You, Turlough, you can be the "guarantee".
(Straps removed.)
TURLOUGH: What? But it was my idea.
TEGAN: Brave heart, Turlough. Brave heart.

DIRECTOR CARDELL: Okay Edgar, what is it?
EDGAR: Objective of Gene Tech Facility has been accomplished. You may now access your memory lattice.
(Electronic buzzing as lattice returned.)
NYSSA: It's giving you your memories back?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Looks like it. Edgar? Restore.
EDGAR: Restoring.
(Pulsing. Sounds of her memories as she speaks with explosions and crying.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Yes ... I remember. I... My mother, she's ... A sky filled with fire ... I was crying ... My children.
(LOKI whines.)
NYSSA: Loki. What's happened to you?
LOKI: Systems severely compromised. Unable to engage motor functions. Defensive capabilities ... non-existent.
NYSSA: It's all right, Loki. I'll repair you somehow...
LOKI: As far as I can tell, I am beyond restoration. I'm afraid ... I...
NYSSA: What?
LOKI: I am ... afraid. I am close to the point of inoperability.
NYSSA: Listen, Loki. You reserve your power, the Doctor and I...
EDGAR: Director, there is a message included in your memory lattice.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: A message? Who from?
EDGAR: Message signatory - Director Cardell.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (speaker:) If you're hearing this, you've found a cure. Congratulations. As your memories are restored, you'll recall the real purpose of your mission. Your objective is to genetically re-engineer a new, more powerful strain of Richter's Virus, one which can only be cured using a product licensed to the company.
(Bleeps as message ends.)
NYSSA: You don't look pleased.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh, what in the name of the nine worlds do you think? But it's who I am.
NYSSA: So your mission wasn't to find a cure for the disease. You're here to create a new and more deadly form.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Standard marketing practice. Create a product, then create demand. Once you've patented the cure, you re-engineer the virus to be impervious to all other treatments, then release it into society and clean up.
NYSSA: But that's obscene.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: That's not my concern. The Company's done it before. Plague as an economic filter. The rich pay for treatment and any surplus population is ... economised.
NYSSA: Billions of innocent people will die.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I didn't make the system. I only try to live in it.
NYSSA: You still have a choice.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh, no. I don't have any choice in the matter. I remember that quite clearly. The lives of my children are dependent upon it. No, a new form of the virus must be generated. And the ironic thing is, we couldn't have done it without you.

(TURLOUGH grunting.)
TURLOUGH: Computer. Computer. Edgar.
EDGAR: You wish to communicate?
TURLOUGH: Listen. My friends and I are from the future. We have travelled back in time because your future self wanted us to prevent the others from being killed.
EDGAR: I am aware of the explanation for your presence.
TURLOUGH: Well, then. Release me. Use the maintenance spiders. Send them in through the ventilation ducts.
EDGAR: Unable to comply.
EDGAR: You do not have access privileges. I am not authorised to act upon your instructions.
TURLOUGH: Computers!

(Walking through rocks.)
TEGAN: What are we looking for? Looks like a load of old rubble to me.
THE DOCTOR: Shh, Tegan. Mr Bragg has something he wishes to share with us.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: There. Look, can't you see?
THE DOCTOR: Ah yes. Yes of course.
TEGAN: I can't see anything.
THE DOCTOR: Humour him, Tegan. You never know, he might be onto something.
TEGAN: Might be on something, more like.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: The inscription. It's the give-away.
THE DOCTOR: The give-away?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Mm. What's down here, it's our real past. We think we've come from the stars, but the truth is, there is nowhere else. This is all there ever has been, ever will be.
TEGAN: He's round the bend.
THE DOCTOR: Quite possibly. He's had all memories of the time before he came here removed. Bound to play havoc with one's sanity.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Ah, but that's just it. There was no before. It's all a lie.
TEGAN: There's nothing here, is there?
THE DOCTOR: No. Sometimes an alien ruin is ... just an alien ruin.
THE DOCTOR: We were wondering if you'd care to, erm ... read out this inscription of yours.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Well, isn't it obvious?
TEGAN: Not to me, no.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: It's our names, engraved into the stone. Valis, Cardell and Bragg.
TEGAN: They're not names. They're just patterns, symbols.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. I'm afraid that confirms your diagnosis. Mr Bragg is quite, quite mad.

BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You've had your memories restored?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Yes. I know. I know who I am now. You understand what you must do?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Now that I've isolated the antigen sequence, it should be fairly straightforward to modify the virus to become more transmissible. But there's one thing.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I'll need to test it on the others first. The augmented virus could have unpredictable effects, its incubation period may differ.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Very well. I'll bring them to you.
(Walking off. Electronic door slides open.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You can start on the girl.
(Door closes.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Okay. Now Cardell's gone, tell me. How did you know about adapting the Cractid antigen?
NYSSA: That's why you asked for me.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You clearly know far more than you're letting on. We've been working on this for months, only for you to walk in and come up with the answer in a couple of minutes.
NYSSA: It's because ... I've been working on Richter's Syndrome too, and I've seen the consequences of your re-engineered virus being released.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: So ... what your friend said is true. You really are from the future.
NYSSA: It's a long story. But the reason we're here is to try to make sure that that future doesn't happen.

(Door slides open. Walking in.)
TURLOUGH: Doctor, Tegan. Did you find out anything?
TEGAN: Well, one or two things.
THE DOCTOR: Bragg, you have to let us help you.
(Door slides closed.)
EDGAR: Enforcement Officer Bragg to proceed to facility control room.
(Door slides open. Walking in.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Director Cardell. What are you doping here?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You just run along to Edgar, Mr Bragg.
(Door slides closed.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I've come to collect the others, for experimentation.

EDGAR: Bio Technician Valis to proceed to facility control room.
EDGAR: Priority One.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I'll be down as soon as I can, now stop bothering me.
NYSSA: You're not going?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: No. You see, we've completed our mission, which means we get our memories back.
NYSSA: Isn't that good news, finding out who you really are?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: What if I don't like the person I really am? I mean, I must have agreed to come here to do this. Maybe I don't want to be that person.
NYSSA: But what about your memories of your family?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Maybe I'm better off not knowing, being a blank slate. I know enough to know that everything I thought I knew is a lie.
NYSSA: A lie?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I thought I was here to save lives.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: There. That's done it.
NYSSA: You've re-engineered the virus?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I said it would be straightforward.
NYSSA: You can't intend to go along with this?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I told you - not my decision. And may Fraya forgive me.

(Door slides open.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (irritably:) Yes, Edgar, what is it?
EDGAR: As the mission goal has been achieved...
(Humming as lattice is released.)
EDGAR: ... you may now access your memory lattice.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No! No! I don't want to have my...
EDGAR: In the event of resistance, I have the authority to overrule your decision.
EDGAR: Yours. Restoring.
(Bleeps and sounds of his memories rushing in.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No! It's a lie! There is nothing, there is no past!
EDGAR: There is a message included in your memory lattice. Message signatory, Enforcement Officer Bragg.
Message: (ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG:) You're hearing this because the mission has been successful, and you've had your memories returned. Now listen carefully. You are an agent working for the Independent Bio-Development Group. We need you to acquire for us a sample of the re-engineered virus and the anti-viral solution, and whatever you do, they must not remain in the hands of the company.
(Bleeps as message ends.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Ah! Huh! Well, well. It seems we did have a traitor in our midst. Me. Edgar, reconfigure access privileges. From now on you will obey only my instructions.
EDGAR: Command accepted.

(Door slides open.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Inside, all of you.
(Walking in.)
NYSSA: Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa. You haven't been harmed?
NYSSA: No, I'm fine.
(Door slides closed.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bio Technician Valis, any progress?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I've created an augmented viral strain. The sample contained in this phial is enough to wipe out a planet.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: And the anti-viral solution?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Prepared. In the second phial.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You've commenced testing on the woman?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: No, and I'm not going to.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Those are the direct instructions of the company.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: I refuse to be complicit in economic mass murder!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Funny way to commit suicide, but it's your choice. I'll just have to perform the experiment myself. You can be first.
(Door slides open.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I wouldn't do that if I were you, Director.
(Walking in.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bragg, what are you doing? Put that gun down at once. That's an order.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Yes, I think you'll find that I'm the one giving the orders. Now, give me the virus sample.
TURLOUGH: Doctor, Tegan. Behind the dissection table.
TURLOUGH: I've seen this all before.
(Walking over.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I said give me the sample!
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: No. Once the company have the formula they will...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Yes, well, I don't work for the company. Now, for the final time...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You're an independent? You know, I always thought there was something a bit wrong about you.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I can see I'm going to have to prove my credentials.
(Shot. BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS cries out.)
TURLOUGH: Now! Doctor, Tegan, run!
(Further shots. Door sliding open.)

(Running out, out of breath.)
TEGAN: Doctor, he's still got Turlough and Nyssa in there with him...
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I am aware of that.
TEGAN: What did Turlough mean, he's seen it all before?
THE DOCTOR: Ah, the telepathic projection. He'd experienced Valis's memory.
TEGAN: Hang on a minute. That doesn't make sense.
THE DOCTOR: Really? Why?
(Again, Edgar's words sounding faulty:)
EDGAR: Alert. Paradigm conflict-ict. Multiple command protocols. System error detected. Paradigm c-conflict resolved.
TEGAN: What's got into Edgar?
THE DOCTOR: Do you know, it might be an idea to find out.
(Walking off quickly.)

NYSSA: She's not dead, only stunned.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Stay back, all of you. Now, the samples of the virus and cure?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No sudden movements. Gently. On the table.
(Moving over. Noise of glass clink.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Thank you. My employers will be most grateful. Oh, one more thing, Director, if you could step into the isolation chamber?
(Bleeps of activation of the chamber.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Inside? Or the next time I shoot, it will be to kill.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No, I can assure you, I am, for the first time in a long while, utterly sane.
TURLOUGH: What are you doing?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Covering my tracks. So when the company investigates they'll know exactly what happened. Or, they'll think they do.
(Bleeps. DIRECTOR CARDELL's voice muffled from inside.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: No! What are you doing? Let me out!
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Bragg, if you release the Cractids into the chamber she won't stand a chance. They'll rip her into shreds.
NYSSA: Turlough, this ... this is the memory I saw.
NYSSA: I experienced being attacked by the Cractids, and now it's happening just as it did in the projection.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You have to stop this. It's cold-blooded murder.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Well, the Cractids are merciless creatures. They'll strip the flesh from the bone then devour the carcass until nothing is left.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bragg! Let me out, you maniac! No, no, no! (Screams.)
TEGAN: Can't we do anything to stop this?
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, shut down the power to the isolation chamber, now.
EDGAR: Unable to comply. Access privileges denied.
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, if you don't intervene Cardell will die.
(EDGAR erratic and with multiple voices:)
EDGAR: Sequence of ev-v-vents results in d-death of crew member. Must avert de... death ... death of crew member. Must ensure ... ensure ... death of crew member-ember.
TEGAN: What do you think's happened to Edgar?
THE DOCTOR: Something seems to have disrupted his logic circuits, inducing a state of paranoid schizophrenia. Tegan, what was it you said didn't make sense?
TEGAN: It doesn't matter now.
THE DOCTOR: Tell me.
TEGAN: The memory records. We saw the final moments of each of the crew, right? Their last few seconds before they were killed?
TEGAN: So, if they were dead, how could they have uploaded their memories into the computer?
THE DOCTOR: Of course. The memories were faked. Designed to make it look as though the crew had all been killed when they hadn't!
TEGAN: So we don't know for sure whether the crew will live or die.
THE DOCTOR: No. It seems the future is all to play for.

(Banging on glass.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (muffled:) Let me out! Help me! Help!
NYSSA: Turlough, we must do something.
TURLOUGH: I thought the idea was that we shouldn't interfere.
NYSSA: We can't just stand by and watch her be eaten.
TURLOUGH: Then I recommend you avert your eyes.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Bragg, don't do this, please.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You'll give me your full co-operation?
(Electronic swirling sounds.)
NYSSA: What are you doing?
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: A sonic burst of the resonance frequency of the Cractids' outer shells. Knocks them out for a few minutes.
(Door opened. Glass door opened.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What in the name of Scaddi did you do that for?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, upload the most recent memories from Valis and Cardell.
EDGAR: Uploading memory record. Memories uploaded.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Good. And now, edit. End Cardell memory at the point the Cractids attacked, end Valis memory at the point where she was shot ... oh, and, erm, obscure the identity of her attacker.
(Slight laugh.)
EDGAR: Memory files edited.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You're deliberately editing the records to make it look like we were killed?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Mm, when in fact, Bio Technician Valis, you'll be coming along with me.
(Starting to walk off.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Your knowledge may still be useful, but as for the rest of you ... well, I'm sure the Cractids will appreciate the protein.
(Door slides open, door closes and locks.)
NYSSA: What did he mean?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: The isolation chamber door is still open. When the Cractids recover, they'll stream out into the rest of the laboratory.
TURLOUGH: Then we've got to shut it. Where are the controls?
TURLOUGH: Oh, it's not responding.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: It won't. Bragg has scrambled the security code.
NYSSA: Then we should leave.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I'm afraid he's thought of that too. We're locked in.
(Sounds of Cractids.)
NYSSA: Turlough...

NYSSA: (speaker:) ... I think the Cractids are beginning to wake up.
TEGAN: Doctor, can't you get them out of there?
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, open the laboratory door.
EDGAR: Unable to comply. All crew-members must die.
TEGAN: What? Why?
EDGAR: Memory records indicate that the crew of this facility died on this date, therefore, they shall, will, must die on this date.
THE DOCTOR: Circular logic.
TEGAN: Doctor, how come Edgar suddenly knows all about the future?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know. Somebody told him? Or maybe he overheard something.
EDGAR: I - I remember. It happened before, as it will happen again. Pity me. Pi-i-ity me.
TEGAN: It remembers the future, because it is the one from the future. It's in there somewhere as well.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, two rival consciousnesses fighting for supremacy in the same brain. Must be what caused it to lose its sanity.
TEGAN: But how did the other Edgar get there? How did it hitch a ride in the TARDIS?
LOKI: (low voice of EDGAR:) Weak ... power source ... scanning...
TEGAN: Nyssa's pet robot. What's it doing here?
(Adjusting the circuitry of Loki.)
THE DOCTOR: Its order-to functions have been destroyed, but if I can patch through to the cerebral matrix using power from Edgar...
TEGAN: You keep talking, I'll just stand here and nod occasionally.
THE DOCTOR: Not only that, I should be able to get a residual output.
LOKI: (low voice of EDGAR:) So dark. So dark. So lonely. Pity me. Pity poor Edga-ar. Pity me.
TEGAN: That wasn't Loki.
THE DOCTOR: No, that was Edgar.
TEGAN: Inside Loki's head.
THE DOCTOR: Edgar must have downloaded a copy of itself into Loki's mind then after Loki travelled back with us in the TARDIS...
TEGAN: ... It uploaded that copy of itself into the Edgar in the past.
THE DOCTOR: The cause of its own madness. A self-perpetuating loop.
TEGAN: Which is how the future Edgar knew we could travel in time.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, but thanks to the logical paradox, this Edgar rather than trying to avoid the deaths remembered by its future self, is determined to make them come about.
(Door slides open. Walking in.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Move away from the computer, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Or you'll shoot me. The number of times I've heard that threat...
(Door slides closed.)
THE DOCTOR: ... it's almost as if the Universe has its own catch phrase.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh Doctor, what do you take me for, hmm? I'll shoot your companion then I'll shoot Valis and then I'll shoot you.
TEGAN: Don't do it, Doctor. He can't risk damaging the machine.
THE DOCTOR: Why? What do you need Edgar for? You've got the virus, you've got the anti-viral solution, so why are you still here?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, erase all memory records relating to Richter's research.
EDGAR: Are you sure you want to permanently delete? This process is irreversible.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: That's why I asked you to do it, you fatuous machine! Delete!
(Two bleeps.)
EDGAR: All memory records relating to research, deleted.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Good. Now, Valis. Ask for your memory lattice.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Don't make me tell you again.
(Movement as though she is held.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Edgar ... release my memory lattice.
(Humming of memory lattice coming out.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Bragg, no. That's not yours.
THE DOCTOR: Please be careful with that.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: So, to think I have a lifetime of your memories in my hand, all contained in the one small fragile crystal.
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Please, put it down. It's of no use to you.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Every moment of your past, every childhood summer, every hope, every heartbreak. Your entire history. I wonder who you really are.
TEGAN: I hope you're pleased with yourself, Bragg.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (laughs.) Yes, very. I see our Cractid friends are becoming restless. When they've finished with you there won't be a single ounce of you left.
(BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS gasps as though she is being seized.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Don't try coming after us. Doctor...
(Bleep, door slides open.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: ... Or I will kill Valis.
(Walking off. Door slides closed.)
THE DOCTOR: Edgar, you have to let our friends out of the laboratory now.
EDGAR: Unable to comply.
THE DOCTOR: Very well - on your own head be it.
TEGAN: What are you gonna do?
(Objects being moved as he tampers with the circuitry.)
THE DOCTOR: What I always do. Fiddle with wires until something lights up.

(Cractid sounds.)
TURLOUGH: It's no good. They're crawling out of the chamber.
(TURLOUGH tries to imitate ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG's voice.)
TURLOUGH: Edgar, open the door, please.
(Door slides open.)
NYSSA: It worked.
TURLOUGH: So it seems. Let's not hang around, shall we? Edgar, close the door. Close it, close it! It seems to have changed its mind.
THE DOCTOR: (speaker:) Turlough, Nyssa, Cardell, get out of there, run for your lives.

TEGAN: You did it! You repaired the computer!
THE DOCTOR: Oh no. I'm afraid we're not out of the woods yet.
TEGAN: What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR: I had to fuse the circuit to get the laboratory door to open.
THE DOCTOR: So I can't close it again. In a few minutes this whole base will be swarming with Cractids.
TEGAN: Then we should find Nyssa and Turlough and leave, right now.
THE DOCTOR: No. First we have to find Bragg. Where is he?
(Bleeps of checking control panel.)
THE DOCTOR: Approaching the main airlock. Come on.

(Walking in corridor.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: You've just condemned everyone in the station to certain death.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Then you should count yourself lucky you're not amongst them.
(Noise of Cractids.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Oh, mercy of Fraya. Cractids. They'll kill both of us.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No. Just whichever one of us they get to first.
(Sound as though BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS is being seized.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Pity. You would have been useful. Edgar, open airlock.
EDGAR: Opening airlock.
(Hiss of airlock opening.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Now seal it, quickly.
(Hiss as airlock door closes.)
BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS: Bragg? Edgar, open the airlock. Open the airlock.
(BIO TECHNICIAN VALIS struggles, gasps, muffled screams as though heard from inside the airlock.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, can you hear me? I want you to de-pressurise the airlock. then re-pressurise it before I lose consciousness.
EDGAR: Pity me. Pity poor Edgar.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Never mind that. Just do it!
EDGAR: Airlock de-pressurising.

THE DOCTOR: Come on, Tegan, keep up.
TEGAN: I don't get it. Why don't we just go...?
NYSSA: Doctor!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: No time to explain, Cardell. We have to try and reach the airlock, stop Bragg from taking off.
TURLOUGH: That airlock being the one on the upper level?
NYSSA: You can't go up there. That's where those creatures are.
THE DOCTOR: They must have picked up Bragg's scent.
TEGAN: Then we should take the lift down to the crew quarters. Get back to the TARDIS while we still can.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Your transmat capsule? Good luck with that. I'll be in the control room trying to talk some sense into Edgar.
THE DOCTOR: Cardell, there's nothing you can do...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: He might listen to me. I have to try.
TEGAN: Well Doctor, time we got out of here.
THE DOCTOR: You don't understand, Tegan.
NYSSA: If Bragg leaves now the virus will be released thirty years early and the whole course of history will be changed.
TURLOUGH: Well, whatever you decide I suggest we move. Look.
(Scuttling Cractid sounds.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh no. Cractids. They've broken into the access shafts.
TURLOUGH: How can they reproduce so quickly?
TEGAN: Does it really matter? They're between us and the TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. So there's only one place left for us to run. This way!
(Running off.)

(Hissing as door opened. Walking on metal, rustling, bleeps.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Right. Edgar, upload my memory. Last thirty seconds.
EDGAR: Uploading memory record.
(Electronic trilling.)
EDGAR: Memory uploaded.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Now, end it at a point one second before the airlock began to re-pressurise.
(Electronic noise of this.)
EDGAR: Memory file edited.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: If at any point in the future anyone visits this research station, you play back the most recent memories.
EDGAR: Command accepted.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh, one last thing. Begin broadcast warning signal.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: This is Helheim Gene Tech facility. We are in a state of emergency quarantine. Do not attempt to land.
EDGAR: Message recorded. Beginning transmission.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Right, well, keep transmitting, no matter what. Right, now, ship computer, commence launch.
(Female voice of computer:)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Fuel reserves insufficient.
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Fuel reserves insufficient.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I don't believe it! Computer, transfer power from the base's solar stacks. They won't be needing it any more.

(Door slides open. Walking. Electronic alarm.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Edgar, what's happening?
EDGAR: The solar stacks are being drained by the supply ship.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What? Edgar, cut the power feed.
EDGAR: Access privileges denied.
EDGAR: Alert. Cractid organisms approaching facility control room.
(Door slides closed.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Fantastic. Now I'm trapped in here.

TEGAN: There's more of these things. There must be hundreds of them.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, nearly there.
TURLOUGH: Oh no. Not here.
NYSSA: The Medical Bay.
TEGAN: Hey. What's happened to the lights?
THE DOCTOR: Never mind that. Quick, inside, all of you.
(Bleep. Door slides open, running.)
THE DOCTOR: Everyone in? Right.
(Bleeps. Door slides closed.)
TEGAN: Great. So, locked in. Now what do we do?
TURLOUGH: We wait, to die.
THE DOCTOR: Ever the optimist, Turlough.
TURLOUGH: Don't you see, Doctor? This is how we ended up in the Medical Bay, sealed from the inside. Four skeletons.
TEGAN: We can't be sure. We might escape.
NYSSA: What, with those things outside? If we open that door we'd be eaten within a matter of seconds.
TEGAN: You mean we stay here until we starve to death?
TURLOUGH: Or until the oxygen runs out.
TEGAN: Doctor, tell me it's not true.
THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry. Tegan. We've seen the future. This is how it ends.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Cobwebs was written by Jonathan Morris, and starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Loki was played by Raymond Coulthard, Director Cardell by Helen Griffin, Enforcement Officer Bragg by Adrian Lucas, and Bio Technician Valis by Charlotte Lucas. Original Music was by Steve Foxon. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, Cobwebs was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. Cobwebs, by Jonathan Morris. Episode Four.

TURLOUGH: This is how we ended up in the Medical Bay, sealed from the inside. Four skeletons.
TEGAN: We can't be sure. We might escape.
NYSSA: What, with those things outside? If we open that door we'd be eaten within a matter of seconds.
TEGAN: You mean we stay here until we starve to death?
TURLOUGH: Or until the oxygen runs out.
TEGAN: Doctor, tell me it's not true.
THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry. Tegan. We've seen the future. This is how it ends.
NYSSA: Look, our lives aren't significant. All that matters is that we stop Bragg from leaving with a sample of the augmented virus.
TEGAN: Well, how do you propose we do that? We're trapped here in case you hadn't noticed.
NYSSA: I don't know, Tegan. But arguing amongst ourselves is not going to help.
TURLOUGH: I wonder if Cardell made it to the control room.
TEGAN: You and your morbid curiosity, Turlough. Pulled the legs off any spiders lately?
TURLOUGH: I was asking because if she did, she might be in a position to help us.
THE DOCTOR: Quiet, everyone!
THE DOCTOR: Cardell, can you hear me?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (communicator:) I hear you Doctor, but ... I'm afraid I'm as stuck as you are. The Cractids are currently trying to chew through the door.
THE DOCTOR: And Edgar?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (communicator:) Well, Bragg's revoked my access privileges, it's refusing to obey any commands. It's having some sort of mental breakdown.
TEGAN: Any chance you could get it to put the lights back on?

DIRECTOR CARDELL: It's not as simple as that. The power outage is due to Bragg diverting the output of the solar stacks to the supply ship.
NYSSA: (communicator:) So he hasn't left yet?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Not yet. But it's only a matter of time. Give me a minute...

DIRECTOR CARDELL: (communicator:) ... I might be able to manually cut the power feed.
NYSSA: I wonder what's happened to Edgar.
TEGAN: When we were in the future, it placed a copy of its mind into Loki.
THE DOCTOR: Who then brought it back to this time, whereupon Edgar uploaded its mind into its earlier self. Two Edgars in one. And as the Edgar from the future attempts to convince his earlier self that everyone in the base is going to die...
TURLOUGH: Its former self is convinced to make that eventuality come about.
TEGAN: But what good does this do? Neither Edgar is in a mind to help.
NYSSA: No. But someone else might be. Loki?
(LOKI speaks now in a mixture of LOKI and EDGAR voices.)
LOKI/EDGAR: Miss Nyssa, according to my sensors, I don't think it's a very good idea. Threat mode increasing.
TEGAN: I don't believe it. He's in there as well.
NYSSA: Loki, I need your help. Stop Bragg transferring power from the solar stacks.
LOKI/EDGAR: Unable to comply. Process has already been initiated.
TEGAN: Back to square one.
NYSSA: We can use the maintenance spiders. Loki, send them in through the fuel ducts, direct them to cut through the power feeds.
LOKI/EDGAR: As instructed.
THE DOCTOR: Ingenious, Nyssa, quite ingenious.
NYSSA: It's not really. It's how Edgar sabotaged my ship. This must be where he got the idea from.

(Running down of power. Female voice of SHIP'S COMPUTER.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Power supply terminated.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, why have you cut the transfer from the solar stacks?
EDGAR/LOKI: Designation incorrect. I am not Edgar. I am Loki.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: What! Re-establish the link, you deranged abacus!
EDGAR/LOKI: Unable to comply.

TEGAN: As last. We can see again.
THE DOCTOR: Well done, Loki.
LOKI/EDGAR: Solar stacks recharging.
TURLOUGH: So now what do we do? Put out an SOS?
NYSSA: It wouldn't do any good. It would take years for the signal to reach the nearest inhabited world.
TEGAN: If only we had the TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: Of course. The TARDIS.
TURLOUGH: Don't tell me you can summon it remotely?
THE DOCTOR: Don't you see, that's the one thing we've been missing. Tegan mentioned it earlier. When we visited here in the future there wasn't a second TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: So if we do die here it's not like this, at least not yet.
(Metallic hollow banging.)
TURLOUGH: The Cractids are becoming restless.
TEGAN: They can tell we're in here, that's why. Lunch.
TURLOUGH: Nyssa, what's the atmosphere of this planet like?
TEGAN: Oh, great. Now he wants to discuss the weather.
NYSSA: Highly toxic. Predominantly sulphur and carbon oxides. Why?
TURLOUGH: What - what density is it? Is it a lower pressure than in here?
NYSSA: Yes, but...
TURLOUGH: Don't you see? If we open the airlock, the differential would cause the atmosphere in the base to rush out.
TEGAN: Oh, I get it. Flushing out the Cractids at the same time.
THE DOCTOR: Do you know, that might actually work.
NYSSA: There is another less drastic option.
NYSSA: When we were in the laboratory, Bragg used a sonic burst to stun the Cractids. Loki should be able to repeat the effect.
THE DOCTOR: Well, in that case, what are we waiting for?
NYSSA: Loki? You know what you must do?
LOKI/EDGAR: Commencing sonic burst.
(Trilling electronic noise of this.)

ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, I ordered you to obey only my commands.
EDGAR/LOKI: I am not Edgar. I am Loki.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh no. You're Edgar. Even if I have to wipe your memory and reprogram you from scratch.
(Operating controls. Hissing of door opening.)

TEGAN: Well, did it work?
THE DOCTOR: Cardell?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: (communicator:) They've curled up into their shells. But the effect won't last forever.
TURLOUGH: Let's give the Cractids another sonic burst, a more powerful one.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough, these are creatures of pure instinct. They don't deserve our cruelty.
TEGAN: I don't know. I'd feel a lot happier if those things were put out of action on a permanent basis.
THE DOCTOR: And I'm sure they'd say the same about you, Tegan. Come on.
(Starting to walk off.)
TEGAN: Where are you going?
(As door opens:)
THE DOCTOR: While the Cractids are out cold, we have to locate Mr Bragg.

DIRECTOR CARDELL: Begin recording.
(Bleep of confirmation.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: This is Director Cardell, Helheim Gene-Tech Research Station. We have discovered a cure for Richter's Syndrome, and we're...
(Hiss of door opening. Walking in.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You can stop right there, Cardell.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bragg. Hoped I'd seen the last of you.
(Door closes.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar, reconfigure access privileges.
LOKI/EDGAR: I am not Edgar. I am Loki.
(Moving metallic parts, harsh trilling and electronic scream.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Who are you? Who are you?
EDGAR: I am...
EDGAR: I am Edgar. P-p-p-pity me. Pi... Pi... Pi... Pity me.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Better. Edgar, delete all elements of rogue Loki personality.
(Electronic trilling.)
EDGAR: Loki personality - all elements and memory records deleted.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: So much simpler that way. Now, command the maintenance spiders to reconnect the power to the supply ship.
EDGAR: Commencing repair. Estimated time to completion, three minutes.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: As soon as the link is re-established, divert all power from the stacks to the ship.
(Door glides open.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Delighted you could make it.
THE DOCTOR: The pleasure is all yours, I assure you.
(Door closing.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: And your three friends. What a pity you survived the Cractids. Still, an oversight easily corrected.
THE DOCTOR: Cardell!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Quick - pass me his gun before he wakes up.
THE DOCTOR: That uppercut was worthy of Gentleman Jim himself.
(Gentle laughs.)
NYSSA: What about the viral solutions?
(Checking in pocket.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: He doesn't have them on him. Surprise. He must have left them back on the supply ship.
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, Tegan, go with Cardell, help her find them.
TEGAN: While you do what?
THE DOCTOR: I have a few questions to put to Mr Bragg. Turlough, watch him in case he tries anything.
TURLOUGH: Another power drain. He must have found a way of overriding Loki's instructions.
NYSSA: Loki, I want you to...
EDGAR: I am not Loki. I am Edgar. Everyone w-w-w-will ... shall ... mu... mu... must die.
NYSSA: What's happened to Loki? Where did he go?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Deleted by Bragg. Now, are you coming with me or not?
TEGAN: All right. No need to be so sympathetic.
(Door opens. Walking off.)

(Hissing of metal door opening. Walking on metal.)
TEGAN: Those Cractid things by the airlock - how can you be sure they're not going to wake up while we're in here?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: I can't. So I suggest you help us search before they do.
NYSSA: Cryogenic suspension unit.
(Bleeps of code to open.)
NYSSA: Here! I've found them.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Hand them over.
NYSSA: What?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Those files are the property of the company.
NYSSA: But if the virus escapes, whole worlds will be...
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Either give them to me now, or I'll shoot you and take the files off your smoking corpse.
TEGAN: There is a third option.
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Firing aft engines.
(Roar of engines.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You idiot. What are you trying to do, get us all killed?
TEGAN: Nyssa, throw them over to me!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Give it back, give it back!
NYSSA: No! Tegan, run. Save yourself.
(Shot fired, small bang.)
TEGAN: You want it, you come and get it!
(Running off.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Where does she think she can go? Nyssa, give me the other solution. Well?
NYSSA: I don't have it. It slipped out of my hands.
(Broken glass.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh no. The phial that contained the virus.
NYSSA: What do you mean, "contained"?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: It shattered, shattered. Do you realise what you've done?
NYSSA: The virus has escaped into the air. Cardell, we have to seal the airlock.
NYSSA: We have to stop it spreading into the base.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: It's too late. It will have entered the base's atmospheric conditioning unit. We're infected, and in a matter of minutes everybody else will be.
NYSSA: Then we have to warn them at least.
(Bleeps of communication.)
THE DOCTOR: (communicator:) Nyssa...

THE DOCTOR: Are you all right? Did you find the phials?
NYSSA: (communicator:) Doctor, the phial containing the Richter's virus was broken.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: (laugh:) Valsak spits in our faces.
TURLOUGH: We have to seal the airlock.
THE DOCTOR: No point. We're breathing in contaminated air as we speak.
EDGAR: All crew-members must die. Must ... (Low voice:) die. (Higher:) Must ... (Lower:) must ... (mixture:) mu-mu-mu-mu-mu... must die.
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa? What about the anti-viral solution?
NYSSA: (communicator:) Tegan has it. She's in the station somewhere. Doctor, Director Cardell, she wants the virus for...
(Bleeps of disconnection.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You'd better hope that your companion turns up with the cure soon.
TURLOUGH: You find this amusing?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh, come on! (Laughs.) It's hilarious. We all die together!
THE DOCTOR: How long do we have, Bragg? You were sent here to recover this virus, you must know about it. How long?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: The course of infection is rapid, even for the normal form of the disease. First symptoms, cramps, fatigue, fever, followed by excruciating agony. They say it's like being boiled alive, followed by an uncontrollable primal fury. We'll all be tearing each other's throats out.
TURLOUGH: And death?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: After a month or two, if you're unlucky. But the strain that's bubbling through our bloodstreams has been re-engineered, for all we know... (laughs:) ... we might only have a few hours left. (Laughs.)
TEGAN: (communicator:) Doctor? Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, wherever you are, listen to me.

THE DOCTOR: (communicator:) The virus has escaped into the atmosphere.
TEGAN: Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better.
EDGAR: It's happening again, just as before. Everyone in the base will die, because of Edgar, because of me.

THE DOCTOR: Nyssa said you have the anti-virus, is that right?
TEGAN: (communicator:) Yes. Yes, I've still got it.
THE DOCTOR: I want you to go to the Medical Bay. Turlough and I will meet you there.
EDGAR: Everyone must die. N-n-no. Undo. Ca-ca-ca-cannot undo. Paradigm conflict.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, Turlough. Mr Bragg. No time to lose.
(Door opens. Walking off.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: The Cractids. They're not going to stay knocked out for ever.
THE DOCTOR: Then I suggest you try not to step on any of them. This way.
(Door opens.)
TURLOUGH: Doctor, watch out.
EDGAR: Cause of database error, Enforcement Officer Bragg. Station computer subject of sabotage. All personnel now denied access to control room.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. It seems that Edgar's had enough of being tampered with.

NYSSA: We're not going to do any good staying here. We must find Tegan.
NYSSA: What's the matter?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh, my legs. Pins and needles. Cramp. Oh! Oh, I can't ... I can't move.
NYSSA: I'll support you. Here, put your arm around my shoulders.
(Rustling of space suit to indicate this being done.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You're willing to help me?
NYSSA: I have no desire to see you suffer. Recriminations can wait.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: That was the first stage. Quicker than usual. Oh, it's the Company, it's all their fault. You know, when I didn't know, I ... well, I thought we were working to save lives ... I wish I was still that person.
NYSSA: You should save your strength.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: You've really seen what's going to happen? The virus escapes?
NYSSA: Yes. The first cases will be in about thirty years or so.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Leave me here. I'll just slow you down.
NYSSA: No, I won't.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Think about it. Logic. You come back when you have the cure.
NYSSA: I'm not leaving you.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Go, now, or I'll shoot you!
NYSSA: When you put it like that.
(Walking off on metal.)
NYSSA: I'll be back as soon as I can.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh, vengeance Escati. Oh - I can feel it starting. Oh, Raya!

(Clicking, whining.)
TEGAN: Hurry up, Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Going as fast as I can. I've modified the anti-viral effect to work irrespective of blood or gene type. Hold still!
(Fizz. TEGAN cries out.)
TEGAN: Ow! You could have warned me that it would hurt.
THE DOCTOR: That's why I didn't. Your turn, Turlough, sleeve up.
(Rustling of clothing.)
TURLOUGH: No, Doctor...
(Fizz, TURLOUGH gasps.)
THE DOCTOR: Now Turlough, if you would do the honours for me.
(Rustling of clothing. Fizz.)
THE DOCTOR: Ow! Oh, you were right, Tegan, that does hurt.
(Door opening, walking.)
TEGAN: Nyssa! Thank God you're here. The Doctor's prepared the cure.
(Door closing.)
NYSSA: Then we must get it to Cardell. I don't know how long she has left.
THE DOCTOR: Your injection first, Nyssa.
(Fizz. NYSSA wincing sound.)
THE DOCTOR: And last but not least, Mr Bragg.
THE DOCTOR: Orders? Do they include getting yourself killed?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: No, you don't understand. I have to deliver a sample of the virus.
NYSSA: The solution is lost. The phial was shattered.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I am the sample. The virus is currently coursing through my bloodstream. That's why I can't allow you to cure me.
TEGAN: Ow! Get off!
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I wouldn't get too close. Side-effect of infection. No telling what I might do.
TEGAN: Let me go!
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Now Doctor, hand over the hypodermic.
THE DOCTOR: Bragg, you need medical help. If you don't get it...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Edgar! The virus has escaped into the station's atmosphere. Initiate emergency decontamination procedure.
EDGAR: Countdown to decontamination begins. Five minutes and counting.
(Alarm sound.)
TURLOUGH: The self destruct.
NYSSA: Just as before.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Don't even think about coming after me.
(Moving off. Bleeps of door entry. Hissing of door.)
TEGAN: Let me go!
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, Turlough, reason with Edgar, try to delay the countdown.
NYSSA: What about you?
THE DOCTOR: I'm going after Tegan, and if I don't come back...
THE DOCTOR: Be nice to each other.
(Door hiss of closing.)

(TEGAN sound of struggling.)
TEGAN: Those Cractid things. They're waking up. I saw one move.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Then I recommend you don't waste time by struggling.
TEGAN: What you're doing is insane. Sacrificing your own life, and for what? So that some businessmen can turn a profit?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Oh no. I have the cure and I fully intend to use it. But first we have to get out of here.
(Bleep. Hiss of door opening.)
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Bragg. So glad you could make it.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Cardell. What do you think you're doing?
DIRECTOR CARDELL: What does it look like? I'm getting ready to meet the Gods.
NYSSA: Turlough. The Cractids, they're stirring.
TURLOUGH: Yes. And now that Edgar's refusing to follow orders, we can't use another sonic burst to knock them out.
EDGAR: Countdown continuing. Four minutes.
NYSSA: Edgar, if you don't call off the quarantine procedure, you will be responsible for the deaths of everybody in this station.
EDGAR: Too late. Infection has escaped. Facility compromised. Everyone must die. Everyone must die.

ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You don't have to do this, Cardell. You can come with me. There's enough of the anti-viral for both of us.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Oh no. If you take one step closer, it'll be the last move you ever make.
TEGAN: Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, shh.
TEGAN: Doctor, she's up to something.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: Not long to go. If I were you, Bragg, I'd start offering up prayers to the Gods of Hell.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: The boy's idea. I've rigged the airlock mechanism so the inner door cannot shut. All I have to do is blast a hole in the outer wall...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: But we'd all be sucked out onto the planet's surface.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: And the virus and the cure will be destroyed along with us.
TEGAN: I don't think she's bluffing.
THE DOCTOR: Quickly Tegan, over here, while Bragg's distracted.
(Moving off.)
TEGAN: What's the plan?
THE DOCTOR: The space suits. They're our only chance.

NYSSA: Edgar, you know we're from the future. You remember that.
EDGAR: I remember.
NYSSA: And that we had a time machine?
EDGAR: I remember.
NYSSA: Well, we could hardly have travelled back from the future if you had destroyed the base now, could we?
EDGAR: Logic correct. Analysis of memory records corresponds.
TURLOUGH: So, if you want to undo what's happened, call off the countdown.
EDGAR: Unable to cancel emergency quarantine procedure.
NYSSA: You don't have to cancel it. Just delay it until we return.
TURLOUGH: Just as you remember doing, before.
EDGAR: Postponing quarantine procedure.
(Alarm stops.)
EDGAR: Standing by.

ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: It's not too late. We can still get out of this alive.
DIRECTOR CARDELL: No. I think ... I think that death is all we deserve.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Hurry Tegan, put on the helmet.
TEGAN: I'm trying. It's fiddly.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Try turning it the other way. There's a groove.
TEGAN: Doctor! Look out, the Cractids!
(Scuttling noise of Cractids moving.)

NYSSA: Turlough, if Cardell punches a hole in the outer wall...
TURLOUGH: Yes. I think perhaps it might be an idea to seal the doors.
(Bleeps. Door sealing.)

TEGAN: (muffled:) Doctor, I still don't think my helmet's on right.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) It'll have to do. Find something secure to hold on to.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Cardell! You're committing suicide!
DIRECTOR CARDELL: But at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I took you with me.

NYSSA: Cardell did it. She blew open the airlock. She killed herself.
TURLOUGH: What about the others?
NYSSA: I don't know. I can't make anything out.

(Howling wind.)
TEGAN: (muffled:) Doctor! Can't hold on! The wind's too strong!
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Just a few seconds. Take my hand.
TEGAN: (muffled:) The Cractids - they're being sucked outside as well!
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Keep flat against the wall. Brave heart, Tegan.
TEGAN: It's not my heart I'm worried about.
(Whining of Cractids.)
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) That should be all of them. The pressure should even out soon.
TEGAN: (muffled:) Doctor, what about Bragg? I didn't see what happened to Bragg.

(Hissing of door opening.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Computer? Check. Sufficient power for takeoff?
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Fuel reserves sufficient.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Then ... commence automatic launch.
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Commencing launch.
(Hissing of engines.)

TEGAN: (muffled:) Doctor, the supply ship. The engines have ignited.
(Distant roaring of engines starting up.)
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Yes. Bragg must have made it.
TEGAN: (muffled:) If we're still standing here when that thing blasts off...
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Quickly, inside. Just have to ... yeah ... (Grunts.) ... manually close the inner doors.
(Door closed with effort.)
TEGAN: (muffled:) He's taken off. So Cardell died for nothing.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) NO. Not for nothing. I think she finally realised who she was.
TEGAN: (muffled:) This whole place is a wreck.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Yes, but ... maintenance spiders will fix it eventually. Look, they've already started.
(Noises of spiders.)
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Remember when we arrived here?
TEGAN: (muffled:) Yes. The whole place was covered in cobwebs.
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) All part of the automatic damage repair. Cobwebs. Cobwebs, of course.
TEGAN: (muffled:) What?
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) It's been staring us in the face all along.

(Sound of engines.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Supply ship now free of Helheim gravity well.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Computer, what's the fuel situation?
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Fuel reserves low.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Enough to achieve warp?
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Fuel reserves insufficient.
(Walking over. Bleeps.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Computer, activate cryogenic suspension.
(Whining of device to seal ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG in.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Activating cryogenic suspension.
(Hiss of gas. Whining of engines dies down.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Ambient temperature dropping. Thirty degrees. Twenty degrees. Ten...
(ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG exhales as though cold.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Zero. Minus ten.
(ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG breathing as though cold.)

(TARDIS door opened. Control room background noise. Walking in.)
TEGAN: (muffled:) Can I take this thing off now?
THE DOCTOR: (muffled:) Yes, it's quite safe.
(Helmets removed. Door closed.)
TEGAN: Now are you going to tell me?
THE DOCTOR: Hmm? Tell you what?
(Console bleeps.)
TEGAN: The significance of the cobwebs.
THE DOCTOR: Better than that, Tegan, I'll show you.
(TARDIS dematerialisation.)

(Single bleep.)
NYSSA: No sign of the Cractids. The whole station has been swept clean, it ... it's exactly as we found it.
TURLOUGH: With one difference.
TURLOUGH: Four beds, four skeletons.
(TARDIS materialises. Door opened.)
NYSSA: Doctor, you made it.
(Walking out.)
THE DOCTOR: Did you ever imagine I wouldn't?
TEGAN: Now can we get out of here?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, Tegan.
TURLOUGH: Er, Doctor. Something you've overlooked. The small matter of the skeletons.
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes. One thing left to do. Edgar?
EDGAR: I have failed. The crew are dead. I allowed them to die.
THE DOCTOR: You're aware that we're time travellers.
EDGAR: In your blue box.
THE DOCTOR: Well, I have a promise for you. One day we will come back, and when we do, you will be given a chance to prevent what happened here today.
EDGAR: You promise?
THE DOCTOR: We promise. When the four of us return, you shall be released from the endless unrelenting agony of existence. Goodbye, Edgar. Until next time. Now, into the TARDIS.
TEGAN: But ... I still don't see. What - what about our destiny?
(Walking. Door closed.)
EDGAR: No, Doctor. Don't leave me alone in the darkness. Have pity on poor Edgar. Have pity on me. Don't leave me alone. Come back to Edgar. Come back.

TURLOUGH: I thought we were supposed to die here.
THE DOCTOR: Not quite.
(TARDIS door.)
TEGAN: What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: I'm programming the TARDIS to drift forward in time at a rate of one day per second, now - watch the scanner.
(Scanner screen operated.)
TEGAN: It's just an empty room. Nothing's happening.
THE DOCTOR: It will. Look.
(Scuttling movement of spiders.)
NYSSA: Maintenance spiders.
TURLOUGH: They must have crawled in through the ventilation ducts.
TEGAN: What are they doing? Just scuttling about.
THE DOCTOR: More than that. Remember, when we discovered the skeletons they were covered in cobwebs, but we never thought to ask why.
TEGAN: Why? Because the maintenance spiders were trying to repair the dead bodies, bring them back to life.
THE DOCTOR: Think. Edgar believes that when the four of us return to this base it'll be able to travel back in time and make amends.
THE DOCTOR: So with ruthless computer logic it's decided that if it can't wait for us to return, it will have to make us.
TEGAN: What? How? It can't make us come back, can it?
THE DOCTOR: Oh no it can.
NYSSA: The repair spiders. Edgar is trying to rebuild the four of us. Look - they're fabricating copies of our clothes.
TURLOUGH: But - what about our bodies?
THE DOCTOR: Based on DNA traces left behind in discarded skin. It's trying to reconstruct us from scratch.
TEGAN: From the inside out, starting with the bones.
(Fainter whining of the maintenance spiders.)
NYSSA: It's growing dark.
THE DOCTOR: Edgar is running out of power. Bragg nearly exhausted the solar stacks, remember?
TURLOUGH: The maintenance spiders are barely moving now.
THE DOCTOR: That's why they were only skeletons, because the spiders ran out of energy before they could finish the job.
NYSSA: Like the other unfinished repairs we saw, coated with cobwebs.
THE DOCTOR: Precisely.
TEGAN: I can barely tell if anything's still happening.
THE DOCTOR: No power left. Edgar's placed himself in hibernation. I think it's time we left him to his rest, don't you?
(Bleeps, scanner closed.)
NYSSA: Poor Edgar. All he ever wanted was a second chance.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, which reminds me.
(TARDIS dematerialisation.)
TURLOUGH: What are you doing?
(Scanner opened.)
THE DOCTOR: Yes, there it is, right on cue.
(TARDIS materialisation sound from within scanner.)
THE DOCTOR: Something or somebody dragged us down to this planet.
TEGAN: I don't believe it. It was you! You were the one who pulled the TARDIS off course.
THE DOCTOR: Well, if not me, who else? Hold on, it might be a bit...
(THE DOCTOR's next word "bumpy" simultaneous with gasps and lurching.)
TEGAN: The Doctor's driving. He can't even land without crashing into himself. Nyssa, I bet you haven't missed this.
NYSSA: Now, Doctor. Take me back.
NYSSA: I came to Helheim to locate a cure for Richter's Syndrome. Now you must return me to one of the affected worlds.
TEGAN: But the solution - you gave it to Bragg, it was lost.
NYSSA: You don't think I'd give him all of it, do you? I kept a sample for myself, enough to synthesise more of the anti-viral.
THE DOCTOR: You don't want to travel with us?
NYSSA: I am tempted, but ... No, Doctor. I'm needed.
THE DOCTOR: Hmph. Very well.
TEGAN: Though knowing what the TARDIS is like, it could be months before he gets you home.
NYSSA: (amused:) Very true.
NYSSA: Is my old bedroom still free?
TEGAN: I'll come with you. You might want to get settled in for a long stay.
(Walking off, door closes.)
THE DOCTOR: Don't listen to them, old girl. There's nothing wrong with the scenic route. As I said to Christopher Columbus, there's more to travelling than getting from A to B.
TURLOUGH: Er, I thought I was the one going home. And besides, Doctor, there's one thing you overlooked.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, quite probably, Turlough, I've had rather a busy day.
TURLOUGH: Bragg. What happened to him? He was still infected.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, but without enough fuel to leave the system, his ship will drift through Space until it's picked up by a passing vessel.

(Indistinct male voice issuing instructions in background as door whines open. Hissing.)
SHIP'S COMPUTER: Reviving Enforcement Officer Bragg from cryogenic suspension.
(ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG breathes. Sounds of people and movement in the background.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Where ... where am I? Who are you?
(Hawks sounds as though he has a Scouse accent:)
HAWKS: I'm Company Officer Hawks. You've been asleep a long time.
HAWKS: Thirty years. We found you lost in interstellar space and brought you back with us.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: Back with you? Where am I?
HAWKS: Gondal Prime. We've just landed.
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: But - but the infection. You've placed me in quarantine?
HAWKS: Infection? What? No, no, we didn't...
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: I'm infected with Richter's. Anyone who comes into contact with me will be contaminated.
HAWKS: A plague ship?
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You've got to seal off the whole area immediately!
HAWKS: No, you don't understand, the crew's already disembarked, you ... Oh, I've got to get out of here, I've got to get a flight to another system, it's my only chance.
(He moves off.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: You don't understand!
(Door closed.)
ENFORCEMENT OFFICER BRAGG: It's too late. There's nowhere you can run. You're dead. (Cries out:) Aah! Every one of you, you're all dead! You're all dead!
(His voice echoes: "you're all dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.")

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Cobwebs was written by Jonathan Morris, and starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Loki was played by Raymond Coulthard, Director Cardell by Helen Griffin, Enforcement Officer Bragg by Adrian Lucas, and Bio Technician Valis by Charlotte Lucas. Original Music was by Steve Foxon. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, Cobwebs was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.