(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. The Cradle Of The Snake, by Marc Platt. Episode One.

(Knocks on door. Background hum of TARDIS interior.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan. Come on, you can't stay in there all night.
(More knocks.)
NYSSA: Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: She's locked herself in her room.
NYSSA: She's scared. It was a shock.
THE DOCTOR: Completely understandable, but shutting herself away won't help.
(Knocks on door.)
NYSSA: I'm sure she'll open the door when she's ready.
THE DOCTOR: That's hardly the point. Suppose she's lost consciousness?
NYSSA: Could it be that bad?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, just tell us that you're all right.
TURLOUGH: What's happening?
(Walking over.)
NYSSA: Not now, Turlough. Tegan's not feeling well.
TURLOUGH: She's ill? It's not contagious, is it?
NYSSA: It's not a virus, if that's what you mean - well, not in the normal sense.
TURLOUGH: So do you know what it is?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, if the Mara is still with you then we can do something about it. I'll get some help.
TURLOUGH: The Mara? What's that?
NYSSA: I'll explain later.
TURLOUGH: That would be nice!
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, just one word, please.
TURLOUGH: You might have to kick the door down.
THE DOCTOR: Not if I can help it.
NYSSA: Let me try.
THE DOCTOR: Be my guest.
NYSSA: And it might be better if you were to ... leave.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, Turlough. We won't be far.
NYSSA: I'll be fine, really.
(Walking off.)
TURLOUGH: What's going on? Is Tegan dangerous?
THE DOCTOR: Come on, Turlough.
TURLOUGH: I was only thinking of Nyssa.
NYSSA: Tegan? It's me. The others have gone now. Look, I know it's difficult, but we're all worried about you. You can talk to me, you know you can. I was there before, remember, on Manussa. I know what you're going through, so ... please. Just say something.
(Door opened.)
NYSSA: Oh, Tegan. Thank goodness.
TEGAN: You can't even begin to know.

(TARDIS console bleeps.)
THE DOCTOR: Might just stay here for a while.
TURLOUGH: Where's here?
THE DOCTOR: Nowhere, really. Put the TARDIS into a holding pattern, better not to go anywhere for the moment.
TURLOUGH: You're quarantining us, because of Tegan's illness.
THE DOCTOR: It's not an illness, not as such.
TURLOUGH: Well, what is it, then? Nyssa called it the Mara. Is that right?
THE DOCTOR: The Mara, yes. I'm not really sure how I define it. I think perhaps it's in all of us. Deep in our darkest thoughts. That's where it started, anyway. Some people call it a demon, but that's too simple. It's about ... temptation. You remember temptation, Turlough. The Devil always finds work for idle hands.
TURLOUGH: I put that behind me.
THE DOCTOR: Good, because the Mara's always looking for a way to be born, to be more than just a nasty thought. It wants to break into our reality, and it delights in mocking order and causing chaos. Now, what have I done with that thing?
TURLOUGH: But what about Tegan? How is she involved?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan was vulnerable. It wasn't really her fault, but the Mara found a way through her troubled dreams into this world. No, not there either. Where have I put it? I'd hoped we'd dealt with the Mara once but then it came back, and now it's back again.
TURLOUGH: How many times?
THE DOCTOR: This is the third appearance. Each time it seems to coil itself tighter.

TEGAN: I suppose I've been in denial all this time, hoping it wasn't there - you know. Well, I should have known better. I did know, I knew it was there.
NYSSA: Suppose we try and get you help. There are facilities on Terminus. If we could get you there...
TEGAN: See a shrink? Shrinks won't help.
NYSSA: Then talk to the Doctor. He's bound to have ideas.
TEGAN: What's the point?
NYSSA: Tegan...
TEGAN: Even now you're looking at me and thinking, is this her or the Mara talking.
NYSSA: I know it's you.
TEGAN: Do you? I've been having dreams again.
NYSSA: I know. You've been sleeping badly.
TEGAN: Sorry to keep you awake. Suppose you told the Doctor.
TEGAN: Really? There was a time when you'd have been running straight to him. Or your good friend Turlough, now he's on the straight and narrow.
NYSSA: He's concerned. We all are.
(TEGAN's voice changes.)
TEGAN: You're all so nice and wholesome and boring.
NYSSA: Tegan?
TEGAN: Always so considerate. What a waste. There are better things to do with the Universe.
NYSSA: I think I should fetch the Doctor, so he knows you're all right.
(NYSSA walking.)
TEGAN: Don't go yet.
(Squeak of door.)
NYSSA: Please open the door.
(Walking over to her.)
TEGAN: Nyssa, you're always helping other people when you could be helping yourself. Wouldn't that be better?
NYSSA: That's not what I believe in. Please let me out.
TEGAN: But there's so much more. Think about it.
NYSSA: You're not Tegan.
TEGAN: At last. Well done. You've got the direct line to Maraland.
NYSSA: I'm not interested.
TEGAN: Stick with me and you can start to enjoy yourself. Look. Here. See what's under my sleeve.
NYSSA: The sign of the snake.
TEGAN: Isn't that what you want? Of course it is. Don't resist, Nyssa.
NYSSA: Leave me alone.
TEGAN: Take it.
(Door opening.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, keep away from her.
TEGAN: You interfering...
THE DOCTOR: Remember this, Tegan? The Little Mind's Eye from Manussa.
(TEGAN laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: Look at the crystal. Come on, try to focus your thoughts.
TEGAN: It's just a toy.
THE DOCTOR: Hardly that.
TEGAN: Takes two to play the game, Doctor. Come and find me!
(TEGAN choke. Body drops.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan! It's all right, I've got her.
NYSSA: She fainted.
THE DOCTOR: Perhaps. Where's Turlough?
TURLOUGH: Here, Doctor. Nyssa, are you all right?
NYSSA: I'll be fine.
THE DOCTOR: Help me with Tegan.
THE DOCTOR: And put her on the bed.
(Movement of body.)
THE DOCTOR: That's it. Nyssa?
NYSSA: How's her pulse?
TURLOUGH: Her voice was all wrong, like someone else's. Not Tegan at all.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough, please.
NYSSA: We could use the sleep induction box again. That would blot out her dreams.
THE DOCTOR: I think it's too late for that.
TURLOUGH: That snake mark on her arm...
THE DOCTOR: Later, Turlough.
NYSSA: Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: You heard what she said?
NYSSA: The game, yes.
THE DOCTOR: It was a challenge. The Mara's withdrawn into Tegan's psyche, and it wants me to go in after it.

THE DOCTOR: No, no. Move my chair closer.
(Chair moved.)
TURLOUGH: But I still think this is a bad idea.
NYSSA: The Doctor has to do this now while we're in flight. If the Mara got loose on some unsuspecting planet, just think what havoc it would cause.
TURLOUGH: But going into Tegan's mind? Rather you than me.
THE DOCTOR: All right, both of you. While I'm asleep...
NYSSA: You want us to stay with you?
THE DOCTOR: Please. Sit quietly and don't do anything to wake me, that's important, I'll do that myself.
NYSSA: And suppose Tegan wakes up first?
TURLOUGH: Just hope it's Tegan.
THE DOCTOR: I won't let that happen.
NYSSA: It's still very risky.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, it is. Right. Wish me luck. So, I focus my thoughts through the crystal. Deeper. Deeper, until I find the still point.
(Slumps back.)
NYSSA: He's gone. So quickly.
TURLOUGH: Nyssa. Look at Tegan. She's smiling.

(Aeroplane noise.)
TEGAN: You nearly missed the flight, Doctor. But then time was never your strong point, was it?
THE DOCTOR: Is this Tegan's plane?
TEGAN: Me dad's.
THE DOCTOR: Single engine Sester Skyhawk. I suppose five thousand feet is as good a place to talk as any.
TEGAN: It's one of my fondest memories, flying with him over the farm. Couple of thousand marinos to look out for.
THE DOCTOR: It's her memory, not yours.
TEGAN: Oh, we're pretty close, Tegan and me. Hard to prise us apart.
THE DOCTOR: I doubt she has any say in the matter. You've been in her mind long enough. It's time you went back where you came from.
(Plane sound changes. THE DOCTOR groans.)
TEGAN: Whoops. Sorry about that. We seem to be hitting a bit of turbulence.
THE DOCTOR: I want you to leave Tegan now.
TEGAN: You'll have to focus your thoughts better. You can't just throw the Mara out. It doesn't work like that. I have to go somewhere.
THE DOCTOR: I can think of a few places. Just go.
(Door opened.)
TEGAN: Remember where you are, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan ... Tegan, can you hear me? Try to fight the Mara.
TEGAN: Oh, please.
THE DOCTOR: I'll drive you out before you destroy Tegan's mind completely.
TEGAN: Make me a better offer.
THE DOCTOR: You don't belong here.
TEGAN: Neither do you. Go and talk to the other sheep.
(THE DOCTOR gasps, cries out as though he is falling out.)

(Sheep baa-ing. Thump as THE DOCTOR falls with a cry.)
THE DOCTOR: What are you sheep staring at?
(TURLOUGH with baa-ing sound in voice.)
TURLOUGH: It's that look again.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough?
(NYSSA with baa-ing voice.)
NYSSA: Indi-i-igant. Mortally offended.
TURLOUGH: Baa-d news. Always knew he was heading for a fall.
NYSSA: Do you think he's losing his faculties?
TURLOUGH: Haa-as been for years. Good thing he landed fa-ace down.
NYSSA: If he'd fa-allen on his baa-ack, he'd never be able to stand up again.
TURLOUGH: The trouble is, he always focused on the to-op of the hill.
NYSSA: And ne-ever notices the be-est grass under his feet.
THE DOCTOR: Oh! What have I landed in? Typical. That's my best coat.
(Moving over to him.)
TEGAN: Your companions are looking a bit sheepish, Doctor. Any thoughts?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, there you are. Parked your plane, I see. No, no thoughts.
TEGAN: Then I'll make you an offer. Tegan is yours if I find a new home.
THE DOCTOR: Meaning what, exactly?
TEGAN: Now, where shall I go?
(Sheep baa-ing.)
TEGAN: Oh. Difficult to choose. Which do you think?
THE DOCTOR: Oh no, you leave Nyssa and Turlough alone.
TEGAN: You're right, of course. Who needs all that bleating when I could go for something a bit more upmarket, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: I want you out of Tegan's mind. Leave her alone.
TEGAN: Remember this? The mark of the snake.
THE DOCTOR: Keep away from me. I can resist you.
TEGAN: Can you Doctor? Really?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes. I can resist you. I can drive you out.

TURLOUGH: What sort of dream is he having?
NYSSA: I don't like this, Turlough.
NYSSA: I think we should wake him.
TURLOUGH: He told us not to.
NYSSA: He's feverish.
(THE DOCTOR groaning.)
NYSSA: Suppose he's in trouble?
THE DOCTOR: No, no...
TURLOUGH: Tegan doesn't seem worried. She's still well out of it.
NYSSA: I can't just sit here.
THE DOCTOR: No, Tegan, stay away! No...
NYSSA: Right, that's it, I'm waking him. I'll take the blame.
(THE DOCTOR groaning.)
TURLOUGH: Careful.
NYSSA: Doctor?
(THE DOCTOR crying out.)
NYSSA: Come on, Doctor, please wake up. Please.
THE DOCTOR: Leave Tegan alone ... Ah. Nyssa.
NYSSA: Doctor. I-I'm sorry, I had to wake you.
TURLOUGH: We were both worried. You were yelling as if you were fighting something.
THE DOCTOR: I told you not to wake me.
NYSSA: Is the Mara still there in Tegan's mind?
THE DOCTOR: It was. I was drawing it out into the open, loosening its grip, but now, who knows!
NYSSA: I'm really sorry.
THE DOCTOR: Don't you ever listen?
TURLOUGH: We're both sorry.
THE DOCTOR: So you should be. Look at the crystal.
NYSSA: The Little Mind's Eye, it's broken. How did that happen?
THE DOCTOR: Probably when the Mara attacked me when I tried to drive it out.
NYSSA: Maybe you succeeded. It might have gone.
THE DOCTOR: Gone where?
TURLOUGH: Tegan's still asleep. But she's getting some colour back.
NYSSA: That's a good sign.
TEGAN: Hello. What are you all doing here?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan. Hello. How did you sleep?
TEGAN: Like a log, thanks. It was nice.
TURLOUGH: Any dreams?
NYSSA: Turlough...
TURLOUGH: I was only asking.
TEGAN: Yes. I was dreaming I was at the beach eating ice cream. Chocolate and strawberry like when I was little. You know when it melts faster than you can eat it?
THE DOCTOR: Pleasant dreams then, that's good.
TEGAN: What happened to your crystal? It's broken.
THE DOCTOR: Bit of an accident, that's all, not to worry. Could I just look at your arm?
TEGAN: Oh. The Mara. I forgot. How could I forget that? Did you do something?
THE DOCTOR: I sincerely hope so. There's no mark on your arm.
TEGAN: There hasn't been for ages, actually. Not since the last time.
NYSSA: I think you're much better.
THE DOCTOR: Do you feel better?
TEGAN: Don't know. Maybe. Yeah. I suppose I do feel better.
THE DOCTOR: Splendid. Come on then, you two, I'm sure Tegan wants to freshen up.
TURLOUGH: And I could do with some breakfast.
NYSSA: Me too.
(Walking off.)
TEGAN: See you .later.
(Door closes.)
NYSSA: You're not sure, are you?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know. What I really need after tea and a slice of toast is a second opinion.
NYSSA: We can't land. Suppose the Mara is still in her?
THE DOCTOR: Well, what can I do? We can't stay circling nowhere for ever. Sorry Nyssa, I have to take the risk.

(Advertisement music.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: Bored with the same old routine? Had all your hopes dashed? Dreams gone flat? Don't worry. Now the latest technological advances can change all that. Suddenly nothing need be out of reach again. I believe we're on the edge of a revolution in therapy and entertainment. And tomorrow night, that dream comes true. I'm Rick ausGarten. Join me tomorrow at eight for Dreamarama, live on the Sundown Channel...
(TARDIS starting to materialise.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: When I'll prove that we are such things as dreams are made on. You'll never be the same again.

(Cloister Bell chimes.)
THE DOCTOR: Dojjen. Remember him? The old archaeologist on Manussa who went native and joined the Snake-dancers?
TURLOUGH: Snake-dancers?
NYSSA: Is that where we are? Manussa again?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I thought we might pop in and see him, just to catch up. I have so many friends I only ever meet once.
TEGAN: This is for my benefit, isn't it?
THE DOCTOR: I did hope he might give you a quick check-up.
TEGAN: I knew it was too good to last. It's still there, isn't it, that thing in my head?
THE DOCTOR: Now, Tegan...
(Bleeps on console, TARDIS scanner opening noise.)
TURLOUGH: Is that it? Manussa? It's more advanced than I thought.
NYSSA: That doesn't look right.
TEGAN: Typical. He winds me up and then brings me to the wrong place.
THE DOCTOR: No. Definitely Manussa. I set the co-ordinates myself.
TEGAN: Well, look at it. They didn't have high-rise buildings like that.
NYSSA: No, the Doctor's right. It is Manussa.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you.
NYSSA: But the date's wrong.
THE DOCTOR: Let me see.
TEGAN: If that is Manussa, it's hundreds of years later.
NYSSA: Actually it's much earlier.
TURLOUGH: Earlier?
THE DOCTOR: All right. Which of you touched the controls?
TURLOUGH: Well, don't look at me.
TEGAN: Certainly not.
NYSSA: Nor me.
THE DOCTOR: Well, whoever's responsible, they've landed us centuries before I planned, and the planet is far more advanced. This is the Manussan empire long before its subjugation and decline under the terrible yoke of the Mara.

(Birds tweet.)
BAALAKA: Come on, Beaky. Take it. That's it.
BAALAKA: Over here, Mr Aus G.
(Walking over.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: Get a move on, Baala, it's ten to noon already. She'll be here any minute.
BAALAKA: But I've still to feed the birds and animals. It upsets them if their routine goes wrong.
RIC AUSGARTEN: And keep this warehouse locked. The safety officer Mrs Rayluss is only checking the studio, not out here. One glimpse of the livestock and she'll shut us down anyway. Now, I thought we'd give her a run-through of tomorrow's show.
BAALAKA: You know the old man's back?
BAALAKA: Dadda Desaka.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Oh, not again. I thought you got rid of him.
BAALAKA: He's sitting out the front protesting. He's even got a placard.
BAALAKA: He says we're committing blasphemy. All our work, and the show.
RIC AUSGARTEN: This is your fault, Baala. If you hadn't given him food ... He's not another pet, he's a damn nuisance.
BAALAKA: The Dadda's a mystic.
RIC AUSGARTEN: He's a grubby old tramp who wandered down from the hills. I'm getting him moved on.
BAALAKA: You can't. He's a native Manussan holy man, he's protected by law.
RIC AUSGARTEN: I tell you what - we'll invite him on the show and see what his holy thoughts look like. If that doesn't grab the ratings, nothing will.
BAALAKA: I don't think he'll consent to that.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Oh, not already. That'll be the officer ... You close this place up. I'll honey her round the studio. By the time we're done it'll have the cleanest safety bill ever.

TEGAN: It's really not so bad here.
NYSSA: You almost sound convinced.
TEGAN: Well, I figured that since I didn't change the co-ordinates then it's not my problem. So I'm going to enjoy myself.
TURLOUGH: It wasn't me that altered the co-ordinates either.
NYSSA: I don't think it was any of us. Just the Doctor making a slip. It's easily done.
TURLOUGH: Where is he anyway?
NYSSA: He went to make some enquiries.
TEGAN: This is more like it. Not like Purity Bay. Palm trees, fountains. I could sit here all day and soak up the sun. If I had money I'd buy us all ice creams.
TURLOUGH: I'm going for a stroll.
(Walking off.)
NYSSA: Don't go too far.
TURLOUGH: (distant) I won't.
NYSSA: Turlough's nervous. He won't sit still.
TEGAN: He's always nervous, and with good cause this time.
NYSSA: Tegan, you don't mean it was him?
TEGAN: Why not? If the Mara has left me...
NYSSA: Tegan...
TEGAN: ... Which it has, then surely Turlough's the obvious place for it to go. He must have interfered.
NYSSA: I wouldn't say that without proof. I'm nervous too. What does that tell you?
(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: Ah, it's very pleasant here, just the spot for a rest.
NYSSA: Did you find what you wanted?
THE DOCTOR: I did indeed. Whatever Manussa's future is like, it's certainly a thriving and enlightened world just now. And tomorrow's New Year. Fancy that. I expect there'll be parties.
NYSSA: Mm, that'll be good.
THE DOCTOR: Where's Turlough?
TEGAN: Mooching about somewhere.
THE DOCTOR: Right, well, the information office was very helpful, they put me in touch with an eminent neuroscientist. Doctor Honri Kerrem of the Faculty of Advancement, and he's agreed to give you a thorough check-up, Tegan.
NYSSA: That's a wonderful idea.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I think so. Tegan?
TEGAN: Okay. Fine.
THE DOCTOR: You're not even going to argue?
TEGAN: Not if it proves to you what I already know.
THE DOCTOR: Good, good. It's just across town, so we'll need to take a tuk-tuk. Nyssa, you and Turlough can wait here. We'll only be a couple of hours.
(Walking off. Note: tuk-tuk = type of rickshaw, pronounced took-took.)
NYSSA: All right. Good luck, Tegan.
TEGAN: See ya.
(Walking back.)
NYSSA: The Doctor's taken Tegan to see a specialist.
TURLOUGH: Yes, I saw them go. I hope he gets danger money.
NYSSA: Look, are you all right? You've gone very edgy.
TURLOUGH: You think I'm infected, don't you? But I'm not. Really I'm not. You know that, don't you?
NYSSA: I don't know, Turlough. You tell me.

(Street sounds, cars.)
THE DOCTOR: This is certainly the way to see the city, everyone living their lives out on the street like an endless market.
TEGAN: Is this going to be okay, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: I think so. Doctor Kerrem assured me that he has the most advanced techniques in neural probes and crystal scanning. And I'll be there with you, it'll be fine.
TEGAN: I think I'd rather have a private consultation.
THE DOCTOR: Well, if you like. But I won't be far away, I promise.
TEGAN: I do appreciate it, you know. Even if I do come across like, well, spiky and moaning.
THE DOCTOR: You, Tegan? Surely not. (Laugh.) Look, you've had a horrible time. Let's get this cleared up once and for all.
(Advert playing.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: (advert) Have all your dreams gone flat? Well, I aim to make them all come true.
TEGAN: What is that?
THE DOCTOR: Some sort of advert.
RIC AUSGARTEN: (advert) I'm Rick ausGarten. Join me tomorrow at eight, New Year's Eve, for Dreamarama, live on the Sundown Channel. Look into the crystal. Your dreams will never be the same again.
TEGAN: Dreams? Doctor, promise me that's not where we're going.

YOANNA RAYLUSS: Well, the studio seems to be in order, Mr ausGarten, once you've attended to the door in the isolation chamber, that is.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Right, well, thanks Mrs Rayluss, you've been very helpful. I'll show you out.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: My real concern is the subjects, the members of the public taking part in the experiment. They should undergo a full health check beforehand.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Yeah well, that's not so easy 'cause it's live, there's the element of surprise. Anyone can get chosen.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I do see that as a problem. Matter realisation, is that what you call it?
RIC AUSGARTEN: Pure thought goes into the crystal, and comes out as living matter. It's easy. No ill effects.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I know it's an illusion. (Laugh.) A rabbit out of a hat.
RIC AUSGARTEN: No, no, don't mock it, our process is scientifically proven, we've done over eight hundred test runs. It's amazing, and fun. It's bringing science to the people.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Not to everyone, it seems. I thought that alarming old tribesman outside was going to throw something. He swore that you were cursed, and that you'd bring all sorts or horrors down on the city.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Hey, all publicity is good publicity.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: And a lot of people believe that stuff. We don't want a disaster, not on live transmission.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Tell you what, why don't you have a go?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (laugh.) I don't think so.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Why not? What better proof than if you've done it yourself. Come on, Yoanna. I can call you Yoanna, can't I?
RIC AUSGARTEN: Think of something you'd like.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Well ... I confess I am intrigued.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Right then. It's all ready on standby, so - sit yourself in the Chair of Dreams.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The Chair of Dreams? Oh well. I suppose.
(Sitting down.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: Lovely. Now, we'll run a quick scan into the old electric crystal to map out your brain potential, and then let's see what you can think into existence.

DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Now Tegan, are you comfortable?
TEGAN: I guess so.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: The skullcap not too tight?
TEGAN: Fine. Thanks, Doctor Kerrem.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Good. Now, there's a blue crystal here in the neural imager...
TEGAN: Yes, like the Mind's Eye.
TEGAN: The Doctor. He had something like it.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Ah, your companion.
TEGAN: Yeah.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: He seemed a knowledgeable fellow. Well-read for one so young.
TEGAN: He is. Of course, he's not as young as you think. Don't tell him I said that.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: (laugh) Right. So, the crystal will scan your brain in multi-modal detail, in particular, the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. What we think of as the "aware" areas. It'll highlight any abnormalities or disturbances. Any extra activity that might be causing you to dream.
TEGAN: Okay.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Right. You may feel a slight tingling, a little like itching on the inside, but that's nothing to worry about. So - ready, Tegan?
TEGAN: Ready.

BAALAKA: Dream-maker now scanning.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Just relax, Yoanna, this only takes a few moments.
BAALAKA: Scan complete. Thought flown out compatible, ERP steady.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Thanks, Baala. Okay. You remember what you wanted to visualise?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I do, erm...
RIC AUSGARTEN: Ah - don't tell us, just think of it now in detail. And don't change your mind halfway through.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'm thinking.
(Power build up sound.)
BAALAKA: Image forming in isolation chamber.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Here it comes. It's a flower. Oh. Yes.
BAALAKA: Consolidating.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Giant flower. A rose? Oh, that's very nice. Lovely. Good image.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: That's not what I was thinking.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Not a rose?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: There's something there, in the flower, look. Something squirming. (Gasps.) What is that? It's horrible.

THE DOCTOR: (echoed) It's a rose. And look. There's something growing in it. Struggling through the petals to be born.
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)

THE DOCTOR: Doctor Kerrem.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Are you all right? Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, fine. Miles away, sorry. Must be sitting in a draught.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Well, I'm delighted to say that the scan's complete, so if you'd like to come through, Tegan's waiting.
THE DOCTOR: Good. I look forward to that.

YOANNA RAYLUSS: Did you see it?
RIC AUSGARTEN: I'm not sure.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Something was moving in the petals, writhing, like a snake. And then, there was a man. A - a tall man with fair hair, and he was watching in the shadows in the heart of the rose.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Baala, check the isolation chamber.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: He was watching us from the dark.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Hey, you! How did you get in?
BAALAKA: Don't touch him!
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Get him away from me!
RIC AUSGARTEN: Get him out.
BAALAKA: Dadda Desaka!
DADDA DESAKA: Wickedness. Badness.
BAALAKA: Come on, Dadda, outside now.
DADDA DESAKA: Wickedness is born. It comes into the world.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Get out! Out!
DADDA DESAKA: All be dead.
(DADDA DESAKA continues humming. Led off.)
BAALAKA: Come on, out here. Nothing you can do.
RIC AUSGARTEN: Yoanna, Mrs Rayluss, I am so sorry.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'm leaving.
RIC AUSGARTEN: No, don't go. It was just an accident ... Oh, you're shaking. I - I'll get you a drink.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's very clear, Mr ausGarten, that your project is highly dangerous. All this is going in my report.
RIC AUSGARTEN: It's never happened before. I don't understand...
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'm recommending closure of your project, pending a further full investigation. Good afternoon.
(Walking off.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: No, but ... the show. Wait!
(Door closed.)
RIC AUSGARTEN: Oh! Deadheaded bureaucratic pen-pushers! Now what do I do? Baala, what do we do now?
BAALAKA: The rose is dead. Look. All withered away.
RIC AUSGARTEN: She wasn't even thinking of a rose.

(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, how are you feeling?
TEGAN: A whole lot better, thanks.
THE DOCTOR: Excellent.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: There's some minuscule damage to the tissue of the hippocampus, but nothing even remotely to worry about. We'll have you back for a check-up in a couple of weeks.
TEGAN: Right.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: But overall, you're in fine fettle.
THE DOCTOR: So it's an all-clear.
TEGAN: Certainly is. Thank you, Doctor. Doctors.
THE DOCTOR: If you want to get some fresh air, I'll, erm, settle up with Doctor Kerrem.
TEGAN: You have money?
THE DOCTOR: I'm sure we can come to some agreement.
TEGAN: Okay. See you in a minute.
(Walking off. Door closed.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Spirited young lady. Pleasure to deal with her.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, indeed.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: So, I'll just run you off an invoice, you can make out a credit to the faculty.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Erm, Doctor Kerrem.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Yes, Doctor? After all that, I still didn't catch your name.
THE DOCTOR: I did wonder, since I'm here...
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Something else I can offer?
THE DOCTOR: A word in private.
THE DOCTOR: About an affliction of my own.
(Metal thing moved.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: What are you doing? Leave that alone.
THE DOCTOR: I'll be needing funds, you see, and contacts.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh, you've changed your tune.
THE DOCTOR: For the better, I should say. My affliction is newly-acquired, newly-born.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: What sort of affliction?
THE DOCTOR: Have you seen this before?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh! All over your arm. Nasty-looking snake thing. What does that mean?
THE DOCTOR: It's the mark of the Mara.
THE DOCTOR: It's alive and growing.
(Snake hisses. DOCTOR HONRI KERREM cries out as though he has been bitten by it.)
THE DOCTOR: And soon with your help, all of Manussa shall know its name!
(THE DOCTOR laughs evilly.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: The Cradle of the Snake written by Marc Platt starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Rick ausGarten was played by Dan Stevens, Baalaka by Toby Sawyer, and Yoanna Rayluss by Madeleine Potter. Hugh Fraser played Doctor Honri Kerrem, and Dadda Desaka was played by Vernon Dobtcheff. Original Music was by Andy Hardwick. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, The Cradle Of The Snake was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. The Cradle Of The Snake, by Marc Platt. Episode Two.

THE DOCTOR: Have you seen this before?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh! All over your arm. Nasty-looking snake thing. What does that mean?
THE DOCTOR: It's the mark of the Mara.
THE DOCTOR: It's alive and growing.
(Snake hisses. DOCTOR HONRI KERREM cries out as though he has been bitten by it.)

THE DOCTOR: And soon with your help, all of Manussa shall know its name!
(THE DOCTOR laughs evilly.)

(Background noises of outside street.)
TURLOUGH: How long did the Doctor say he'd be? Nyssa?
NYSSA: Mm? Oh, sorry. I must have nodded off. It's so peaceful here.
TURLOUGH: The Doctor. When did he say he'd be back?
NYSSA: What's the time? Oh. Definitely not as long as this.
TURLOUGH: He's probably got lost. You know what he's like.
NYSSA: I suppose we just...
(All the background noises stop.)
NYSSA: Something's happening.
TURLOUGH: Not happening, you mean. Oh! It's gone chilly.
NYSSA: Like the world catching its breath.
TURLOUGH: Or choking.
(The background noises start up again.)
NYSSA: Ah, that's better. Turlough?
TURLOUGH: Mm? Oh, sorry. I nearly nodded off. It's so peaceful here.
NYSSA: I'm sure the Doctor should be back by now.
TURLOUGH: Probably got lost. You know what he and Tegan are like.
NYSSA: I suppose we just wait.
(Humming of DADDA DESAKA.)
TURLOUGH: Over there.
NYSSA: Mm? Oh. Some sort of beggar?
TURLOUGH: He's a hunter. Look how he moves.
NYSSA: When we were here before...
TURLOUGH: In the future?
NYSSA: Yes, they talked about tribesmen up in the hills. Snake-dancers.
TURLOUGH: Look out, here he comes.
(DADDA DESAKA humming.)
NYSSA: No. Sorry. We don't have anything to give.
TURLOUGH: He's probably got more than we have. What's he staring at?
NYSSA: Sorry. We don't understand you.
DADDA DESAKA: You understand too much.
TURLOUGH: What's that supposed to mean?
(He moves off, humming.)
NYSSA: No - don't go, come back.
TURLOUGH: I don't like it here. Something's changed.
NYSSA: Where's the Doctor? Why doesn't he come back?

THE DOCTOR: Sit down, Doctor Kerrem. It takes a few moments to settle in.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: No, no. (Laughs.) It's quite ... quite invigorating, the Mara, oh yes, I think I shall enjoy this.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, you will, believe me. Tell me about the world. How advanced is Manussa's mind crystal technology?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh, you saw for yourself. Medical practices revolutionised.
THE DOCTOR: Only medical? What about the man called Rick ausGarten, the man on the billboards?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Hah! That quack? He is a talentless maverick.
THE DOCTOR: He works with crystals too.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: He is more showman than scientist.
THE DOCTOR: Jealous, Doctor Kerrem? Is Rick a disgrace to his profession or just more popular than you?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh! All this nonsense about thought materialisation. He's certainly got himself a following.
THE DOCTOR: Has he indeed. Right, I want a list of the influential minds on Manussa, not the idiot politicians but the intellectuals, the thinkers.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Anyone in particular?
THE DOCTOR: You have the contacts, Kerrem. Enjoy yourself. Settle your debts. I want them brought together. I have a task for them.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh, cash, you mean.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, cough up.
(Rummaging for money.)
THE DOCTOR: I've got work to do.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Here's five thousand in notes.
THE DOCTOR: And the rest.
(More rummaging.)
THE DOCTOR: And that phone of yours while we're at it. I'll need to stay in touch.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: But that's my private link.
THE DOCTOR: Good. Then I can call you on your public line.
(Door opened.)
TEGAN: Doctor? The tuk-tuk's still waiting.
THE DOCTOR: Tegan. Sorry to keep you.
TEGAN: The others will be worried.
THE DOCTOR: Yes indeed, we must be going. Well, goodbye Doctor Kerrem, thanks again for your help.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: A pleasure, Doctor.
TEGAN: Goodbye.
THE DOCTOR: I'll give you a call, later.
(Walking off. Door closed. Bleeps of phone.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Peshi? Put me through to the Director of the Faculty.

NYSSA: It's getting dark. Suppose we head back to the TARDIS.
TURLOUGH: We can't get in.
NYSSA: I know, but the Doctor will follow us.
TURLOUGH: Okay, fine.
(Walking off.)
NYSSA: You still haven't relaxed.
TURLOUGH: It's this place. Everyone's too nice. It makes me uncomfortable.
NYSSA: I liked it at first, but it does get a bit much. The goodness on my own world - on Traken - was robust in comparison.
TURLOUGH: You were brought up being reasonable.
NYSSA: Yes I was. But here the locals are trying almost too hard.
TURLOUGH: Exactly, as if they're hiding something. I wonder what.
NYSSA: Or is it just that we know what's coming?
TURLOUGH: I don't. (Sigh.) But now I suppose you're going to tell me.
NYSSA: Sorry Turlough, but all this world, the heart of the Manussan Empire, gets swept away under the rule of the Mara.
TURLOUGH: That snake thing on Tegan's arm?
NYSSA: Hopefully not any more. The Mara created - will create - it's own Sumaran Empire.
TURLOUGH: Sumaran?
NYSSA: I never understood that. Surely an empire implies order. How can that exist under the Mara? The Mara's a spirit of mockery and chaos and evil. Anyway, that doesn't happen yet. We've arrived years too early.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (distant) No, no, no - that's not what I asked for.
TURLOUGH: Hello? Now what's happening?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (distant) I don't want these charms. They're no good to me. I - I told you...
NYSSA: Something's upset her.
TURLOUGH: Don't get involved.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (distant) I say, excuse me, please?
TURLOUGH: Sorry, sorry, we can't help...
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Please, please. I'm trying to explain to this man and he doesn't understand.
NYSSA: We don't really live round here, you see.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Well, neither does he, that's the problem. I - I simply want a charm to ward off snakes.
TURLOUGH: Snakes? Are there snakes round here?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh God, are there? Round here too? I hope not. It's bad enough having one in your head.

(Large vehicle driving.)
TEGAN: The city really buzzes at night. Maybe we should go out to celebrate.
THE DOCTOR: Why not? I'm really glad you know, Tegan, that you're better.
TEGAN: Me too.
THE DOCTOR: And the others will be pleased. Nyssa was really worried.
TEGAN: I know she was.
THE DOCTOR: She was scared you had too weak a constitution to pull through.
TEGAN: She said what?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, she meant well. She underestimates humans. You know what the upper classes are like.
TEGAN: I can't believe she said that. Not even Turlough would say that , not now. Nyssa? She's my friend.
THE DOCTOR: Of course she is. Don't worry about it. Anywhere here, thanks.
TUK TUK DRIVER: All right, boss.
TEGAN: This isn't the park.
THE DOCTOR: I've got a little business to deal with.
TEGAN: Sundown Studios. Isn't that the TV channel on the advert?
THE DOCTOR: Yes it is. The park's just along there.
(The vehicle they are in stops.)
TEGAN: Looks like this place is closing down. The removal men are in.
THE DOCTOR: You go on ahead and find the others. I won't be long.
TEGAN: Okay. But what about you...
THE DOCTOR: Hurry along, Tegan. The others will be waiting.
TEGAN: Yeah, fine. Well, don't be long.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you, driver.
(Note rustling.)
THE DOCTOR: Here. Keep the change.
TUK TUK DRIVER: It's, er ... it's not enough, boss.
THE DOCTOR: You - you want more? Soon, my friend, you'll realise you should be paying me .
TUK TUK DRIVER: I want fifty more.
THE DOCTOR: Insolent wretch. Tell me, did you ever dream about something like this?
(Snake hiss. TUK TUK DRIVER gasps. THE DOCTOR laugh.)
THE DOCTOR: I thought not. Something to tell your wastrel family about.
THE DOCTOR: Happy New Year.
(TUK TUK DRIVER gasping in fear.)

NYSSA: When did you start imagining the snake?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It must be imagining, mustn't it? I mean, snakes don't really live in people's heads.
NYSSA: Not usually, no.
(Walking over.)
TURLOUGH: I bought some water. Here's your change.
(Bottle opened. Drinking.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh yes. That's better. I'm Yoanna, by the way. Yoanna Rayluss.
NYSSA: Hello. I'm Nyssa and this is Turlough.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's just that it won't seem to shift. This image of the serpent - it's like a bad dream coiling in and out of my thoughts, and I'm not even asleep. I took a couple of Azulin, but it made no difference.
TURLOUGH: So you thought buying some charms might help the dreams?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Well ... yes. But the silly man didn't understand. He kept offering me good-luck gris-gris. I mean, what good would a bag of old bones and grave dirt be? That's just silly.
(Walking up to them.)
TEGAN: Hello, you two.
NYSSA: Tegan.
TEGAN: Am I relieved to find you. I thought you'd have gone.
NYSSA: How was the consultant?
TEGAN: Well...
TEGAN: It was fine. He says I'm clear, it's all over, no after-effects.
NYSSA: Oh Tegan, that's wonderful. After all that I'm so glad.
TEGAN: Are you?
TURLOUGH: Me too. Well done, Tegan.
TEGAN: Thanks. I feel like celebrating.
TURLOUGH: Where's the Doctor?
TEGAN: Oh, he stopped somewhere on business or something. He'll be along in a minute. He was being a bit cagey, though. You see some strange things and people around here.
(YOANNA RAYLUSS gently clears her throat.)
NYSSA: Oh, I'm sorry. Yoanna, this is our friend Tegan.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Pleased to meet you. Glad to hear of your good news.
TEGAN: Thanks. I'm a lot better now. No more bad dreams.
NYSSA: Tegan, I think we should be going.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Wait. I've been having bad dreams too.
TEGAN: Really?
TURLOUGH: All of you - don't move.
TEGAN: Cripes!
NYSSA: It's a snake!
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Get it away from me. It's come out of my dream!
TEGAN: It's not you it wants. It's come back for me .

(People moving things.)
BAALAKA: Those crates too, please, before the others.
BAALAKA: I'm sorry sir, the studio's closed.
THE DOCTOR: Where's Rick ausGarten?
BAALAKA: He's not here, sir. Can I help?
THE DOCTOR: Then bring him.
BAALAKA: Mr ausGarten is busy elsewhere, sir.
THE DOCTOR: What's going on here?
BAALAKA: If it's about the show tomorrow, I'm afraid it's postponed. There were safety issues? They'll probably show an old film instead.
BAALAKA: Excuse me. Oh - no, please don't touch the equipment. That has to be packed properly. Might as well finish off for tonight. Thank you.
THE DOCTOR: Is this the thought materialisation machine?
(Operating switches.)
BAALAKA: Sorry sir, please leave it alone.
THE DOCTOR: This crystal is larger-scale and barely adequate for my purpose.
BAALAKA: If you call Mr ausG tomorrow I'm sure we can arrange a meeting?
THE DOCTOR: Can I be sure of that?
BAALAKA: Yes, sir. What was the name?
THE DOCTOR: Perhaps I should recruit you to the cause now.
BAALAKA: We are very busy at the moment.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, you've hardly started, young man.
(Sound of The Doctor rolling up his sleeve.)
THE DOCTOR: Tell me, what do you see in your darkest dreams?
BAALAKA: You have a snake on your arm, sir.
THE DOCTOR: It is the mark of the Mara.
(Snake hissing.)
BAALAKA: I'm sorry, sir. It's just a snake to me.
BAALAKA: And I never really have dreams, though other people tell me theirs. Sorry, I still didn't catch your name.
THE DOCTOR: No, you didn't.
BAALAKA: There. Your snake's settled down already. Must be sleeping.
THE DOCTOR: Tell Rick ausGarten that the future is waiting.
(Walking off.)
BAALAKA: Thank you, sir. I'll tell him you called.

(Hissing of snake.)
TURLOUGH: Don't move, any of you. You'll frighten the snake.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's searching.
TEGAN: It's looking for me. I can't just stand here.
NYSSA: It's fixed on Tegan.
TEGAN: I knew it.
TURLOUGH: The rest of you, back away slowly. No sudden moves.
TEGAN: Don't leave me.
TURLOUGH: Tegan, listen to me. There were always snakes around where I grew up, and if we ran into them, this is what we did, okay? Very slowly, slip off your jacket.
TEGAN: I can't.
NYSSA: Do it Tegan, please.
TURLOUGH: That's right. Slip the jacket off, and bring it round to your front. That's it. Slowly. No, no - keep it raised, so that's what the snake watches. Good. Right. Now, lower the jacket until the hem touches the ground.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What's he doing?
NYSSA: The snake watches the jacket, not Tegan.
TURLOUGH: Good. Well done.
TEGAN: Now what?
TURLOUGH: Keep the jacket in the same place, but you step slowly backwards. No - don't move the jacket. That's it. As far as you can.
TEGAN: I can't reach any further.
TEGAN: It's still watching.
TURLOUGH: Now, drop the jacket gently to the floor. Go on.
(Rustling of clothing as jacket is lowered.)
TURLOUGH: And step slowly away.
NYSSA: It's still watching the jacket. Well done, Turlough.
TURLOUGH: That's okay.
TEGAN: Can we please get out of here?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh! It's you again.
TEGAN: Who's he?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Dadda Desaka. Are you following me?
DADDA DESAKA: The snake won't harm you, Ma'ams. Not unless you scare her.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh - we scare her ?
TEGAN: Don't touch it.
DADDA DESAKA: Come on, old lady.
(Hissing of snake.)
DADDA DESAKA: Easy does it. There we are. See? Nothing to be scared of.
TEGAN: That's a matter of opinion.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Dadda, is that your snake?
DADDA DESAKA: Here, old lady, a mouse for you.
TEGAN: Oh, he's got a bag full of mice. They're alive!
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Have you brought livestock into the city?
DADDA DESAKA: City folks' laws don't count. Laws can't touch me.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: More's the pity.
TURLOUGH: Are you a Snake-dancer?
DADDA DESAKA: Snake-herd, that's me.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Don't you bring that thing near me.
DADDA DESAKA: Her eyes ain't so good, but - she can taste the badness. Can't you? Let's start with the pretty lady.
(Snake hiss, DADDA DESAKA hums.)
DADDA DESAKA: No. Nothing bad here.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I should hope not.
DADDA DESAKA: And you, young ma'am?
(DADDA DESAKA hums, snake hisses.)
NYSSA: I'm not entirely sure this is ethical.
DADDA DESAKA: Nothing there neither. How about the young fella?
TURLOUGH: Is your snake poisonous?
DADDA DESAKA: She squeezes. No. Less bad than I thought. She tasted worse.
DADDA DESAKA: And how about the other ma'am?
TEGAN: Keep him away from me.
NYSSA: It's all right, Tegan.
TEGAN: What's he saying? Make him stop!
DADDA DESAKA: She tastes how there was a shadow in you.
TEGAN: None of your business. Leave me alone.
DADDA DESAKA: She tastes the scars inside, but the shadow's gone.
TURLOUGH: So Tegan's fine now, yeah?
DADDA DESAKA: Time would heal her, yes, but Time is scarred now.
NYSSA: Please leave her alone.
TEGAN: What's he doing now?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: He's having a vision. I wouldn't touch.
DADDA DESAKA: Where is the shadow? I see it growing. A dark cloud flooding the sky, eating the sun and the land and the sea. It will swallow Manussa whole. Where is the shadow now?
(He hums.)
TEGAN: Nyssa!
NYSSA: It's all right. We can go.
TEGAN: But I remember my dream.
TURLOUGH: You certainly pick your moments.
TEGAN: Where's the Doctor?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Wait a minute. The Doctor? Who's that?
NYSSA: A friend.
TEGAN: We have to find him. He could be in danger.
NYSSA: Turlough?
TURLOUGH: Okay. You head back to the TARDIS. I'll go and look for him.
(Moving off.)
NYSSA: Tegan, what happened in your dream?
TEGAN: The Doctor took the shadow of that thing from me.
NYSSA: The Mara?
TEGAN: In my dream. He took it on himself. But what will it do to him?

TURLOUGH: Now, where would he go to.
THE DOCTOR: Hello Turlough, my old friend.
TURLOUGH: Doctor, you're here. We were waiting. Nyssa and Tegan are just over there.
THE DOCTOR: Careful. careful.
THE DOCTOR: You've always been good at secrets. Let's keep this to ourselves a bit longer, eh?
TURLOUGH: Keep what? Tegan's upset.
THE DOCTOR: Is she? The poor soul.
TURLOUGH: There was a bit of trouble with an old tribesman.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I saw.
TURLOUGH: You've been watching?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I've been keeping well-clear. And now you're in on it too, all the better. It's New Year, so let's have a bit of fun for a change.
TURLOUGH: Doctor, I don't understand what you're talking about.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, come on Turlough. You know, you really have got very dull lately. Where's the old errant Turlough gone? Always in trouble, always on the make.
TURLOUGH: I'm still always in trouble.
THE DOCTOR: Then why don't you start to enjoy it, eh? Forget Nyssa and Tegan. Do you seriously think they can't look after themselves?
THE DOCTOR: That's better. Leave them to it for a while. Come on, Turlough. Boys' night out. What do you say?

(DADDA DESAKA humming.)
NYSSA: Come on, let's go.
DOA: Wait. We can't leave him, he's in some sort of trance.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'd better ring Social Services.
TEGAN: We could slip away before he wakes up. Come on...
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Wait a minute . I thought your friend was a Doctor.
NYSSA: He is, but not the right type.
TEGAN: Are we going or not?
NYSSA: No. Yoanna's right. We have to stay.
TEGAN: You know Nyssa, I've had it up to here with your superior attitude.
NYSSA: I'm sorry?
TEGAN: You didn't think I'd get better, did you?
NYSSA: I don't know what you mean.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Both of you, look...
TEGAN: Little Miss Perfect, aren't you? While poor little Tegan suffers from a weak constitution. Isn't that what you said?
NYSSA: I never said that.
TEGAN: That's not what I heard.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Hoi, break it up, you two.
TEGAN: And you can stay out of it, Jobsworth.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Will you please look?
(Lots of humming from others.)
NYSSA: Where did they come from?
TEGAN: Why are they all carrying snakes?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The Dadda's summoned his tribe. Snake-herders from the Naaga hills.
DADDA DESAKA: Friends, the meeting is dark and we are far from home. As we foresaw, a shadow has come to our world. This woman carried it first.
TEGAN: Now, hang on.
DADDA DESAKA: But she has no guile, and now the evil walks amongst us in another shape.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Excuse me? You can't all come into the city like this. Who gave you permission to bring indigenous animals off your reservation?
DADDA DESAKA: Friends, we must drive out the shadow.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'm waiting?
NYSSA: Snakes. He's not talking to the tribesmen, it's the snakes he's talking to.
TEGAN: Nyssa, don't let them near me.
NYSSA: I won't.
DADDA DESAKA: Go now, my friends. Seek out the shadow in the dark.

(Carnival atmosphere. Bell rings.)
SHOWMAN: Third strike wins the prize.
TURLOUGH: Well done, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Nice try, showman.
THE DOCTOR: Trying to knobble my game. These weights are fixed.
TURLOUGH: Come on. You won the giant cuddly ... whatever it is.
THE DOCTOR: I'm cleverer than you are.
TURLOUGH: Come away, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: I'll remember you.
SHOWMAN: Yeah, you too, mate.
TURLOUGH: Get your prize and come on.
THE DOCTOR: You have it.
TURLOUGH: Oh, now, don't sulk. You're supposed to enjoy yourself.
THE DOCTOR: Oh I am, Turlough. Yes, down over here and cover me.
TURLOUGH: What are you doing? Don't touch that.
(Cutting rope.)
THE DOCTOR: Just leaving him a token of my appreciation.
TURLOUGH: But that's holding the tent up.
THE DOCTOR: Done it.
(Collapsing tent. Crowd clamour and gasping.)
TURLOUGH: What did you do that for?
THE DOCTOR: (laugh.) Oh, not as satisfying as I'd hoped. Come on.
(Running off.)
TURLOUGH: Wait for me.
THE DOCTOR: Keep up, Turlough.
TURLOUGH: I'm trying to!
(Walking through the crowd.)
THE DOCTOR: Look at the crowds, leaderless sheep, content in their ignorance, they want for nothing, they desire nothing. They need stirring up.
TURLOUGH: That's a bit subversive, even for you.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, not my usual goody-goody self, you mean? Thank goodness for that. What about you, Turlough, what do you want?
TURLOUGH: Me? Look, I thought this was our night on the town.
THE DOCTOR: What was always out of your reach?
TURLOUGH: I don't know. I suppose I've learned ... learned to accept things a bit. You taught me that.
THE DOCTOR: (laughs.) Sanctimonious claptrap. You're as bad as Nyssa. But you'll soon learn ... (Louder) All of you!
THE DOCTOR: You'll all see, you wait till tomorrow night!
TURLOUGH: Quiet, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: And the New Year.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, look.
TURLOUGH: Now what?
THE DOCTOR: Snakes in the grass. Quick, back there, out of sight. They're searching for me.
TURLOUGH: For ... for you? The snakes?
THE DOCTOR: I was expected. So let's give them a run for their money. Is that the park controller's office, do you think?
(Running off.)
TURLOUGH: No, Doctor! Where are you going? Hey, come back!

(Bleep of communication device.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: This is Officer Rayluss. Emergency desk, please. Thanks.
TEGAN: She's an officer? Is she police?
NYSSA: She didn't say.
TEGAN: As long as she doesn't ask who we are.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'm at the city park, by the Scrampus gate. Scrampus. S, C, R ... Oh, come on! I've had a bad day, I've got a group of displaced snake-herders on the loose. ... Well - snake-herders, snake herds, whatever. They've got snakes with them.
DADDA DESAKA: The officer woman understands nothing. The evil must be sought out.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: That's right, it's a three one five, two cars at least. But no sirens, or you'll start a panic. And bring some nets.
THE DOCTOR: (PA system) Attention, please. We are receiving reports of a number of snakes loose in the park.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What's he saying?
DADDA DESAKA: It is the evil's voice. It speaks.
NYSSA: That's the Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: (PA system) These snakes are dangerous, possibly venomous.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The absolute idiot!
THE DOCTOR: (PA system) If you see one, report it immediately to park staff. Stay calm. Don't panic.
(Crowd alarmed cries.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's already started. People will be hurt.
TEGAN: That's not the Doctor. It's the Ma... monster inside him. It's taking hold already.
DADDA DESAKA: She cannot speak its name, but she knows its nature.
TEGAN: Too right I do. We have to stop it.
NYSSA: Yoanna, where's that announcement coming from?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Park Security offices.
TEGAN: That thing was bad enough in my head. Think what it'll be like in the Doctor.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Thing? What thing? What is she talking about?
NYSSA: Tegan means the Mara.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The Mara? What's that? Hang on. Hello? Get those cars here now. A three one nine is starting.
DADDA DESAKA: Wait. My friends have found the evil. Tall with yellow hair, leaving the park by the Moonwalk Gate.
NYSSA: The Doctor?
TEGAN: That's the way I came in.
DADDA DESAKA: It is not alone. Your young friend attends it.
NYSSA: Turlough.
TEGAN: Turlough. Suppose he's been taken over too?
(Police sirens.)

(Breaking something open. Walking in.)
THE DOCTOR: Come on, Turlough. No-one here. Let's have some light.
TURLOUGH: It's not funny any more, Doctor. I mean the tent and the announcement okay, but breaking and entering...
THE DOCTOR: (laugh) Oh, I'm just warming up.
TURLOUGH: What have Sundown Studios ever done to you?
THE DOCTOR: I need this place. This is where it begins.
TURLOUGH: We should go. Tegan and Nyssa are still waiting.
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa. Oh yes, the tedious little nun. I have a debt to settle there.
TURLOUGH: I'm going back.
THE DOCTOR: No you're not. You're in my service now.
TURLOUGH: Your service? What's got into you? You've changed.
THE DOCTOR: Have I? Or have I just taken a turn for the better?
TURLOUGH: I don't think so.
THE DOCTOR: And so will you. Come here.
TURLOUGH: I'm leaving.
THE DOCTOR: Come here. It's time you saw the world through my eyes.
TURLOUGH: Maybe I don't want to.
TURLOUGH: What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: All that darkness and richness, you've no idea what you're missing.
TURLOUGH: What have you done to your arm?
THE DOCTOR: Wealth and power, Vizlor Turlough.
TURLOUGH: I don't know.
THE DOCTOR: It's yours for the taking.
(Noise of door closing.)
TURLOUGH: Someone's coming.
THE DOCTOR: In here. Oh no you don't.
THE DOCTOR: In here.
(Door closed. Whistling of bird-song.)
THE DOCTOR: Well now...
TURLOUGH: Please, let go of my arm. Don't think I don't appreciate the offer, but must you be so forceful?
TURLOUGH: Thank you. What is this place? Some sort of zoo?
THE DOCTOR: Certainly smells like it. Although the hutches suggest an experimental laboratory.
TURLOUGH: Must be on an industrial scale, then. Oh, look at this. It's a mutation. It has no skin. How can it even exist?
THE DOCTOR: Who cares?
TURLOUGH: Or this one. Surely nothing can evolve like that? It's all feathers and eyes.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, fascinating.
TURLOUGH: Oh! And this. It's legs are all wrong, facing in opposite directions. There's a different creature in every hutch. No labels though, so no names either. Must go on for miles.
THE DOCTOR: Here's an empty one, with a blanket inside.
TURLOUGH: Ow! What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: This'll do for you, Turlough.
TURLOUGH: Get - get off!
THE DOCTOR: So I can keep an eye on you. In you go!
(Door closed.)
TURLOUGH: Let me out!
(Bleep of mobile phone.)
TURLOUGH: Let me out!
(Walking off.)
TURLOUGH: Come back, Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Come on. Kerrem. It's me. How's my list of intellectuals going? I want as many as you can get for tomorrow night. Top-rate fees, venue to be confirmed.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Don't move an inch.
(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: I'll call you back.
(Bleep of turning off mobile phone.)
THE DOCTOR: Mr ausGarten, I presume.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Are you Press? Or Safety Enforcement?
THE DOCTOR: Neither as it happens, but I've come a long way to find you, Rick.
RICK AUSGARTEN: These are private premises. Now, get out.
THE DOCTOR: Relax. Forget your problems.
THE DOCTOR: This is your lucky day. From now on, you're working for me.

(Walking in street.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: How much further?
TEGAN: There it is. The Doctor said he had business there.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Sundown Studios? I was here this afternoon. It's Rick ausGarten's outfit.
DADDA DESAKA: This place is marked with darkness.
NYSSA: There are certainly no lights on.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Well, of course there aren't. I closed the place down. Some people have no regard for public safety.
DADDA DESAKA: Too late for that.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What are you doing here, Dadda? You're supposed to stay in the park.
DADDA DESAKA: This Dadda is holy and wise, and untroubled by sad city people's laws. I go where I like.
TEGAN: Hang on. This is the tuk-tuk we came in. Surely he can't still be waiting?
(Walking over.)
TEGAN: Hello? You brought us here this afternoon, remember?
(TUK TUK DRIVER gasping.)
TEGAN: Is my friend still here? Hello?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What's the matter with him?
NYSSA: He looks terrified. Are you all right?
TEGAN: Is the Doctor still here?
DADDA DESAKA: My son. Happy New Year.
(TUK TUK DRIVER sighs with relief.)
DADDA DESAKA: Go home to your family.
(Engine starts up, vehicle drives off.)
TEGAN: How did you do that?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Something upset that driver.
TEGAN: The Doctor must still be here.
DADDA DESAKA: It is true. The evil waits inside.
TEGAN: That's my friend you're talking about.
NYSSA: He's my friend too, and Turlough. Please don't call them that.
DADDA DESAKA: Tegan came back from the dark. They can too.
NYSSA: Right. So how do we get in?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Easy. As a Safety Enforcement Officer I can invoke special powers and enter that building any time.

(Bird-song in background.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: You came here to fund my project? Don't make me laugh.
THE DOCTOR: Your reputation is spreading, Rick. It is all right to call you that, I hope?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh, I'm public property . Rick ausGarten, celebrity scientist.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Yeah well, it helps to have a bit of razzmatazz thrown in. I mean, creating matter from pure thought, it ain't exactly the main aim of crystal research.
THE DOCTOR: But it still makes science more accessible to the public.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Well, everyone loves a show.
THE DOCTOR: And none of these creatures existed before you created them? They all come from the Four-D crystals?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Bit of a by-product, really. You start projecting the image of a flower - shape, texture, scent - but then these critters turn up too - birds, animals. I thought we'd got that problem sorted until today.
THE DOCTOR: Pure thought is rarely pure. The subconscious will always seep through.
RICK AUSGARTEN: You see this one?
(Bird squawk.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Two heads with plumage like water? Sings duets with itself. Real class, that is.
THE DOCTOR: Fascinating.
RICK AUSGARTEN: And along here this is our snake tank.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Though we get more of them than anything. All colours and shapes. Funny that. They're agitated tonight. Normally they sleep all day.
THE DOCTOR: But are they evolution or art?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh, that's too deep for me, Doctor. So, are you rescuing me or what? Go on, make me an offer.
THE DOCTOR: You need funding. I can provide that, and influence too.
RICK AUSGARTEN: I like it. Tell me more.
THE DOCTOR: You'll have a team of A-list celebrities to endorse tomorrow night's premiere.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Tomorrow? You'll be lucky. They closed me down, remember?
THE DOCTOR: It won't be a problem.
RICK AUSGARTEN: So what's the catch?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Everyone wants something. You might as well tell me. I'll only end up worrying.
THE DOCTOR: I'll start with Manussa.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Eh? You want the world? (Laugh.) Don't we all.
(Walking over.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Here, what are you doing?
(Noise of something being moved aside.)
THE DOCTOR: Your snakes. I like their company.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Put that down. Careful, you idiot!
THE DOCTOR: And they like me!
(Smash of glass.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh, heaven wept, the snakes. Baala? Baala, they're getting out!
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh - get off. What's your game?
THE DOCTOR: You should rejoice, Rick ausGarten. You let me in. Without you, I'd be nothing.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Who are you?
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: I am the Mara, the rightful heir to the world of chaos!
RICK AUSGARTEN: No, please ... No ... no ... please, no ... no, no...!

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)

ANNOUNCER: The Cradle of the Snake written by Marc Platt starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Rick ausGarten was played by Dan Stevens, Baalaka by Toby Sawyer, and Yoanna Rayluss by Madeleine Potter. Hugh Fraser played Doctor Honri Kerrem, and Dadda Desaka was played by Vernon Dobtcheff. Original Music was by Andy Hardwick. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, The Cradle Of The Snake was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. The Cradle Of The Snake, by Marc Platt. Episode Three.

(Jungle noises.)
BAALAKA: Who are you? What are you doing in there?
TURLOUGH: Erm, let me out of this thing, please.
BAALAKA: That's my blanket. I sleep there.
TURLOUGH: In a hutch?
BAALAKA: I'm Baalaka, Baala for short. Give my blanket back.
TURLOUGH: You're welcome to it. Just let me out.
BAALAKA: Are you a fan of Mr ausGarten?
TURLOUGH: No. My name's Turlough. The Doctor brought me in.
BAALAKA: Is he your friend? He's talking to Mr ausG now, I saw them.
TURLOUGH: Are you letting me out or not?
BAALAKA: You can't steal the animals. They won't exist away from here.
TURLOUGH: I don't want to steal them!
BAALAKA: Your friend's not natural. He scares me.
TURLOUGH: I'm not sure if he ever was natural. Not by other people's standards. Look, please, open this door.
BAALAKA: You'll leave my blanket?
(Door unlocked. Walking out.)
TURLOUGH: At last. Thank you.
BAALAKA: You're scared of him too.
BAALAKA: You really fear him.
TURLOUGH: That's crazy. I'm not scared of him. He's the Doctor.
(RICK AUSGARTEN cry in distance.)
BAALAKA: Mr ausGarten.
TURLOUGH: Just don't expect me to stay!
(Running off.)
BAALAKA: Wait! Come back!

(RICK AUSGARTEN cry in distance.)
NYSSA: What was that?
TEGAN: Someone screamed. Through there.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I knew we should have waited for back-up.
TEGAN: You were the one who was all gung-ho about breaking in.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The door was already broken.
NYSSA: Please be quiet, both of you.
DADDA DESAKA: Nyssa is right. The evil is nearby.
NYSSA: That cry came from through here.
TEGAN: Be careful.
(Banging of door. NYSSA gasps.)
TEGAN: Turlough.
TURLOUGH: Tegan, Nyssa, we have to get out.
NYSSA: Where's the Doctor? Did you find him?
TURLOUGH: It's not safe in here. Get out.
TEGAN: Where is he?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Has someone been hurt? We heard a scream.
TURLOUGH: Please, you don't understand. It's the Doctor.
NYSSA: What about him? Is he hurt?
TURLOUGH: I don't know. He's different. He's gone crazy.
TEGAN: Crazy? Oh no.
TURLOUGH: It's not him. It's as if he's ... like someone else.
DADDA DESAKA: The evil moves amongst us. First it slides, then it walks.
TURLOUGH: We have to get out!
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I agree. Everyone out, now. Clear the place until the safety officers arrive, and don't touch anything.
NYSSA: Don't move.
NYSSA: There's a snake by the door. Keep back.
TEGAN: Oh no!
(Hissing. DADDA DESAKA hums.)
TURLOUGH: Back away.
NYSSA: And another behind you.
TEGAN: They're all over the place.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Dadda, are these yours?
DADDA DESAKA: No, not these. These are shadows cast by the darkness itself.
TURLOUGH: Don't get too close.
DADDA DESAKA: But even shade snakes are hungry.
(Squeaking of mice.)
TEGAN: You're using your mice?
DADDA DESAKA: They know their place. Keep them busy, little ones.
TURLOUGH: Shade mice. That's clever.
TEGAN: That's horrible!
NYSSA: Tegan, we must find the Doctor.
TURLOUGH: Before he finds us.
(Door opens.)
TURLOUGH: Look out.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Mrs Rayluss. Still checking up on me, are you?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's my job, Mr ausGarten. You're keeping dangerous livestock on these premises. You didn't inform me of that.
TEGAN: It's him. He was on the advert.
RICK AUSGARTEN: A few research specimens got loose, that's all. They won't hurt you if you leave them alone.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: They're not like any snakes I've ever seen.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Then put that in your report too. Now, get out and take this old witch doctor with you. He's caused enough trouble round here.
DADDA DESAKA: Your words are lies. The dark snake has already bitten you.
RICK AUSGARTEN: I said get out.
NYSSA: Who was that screaming?
TURLOUGH: Nyssa, just come away.
RICK AUSGARTEN: It's a TV show. You'll have to tune in to find out.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Your show's been cancelled.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh. News to me.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What else are you hiding?
TEGAN: And where's the Doctor? I know he's here.
(Approaching forwards.)
THE DOCTOR: I'm here, Tegan.
NYSSA: Doctor!
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh my Lord. It's him.
DADDA DESAKA: The evil lives. Our days turn to night.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's him. I saw him. The fair-haired man standing ion the dark heart of the rose.
TURLOUGH: Don't look at his eyes.
THE DOCTOR: I knew you'd follow me. Ever-angry Tegan, Turlough the truculent youth, and Saint Nyssa the interminably reproachful.
NYSSA: What's happened to you?
THE DOCTOR: One guess, little nun.
TEGAN: Oh Doctor, no. Is that what you took away from me?
THE DOCTOR: Just as well.
(Police siren in distance.)
THE DOCTOR: It's a miracle anything survives trapped in your tiny mind, but with me, the possibilities are endless.
TEGAN: Not if I stop you first.
NYSSA: Tegan?
TEGAN: Take a look in my mirror.
THE DOCTOR: I haven't got time for games.
TEGAN: You can't, can you? You can't look at yourself.
THE DOCTOR: Give me that!
(Struggling, TEGAN cry, mirror smashing.)
THE DOCTOR: And now you're all in the Mara's power.
(Smashing open.)
POLICEMAN: Safety Enforcement. No-one move.
TURLOUGH: It's the police.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: About time too.
POLICEMAN: That one.
(Rustling as grabbed.)
TURLOUGH: Hey! Get off me!
POLICEMAN: And that one.
TEGAN: The Doctor?
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
NYSSA: Locking up the Doctor won't help. Or Turlough for that matter.
POLICEMAN: You are both being sectioned for public disturbances at Scrampus Park.
TURLOUGH: But I didn't do anything.
POLICEMAN: Take them away.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I'll follow you, Sergeant.
(People being taken off.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I need a warrant to close these studios permanently. Where's ausGarten gone? He was here just now.
NYSSA: Yoanna, the Doctor needs medical help.
DADDA DESAKA: Evil cannot be subdued so easily. It will spread like dark fire through the tinder.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: And with due respect, Dadda - isn't "evil" going a bit far?
TEGAN: Not in this case it's not. The Doctor's possessed by that - that thing.
NYSSA: The Mara.
TEGAN: That word.
DADDA DESAKA: Yoanna, you saw him in your mind's eye.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: No. No, that's just fantasy. The Doctor's disturbed. That's why I'm taking him in for assessment. At least let's understand him before we condemn him as a maniac.

(Jungle noises.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Baala? Are you in there? Come on, out you come.
BAALAKA: Go away.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Now, where could Baalaka be? Is he under the blanket? Shall we look, children?
BAALAKA: There are snakes out there.
(Door opened.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Come on, there's work needs doing.
BAALAKA: Has he gone, that man, the scary one?
BAALAKA: He had a friend too. He wasn't cruel, he knew about being scared.
RICK AUSGARTEN: The SE's were here, they took them away for a basting, the idiots.
BAALAKA: Mr ausG, I thought you were hurt, or ... worse.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Me? Baala, I've never felt better. We've got ourselves a backer. The Doctor's coughing up. The Dreamarama show's on again.
RICK AUSGARTEN: With proper funding this time. No more takeaway noodle buckets for us.
BAALAKA: But the Doctor's been locked up. You just said. And half the equipment's gone.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Then we get it back. Come on, out you come.
(Movement, coming out of the cell.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: That's it. We've got one day to get back on track. So let's burn the tyres, eh? What are you staring at?
BAALAKA: That mark on your arm. The snake. It's the same mark the Doctor had.

TEGAN: It's cold. What are we doing hanging around here for? Shouldn't we try and see the Doctor?
NYSSA: Did you notice the equipment in the studio?
TEGAN: Don't you care? It's my fault, Nyssa. He's in that state because of me. Sorry. You're trying to keep me busy, aren't you?
NYSSA: If it helps. The studio's set up to create living matter from thought energy using crystal technology.
TEGAN: Must be state-of-the-art around here. Doctor Kerrem was using that for my brain scan. He was a nice man when we met him. Maybe he could help.
NYSSA: Well, I took a look at the crystals in the studio equipment.
NYSSA: The crystals are blue. Industrially-grown sapphires. They're bigger versions of the Little Mind's Eye that the Doctor was using to reach into your subconscious.
TEGAN: Nyssa, why didn't I make that connection? I could kick myself. You mean they're smaller versions of the Great Mind's Eye, the crystal that snake thing will use one day to become real.
NYSSA: I'm sorry.
TEGAN: But that's years in the future, centuries yet. Isn't it?
NYSSA: I hope so, Tegan. For all our sakes, I hope that's right.

MAN: (intercom) Your expert has arrived.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Send him in.
(Door opened.)
(Door closed, walking in.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: A pleasure to see you as always.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Good to see you, Doctor Kerrem. I needed an independent expert. Thank goodness you're in the building.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Right. And which is the subject in question?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: The taller fair-haired man at the back of the cell.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Ah yes. And you'd like me to give him a remote brain scan?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Well, he seems docile enough. What's he in for?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Breaking and entering. Causing a public disturbance. And he had a bit of a run-in - if that's the right word - with a vagrant tribesman, a mystic, one Dadda Desaka from the Naaga Hill Tribe.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: A mystic? Hmm. One of the untouchables?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: More's the pity. Otherwise I'd haul him in too. The Dadda was insisting that our subject here is the evil one incarnate.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: (laughing) Superstitious hogwash.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I know. Except ... well, I'm inclined to agree. Maybe not evil, not as such. But there is something nasty and disturbing about him. He led us quite a dance this afternoon, causing chaos all over the city, and he has this obsession with snakes.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Well, that hardly warrants a scan, you know.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Yes, but also ... well, I do try to be rational, it's my job - safety issues and everything, but ... Oh, never mind.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: What about the younger subject? He looks scared. If the Doctor's such a villain should be both be in the same cell?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: How did you know he was a Doctor? We didn't even have a name.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Er, the ... arrest report. I saw it on the way in.

TURLOUGH: They're bound to be watching.
THE DOCTOR: Very probably.
TURLOUGH: Doctor...
THE DOCTOR: The Doctor is no longer available, I'm delighted to say.
TURLOUGH: Please, try and remember who you are. What about Nyssa and Tegan, and everything we've been through together? You saved me from public school, and the Black Guardian. I was a wreck and I owe you my life. Don't you remember Helheim and the Cractids? Purity Bay when the Takers came? And what about your home?
THE DOCTOR: None of your business.
TURLOUGH: Your TARDIS. You can't lose that, it's a part of you. We could get you away from here. Doctor?
(THE DOCTOR gasps.)
THE DOCTOR: Turlough, is that you?
TURLOUGH: Yes, I'm here?
THE DOCTOR: What's happening to me, I can't remember any more. Am I a monster now? People seem to think I'm a monster.
TURLOUGH: No, no, no, Doctor, of course you're not.
THE DOCTOR: Then who am I? Because I've no idea, you see. None at all.
TURLOUGH: You're the Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Oh my head, it's kicking and rolling in there like an unborn child, it'll crack open like an egg.
TURLOUGH: We have to get you help. (Calling) Help! Please! He's not well!
THE DOCTOR: Oh, it's hot in here, isn't it? Please, I need to ... Help me off with my coat.
TURLOUGH: Okay. Come on then. That's it.
THE DOCTOR: What was it? Don't look at me like that. What - what did you say your name was?
TURLOUGH: Doctor, where will we be without you?
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: You should see your face.
(THE DOCTOR Laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: All that concern. It was just a joke, Turlough old chum. I'm stronger than I ever was.
TURLOUGH: I should have known.
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry. I still want your help. I've got all sorts of tricks up my sleeve. Look!
THE DOCTOR: It's yours, Turlough, the mark of the Mara. Take it!
TURLOUGH: It's moving! Keep it away from me!
TURLOUGH: Let me out of here!
(Banging on door.)
TURLOUGH: Get me out! Somebody let me out!
(Banging on door.)
THE DOCTOR: Excuse me while I make a quick call.
TURLOUGH: Get me out of here!
(Mobile phone bleeps.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: He's got another snake in there. Get the boy out!
MAN: (intercom) Hurry now.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I thought they'd been searched. How has he got a snake with him? And a phone!
(Phone dialling.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Hello? Yes, yes of course.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: He called ... he called you, from the cell? You - you know him?
(Push, YOANNA RAYLUSS gasps.)
(Falls. Alarm sound.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Doctor, down here.
THE DOCTOR: That is no longer my name. Get me out of this place.
(Thump, falls to ground.)
THE DOCTOR: Where's your car?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: I came by taxi.
THE DOCTOR: Then we'll take a police vehicle. That one. The blue one.

(Alarm sounding in the background.)
TURLOUGH: The Doctor attacked me. It looks like he attacked you too.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: That was Doctor Kerrem, one of our regular experts. I mean, who can you trust these days? Where did the Doctor get that snake from?
TURLOUGH: I hoped you'd tell me. It was on his arm like a tattoo and then it came alive.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: It's not still here?
TURLOUGH: No, no, no, he took it with him.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I knew he was trouble.
(Alarm stops.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh! That's better. I couldn't hear myself think.
TURLOUGH: But he's not like this, not normally, not trouble I mean.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: But the Dadda thought he was. He said the Doctor was possessed by ... what did he call it?
TURLOUGH: The Mara. It's some sort of evil spirit.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: That will look good in my report.
TURLOUGH: But what did you say?
TURLOUGH: Earlier, at the studio. You said you recognised the Doctor. The man at the heart of the rose.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Excuse me. Who's questioning whom here?
TURLOUGH: Look ... I'm sorry, I'm new to all this Mara stuff. It's Tegan and Nyssa who really know.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Your friends?
TURLOUGH: Yes. But whatever he's doing now, the Doctor needs help.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: This interview is off the record. You know, my reputation is tarnished enough, and frankly, it's obvious you're not to blame.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: So, do you know where to find your friends?
TURLOUGH: I think so.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: And you'd bring them to me?
TURLOUGH: If you'll agree to help the Doctor.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (laugh) A fine New Year this is turning out to be. All right, bring them here, you're free to go.

(Street scene. Car horn. Inside a car.)
THE DOCTOR: Get this car moving, Kerrem.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Blasted New Year shoppers. It'd be quicker to walk, and safer to lose this police car.
THE DOCTOR: That irony is amusing, don't you think?
(Car door opened. Walking outside.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: It's through here.
THE DOCTOR: Get out of my way.
WOMAN: Hey, excuse me? Beg your pardon?
THE DOCTOR: What about my list? The greatest intellects Manussa can offer?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Too clever by half, most of them.
THE DOCTOR: And so, who have you got?
THE DOCTOR: What do you mean, no-one?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: I had a list as long as your arm, my secretary spent the day calling them but no-one's interested. They're all suddenly busy or away for the holiday.
THE DOCTOR: At every turn incompetence, bureaucracy. Which way is ausGarten Studio?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Not far. At the top end of the market.
THE DOCTOR: The Mara will be born today. A new age will begin even if I do everything myself. Wait.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: What's the matter?
THE DOCTOR: The key. The key to the Doctor's ship. It's missing. Turlough.

NYSSA: I knew we should have tried the police station.
TEGAN: The TARDIS must be around here somewhere. It all looks so different after dark.
NYSSA: Assuming the Doctor or Turlough do actually come back.
TEGAN: Where else will they go? They're - they're bound to have escaped by now.
NYSSA: It depends what state the Doctor's in.
TEGAN: Look! There you are, the TARDIS, I told you.
NYSSA: But what's happened to it?
TEGAN: Garlands and chains. Someone's been busy. What's that all about?
DADDA DESAKA: Do not touch the casket. It carried the evil here.
NYSSA: Dadda Desaka.
TEGAN: Are you waiting for us?
DADDA DESAKA: When the evil returns, I shall challenge it and drive it out.
NYSSA: What about your tribesmen?
DADDA DESAKA: They return to the hills. I face the dark dream alone.
TEGAN: But you can't fight it like that. The Doctor - he was protecting me. He took that ... thing out of my mind.
DADDA DESAKA: Child, evil cannot be defeated until it is named.
TEGAN: No, I can't say that word. Don't make me. It's horrible.
DADDA DESAKA: Name your enemy.
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, Tegan!
(Walking over.)
DADDA DESAKA: Too late. The evil itself comes.
THE DOCTOR: Where's the thief? Where's Turlough?
NYSSA: Doctor?
TEGAN: I'm sorry Doctor, I'm sorry for what I caused.
THE DOCTOR: The Doctor is dead.
TEGAN: No. No you're not.
THE DOCTOR: Where's Turlough? Tell me. He stole the key.
NYSSA: He can't get into the TARDIS.
DADDA DESAKA: Stand aside, demon! I bar your way.
THE DOCTOR: Old man, you are nothing. I am the Mara.
THE DOCTOR: And I will crush your soul and feed it to the ghosts that hunger in the dark beyond the world.
DADDA DESAKA: The darkness where you belong.
THE DOCTOR: Stand aside.
DADDA DESAKA: The way is barred. Choose your weapon.
THE DOCTOR: I'll tear you apart with my bare hands.
(Struggle, swiping, DADDA DESAKA gasps.)
NYSSA: No, Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Old fool. You didn't expect to beat me, did you?
(DADDA DESAKA groans.)
TEGAN: There go his mice, running all over.
(Running over.)
TURLOUGH: Nyssa, Tegan.
NYSSA: Turlough. You're safe.
TURLOUGH: I've got the key.
THE DOCTOR: Serve the Mara well, old fool.
(Door unlocked.)
TURLOUGH: Quick, get in the TARDIS while he's busy.
THE DOCTOR: Take the mark of the snake.
(DADDA DESAKA groans.)
TEGAN: But the old man.
TURLOUGH: Just get inside.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough? Is that you? Stop!
(Door closed.)
THE DOCTOR: Turlough, let me in!
THE DOCTOR: Let me into the ship!

(Banging from outside.)
TEGAN: That poor old man.
TURLOUGH: Don't let the Doctor in.
TEGAN: We could get him away from Manussa.
NYSSA: The Mara would take us over too.
(Scanner operated.)
NYSSA: And then head out into the universe.
TURLOUGH: There must be a way to stop it.
NYSSA: The Dadda would have known. But there must be information in the TARDIS. What about the library?
TEGAN: Hang on. The Doctor's making a call.
TURLOUGH: I can't tell what he's saying.

THE DOCTOR: ausGarten? Set up your dream-forming machines. I've a job for them. Yes, now. I'll be with you shortly. Let's see how well they really work.
DADDA DESAKA: Time turns on this point. The paths change. The old destiny falters and dies. Now the Mara spins the future.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, old man.
(DADDA DESAKA groans.)
THE DOCTOR: We have work to do.
(DADDA DESAKA groans.)

TURLOUGH: I didn't know the TARDIS's library was so vast. It would help if we knew what we were looking for.
TEGAN: None of these books has been taken down for years.
NYSSA: Look for anything to do with demons and legends.
TURLOUGH: It's not exactly science, is it? We'd be better off if there was a fantasy section.
TEGAN: Well, what about this on the desk? An universal history of fable and demonology, written at the end of all Time.
NYSSA: Can I see?
TEGAN: The Doctor must have looked at it recently.
NYSSA: It's alphabetical. That helps.
TURLOUGH: Well, go on, then. M is for...
TEGAN: Just look, will you?
NYSSA: Oh! Even the pages are heavy.
TURLOUGH: Right, further on.
NYSSA: I know. Now, M.
TURLOUGH: Must be there.
(As pages turn)
NYSSA: Mannticor, Mappier ... Marabou. Mardi Gras. Where is it? There should be a page on its history and lore.
TURLOUGH: There was. It's been torn out.
NYSSA: Torn out?
TEGAN: Oh no.
TURLOUGH: The Doctor.
NYSSA: The Mara in the Doctor. It's been reading its own history like a book of instructions.

RICK AUSGARTEN: All set, Dark One.
THE DOCTOR: I'm waiting.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Baala? Come on, Baalaka, my Lord Mara's waiting. Start the scan.
BAALAKA: Yes, Mr ausG.
THE DOCTOR: Your assistant is beginning to annoy me.
BAALAKA: Dream-maker now scanning.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Please, visualise your object.
(Power building up.)
BAALAKA: Event-related potentials are too high.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Then compensate as required.
BAALAKA: I am. It's not responding. ERP still rising.
THE DOCTOR: Don't compensate. Let it find its own level.
RICK AUSGARTEN: What about the crystals?
BAALAKA: Image forming in chamber.
BAALAKA: It's overloaded.
(THE DOCTOR groans.)

RICK AUSGARTEN: Cut the power! Baala!

d BAALAKA: Powering down now.
(Motors die down.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oi, Baala, no lip, right, or your borrowed time runs out. Doctor, are you all right?
THE DOCTOR: Your crystals wouldn't take the power.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Well, they're the best I've got. I mortgaged my life away to buy those. I'm still paying.
THE DOCTOR: They're inadequate. The Mara needs a crystal with four times the potential.
THE DOCTOR: Then my time was wasted.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Ahem. Sorry to cut in.
THE DOCTOR: Doctor Kerrem.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: But there is such a perfect crystal, the largest they've created so far. I think they only grew it to prove they could.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: At the Faculty of Advancement.
RICK AUSGARTEN: They'll never hand that over.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh now, I always have a few colleagues with expense discrepancies to fall back on. Leave it to me.
THE DOCTOR: Kerrem, consider yourself redeemed.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: If I could just have my phone back?
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: Of course.
RICK AUSGARTEN: I'm glad somebody's laughing.
THE DOCTOR: We all will be soon.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Well, we've still no show tonight, no studio rabble or great minds to entertain.
THE DOCTOR: We'll make do. Who needs star names anyway? I've already recruited the minds I need, bar one that is.
BAALAKA: This was in the isolation chamber, on the floor.
THE DOCTOR: The key to the Doctor's ship, just as I imagined it. Your machine worked, Rick. Baala, give it to me.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Go on, Baala. He won't bite.
(Key clink. Running off.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: He's scared.
THE DOCTOR: He terrifies me too. Still, we're back on track again. The Mara will be born tonight. One more mind, that's all I need, and now I know where to find it.

TURLOUGH: We brought you some tea.
NYSSA: Oh, thanks.
TEGAN: And I found some cake. It's from Christmas. Don't know which Christmas though, but these things improve with age, don't they?
NYSSA: Thanks, Tegan.
TURLOUGH: Have you had any sleep?
NYSSA: Not really. I have to work this through. According to the TARDIS data bank...
(Bleeps of TARDIS console.)
NYSSA: ... we're in the Manussan year Two Two One Five.
TEGAN: Right...
NYSSA: But the history section puts the overthrow of the Manussan Empire by the Sumaran regime at Two Three Two Six. Over a hundred years from now.
TEGAN: So we're too early, the disaster hasn't happened yet.
TURLOUGH: You are certain of that?
NYSSA: Check the dates for yourself.
TURLOUGH: Ah - I believe you.
TEGAN: So we've nothing to worry about.
NYSSA: Well...
TURLOUGH: You're not so sure, are you?
NYSSA: The Doctor respects the web of Time.
TURLOUGH: But we're not dealing with the Doctor. And would the Mara in him really care?
NYSSA: It's already come this far. Changing history won't bother it.
TEGAN: But the Doctor's still alive.
TURLOUGH: Tegan...
TEGAN: That monster's choking him but he's still alive, we can't leave him, not now.
(Blast, TARDIS doors operated. Walking in.)
NYSSA: Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Well, well. Here you all are. I thought you would have abandoned your old friend, but you didn't even have the wit to do that.
(TARDIS doors operated.)
TEGAN: Doctor, are you still in there?
THE DOCTOR: Tegan. Still in shock that I threw you over? And Turlough, trying and failing to outwit me as usual. And brave sanctimonious Nyssa, working tirelessly to spread goodness and understanding across the ever-corrupting cosmos. Maybe we'll make a shrine for you.
TURLOUGH: Leave her alone. You're not the Doctor.
TEGAN: You haven't won. You're a hundred years too early, it's not the right time.
THE DOCTOR: Rules are there to be broken. I can be the Doctor again if you like. But I've chosen you, Nyssa. Little nun, to be one of my ministers when the new order takes over tonight.
TURLOUGH: Don't you touch her.
THE DOCTOR: Be quiet!
TEGAN: No, Nyssa, get back.
THE DOCTOR: There was a young lady from Traken...
NYSSA: Keep away from me!
THE DOCTOR: Who picked the wrong doorway to darken.
TURLOUGH: Leave her!
(Thump. TURLOUGH cry, fall.)
THE DOCTOR: But due to her blunder, she's now lying under...
TEGAN: Get away from her, leave her alone.
THE DOCTOR: A place...
(NYSSA gasps.)
THE DOCTOR: ... For the TARDIS to park on.
(NYSSA gasps. Snake possession.)
TEGAN: Nyssa?
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
THE DOCTOR: Welcome, Nyssa...
(TARDIS dematerialisation.)
THE DOCTOR: ... To my band of disciples.
(NYSSA in different voice.)
NYSSA: Where are we going?
THE DOCTOR: Not far. Half a mile east, a few hours forward - it takes the tedium out of hanging around.
NYSSA: Oh good. I do hate having to wait.

BAALAKA: Stand by, studio.
(TARDIS materialisation. Door opens. Walking out.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Lord Mara, where were you?
THE DOCTOR: Busy. Is everyone set?
BAALAKA: Transmission in sixty seconds.
RICK AUSGARTEN: We thought we'd have to cancel and pay the crew in tin tax.
THE DOCTOR: And the new crystal, is it here, Kerrem?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Already, Lord Mara, installed as you requested.
RICK AUSGARTEN: We spent the day racking up the technology for extra capacity. Runs like a dream.
THE DOCTOR: Excellent. So here we are my friends on the verge, eh? You all understand your duties? Honri Kerrem?
THE DOCTOR: Dadda Desaka?
DADDA DESAKA: Mighty Dark One, I am honoured to be your servant.
THE DOCTOR: Rick ausGarten?
BAALAKA: Live in thirty seconds.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Revving on the grid, boss man.
THE DOCTOR: And this is the final member of our team, the exalted Lady Nyssa of Traken.
NYSSA: Good evening, gentlemen.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Good evening, young lady.
DADDA DESAKA: Welcome, child.
NYSSA: Dadda, I like your suit.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Take your seats round the crystal, please, this one's the big moment.
BAALAKA: Transmission in five, four...
THE DOCTOR: Everyone ready. Good luck, Manussa.
(Whine of power, then advertising background music as RICK AUSGARTEN speaks.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Welcome to a New Year's Eve special on Sundown Channel. Glad you could join us for Dreamarama.
TURLOUGH: Tegan? They don't seem bothered about us.
TEGAN: They don't care. They're so sure of themselves.
TURLOUGH: We can't just stand and watch. They're our friends.
TEGAN: I don't know what we can do, short of smashing the crystal.
(The advertising music has stopped now.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: You join us live as an extraordinary experiment takes place. Tonight, a team of celebrities will prove that dreams can come true.
(As he continues speaking, TURLOUGH and TEGAN talk over him)
RICK AUSGARTEN: With the help of advanced crystal technology, we'll be giving their thoughts physical substance.
TURLOUGH: What are they playing at?
TEGAN: It's the end of the world a century early. They're bringing the Mara back to live.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you, team. Please concentrate your thoughts on the first subject.
(Hum of power.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: And the first experiment has already kicked off.
BAALAKA: Commencing scanning.
RICK AUSGARTEN: The team's thought potential focuses through the special giant dream-maker crystal, and any minute now their dream will become reality there in the isolation booth. So now, let's see if their dreams really do come true.
TEGAN: I can't let this happen.
TURLOUGH: Tegan...
TEGAN: Stop it! Stop it! You don't know what you're doing.
TURLOUGH: She's right. You have to stop this.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Security, get them away from there.
(Running. Grabbing.)
TURLOUGH: Get off me!
TEGAN: Let me go! Nyssa! Help me!
BAALAKA: Image forming.
TEGAN: No! Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Welcome.
BAALAKA: Subject consolidated.
(TURLOUGH gasps.)
TURLOUGH: It's a snake. A giant snake.
(Crashing, glass breaking, roaring of creature.)
(Roaring of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: The Mara is reborn. It lives again.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: The Cradle of the Snake written by Marc Platt starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Rick ausGarten was played by Dan Stevens, Baalaka by Toby Sawyer, and Yoanna Rayluss by Madeleine Potter. Hugh Fraser played Doctor Honri Kerrem, and Dadda Desaka was played by Vernon Dobtcheff. Original Music was by Andy Hardwick. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, The Cradle Of The Snake was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.


(Opening Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who, starring Peter Davison. The Cradle Of The Snake, by Marc Platt. Episode Four.

(Machinery operating.)
BAALAKA: Image forming.
TEGAN: No! Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Welcome.
BAALAKA: Subject consolidated.
(TURLOUGH gasps.)
TURLOUGH: It's a snake. A giant snake.
(Crashing, glass breaking, roaring of creature.)
THE DOCTOR: The Mara! The Mara is reborn. It lives again.
(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: As you can see, after a bit of ruckus from protesters, the first manifestation of our dream-maker has come as quite a surprise. Let's talk to one of the team who quite literally thought it up. Doctor Honri Kerrem of the Faculty of Advancement. So, is this what you planned?
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: (laugh) Magnificent, isn't it? And appropriate too. The Great Serpent is one of the ancient emblems of Manussa.
RICK AUSGARTEN: And still growing as well.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: It certainly is. But only just born, let's not forget that. A living creature that never existed before today has been brought into our world. Matter from pure thought energy. And I believe a turning point for us all. Extraordinary.

TV: (RICK AUSGARTEN) You must be very proud.
TV: (DOCTOR HONRI KERREM) My goodness, yes.
(Door opened.)
MAN: In here, both of you.
TV: (RICK AUSGARTEN) Nothing to worry about, though. It seems to be...
(Door closed. TV interview continues over their words)
TURLOUGH: Maybe we're safer in here for the moment.
TEGAN: It won't last.
TURLOUGH: Sorry, Tegan. I never knew it would be so...
TEGAN: Monstrous? Evil?
TURLOUGH: Horrible. I thought I was used to snakes. But the hate in it, the malice.
TEGAN: The Doctor stopped it before, twice over. But this time...
TURLOUGH: Yet it doesn't talk. How does it control people?
TEGAN: It's an influence. It lives through people, through their worst features. That's what it preys on. I know that, believe me. It stirs things up to feed and grow. It'll start a reign of terror right across Manussa.
TURLOUGH: With the Doctor and Nyssa as its chief advocates. But how do we save them?
TEGAN: I've had enough of listening to this.
(TV turned off.)
TURLOUGH: Look, through the glass.
TEGAN: What's he staring at?
TURLOUGH: It's Baala. Baala! Remember me? Please, let us out. No, don't go!
TEGAN: I thought he worked for ausGarten.
TURLOUGH: He gets treated like a dog. He even sleeps with the other animals - and he still comes back for more.
TEGAN: Maybe that's what we'll all get.

(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: To help us take in the significance of this amazing manifestation, I'm going to hand over to my colleague the Doctor, who will explain some of the background.
THE DOCTOR: Not a Doctor now, Rick. Well, it's quite a night here, and to help explain the importance of what the Great Snake, this symbol of world power, will mean to all of us on Manussa, I'm joined by the reverent mystic Dadda Desaka.
DADDA DESAKA: Happy New Year to you all.
THE DOCTOR: And to you. Now, you are part of our team, our spiritual guide, so to speak, who assisted in this summoning.
DADDA DESAKA: I think the world and its empire should be rejoicing. You know, as our world grows more advanced we regrettably lose sight of the old wisdom and truth we once knew and lived by. But tonight as I am sure you will agree, a great wonder has come amongst us.
DADDA DESAKA: Now, the snake, the Mara, is of course an ancient totem, and it's revealed itself in its true form as our protector. Its light will strike fear into our enemies, and bring us victory against all adversity and darkness. So good Manussans, look into your own hearts, for the Mara is there. It is the hope that drives back the despair in all of us.
(Snake roar.)
THE DOCTOR: Very uplifting, exalted Dadda, thank you. And in recognition of this momentous occasion the snake, the Mara itself, is accepting offerings and sacrifices for the dawn of its new age. Call the number on your screen to make your pledges now. (Echoed) The Great Snake will make its first public appearance at midnight here at Sundown Studios...
(THE DOCTOR changes back to his own voice.)
THE DOCTOR: Please ... Please, listen to me. I'm the Doctor. Help me, please.

(Musical jingle.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Right, clear the studio, thank you everyone. Oi Baala, what are you doing?
(Roar of snake.)
BAALAKA: Hello, snake.
(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Baala, get away from there.
BAALAKA: What enemies? What was Dadda saying? I don't understand. Manussa doesn't have enemies.
(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Come on, come away, back to work. Sort out some of the livestock, will you? Sooner or later our great protector's going to need feeding.

TURLOUGH: People aren't going to fall for that.
TEGAN: They'll be too terrified to argue. The snake's very persuasive.
TURLOUGH: What about Nyssa? If we could talk to her...
TEGAN: You think she'd listen? There must be another way.
TURLOUGH: Er, we ... we still have a key to the TARDIS.
TEGAN: And leave them?
TURLOUGH: We may have to.
TEGAN: Don't even think about it, Turlough.
(Door unlocked and opened. Walking in.)
BAALAKA: Turlough?
TURLOUGH: Baala? I didn't think you'd come back.
BAALAKA: I brought you some food.
(Plate put down.)
TEGAN: Like the rest of the livestock.
TEGAN: Sorry. Thanks, but I'm not hungry.
TURLOUGH: Thanks, Baala.
BAALAKA: You were scared of the Doctor.
TURLOUGH: Yes, well, now you know why.
BAALAKA: But what does he want? Why did he dream the snake alive?
TEGAN: It's the snake that controls things. It was waiting to be created. It thrives on the chaos it causes.
BAALAKA: And that happens tonight. Everything changes, can't you feel it? The air's full of anger and hate.
TURLOUGH: Baala, don't stay here. Go home to your family.
BAALAKA: I never had a family.
TEGAN: You must have friends you could go to. Where did you grow up?
BAALAKA: I don't know, I ... I never grew up. I was always this age.
TEGAN: Right.
TURLOUGH: Baala, is there a private line, to call Yoanna Rayluss?
TEGAN: Yoanna?
TURLOUGH: Maybe she can get the plug pulled.
BAALAKA: There's a line in Mr ausG's office, but ... he's my friend. He looks after me.
TURLOUGH: Your friend is out there controlled by the Mara. Come on. This is the only way to save him. Agreed?
BAALAKA: Along here.
(Walking off.)
TURLOUGH: Thank you.
TEGAN: Great. I guess that leaves me to try Nyssa. And what a joyride that'll be.

(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Not long until midnight, Great One, and the crowds are already gathering out there. Your first appearance in public is keenly anticipated.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Not shy, are you?
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: No, of course not. The sooner they learn to fear you the better. It's time to rattle this planet out of its self-satisfied torpor. Paradise was never so ripe for the plucking.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Lord Mara, may I approach?
THE DOCTOR: Many are in my colleague's position but it doesn't mean they'll get the power to go with it. Approach at your own risk, Rick ausGarten.
(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Great Lord Mara, I've got my technical crew here on standby. We need to make a few adjustments to the amplification unit housing the Great Crystal. Just a few tweaks.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Strewth! Get back, man. Look out.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Great Lord, no offence. What's it doing?
THE DOCTOR: It's protecting its source, like a dragon with its hoard.
RICK AUSGARTEN: We'll never get near the crystal now, not with it coiled round like that.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Don't try and control the snake, Rick. It thinks faster than you can and so do I. Gather the others. We need to agree our plans. After midnight there'll be new disciples by the thousand, all of them looking to the council of the snake for guidance.

(Telephone ring tone.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Yoanna Rayluss?
(Sound of clamour from crowds behind her on the telephone.)
TURLOUGH: Mrs Rayluss? This is Vizlor Turlough.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Mr Turlough? I've been waiting all day, you know.
TURLOUGH: I'm sorry.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) You do know what's going on?
TURLOUGH: Probably better than you. I'm inside Sundown Studios.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Inside?
TURLOUGH: Not from choice.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) With the Doctor? And that snake thing?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Is it a hoax, I - I mean true?
TURLOUGH: The snake's real enough. Mrs Rayluss, can you do anything to get the broadcast stopped?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) But I'm outside now, in the crowd.
TURLOUGH: Outside?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) You know what New Year's like. Safety Squad are already at full stretch. Everyone's heading this way.
TURLOUGH: Can you get into the studio?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Not likely. ausGarten's pulled in the heavy mob to seal the place.
BAALAKA: Turlough, let me. Mrs Rayluss, it's Baalaka. Round at the back by the bins there's a small door we use to avoid Mr ausG's fans. I'll meet you there.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: (phone) Right. Okay. Gotcha.
(Bleep of disconnection.)
(Walking in.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Baala and Turlough playing the innocent.
(Gasp as grabbed.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: You're the Doctor's sidekick, or were. So, what are his weaknesses? Do you know?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Well, you'd better remember. Stay out of sight until you do. Meantime, I'll do the honours over meeting the lovely Mrs R. Let's see how her rules and regulations deal with the snake.

(Bird songs.)
NYSSA: These Governmental books are useless. How can I work from them? And fetch me some decent clothes. I can't possibly attend the Lord Mara's presentation dressed like this.
TEGAN: Nyssa?
NYSSA: Tegan. You look a bit of a state. I thought they'd locked you up.
TEGAN: I got out.
NYSSA: True to form.
TEGAN: I'm so sorry it happened to you too.
NYSSA: Taking the mark? Seeing sense at last, you mean. All that time I've wasted. I've finally realise what a self-righteous little prig I've always been. Embarrassing, really. Still, now it's all taken a turn for the better.
TEGAN: Nyssa, have you been drinking?
NYSSA: Well, why not? We've something to celebrate, haven't we? And guess what? I think I've even found a sense of humour. How about that?
TEGAN: You always had a sense of humour.
NYSSA: But I didn't enjoy it. What a waste. Oh, but I am sorry for you.
NYSSA: Missing out on all the fun. Don't feel too dejected, you poor darling. The Doctor's furious with you of course, but he was always such a bully, either sulking or shouting. Yes. I think we'll have to do something about him.
(Metal moved.)
NYSSA: Uh-oh. Behind here, Tegan.
(Walking in.)
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, the Lord Mara has ordered a meeting in fifteen minutes. What are you doing in here?
NYSSA: Feeding the birds. Their plumage is fading, just like mine.
THE DOCTOR: Hmm. You'll find far more attractive clothes in the TARDIS wardrobe. Something ... red, I think. Or black.
NYSSA: We'll have to see what I can come up with.
THE DOCTOR: Here's the key.
(Clink of key.)
NYSSA: Thanks.
THE DOCTOR: But don't bother with the flight controls. I've disabled them.
(Walking off.)
THE DOCTOR: Fifteen minutes, Nyssa.
(Walking off, metal door closed.)
NYSSA: You can come out now.
TEGAN: I thought you'd shop me. What is the Doctor like?
NYSSA: Poor Tegan. I know you're jealous.
TEGAN: What?
NYSSA: But I was born to power, you see. And if you work hard, I'll let you be my personal assistant. How would you like that?
TEGAN: Oh, thank you, Nyssa. I'd like that ... very much.

(Mobile phone bleep, dialling tone. Crowd sounds in background.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Come on, Turlough, pick up.
(Door opened.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Oh. Mr ausGarten. I didn't expect to ... You were ordered to close this studio. Your broadcasts are illegal.
RICK AUSGARTEN: You should see the ratings. Come on in, Yoanna. It's a mad night tonight.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: What's going on in there?
RICK AUSGARTEN: Be one of the first. Come on.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Or take the mark, now.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: No. I don't believe in cults. They're the slide that leads to anarchy and chaos.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Why worry? It's all falling down anyway. Forget the past. There's no future either. There's just now. Come on. You know you can't resist.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I won't. I won't join you.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Then stay out in the cold. It'll get you in the end.
(Door closed.)

(Fanfare sound.)
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) A proclamation from the snake.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) We, Regent Protector of Manussa, her lands and colonial worlds, do invite the leaders of those settlements to attend us in council on the home world, where tribute and fealty due to the Lord Mara shall be confirmed and decreed. Long live the realm of the snake.
(Roar of snake. Fanfare sound.)

(TARDIS door opened.)
TURLOUGH: In here, Baala. It'll be safer in the TARDIS.
(Walking into control room.)
BAALAKA: This place. It's a palace.
(TARDIS door closed.)
BAALAKA: Who dreamt of this?
(Walking forwards.)
TEGAN: Turlough. Oh, that's a relief. I thought you were the Doctor. Did you speak to Yoanna?
TURLOUGH: Not exactly. How did you get in? He's not here, is he?
TEGAN: I'm with Nyssa. She's trying on outfits in the wardrobe.
TURLOUGH: She's what? Is that safe?
TEGAN: Not exactly. But she's hardly a friend of the Doctor's either. And, he's disabled the TARDIS.
TURLOUGH: I thought he might.
BAALAKA: It's nearly midnight. The snake will soon be presented to the people.
TEGAN: And they'll be too scared to resist. It'll be a disaster.
BAALAKA: The snake channels its will through the Great Crystal.
TEGAN: Fat chance of getting anywhere near that. The monster's coiled right round it.
(Door opens, walking out into the console room.)
NYSSA: You can't stop it.
TURLOUGH: Nyssa. What are you doing?
TEGAN: You look amazing, Lady Nyssa.
NYSSA: I'll take your word for it. My natural modesty makes it hard for me to look at myself. But the presentation tonight is vital. Manussa needs the strength of the Mara, and I shall be its guiding hand.
BAALAKA: That sounds like the Doctor.
NYSSA: Don't listen to him. He's all hot air and bombast. But support me, and I shall build a new empire to the glory of the Mara's name.
TEGAN: It is an honour to serve you, Lady Nyssa.
TURLOUGH: Er ... It is indeed.
NYSSA: Thank you, my good friends.

THE DOCTOR: Where's Nyssa? I told her to be here. Kerrem - go and fetch her.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: I'm not running your errands, particularly not after that pip-squeak girl. She hasn't an ounce of my experience, or the Dadda's for that matter.
DADDA DESAKA: Oh, harsh, Kerrem. She has a certain spiritual tenacity, and an easy appeal to the eye.
THE DOCTOR: She has a quicker mind than any of you.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Oh, we'll have to watch that, then.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Hardly shows respect to our Lord Mara, does it?
(Roar of snake.)
NYSSA: Lord Mara, a thousand apologies.
(Walking over to them.)
NYSSA: I wanted to look my best for the presentation, and for my fellow councillors.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Oh, you put us to shame, my dear.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Lord Mara is angry. It demands that the two insurgents who tried to delay its birth, and anyone associating with them, must be captured and their lives offered in atonement. And I'll have the key to my ship back too.
NYSSA: Of course.
(Key jingle as handed over.)
NYSSA: The two insurgents Tegan and Turlough - weren't they your companions once?
RICK AUSGARTEN: It's nearly midnight. We're due out on the terrace.
THE DOCTOR: Lord Mara.
(Roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: Your subjects await.
(Roar of snake.)

(Walking out.)
TURLOUGH: There they go, the Mara too. Quick, shut the doors.
BAALAKA: I'll do that.
(Doors closed.)
TEGAN: Where's all the security gone? The crystal's left unguarded.
BAALAKA: Mr ausG dismissed them. I saw him.
TEGAN: Right. So if we get the crystal away...
TEGAN: Just what I thought. Maybe we can get the Doctor and Nyssa clear too.
TURLOUGH: That'll take some doing.
TEGAN: You reckon? Give me a hand with those monitors.
(Moving monitors.)
BAALAKA: Look at the crystal. Look at the light in its depths.
TEGAN: Baala? What is it with him? No family or friends, he doesn't seem to belong...
TURLOUGH: I don't think he's ever been outside these studios.
TEGAN: You're joking.
TURLOUGH: It's like the birds and snakes in the warehouse. He was born here, out of the crystals.
BAALAKA: Someone's coming.
(Walking towards them.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Turlough? Tegan?
TURLOUGH: Yoanna. What's happened?
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I was going to stay outside, but I managed to force the door.
TURLOUGH: Did you see ausGarten? We couldn't stop him.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Yes, I saw him. He offered me the mark of the snake. I told him no. But the crowds out there are huge, all milling and confused, like cattle to the slaughter.

(Crowds cheering outside.)
DADDA DESAKA: (amplified) Good people, before the Great One appears before you, let us reflect on the honour it bestows on us all.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Get on with it, man.
THE DOCTOR: You'll get your turn, Kerrem.
DADDA DESAKA: (amplified) As the old year turns on the wheel of Time, the new year brings us a new age. The Manussan Era ends, the Sumaran Era begins. Let us remember the balance of all things. Night swallows day, light follows dark...
THE DOCTOR: On the other hand...
NYSSA: Too much of a good thing.
DADDA DESAKA: (amplified) Desolation drowns hope. Hope conquers despair. So be it.
CROWD: So be it.
(Roar of snake.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Lord Mara's getting restless. I'll announce him.
THE DOCTOR: My job, I think, Rick.
(Taking microphone.)
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) Thank you, Dadda Desaka, for leading our prayers.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Still five minutes to go. Let's do these things properly.
RICK AUSGARTEN: No time like the present.
NYSSA: No. It's too soon.
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) Good people, the moment is here. Today the symbol of Manussa's power comes amongst you. Today you shall see its strength.
(Crowd cheers.)

TEGAN: Okay. Screens in a circle. Now, help me with the cameras.
TURLOUGH: Cameras next, right.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Let's get a move on.
(Moving objects. Whining sound.)
TURLOUGH: What's that?
TEGAN: I know that sound.
BAALAKA: The crystal. It flared. The Mara's starting to channel its will.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: We're too late. It's beginning. I have to see.
(Rushing off.)
TEGAN: You set up the cameras. I'm going to get the Doctor.
(Walking off.)

(Crowd cheering.)
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) Today Manussa changes forever.
(Crowd cheering.)
CROWD: (chanting) We want the snake, we want the snake, we want the snake...
RICK AUSGARTEN: Come on, Lord Mara, out you come.
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: It's too early. I haven't had my say yet.
THE DOCTOR: (amplified) The snake is your protector. It will guide us.
(Roar of snake.)
NYSSA: Look out.
RICK AUSGARTEN: (amplified) Behold, the Great One.
(Roar of snake.)
DOCTOR HONRI KERREM: Too soon! Go back! No...!
TEGAN: Doctor Kerrem.
(DOCTOR HONRI KERREM scream ended by chomp, crowd gasps, silence, then clock starts chiming.)
THE DOCTOR: Thus will all Manussa's enemies perish. The Lord Mara demands absolute loyalty. The world will be united on that. Now, come forward. Show your faith, and take the mark of the Mara.
DADDA DESAKA: Pass it on.
(Snake possession. Gasps from crowd.)
NYSSA: Pass it on.
CROWD: Pass it on ... pass it on ... pass it on...
(Gasps continue, snake roars.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: How horrible. It's still growing.
TEGAN: It's feeding on the despair.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: We're too late. There's no hope left?
TEGAN: Not if I can help it. Doctor? Doctor, it's Tegan.
THE DOCTOR: So there you are.
(Rushing off.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: I knew you'd come. Are you ready now.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Yes. I'm ready now. Nappy New Year.
RICK AUSGARTEN: And to you. Pass it on.
(Snake possession. YOANNA RAYLUSS gasps.)
TEGAN: Turlough! Let me through.
(Rushing forwards.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan...
TURLOUGH: Let her through.
(THE DOCTOR growling.)
TURLOUGH: Close it up, close it up!
(Screens close. THE DOCTOR growls.)
TEGAN: Got you. I've got you. You can't get out of the circle.
TURLOUGH: You're on a dozen cameras, Doctor, and a dozen screens.
THE DOCTOR: No ... no...
TEGAN: You can't stand it. You can't look at yourself.
(THE DOCTOR whines.)
TURLOUGH: He's going. He's weakening.
(Whine, body falls, silence.)
TEGAN: Has the snake left him? Has it gone?
TURLOUGH: The mark's still on his arm.
TEGAN: Don't touch him.
TURLOUGH: But surely the snake's outside already?
BAALAKA: Look. Look in the crystal.
TURLOUGH: What is it, Baala?
TEGAN: What are you looking at?
BAALAKA: Look into the depths. Deep down. (Echoing) There. You see it? The still point.

DADDA DESAKA: Night follows day, light follows dark, desolation drowns hope...
NYSSA: It is them, Dadda. I can see them.
DADDA DESAKA: Hope conquers despair...
NYSSA: Tegan, Turlough, over here.
TURLOUGH: Nyssa. Thank goodness.
TEGAN: Oh, I'm glad to see you.
NYSSA: We thought you'd never arrive.
TURLOUGH: Are you all right now?
NYSSA: All right?
BAALAKA: It's beautiful here. Whose vision is this place?
TEGAN: It's like the Place of Dreaming on the Kinda world. And that's where everything started to go wrong.
TURLOUGH: But are you all right?
NYSSA: Not really, no. Not until the Mara releases my body. I feel ... rejected. What am I doing out there in the world?
TURLOUGH: You don't want to know.
TEGAN: It wasn't you anyway.
NYSSA: But I can't go back.
DADDA DESAKA: Not until the balance is restored.
BAALAKA: Balance? What balance?
DADDA DESAKA: Child, if you don't know that, no-one knows.
NYSSA: And where's the Doctor?
TEGAN: Isn't he here with you?
(Gentle chime sound.)
DADDA DESAKA: Somebody answer that.
TURLOUGH: I've got a phone. I've never had a phone.
BAALAKA: It's a dream. It doesn't matter. Just answer it.
TURLOUGH: Hello? Hello?
THE DOCTOR: (phone) Turlough...
TEGAN: Is it him?
THE DOCTOR: (phone) Help me. I'm waiting at the still point.
TURLOUGH: So are we. Where are you?
NYSSA: Come and find us, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: (phone) Just remember me.
TURLOUGH: Remember you? We all remember you. We all remember the Doctor.

(THE DOCTOR speaks still in possessed voice.)
THE DOCTOR: Thank you, Turlough.
THE DOCTOR: My friend.
TEGAN: Look out!
NYSSA: Get back!
(TURLOUGH scream, snake possession.)
NYSSA: It's the wrong Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: And Tegan last of all. Come back to the snake-fold.
TEGAN: Get away from me. Get away.
THE DOCTOR: (normal) Leave her. Leave Tegan alone.
THE DOCTOR: (possessed) She's my prey, always mine. Always will be.
THE DOCTOR: (normal) She's my friend. Get out of my dream.
(Snake-like hissing.)
THE DOCTOR: (possessed) She's mine. You're all mine.
DADDA DESAKA: Here is the balance. Light against dark. The living against the unborn.
THE DOCTOR: (possessed) I am born. I'll have ten thousand cradles by morning.
THE DOCTOR: (normal) You have no place in the world.
THE DOCTOR: (possessed) More cradles by the moment. Pass it on.
THE DOCTOR: (normal) Go back to the dark places inside.
THE DOCTOR: (possessed, fading, echoed) Other worlds where I belong!
THE DOCTOR: (normal) Nowhere's where you belong.
(Voices echoing, silence.)

TEGAN: Did you just dream what I dreamed?
TURLOUGH: I think so. But we're back now.
BAALAKA: I never dreamed before. Am I dreaming this too?
TURLOUGH: How can we tell?
TEGAN: What about the Doctor?
(THE DOCTOR normal voice now.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan. I seem to be free. Look. No more snake mark. Thank you very much, all of you. The balance is restored.
TEGAN: At last. Really?
NYSSA: Doctor...
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa. Are you free too?
NYSSA: Well ... yes. Everyone is, except...
THE DOCTOR: What's the matter?
NYSSA: The snake's still alive.
TEGAN: It can't be.
THE DOCTOR: Still alive?
(Distant roar of snake.)
THE DOCTOR: It's the crystal. The link hasn't been broken.
TEGAN: It's coming!
(Smash of boxes. Walking over.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: Doctor the snake demands your allegiance.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Stand away from the crystal, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Quick, help me get the crystal into the TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough, give me a hand.
TURLOUGH: The Mara's growing too much. It can't get in.
THE DOCTOR: Turlough?
BAALAKA: I'll do it. Got it.
TEGAN: Inside, quickly.
(Door closed. Snake roars. Its roaring heard from inside the TARDIS.)
THE DOCTOR: Shut the doors.
(TARDIS doors closed. Rumbling.)
BAALAKA: What's happening?
THE DOCTOR: The Mara has swallowed the TARDIS whole.
TEGAN: Swallowed us?
BAALAKA: But it can't get in. Can it?
THE DOCTOR: Not short of digesting its way in, no.
(Moving objects.)
TEGAN: Can't we just take off?
THE DOCTOR: And leave Manussa's population still in the Mara's thrall? I don't think so. Nyssa, hold this.
NYSSA: What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: Neutralising the crystal lattice into the TARDIS mainframe.
(Electronic bleeps of connection.)
THE DOCTOR: That way I can invert its power, reversing its creation. The only problem is, it has to be in physical contact with the snake.
TURLOUGH: I don't think that's a good idea.
NYSSA: Neither do I. (Possessed voice) Give me that.
TURLOUGH: (possessed) The snake must live on.
TEGAN: Their arms. They've still got the mark of the snake.
THE DOCTOR: Nyssa, did you lie to me?
NYSSA: (possessed) You're so gullible, Doctor.
TURLOUGH: (possessed) It's hard to resist.
THE DOCTOR: Let go of me.
TEGAN: Leave him alone!
(TARDIS doors opened.)
TEGAN: What do we do, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: The crystal's unstable. Be careful.
TURLOUGH: (possessed) Go on, Tegan. Take the crystal out into the belly of the snake. I dare you.
NYSSA: (laugh, possessed) She can't. It's what keeps her awake at night.
TEGAN: Doctor? I have to save Manussa from the ... Mara.
THE DOCTOR: No, Tegan.
TEGAN: Yes I do. It started with me, I have to end it. Thank you, Doctor, Nyssa, Turlough. Goodbye.
TURLOUGH: (possessed) Give me that!
BAALAKA: Don't touch her!
(Struggle. TURLOUGH cry as he is thrown. Walking over.)
BAALAKA: Give it to me, Tegan. I understand now. It's the balance. I was created first, you see. I'm the light that casts the Mara's shadow. It exists because I exist. So it's up to me to do something about my other half.
TEGAN: I'm so sorry.
BAALAKA: I like to be useful. Goodbye, all of you. Please close the doors behind me.
(Walking out.)
TEGAN: Goodbye, Baala.
TURLOUGH: (possessed) Stop him!
NYSSA: (possessed) Come back!
(TARDIS doors opened. Howling wind. Silence.)

DADDA DESAKA: In Baala, innocence cancelled out dark knowledge. The snake turned in on itself, devouring its own tail, and the shackles of the Mara fell like scales from our eyes. What do you think?
THE DOCTOR: Well, I suppose that's one way of putting it, Dadda.
DADDA DESAKA: I am commissioned for a book.
THE DOCTOR: Excellent.
DADDA DESAKA: Goodness knows what the tribe will say. I am supposed to foretell their future, but this morning it kept coming out all wrong. The signs are better. Imagine that. I could be out of a job.
THE DOCTOR: I wouldn't worry. Even if Manussa's old future never happens, I'm sure the New Year will have enough disasters to keep us both happy for ages to come.
(Birds flying off.)
RICK AUSGARTEN: There they go, then. Baala's birds. Seemed all wrong to keep them caged up.
THE DOCTOR: Like all dreams they fly away. That'll confuse the ornithologists.
RICK AUSGARTEN: Once the market picks up, Doctor, how about a spell as a TV presenter? You're a natural on screen. You pick the subject, I'll shoot the series, how's that?
THE DOCTOR: No - no, Rick. Thanks for asking, but I think I'm suddenly going to get a bit of a headache.
(Gentle bird-song.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Tegan, how are you feeling?
TEGAN: Woozy, light-headed. I'd like to sleep for a week.
NYSSA: It's the shock, I expect. I feel fine.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Lucky you. You're the exception.
BAALAKA: The Mara has gone now, hasn't it?
NYSSA: That's what Tegan always says.
TEGAN: And the Doctor always says it's gone.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Come on, you guys. The future's brighter, even if the help-lines will be busy for months. The Doctor agrees. He'd make an excellent counsellor, don't you think? He's such a good listener.
TURLOUGH: The Doctor?
TEGAN: That's a matter of opinion.
(NYSSA coughs.)
THE DOCTOR: I heard that.
(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: Tegan, I'm truly sorry. Now we all know how you felt.
TEGAN: Thanks.
NYSSA: So has the Mara gone?
THE DOCTOR: I doubt it. Deep down it's in all of us, it always will be.
TEGAN: Thought so.
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Keep busy. That's my motto. And, erm ... Doctor...
YOANNA RAYLUSS: I - I wanted to ask...
(Bleeps of communicator.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Would ... do you have posts available?
THE DOCTOR: Better answer that, Yoanna. Goodbye. Thank you. Come on, you three. Time we were going.
(Walking off.)
(She sighs. Bleeps stop as answered.)
YOANNA RAYLUSS: Mara Help-line? This is Yoanna Rayluss. How can I help you?

(Closing Doctor Who theme music composed by Peter Howell.)
ANNOUNCER: The Cradle of the Snake written by Marc Platt starred Peter Davison as The Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough, and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. Rick ausGarten was played by Dan Stevens, Baalaka by Toby Sawyer, and Yoanna Rayluss by Madeleine Potter. Hugh Fraser played Doctor Honri Kerrem, and Dadda Desaka was played by Vernon Dobtcheff. Original Music was by Andy Hardwick. Directed by Barnaby Edwards, The Cradle Of The Snake was produced by David Richardson for Big Finish.