(Opening Doctor Who theme, like the 1970 Jon Pertwee theme, composed by Ron Grainer, remastered by Mark Ayres and Alistair Lock, played over the animated title sequence.)
[The title sequence resembles the 1973/1974 Jon Pertwee Doctor Who opening graphics, and does not feature the actor playing the Doctor. The Doctor Who symbol is like the Paul McGann TV Movie logo. If you don't know who's playing the Doctor in this story, here's a clue - the name's Baker, the hair's curly.] (A control room with a large white sphere in the centre. A door rises up. A Cyberman with a new design which includes red eye-holes marching to another.)
CYBERMAN 1: Report.
CYBERMAN 2: I have searched all rooms. Nothing. I shall inform the Cyberleader.
CYBERMAN 1: Agreed.
(The Cyberman marches off.)

(Door slides open. Two men, FANTHAM darker-skinned than the other HOYER.)
HOYER: It works. Fantastic.
FANTHAM: I'm not sure about this. I mean, what if it goes wrong?
HOYER: It can't go wrong. According to the readout, he's already in place, in the Chronosphere.
(A raised platform shows a row of doors, machinery connected to them.)
FANTHAM: We should get a move on then, before the Cyber patrols return.
(A large device like a light fitting but with a more sinister purpose in the centre of the room.)
HOYER: This way.
(Inside, a large holographic image of a Cyberman head/shoulders.)
CYBERMAN: (echoed:) Warning. This is a restricted zone. It is off limits to steal the drones. Warning.
(They stand before a large glowing blue globe - the Chronosphere.)
FANTHAM: He's here. He's in place.
HOYER: Are you okay?
FANTHAM: He can't hear you, stupid. He's locked into the Chronosphere's matrix.
HOYER: Okay. Time to get you going. Good luck, Doctor. I just hope you can change the web of time. Activating Chronosphere's controls. Inputting co-ordinates. Leaving Nineteen Fifty-One, heading for nexus point of Thirty-Two Eighty-Six. Got it!
(Whooshing as globe image changes. A humanoid figure briefly visible within before fading away.)
HOYER: He's gone.
FANTHAM: How long do you think before we cease to exist, then?

(Ship approaching planet.)
KRUEGER: Mother ship Cassius to shuttle foreman. Come in, please.
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Go ahead, Cassius. Is that you, Krueger? Wretched video link is terrible.
KRUEGER: Yes it is, Professor. Any sign of them or this bizarre wave effect of theirs?
(PROFESSOR OSBORN has grey beard and moustache and bespectacled and appears on a monitor with lines of static.)
PROFESSOR OSBORN: No, nothing. There's no trace of anyone. And it's a dry planet. No oceans or even a lake that could cause a wave.
KRUEGER: I need to report back to Central, Professor Osborn. What state was base camp in?
(KRUEGER has blond hair.)
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Untouched, Mister Krueger. Just no sign of the people.
KRUEGER: Professor, how could they have vanished so quickly? Two teams in two days? Where could they have gone?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Well, I rather think that's what we're trying to find out. That's an interesting point you've made.
KRUEGER: What's that?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: The initial team vanished exactly two solar days ago. Cosmarcus's team went a day later, pretty much to the exact second. Eighteen hours ago.
KRUEGER: And how long's a day down there?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Ah. Eighteen hours. In other words, the effect is due any minute now, if it runs to schedule.
KRUEGER: You're breaking up, Professor. Say again.
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Well, consider this. The base camp is fine, but...
(Voice distorted.)
KRUEGER: Professor, what's going on?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Krueger, the temple ... there's something coming from it.
(PROFESSOR OSBORN mouth open in horror.)
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Oh my God, it is...
KRUEGER: Professor?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: It's ... like a huge tidal wave ... of energy. Are you getting the readings on this, Krueger?
KRUEGER: No, Professor.
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Krueger ... warn Central ... a - a huge wave of ... of temporal energy...
KRUEGER: Temporal energy, a ... as in time distortion?
PROFESSOR OSBORN: Tell Central there's ... at the centre of ...
KRUEGER: Professor.
(His voice is distorted, then suddenly clearly:)
KRUEGER: Professor. Professor Osborn.
(Lines of static only on the monitor screen.)

[The online version misses the next three scenes. These are the only extra scenes in this story.]

[The next scene is on the CD only:]
(Tapping on door.)
PRESIDENT: Yes? Come in.
(Door opened.)
DEAN: Ah, Mister President. We've received word from the Chronos expedition.
DEAN: Professor Osborn's team have ... gone the way of Cosmarcus's team.
PRESIDENT: I see. Show me the reports.
(Looking through papers.)
DEAN: What was the Board's recommendation in such a situation?
PRESIDENT: To call in the Doctor.
DEAN: Who?
PRESIDENT: An expert we have. Employed before.
DEAN: An expert in what?
PRESIDENT: Time, Dean. He's an expert in temporal problems.
DEAN: Osborn mentioned Cybermen. I've taken the liberty of cross-referencing our database with the military's. There's a young Doctor Goddard who may be of benefit to the new team.
PRESIDENT: Who to lead it? This is costing us a great deal in resources and people. Put an administrator in charge.
DEAN: Oh, absolutely.
PRESIDENT: Anyone in mind?
DEAN: Isherwood, Mister President.
DEAN: I could do with getting him out of the building for a few weeks, giving him some ... experience.
PRESIDENT: I concur. The last time we met the Doctor left us an S.T.T. to contact him with. I shall instruct the Board to use it. Anything else, Dean?
[Note: S.T.T. = Space-Time Telegraph, see Revenge Of The Cybermen Part Four or Terror Of The Zygons Part One.]
DEAN: No, sir.
PRESIDENT: Good. I want this mystery solved. There's the possibility of immense benefits on that planet. I want them sourced once and for all.
DEAN: Yes, sir.
PRESIDENT: Let's get to it then, Dean. No time like the present.

[The next scene is on the CD only:]
(Tardis control room. Tardis door opened.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well ... I think that was a very nice service, don't you?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes. Marvellous. Very ... very inspiring.
(Tardis door closed.)
THE DOCTOR: Very uplifting.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, I wouldn't go that far. But the priest said lots of nice things about him.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I thought so. By uplifting I mean it wasn't one of those tearful, everyone weeping on one another's shoulders events. Shame about the rain, though. Next time, bring an umbrella, please.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes. Well, I'm glad we went, anyway, and I'm also very glad you changed your coat. I think that blue one is very fetching.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Very you. But without the, erm ... gaucherie of your normal one.
THE DOCTOR: Gaucherie? I'll have you know that my coat came from one of the most exclusive boutiques on Colpasha. Not just anyone can shop there, you know.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh Doctor, if that coat is an example of their top-of-the-range raiment, I'm not surprised they're exclusive. I imagine you are their only customer.
THE DOCTOR: Gaucherie, raiment? Who force-fed you a thesaurus this morning, mm?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes, well. It may have escaped your attention but I'm actually paying you a compliment.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Blue suits you. It matches your eyes.
THE DOCTOR: Oh. Well, thank you, Evelyn. Well, you asked to see me in my mourning suit, so I thought I'd oblige you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: I still can't see why you had to show it off to me at a funeral.
THE DOCTOR: Well, where else does one wear a mourning suit, but at a place of mourning? Blue, you see, colour of mourning, on a number of civilised worlds, notably not yours.
[One such world can be found in the story Revelation Of The Daleks.]
EVELYN SMYTHE: (laughing:) Oh Doctor, bless you for being a dear, but I thought when you said you had a mourning suit, you meant morning suit, as in, something Edwardian, worn in the morning.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, good grief, Evelyn. I haven't worn anything that formal for years. I thought you wanted to see my mourning suit because you wanted to go to that chap's funeral.
THE DOCTOR: Well, the chap whose funeral we've just been to, got wet at, drunk insipid weak tea after we made pleasant small talk with his grieving relatives - that chap.
EVELYN SMYTHE: But I thought he was your friend.
EVELYN SMYTHE: I didn't know him from Adam. How could I? I've never been to the Andromedan Galaxy before.
THE DOCTOR: But if he wasn't your friend and I've never heard of him, why did we go?
EVELYN SMYTHE: You took us.
THE DOCTOR: But you said ... Oh, never mind. I'm going to change back into my favourite coat, the gaucherie one.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, must you? I mean, it'd be so nice to go somewhere for once without everyone going blind or...
EVELYN SMYTHE: ... feeling nauseous just looking at you.
THE DOCTOR: Nauseous? What do you mean, nauseous? I mean, people make...
(Typing sound like a printout.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: What on earth's that noise?
THE DOCTOR: Noise? Oh, that noise.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Doctor? It's coming from inside the wall? Behind one of those circle things.
THE DOCTOR: Roundels, Evelyn, they're called roundels, and behind one in seven of them lies very sophisticated technology that powers the Tardis.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Don't sound very sophisticated to me.
(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: That's because it's coming from the fifth one along up there. It's the ... Space-Time Telegraph. Used only in emergencies by one of my trusted friends scattered throughout the universe, anxiously awaiting my return to once again help them solve whatever terrible tragedy has befallen their world, and threatens to...
EVELYN SMYTHE: (interrupting:) Yeah, all right, all right. But hadn't you best answer it? We wouldn't want one of your trusted friends to think you're out.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, let me see.
(Louder typing as the roundel is opened and the typing stops.)
THE DOCTOR: Mm. Mm-hmm. Oh.
(Inward breath.)
THE DOCTOR: Oh ... I see. Come on, Evelyn. Time to go. We have an emergency on our hands.
(Console noises.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Go where, exactly? And why?
THE DOCTOR: Why? Because of these three words. There...
EVELYN SMYTHE: "Temporal energy."
THE DOCTOR: And there.
EVELYN SMYTHE: "Cybermen"?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Cybermen. And all flippancy aside, Doctor Smythe, if Cybermen have access to time travel at last, then the universe is in very grave danger.

[The next scene was scripted but never recorded:]
SWIFT: Hello Doctor Savage, didn't know they'd dragged you into this mission.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Oh hello Swift. Yup, I'm afraid so. Apparently they need military-trained archaeologists with a penchant for lost civilisations. Sadly no-one was available, so they got me.
SWIFT: (laughing:) Oh, come on, Doctor. You're the best there is. Who're we sending down planetside with you then? Ryan Carey perchance?
NICOLA SAVAGE: Oh I hope so, Mister Swift. After all, they've put David Isherwood in charge of this one. Carey's what we'll all need to burst his pompous bubble.
SWIFT: Wish I was coming with you, this time. I enjoyed that dig on Tarris Alpha.
NICOLA SAVAGE: You only liked that because I had my son with me - looking after him gave you something to do. Luckily, I've been able to leave him at home with his grandparents this time. Can't see Isherwood finding cr\'e8che facilities in his costings, can you?
SWIFT: Bobby's a smashing kid, though, Doctor. How old is he now?
NICOLA SAVAGE: He'll be six in a couple of weeks time. I hope we can get away from this place in time for me to get back. Or at least, record him a happy birthday message that the College can zap over to him.
SWIFT: Tell you what, while you're down there, I'll get the wheels in motion. By the time you come back up, I'll have some time on the HyperWeb set up and you can send him a holo-message, yeah?
NICOLA SAVAGE: Brian Swift, you are a lovely man.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Oh, that'll be Renchard calling. Isherwood's probably complaining about some equipment of ours being "unnecessary and overweight" again. I'd better go. Apparently there're a couple of off-world experts joining us this trip. Experts in Cybermen and time travel apparently. Oh, I just can't wait.
SWIFT: Don't let Isherwood get to you, Doctor. He's pedantic, but he's not daft. Just determined to do it all by the book.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Huh! Accountants who do things by the book will be the death of archaeology. Probably the death of me, too. Take care, Mister Swift.
SWIFT: See you later, Doctor Savage. Oh, and I'll sort that HyperWeb time out for you. Bye!

[And back to the online story.]

(A planet. We move in closer. The Police Box is standing in a desert, the large sun behind it, and there are pyramid-like structures.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Here we are, light years from the nearest research station, enjoying our solitude and well away from the prying eyes of Central.
(EVELYN SMYTHE is an old woman who wears old-style glasses perched on the end of her nose, orange cardigan and yellow blouse. DAVID ISHERWOOD is more formal in a light blue buttonless jacket and matching trousers, hands held behind his back.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: And the wretched accountants.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Doctor Smythe, I am an accountant.
EVELYN SMYTHE: (laugh.) So Administrator, what have you discovered in the ruins?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Honestly, Doctor Smythe? Nothing at all. Just rock walls, rock rooms and even, would you believe, a few rocks.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Gosh. All that money, and nothing to show for it. (Laughs.) You remind me of a Dean I used to know. Oh well, something will turn up soon, you know, it always does.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: I hope so. This project has cost Central a great deal. My science departments are under threat of closure, which I'm not prepared to allow.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, I see. I thought it was about people.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: (laugh.) Well, obviously I want to find out what happened to the other two teams - both Ian Osborn and Tom Cosmarcus were associates of mine. Whilst I may be willing to accept they're probably dead, I ... I need to know how, why.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, if the answer's inside that temple there, the Doctor will find it.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: I admire your confidence.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Central had confidence too, or they wouldn't have requested his presence.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Yes well, I'm not keen on strangers. Like to work with trusted staff, you see. Yet here I am surrounded by more strangers than I can count, all because of temporal energies and a Cyberman.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes, the Doctor mentioned that to me. I understand the idea of temporal waves ... well, I pretend to because it shuts him up if I tell him I know what he's on about, but what exactly are Cybermen?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Something from our past. We thought they'd gone for good. But according to the Cassius reports, the last thing Osborn said was the word Cyberman.
EVELYN SMYTHE: That was enough to get all your bigwigs in an uproar.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well, that and the loss of two entire research teams, yeah. Tell you what, Doctor Smythe, have a chat with another of my strangers. Young Goddard over there.
(The silhouetted figure of a young man standing in the background some distance behind DAVID ISHERWOOD.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: He's been seconded to my team as an official Cyber expert. I'm quite sure he'll happily fill you in. I'd best get on with checking the survey team and the temple. Er - Goddard?
REECE GODDARD: Administrator Isherwood?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Come here, lad.
(Wearing the same blue uniform and with black hair, REECE GODDARD runs over.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Reece Goddard, meet Evelyn Smythe, the Doctor's companion.
(In facial appearance, REECE GODDARD is the exact double of Chang Lee from the Paul McGann Doctor Who 1996 TV movie, in the same way that the Colin Baker Doctor is the exact double of Commander Maxil from the Peter Davison Doctor Who story Arc of Infinity.)
REECE GODDARD: Oh my God. You've travelled in time. Wow.
(EVELYN SMYTHE has her hands in the pockets of her cardigan.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, I erm ... well, yes. It's not that different from any other form of travel, really. Nothing to get too excited over.
REECE GODDARD: Oh, come on! It's a science way beyond anything the thirty-third century has to offer. I read the reports about you and the Doctor. Fantastic stuff ... if it's true.
(The glow of the large sun on the horizon plays over the top of the Police Box.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, I ... I would imagine it's all true. Unless he wrote it. In which case it'll be rather one-sided and full of self-import, but basically sound.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Tell me about these ... Cybermen. The Administrator tells me you're his hired expert on such things.
REECE GODDARD: Oh. He does, hey? Right.

(Multicoloured room, pink/purple walls with green hieroglyphics, steps leading up to an octagonal door with green border around it.)
NICOLA SAVAGE: Mister Renchard, how are those corridor scans coming? Mister Carey, what's the communications link like?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Ooh, listen to her. All business and no pleasure, boss. Boring!
RYAN CAREY: Yeah, we're experts, see, need time to do our job.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Yeah, right, expert time-wasters.
(NICOLA SAVAGE has short blonde hair. Like RYAN CAREY and TAYLOR RENCHARD, her uniform is green.)
NICOLA SAVAGE: Doctor? Have you managed to transcribe those hieroglyphs yet?
(THE DOCTOR crouched down wearing an all-blue costume.)
THE DOCTOR: Getting there, Doctor Savage.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: My scans, oh beautiful lady, suggest that neither party used that route. The ground hasn't been disturbed and there are no residual thermo-shadows imprinted on the wall.
RYAN CAREY: Yeah, our subcutaneous transponders, oh beloved mistress of my dreams, are still registering with Isherwood's base camp.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Your dreams, gentlemen, are diseased places no self-respecting maggot would want to visit.
(Walking over.)
THE DOCTOR: Well Nicky, I can tell you any number of fascinating facts about this temple.
THE DOCTOR: Sadly, none of which will explain the disappearance of the earlier teams.
(Ping-pong type electronic noises.)
THE DOCTOR: What's that noise?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: (Laugh.) We've set up an echo field from on the transponder receiver here.
RYAN CAREY: It bounces our signals back so we can't be traced.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Switch it off, Mister Renchard, it's not you who'll get the flak from Isherwood.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Spoils all our fun.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Anyway ... what can you tell us, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Mm? Oh. Where shall I start? It's similar to a temple built by the Mayans. A complex system of one-way doorways exists around the area closest to the exit.
(The area around the octagonal doorway is triangular and the apex of the triangle culminates in the ceiling.)
THE DOCTOR: Which suggests that once in here, the occupants weren't expected to get back out.
THE DOCTOR: Unlikely. Too much area, too much air flow. No, I imagine that whoever came in here did so by choice, and I'd also guess, Mister Renchard, that if you did go down that corridor you've been scanning, it'd circle around and come out ... there.
(On the wall to the bottom left of the doorway is a small hole at the end of one of the hieroglyphic symbols.)
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Hell! I didn't even see that. It's no more than a crack. You'd need to be pretty thin to get through that.
THE DOCTOR: I'd imagine so, or burial. Somewhere private, anyway.
RYAN CAREY: How about a shrine?
THE DOCTOR: Good question, Mister Carey. However, there's nothing here to suggest any kind of religious reverence. No, it's ... just a building.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Not a temple, then?
THE DOCTOR: No, probably not. We call it a temple because it resembles something we were familiar with, but ... no. No, it's more like ... well, a palace, I suppose. Somewhere exclusive.
RYAN CAREY: Er, boss, Doc, we've got fifty minutes before that wave effect is due.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Well, we - we guess it's due, going on past experience.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Keep us appraised, Carey.
RYAN CAREY: Sure thing, boss.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Now, about these inscriptions?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yeah, right. Well, here's the fascinating bit. I haven't got a clue what they mean. I've never seen a script like it. There's no logic to them, no repeated symbols.
(THE DOCTOR is wearing a cat badge on his lapel which shows a seated golden cat with green eyes. As Rudyard Kipling wrote: "But the wildest of all the wild animals was the Cat. He walked by himself, and all places were alike to him.")
THE DOCTOR: My best guess is, it's just a name, rather than a set of instructions or a story. What is fascinating is the stone doorway they surround. Mister Renchard?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: (Cough.) Okay. It's made of the same stone as the rest of the temple - building, palace, whatever - it is however significantly thinner than the walls and other doors. It can't lead anywhere, there's a stone wall behind it, it's solid, and - there are no gaps.
THE DOCTOR: Thus, it's not a door.
NICOLA SAVAGE: It's a covering of some kind. Yes! Yes, of course. Behind this could be a - a picture, or more carvings or more symbols. Fascinating. We must get it open.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: It won't have been open for centuries. That'll be difficult.
RYAN CAREY: Yeah, and we don't want the air to damage whatever's beneath it, if it was hermetically sealed.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Mister Renchard?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: At last. Yes, boss?
NICOLA SAVAGE: Go back to Isherwood and get some of his thoroughly expensive vacuum cylinders so we can preserve the hieroglyphs and anything else we find inside.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: See youse all later.
(Walking off.)
RYAN CAREY: Well, I'll tell you one thing it isn't.
NICOLA SAVAGE: What's that?
RYAN CAREY: The way out. Still got that one to find.
THE DOCTOR: The way out? I wonder.

REECE GODDARD: Millennia ago, Earth's solar system had an extra planet known as Mondas.
(The two planets seen.)
REECE GODDARD: It left orbit of our Sun and the inhabitants went underground and created a civilisation that paralleled that of Earth, but one far more advanced than its human equivalent. They mastered the ability to pilot their planet and returned to Earth, drawing off its power and planning to turn us into what they had become - Cybermen.
(The Tenth Planet Cybermen pictures in the background.)
REECE GODDARD: Ninety per cent of their organs replaced with plastic, their brains run by computers, all emotion purged.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Sounds ghoulish. I take it they weren't exactly a pushover?
REECE GODDARD: Well, they had the strength of ten men...
(Later metallic Cyberman seen like one from The Wheel In Space.)
REECE GODDARD: ... and could live in the airless vacuum of Space, so no. However, for all their so-called superiority, they had weaknesses.
(Dying Cyberman from Earthshock seen.)
REECE GODDARD: Their early bodily functions could be affected by extreme radiation for example and, as they progressed, they supplanted some plastic for metals, longer-lasting but easily cloggable by non-corrodibles such as gold dust.
(Cybermen from The Invasion marching down the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.)
REECE GODDARD: Again, they overcame this, learning and progressing with each defeat.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Did no-one try to stop them?
(One of the two planets seen earlier in the process of being destroyed and disappearing from space.)
REECE GODDARD: Mondas was destroyed. But it transpired there were other planets they had previously conquered and seeded.
(Cybermen from The Tomb Of The Cybermen.)
REECE GODDARD: Wherever they come from, death and destruction follows as they relentlessly take men and women and turn them into soulless members of their armies.
(A later Earthshock-like Cyberman.)
REECE GODDARD: Then, after the great Orion Cyber-wars of the Twenty-Sixth Century, they seem to have died out, except for a few odd skirmishes.
(Then the Real Time Cyberman with the metal face designed similar to the human bone structure.)
REECE GODDARD: The fact that Osborn claimed a Cyberman presence was found here has sent jitters through Central.
EVELYN SMYTHE: I can understand why. You know, we sent the Doctor and the others into that temple thing.
(The Real Time Cyberman image with glowing red eyes.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: What if the Cybermen are in there?
REECE GODDARD: That's what they're trying to find out.

NICOLA SAVAGE: We aren't really getting anywhere.
RYAN CAREY: I don't know, it's giving a bit, like we've relieved some pressure on it.
THE DOCTOR: Savage, Carey, look.
THE DOCTOR: We've made a mistake. See there? Scratch marks.
RYAN CAREY: They look fresh. Oh my God, you think this door opened recently?
THE DOCTOR: Suppose Professor Osborn and his team and those before managed to discover exactly what we have. Suppose they opened this doorway, and unleashed this temporal wave they reported. I think we should back away for now, tell Isherwood.
NICOLA SAVAGE: No Doctor, we need to go back with more information.
RYAN CAREY: Boss, the Doc may be right. If we open this and whoosh, out comes that wave thing, well, we won't be able to warn 'em. We'll be dead.
NICOLA SAVAGE: We don't know they're dead. What if the Doctor's wrong and it is a doorway?
THE DOCTOR: To where? Mister Renchard already told you there's no cavity behind it. There isn't space.
NICOLA SAVAGE: I don't know. But the other teams might be trapped behind here waiting for us to rescue them.
RYAN CAREY: They may be dead.
NICOLA SAVAGE: It's only been two days, Carey, they could be fine.
THE DOCTOR: Listen, Doctor Savage, you're right - you don't know. None of us do. But I think we should stop to consider all possibilities before making a fatal mistake.
NICOLA SAVAGE: You know Doctor, I questioned Central's calling in of you. I said we were a good enough team by ourselves, but they were adamant. Well, all I can see is instead of a supposed genius, I see a man scared of opening a doorway.
RYAN CAREY: Careful, boss.
THE DOCTOR: No, Mister Carey, she's absolutely right, because what you see before you is a man whose experience of both temporal effects and Cybermen tells him to be cautious.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Well, you be cautious then. I'm trying to rescue my colleagues.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I understand that, but surely you can see the logic of what...
NICOLA SAVAGE: You understand nothing! These are my friends, so ...!
RYAN CAREY: Stop it, both of you. Look!
(Crackling. Glowing from the octagon.)
RYAN CAREY: Good grief.
THE DOCTOR: Amazing.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Well. No temporal wave, then.
THE DOCTOR: No. Just a ... space.
(NICOLA SAVAGE looking through the glow.)
NICOLA SAVAGE: I can see through that blur. It looks like another stone room.
RYAN CAREY: Yeah, but look at that equipment. That's some pretty advanced stuff.
THE DOCTOR: Er, excuse me, but neither of you seem to be alarmed by this. There shouldn't be another room. The lack of space, remember?
NICOLA SAVAGE: Something huge inside something so small.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, of course. Excuse me, but I don't think what you're seeing is just a question of where, but also when.
NICOLA SAVAGE: I wonder what this membrane covering it is.
RYAN CAREY: Translucent, but threaded through with these tiny slivers of...
(A sudden electrical glow.)
RYAN CAREY: Ow! ... minor electrical impulses. Not fatal, though. Barely even a jolt.
THE DOCTOR: Look, I really don't advise this course of action.
NICOLA SAVAGE: I'm going to see if I can reach through.
NICOLA SAVAGE: Yes. I can feel it on my hand.
(NICOLA SAVAGE screams as she is pulled through.)

EVELYN SMYTHE: So, what brings you here?
REECE GODDARD: Cybermen have fascinated me and my family for years. I just followed in their footsteps. You?
EVELYN SMYTHE: (laugh.) Well, I just go where the Doctor goes these days. Travel broadens the mind and all that. I blame Charles Lindbergh.
REECE GODDARD: Oh, of course. I remember him. Nineteen Twenty-Seven. Spirit of Saint Louis. First man to successfully fly the Atlantic.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Imagine. If he'd never done that, we'd all still be on Earth.
(Running over.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Doctor Smythe, Doctor Goddard, quick.
EVELYN SMYTHE: What is it?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: It's Doctor Savage. Her subcutaneous transponder has cut off suddenly.

RYAN CAREY: Boss? I can't see her through there.
THE DOCTOR: Can't see anything through there. It's too dark.
RYAN CAREY: Went dark as soon as she went through.
THE DOCTOR: Was pulled through.
(Three Cybermen appear from the glowing doorway.)
RYAN CAREY: Good grief.
(The leading Cyberman, or to be more accurate Cyberwoman, has a half-recognisable face of NICOLA SAVAGE, since half the face and legs are of a Cyberman and the other half is a person. The voice is a cybernetic version of NICOLA SAVAGE's voice. So from now on we will call her CYBER-SAVAGE.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Do not move. This planet is now under our control.
RYAN CAREY: Boss? What's happened to them?
THE DOCTOR: That's easy, Mister Carey. They're half-human, half-Cyberman.
RYAN CAREY: That was quick.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I believe that doorway is a time portal. A time portal under Cyber control.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You belong to us. You will be like us.

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits. On the CD version released in 2002, the closing music for the episodes is a lot shorter.)
[On CD version of Episode One only - President played by Robert Curbishley, and Dean played by Mark Wright.]


(Opening Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated title sequence.)
(Three Cybermen appear from the glowing doorway.)
RYAN CAREY: Good grief.
(The leading Cyberman, or to be more accurate Cyberwoman, has a half-recognisable face of NICOLA SAVAGE, since half the face and legs are of a Cyberman and the other half is a person. The voice is a cybernetic version of NICOLA SAVAGE's voice. So from now on we will call her CYBER-SAVAGE.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Do not move. This planet is now under our control.
RYAN CAREY: Boss? What's happened to them?
THE DOCTOR: That's easy, Mister Carey. They're half-human, half-Cyberman.
RYAN CAREY: That was quick.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I believe that doorway is a time portal. A time portal under Cyber control.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You belong to us. You will be like us.

(Police Box in the middle of the landscape with pyramid-like structures.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Administrator, Doctor Savage's transponder is back online. She's okay.
EVELYN SMYTHE: What are these transponders?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Micro receivers implanted into the skin of our arms. It means we can track our people.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Have you all got one?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: All Central personnel have one, Ma'am. Standard.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Why on Earth not? Oh, God. Don't tell me. You're one of those "my body is my temple" types.
REECE GODDARD: Actually, Administrator, I'm allergic. My skin reacts badly to implants. Hey Evelyn, we can be a unique team on our own. Covert undercover missions where Central can't find us...
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Yes, thank you. Now, what about the Doctor's party? One can assume they're safe.
EVELYN SMYTHE: We shouldn't assume they're safe at all until we speak to them.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Excuse me? I'm in command here, Doctor Smythe. It might have been a communications blip. If everything is online again and there's no sign of a temporal wave...
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Not due for about forty-five minutes, sir.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Then I think we should stay calm.
EVELYN SMYTHE: (laugh:) I can tell you're new at this. Look, my time with the Doctor has shown me that...
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Doctor Smythe. If you would prefer to wait in the Doctor's Tardis, then it is only a few feet away. Feel free to remain there until I decide what to do next.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, of all the conceited...
REECE GODDARD: Come on, Doctor Smythe. Evelyn. I'm sure the Doc'll be just fine, and - and...
THE DOCTOR: Get away from here!
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What the hell...
RYAN CAREY: Administrator! Cybermen. Behind us.
(THE DOCTOR rushes up.)
THE DOCTOR: Well Administrator, we've found the secret on this planet for you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Doctor, what's going on?
THE DOCTOR: No time, Evelyn. Isherwood, you must contact your mother ship, get away from here. I'm going to stay here, try and close off that portal thing before any more Cybermen emerge and...
(Cyberman gun shots. Three Cybermen there. Partially metallic on the lower leg, but most of the upper legs are skin. The hands have metal gloves, but the arm consists mainly of undamaged flesh.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You are my prisoners. Do not move.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Good God. That's Nicola Savage. What's happened to her? And those other two.
THE DOCTOR: A few months of Cyber-grafts in about thirty seconds.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Is that possible?
REECE GODDARD: If that portal thing is a time gate, yes. It may operate in a different time zone. She might have been in there for minutes, or years.
EVELYN SMYTHE: And is it? A - time gate, I mean?
THE DOCTOR: Looks like it. Those three partial Cybermen came through it.
CYBER-SAVAGE: This planet is under Cyber Control.
THE DOCTOR: Leave her, Mister Renchard. Despite the human bits on display, mentally she's a thrall to Cyber commands. Doctor Savage is gone. They all are.
RYAN CAREY: And in their places are ... are those?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. I'm sorry.
(The chest area is mainly metallic.)
REECE GODDARD: But Doctor, why only half a Cyberman? I mean, normally they're completely encased in the Cyber-suits.
THE DOCTOR: Good question. I hardly think Cybermen have gained an aesthetic sense, so there has to be a practical reason.
(Cyberman walking over.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Which of you is the Doctor?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Lots of Doctors and Professors here...
(Cries out as the gloved hand grabs his arm.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will be silent. I require the Doctor. The Doctor who operates that craft there.
EVELYN SMYTHE: It can recognise the Tardis but not you.
THE DOCTOR: It also has exceptional hearing, Evelyn, so shush!
CYBER-SAVAGE: You are the Doctor.
(THE DOCTOR expands his arms.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You are required by the Controller.
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes? And where is he, then?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Through the portal.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, yeah, I see. Obvious really.
REECE GODDARD: So why isn't he here himself?
THE DOCTOR: Good question. Do you have a good answer?
THE DOCTOR: Well, if the Cybercontroller sent you and your two chums over there to get me, why not come himself?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Perhaps he's feeling under the weather.
THE DOCTOR: Evelyn ... you may have hit the nail on the head. So, why do you need the Tardis? You already have a time portal.
CYBER-SAVAGE: That information is unimportant to you.
THE DOCTOR: I think it's extremely important to me, actually. It's my Tardis!
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Maybe if you gave it to them, Doctor, they'd go away.
REECE GODDARD: Oh, come on, Administrator, that's just dumb.
THE DOCTOR: Administrator, take a look at the two Cybermen that arrived with Savage here. Anyone you know?
(DAVID ISHERWOOD looks at the two other Cybermen who were once male.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: My God. That's Ricky Allen. Professor Cosmarcus's assistant. I think I recognise the other one as...

(There are rows of Cybermen inside transparent cubicles in the room with the Chronosphere. The rest of DAVID ISHERWOOD's sentence can be heard in the room.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: (speaker:) ...Lawrence. The military commander of Osborn's group.
THE DOCTOR: (speaker:) Interesting, don't you think?
(The CYBERCONTROLLER cannot be seen clearly at this stage.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: The Doctor is as cautious as our records warned us.
(Bleep of connection.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Commander? Is your subcutaneous transponder still operational?
CYBER-SAVAGE: (speaker:) Yes, Controller. It has been reconfigured as a mental transmitter and receiver. The humans cannot hear our conversations.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Excellent. Separate the humans and have the Doctor brought here.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (speaker:) Yes, Controller.
(Bleep of disconnection.)

THE DOCTOR: Why do they want the Tardis?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Perhaps they can't operate their time gate properly, but know that the Tardis can go anywhere. When piloted properly, anyway.
REECE GODDARD: Cybermen with time travel. That's a new and horrible thought.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Doctor, the Controller requires your presence.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will come with us. Take the others away.
CYBERMAN 2: Yes, Commander.
(Cries of protest from the others as they are led off.)
THE DOCTOR: I say again, why?
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will come with us.
THE DOCTOR: Why? Tell me why I should.
REECE GODDARD: Careful, Doctor.
CYBER-SAVAGE: If you do not, the hostages will be killed.
THE DOCTOR: So? Well, that's hardly a threat. If I refuse to budge, a handful of lives gone. If I go with you and give you the secrets of my Tardis, that's eternity gone.
(He looks over to the Police Box.)
THE DOCTOR: Not really a contest, is it?
REECE GODDARD: He has a point.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Doctor, these four humans are your friends.
(We can see EVELYN SMYTHE, REECE GODDARD, TAYLOR RENCHARD, DAVID ISHERWOOD and RYAN CAREY. Five people. So either the Cyberman cannot count ... or is it something else?)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Their deaths can be slow and painful.
THE DOCTOR: So that's it? Come with us or we hurt your friends? No. My friends mean a great deal to me, but they're still expendable when put against the fate of the Universe. You won't get what you want by killing anyone.
CYBERMAN: You have three minutes to decide.
(Sound of the Cyberman walking away.)
REECE GODDARD: Will you really sacrifice us, Doctor?
EVELYN SMYTHE: If he has to, yes.
THE DOCTOR: Evelyn, you know me too well. There's something else wrong here, you know.
(His cat badge sits smugly on his lapel as he speaks.)
THE DOCTOR: Something Savage just said. It doesn't make sense.

CYBERMAN 2: You will stay here as hostages until further notice.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Oh, cheers. Thanks.
(The CYBERMAN walks away.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Great. So the Doctor's willing to sacrifice us just to make a point.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: To be fair, Administrator, he has a good point. I don't want to die any more than you, but it's the five of us against the galaxy.
RYAN CAREY: Well, we knew the risks when we signed on, sir.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Look. This Doctor won't give them the Tardis, and thus we get to die, but if we gave them the Tardis, and offered to help sort out their time portal with its machinery or whatever's inside, then that would give the Doctor time to come up with another plan that doesn't cost us our lives. Besides which, our job was to learn about this portal. Its temporal technology may be worth billions.
RYAN CAREY: I'm not sure, Administrator...
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Why would the Cyberman thing - you know, that looks like Doctor Savage - fall for it?
RYAN CAREY: Yeah, and what about the temporal wave whatsit...
RYAN CAREY: It's due shortly.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Oh, come on. Let's give our Cyber chum here a message for ... Oh. He's gone.

EVELYN SMYTHE: I'm not sure, Doctor. I feel I want to be doing something rather than sitting round here awaiting execution.
(THE DOCTOR resting his head in his hands.)
THE DOCTOR: Well, I'm not sure I want you to be executed, Evelyn, thank you very much. At the moment, playing for time is all we can do.
REECE GODDARD: We don't have much time, though. That temporal wave thing is due shortly.
THE DOCTOR: I think I can guess what it's for now.
THE DOCTOR: Well, I think the description of it as a wave is pretty accurate - it operates like a trawler net, flowing out from the portal and then receding back again, but dragging everything with it. It took both previous teams through and the Cybercontroller has turned them into his rather bizarre-looking Cyber-troops.
(Images of the half-finished Cybermen.)
REECE GODDARD: Cybercontroller's gone to a lot of effort to set it up.
THE DOCTOR: Him? (Laugh.) No. No, he didn't do this. That temple or whatever it is and the portal are the products of a far better civilisation that's long since gone. Or gone through the portal. Which would explain the lack of other exits. No, I think he's using second-hand equipment.
EVELYN SMYTHE: It's all a bit haphazard, though. What if no-one had been here?
THE DOCTOR: He has the equipment but has lost the instruction manual. And as he's in a different time zone from us, he might have been sitting there watching the temporal wave scoop nothing up for aeons. Very patient, Cybercontrollers.
THE DOCTOR: And this one is like a Cybernetic Prester John, sitting at the end of time with his Holy Grail waiting for someone to show him how to use it.
REECE GODDARD: But you can't!
THE DOCTOR: Oh, don't worry, Mister Goddard. I may have to help him translate the instruction manual, but I can easily lose the last page.

CYBERMAN 2: Commander.
CYBERMAN 2: The hostages...
CYBER-SAVAGE: I am aware of their conversation. All members of the human party have subcutaneous transponders. I have adjusted mine to act as a receiver. Everything the humans say I can now overhear.
CYBERMAN 2: The human Isherwood plots to betray us.
(CYBER-SAVAGE clenches her fist.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: He is unaware that we already know this. It is worthwhile to pretend to accept his terms. Either way, we shall take the Doctor's Tardis through the portal.
(Image of the blue Police Box.)
CYBERMAN 2: Why do we not just take it now? Why do we need the Doctor?
(CYBER-SAVAGE gestures with her gauntleted hand.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Controller knows that access to the Tardis equipment is only obtainable via the Doctor, and his brain will be adapted to our purposes. The Controller wants the Doctor to succeed him as the next Controller.
(Image of THE DOCTOR shown behind CYBER-SAVAGE.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: With his knowledge of time and space mechanics, the Controller's plan will be fulfilled.

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits.)


(Opening Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated title sequence.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Controller knows that access to the Tardis equipment is only obtainable via the Doctor, and his brain will be adapted to our purposes. The Controller wants the Doctor to succeed him as the next Controller.
(Image of THE DOCTOR shown behind CYBER-SAVAGE.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: With his knowledge of time and space mechanics, the Controller's plan will be fulfilled.

(DAVID ISHERWOOD to the Cybermen.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Excuse me, Savage, or whatever you are now.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Project Commander.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Commander, then. We ... I have a proposition. The Doctor won't give you what you want - you know that. But what if we give you the Tardis?
(Police Box with the planet's sun behind it.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You have a key?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No, but I can get one for you. Yes, I can get one made.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well, we can use one of the vacuum storage packs. Bleed out the foam. It's hard-setting, you see, so we can preserve specimens we dig up, and bleed that into the keyhole. Pull it out and you have an indentation of the key, then we - or you if you'd rather - could cast one from the mould.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Why do we need you to do that?
(RYAN CAREY and TAYLOR RENCHARD in the background.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Because my two lads over there will blow up the vacuum chambers, if you don't agree to keep us alive, and we will keep hold of the mould, just to make sure.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You are intelligent, Isherwood. Your plan has merit. Bring your vacuum packs through to the portal. My Cybermen will carry the Tardis.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: One thing, though. This constitutes a deal, and I ... we want something in return. All right?

(Cybermen carrying the Police Box.)
REECE GODDARD: Doctor, look. Something's going on.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Cybermen. Where are they taking the Tardis?
THE DOCTOR: Administrator Isherwood believes he's sold us out. He thinks this will keep him alive.
REECE GODDARD: Well, seems to be working.
THE DOCTOR: They'll take him and those other poor men through the portal and cyberise them.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Then we should stop them.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Doctor! If they take the Tardis through the portal we may lose it forever. I don't want to be stuck out here when that temporal wave of yours floods out without a Tardis to escape into.
THE DOCTOR: Evelyn, calm down a moment.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Why? What have you planned?
THE DOCTOR: Me? Nothing at all. It's simple physics. Compare the size of the Tardis with the entrance to the temple.
(Crash as the Cybermen try to fit the Police Box which is too big through the small octagonal entrance.)
REECE GODDARD: Ha-ha! They didn't see that one coming.
THE DOCTOR: No they didn't. But they should have. There's a lot they're not seeing, isn't there? I mean, Cybermen usually make good guards, but we can wander around pretty much as we want chatting freely. It's like they're not quite, well, all there. I wonder.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Trying again. This time upright.
THE DOCTOR: The joy of whoever built that place was that they intended people to go in and out in an orderly fashion.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Single file. Do you think they were a planet of Post Office workers?
REECE GODDARD: So your Tardis can't get through the door. Excellent.
THE DOCTOR: As you say, excellent. Of course, it won't be long before they begin smashing the doorway so it's bigger, but by then, we'll have to have talked them round.
REECE GODDARD: We should do something about Isherwood.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. His obsession with money will be his undoing if we're not careful. And being careful is very important, isn't it, Doctor Goddard?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, obviously, Doctor. These Cybermen and Cyber-women rather have the upper hand at the moment.
THE DOCTOR: All right, then. Evelyn, a task for you. Occupy Isherwood and the others. Mister Goddard and I are going to have a little chat with the Cyberman that used to be Nicky Savage.
THE DOCTOR: Because you are our pet expert on the Cybermen. And I think you might have valuable ... insights.
(His cat badge on his lapel, his lucky charm, shown.)

(Monitor in the Chronosphere room. CYBER-SAVAGE appears on it. Again, CYBERCONTROLLER not fully seen.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Controller.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) We cannot bring the Doctor's Tardis through. The entranceway is too small.
CYBERCONTROLLER: That should have been foreseen.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Yes, Controller.
CYBERCONTROLLER: The temporal wave is due in thirty-five minutes. If you have not got the Tardis here by then, force the Doctor to open it, and use it as a sanctuary.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Yes, Controller.

(THE DOCTOR and REECE GODDARD watch from a distance and walk over to the entrance.)
THE DOCTOR: Well, well, well. That wasn't very successful, was it?
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will remain silent.
CYBER-SAVAGE: The entranceway will be widened.
THE DOCTOR: At considerable cost to your power supplies. I've noticed that your implants are a bit faulty. Bits of you keep falling off. Unusual of Cyber-technology to be so shoddy.
REECE GODDARD: It's not decay, Doctor. They just don't seen to have been very well constructed, I guess.
THE DOCTOR: So, what exactly do you want with my Tardis? Have you really come all this way just for that?
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Controller received your bio-signs from within the portal area, and therefore you became our primary target.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, how flattering. I take it you don't mean target for destruction?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Your knowledge of time travel is of some importance to us.
THE DOCTOR: Some importance? Oh. Well, don't get too carried way.
REECE GODDARD: I've never known Cybermen to look so ... badly made before.
THE DOCTOR: So, let me get this straight. You have been - oh sorry, your Controller has been - sitting somewhere else like a spider in a large web waiting to catch whatever prey comes into contact with the portal. Then I stumble in, and bingo - I'm just what he's always wanted, yes?
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Controller is from the far future, where exact measurements of Time have ceased to have any meaning.
THE DOCTOR: That far?
CYBER-SAVAGE: After a great war with the Universe, the Cyber-fleets were ... eradicated.
(Image of space and darkened image of CYBER-SAVAGE.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Only a handful of Cybermen survived, and were tracked down by bounty-hunters and mercenaries. Eventually our Controller was forced to take refuge on a water planet.
(Image of the planet seen.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Damaged and dying, he and his troops discovered the time portal within a structure...
(Image of the octagonal entrance with steps leading up to it, then Cyberman fist covered in blood.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: ... and after destroying all resistance he recovered the apparatus to activate the portal.
(Image of a four-fingered Cyberman hand stretching out to the portal gateway.)
THE DOCTOR: Presumably with the intention of returning back in time here, knowing his future defeats and thus avoiding them. What a clever Controller.
REECE GODDARD: So what went wrong?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Shortly after his troopers went through the portal, their armour and equipment ... malfunctioned. They ceased operating and disintegrated.
THE DOCTOR: Oh. So, that's the end of the story, is it? Or is there something you're not letting on about, mm? All right, let's talk about this planet. One assumes that the original users projected themselves away from this desert world, to what? It's own future? A period when water was once more in abundance, and they probably lived happily until your Controller turned up.
REECE GODDARD: And now he wants to travel further afield. Maybe go right back into their past and see how the portal was built. He can't do that now, but with your Tardis...
THE DOCTOR: With my Tardis, the Controller would have access to all Space and Time. A clever plan, Controller. Oh - I assume he can hear me via your transponder? How are you transmitting to him? There must be something through the portal that I missed, some sort of relay. Cut that off and you're out of touch, isn't that true, Commander?
CYBER-SAVAGE: This conversation is over.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will open the Tardis to us or your companions will die.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, of course they will. That's the trouble with Cybermen - always singing the same song...
(THE DOCTOR cries out as his arm is grabbed by CYBER-SAVAGE's fist.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Agree to our terms, or your arm will be removed, as we only require one to operate the Tardis.
THE DOCTOR: And you can always give me a new one once we're on the other side, right, complete with guarantee, twelve months service and parts.
(THE DOCTOR cries out as the fist squeezes his arm.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Why do you talk so much?
THE DOCTOR: You never know who's listening.
(The squeezing of his arm is stopped.)
THE DOCTOR: Thank you. Now, I think I need to have a talk with Administrator Isherwood.

(EVELYN SMYTHE with RYAN CAREY behind her.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, so much for your plan.
RYAN CAREY: It was the Administrator's, really. Rench and I just ... went along with it. Sorry.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, never mind. Where's Mister Renchard now?
RYAN CAREY: Over with the Administrator going through the books left by Professor Osborn, seeing if they can find something out.
(Behind a ridge behind the two, REECE GODDARD appears.)
REECE GODDARD: Psst! Evelyn, to me.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Doctor Goddard, what are you doing behind there?
REECE GODDARD: Listen, I think I know how we can stop the Cybermen in their tracks. Come on.
RYAN CAREY: Hoi, I'm coming too.
REECE GODDARD: Well, if you have to, I guess. Come on, no-one's looking.

(TAYLOR RENCHARD with DAVID ISHERWOOD, turning pages of books.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Nothing. Osborn kept terrible records and Cosmarcus wasn't much better.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: They probably didn't have much time.
(THE DOCTOR suddenly comes in.)
THE DOCTOR: Sorting through the dead men's treasures, gentlemen?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Doctor. You gave me a fright.
THE DOCTOR: Good. I can't say I approve of your leadership, Administrator. Trying to sell my Tardis to the Cybermen wasn't very clever, was it?
THE DOCTOR: Particularly as the Cyberman that used to be Doctor Savage can hear everything we say if she chooses to.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: What are you saying?
THE DOCTOR: I'm saying that the transponders under your skin carry radio waves too, and the Cybermen have adapted theirs.
(Electronic ping-pong type sound.)
THE DOCTOR: What's that?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: It's the echo field device Carey and I set up earlier, to block the transponder signals, remember?
THE DOCTOR: Of course.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Hopefully it'll scramble any radio signals the Cybermen are using in the same way.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No, why do we need them?
THE DOCTOR: I want to send a team into the temple ruins with Goddard, to try and dismantle whatever has been set up to relay the messages to the Controller.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Send Evelyn with him, and you have no problems.
(Image of EVELYN SMYTHE in the background.)
THE DOCTOR: She's a remarkable lady and not exactly petite, but even she can't block out radio waves.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: She doesn't have a transponder, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: No, but Goddard does.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No he doesn't. Apparently he's allergic.
THE DOCTOR: That man is interesting in so many ways.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Doc, one problem.
(They can see out through the opened gap between the two entry doors.)
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Looks like she and Goddard are doing what you wanted right now - look, they've just slipped in past your Tardis.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: And Carey's with them.
THE DOCTOR: Blast. That means they'll be giving off signals like a homing beacon.

CYBERMAN: Commander, one of the humans has entered the ruins.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Excellent. It will be the Doctor's companion and Carey. I cannot see them. You are to capture them and take them through to the Controller.
CYBERMAN: Yes, Commander.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Perhaps we don't need the Doctor after all. His companion may have operated his craft. She may have the secrets we require.

(Ping pong echo field continuing.)
THE DOCTOR: I'm going to have to go in after them, get them to abort their mission. Mister Renchard, if your echo field is operational, could you come with me?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: But - what about me? I don't want to be stuck here answerable to the Cybermen on my own, without one of those echo field thingies.
THE DOCTOR: Administrator, I have a job for you, something to make you look busy enough that the Cybermen won't bother you.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Oh? What's that?
THE DOCTOR: Go through Goddard's belongings.
(DAVID ISHERWOOD's eyes widen.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: You what? I can't...
THE DOCTOR: You have to. He's up to something.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well, following your orders, I imagine.
THE DOCTOR: Oh no, I don't think he's following my orders any more than yours or Central's. Get into his personal bags and boxes.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: (sigh.) What am I looking for?
THE DOCTOR: I haven't a clue, but you'll know it when you see it. Come on, Mister Renchard, let's go after the others.
(Walking off.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: But Doctor, I ... Oh, never mind. Right, Doctor Goddard. Let's see if the Doctor's right about you.

(RYAN CAREY with EVELYN SMYTHE standing by outside the octagonal entrance.)
RYAN CAREY: Here we are, the portal. The door's still open.
(Glowing from the doorway.)
REECE GODDARD: Fascinating. I mean, look at this membrane. Millions upon millions of tiny energy spheres laced through it.
EVELYN SMYTHE: It's rather beautiful, actually. How many different colours, I wonder?
REECE GODDARD: Eighty-seven shades of twelve basic colours...
REECE GODDARD: Nothing. Just remembering ... an old song.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, right. Oh, I see. So, what are we looking for exactly?
REECE GODDARD: Some means of communication.
RYAN CAREY: Here, Doctors, both of you. Tiny fibre-optics threaded through the top of the membrane.
REECE GODDARD: Of course. Not corrodible and powerful enough to carry signals. Very good, Cybercontroller, you're improving.
REECE GODDARD: Nothing. Just admiring the handiwork.
RYAN CAREY: Look, the wave thing can't be far off. Let's cut these fibre-optics and get out of here.
REECE GODDARD: I'm not sure we can just cut them, Mister Carey, they're very well-protected.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Well, that was a waste of time, then.
(A CYBERMAN has walked up behind her.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Let's get back before we're missed and the Doctor...
(EVELYN SMYTHE cries out, mouth open, eyes screwed up in pain.)
CYBERMAN: Do not move. You are my prisoners. Resistance is useless.
RYAN CAREY: Oh yeah, chum, try catching us...
(RYAN CAREY cries out as his hand is grabbed and squeezed.)
RYAN CAREY: My arm! You ... you've crushed my arm.
CYBERMAN: It will be replaced.
CYBERMAN: You will both come with me.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Where are you taking us?
(They cry out as they are led off. Travelling through the portal. Arriving in the Cybermen's control room.)
CYBERMAN: Controller, I have brought the humans.
(CYBERCONTROLLER is sitting on a metal throne. His arms grip the sides of it. The Cybercontroller is a complete Cyberman, no flesh parts.)
(The CYBERMAN is holding RYAN CAREY by the arm.)
CYBERMAN: I had to damage this one.
CYBERCONTROLLER: No matter. Take it to the conversion chamber.
(The rows of Cybermen in their inner cubicles seen.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: We haven't time to create a completely new Cyberman, but re-programme his brain. Implant new auditory and visual circuits, and replace his arm.
RYAN CAREY: No! No, what are you doing?
(RYAN CAREY cries out as he is led off.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Mister Carey, you're hurting him. Oh ... Oh...
CYBERCONTROLLER: You are the Doctor's companion?
EVELYN SMYTHE: I prefer to think that he's mine, actually.
CYBERCONTROLLER: You will be attached to our conversion process.
EVELYN SMYTHE: You mean I'm going to become one of you?
CYBERCONTROLLER: No. Your body has no purpose, but your mind - that will become like us. Like me.
(The CYBERCONTROLLER is seated on a raised throne with green glowing globes on the floor around it.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Your brain will be re-programmed, and then placed within the operational controls of the Doctor's Tardis. You will pilot it for us. You will be an extension of both the craft and Cyber-technology. You will be a Cybercontroller.

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits.)


(Opening Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated title sequence.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Your brain will be re-programmed, and then placed within the operational controls of the Doctor's Tardis. You will pilot it for us.
(The CYBERCONTROLLER is seated on a raised throne with green glowing globes on the floor around it.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: You will be an extension of both the craft and Cyber-technology. You will be a Cybercontroller.

(A room containing flesh parts with partially mechanical attachments hanging up like meat in a butcher's shop.)
CYBERMAN: The process will not take long.
RYAN CAREY: Please. Stop. I know you. Ricky. Ricky Allen, is that you? What have they done to you?
CYBERMAN: The same as will be done to you.
RYAN CAREY: No, you can't. You mustn't. Please, Ricky.
(Device like a whirring drill right next to his face.)
RYAN CAREY: Think - think what you're doing. I'm a human being...
(Visually - a mechanical hand moving a device like a chainsaw from left to right; sharp instruments cutting across bare flesh; a snake-like device with drill attachment making adjustments here and there. Audibly - screams for 20 whole seconds until the scream turns into a Cyberman voice. Then the screaming stops.)
CYBERMAN: Initial implants and brain reprogramming processes complete.
(The new Cyberman now has RYAN CAREY's voice but treated electronically. He has become CYBER-CAREY. He has a Cyberman chest unit. The middle of his face is human and has hair but the eyes are two red Cyberman eyes and either side of his head is a Cyberman head, complete with handles coming out of either side of the head.)
CYBER-CAREY: I have become one of you. I have become like you.
CYBERMAN: Excellent.

THE DOCTOR: Here we go, Mister Renchard, into the lion's den.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: You're a big comfort, Doc.
THE DOCTOR: I try, I try.
(REECE GODDARD suddenly appears.)
THE DOCTOR: Doctor Goddard.
REECE GODDARD: Doctor, the Cybermen - they've got Evelyn and Carey.
REECE GODDARD: Took them through the portal.
THE DOCTOR: We have to go after them.
(CYBER-SAVAGE suddenly appears.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: That will not be possible.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Boss. That's Ryan Carey in there. Think what they might be doing to him.
CYBER-SAVAGE: It has already been done.
THE DOCTOR: I ... I'm sorry, Mister Renchard.
THE DOCTOR: What about Evelyn Smythe? Well?
CYBER-SAVAGE: She remains unconverted.
THE DOCTOR: But for how long? How long before your Controller tires of waiting around, tires of sitting around doing his giant spider act and running out of flies?
CYBER-SAVAGE: This conversation is unimportant.
THE DOCTOR: Unimportant? Unimp... It's very, very important. The man you're talking about used to be your friend, Nicky. Your good friend and colleague.
(Two tubes are embedded into the back of CYBER-SAVAGE's head.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Friendship was weakness I have overcome. It gets in the way of logical reasoning and action.
THE DOCTOR: Friendship is terribly important. Without it we're nothing.
(He gestures with his hand.)
THE DOCTOR: Soulless beings of the type you serve, the type you have nearly become.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Friendship is your downfall, Doctor. Evelyn Smythe has provided our Controller with an ability to bargain with you. That opportunity was not present before her capture. You are now in an inferior position.
THE DOCTOR: Well, against Cybermen I'm always in an inferior position if we're talking about might, but I'm talking about life. And my feelings, my love for Evelyn can never make me inferior. I beg you to stop if you've threatened her or any of these people in fact, and you see that as weakness.
(THE DOCTOR with his arms out in an explanatory gesture.)
THE DOCTOR: But in proving that, you've given both myself and Evelyn a greater strength, because neither she nor I will devalue our friendship no matter what the cost. Something you see no value in, and that is my advantage. That is what makes you and me completely different. Cybermen prove themselves to be truly alien, anathematic to my way of living and thinking, and that will always put me in a superior position because I can think and act on so many more levels than pure logic.
CYBER-SAVAGE: This conversation is terminated.
(THE DOCTOR laughs.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: It serves no purpose. Unless you allow me access to your Tardis, Evelyn will be destroyed.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: And you lose your bargaining chip.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Unless you allow me access to your Tardis, this man Renchard will be destroyed.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Are you still willing to sacrifice these people, Doctor? Is there a difference to me killing him before your eyes?
(Back view of CYBER-SAVAGE showing the bare flesh of the arms and lower back with metallic attachments grafted onto them.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Does it matter more when you can see their pain?
(TAYLOR RENCHARD cries out as his arm is gripped by CYBER-SAVAGE.)
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Let me go! You - you're crushing me.
(TAYLOR RENCHARD's face contorted in pain.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Tardis, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Very well, release him.
(TAYLOR RENCHARD gasps as he is released.)
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Thank you, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: A Pyrrhic Victory, Savage.
THE DOCTOR: That's all you Cybermen ever get.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Take us into your Tardis, Doctor. Now.

(Leafing through papers, DAVID ISHERWOOD looks shifty - then startled with eyes wide and mouth open when REECE GODDARD comes in.)
REECE GODDARD: Administrator Isherwood. What are you doing?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Erm, nothing. Erm ... just looking to see if - if you had anything that, er ... that we could use to defeat these Cybermen. I mean, you being an expert and all that. After all, it's why you were assigned here. I have every right to...
REECE GODDARD: Of course, Administrator, absolutely right. Find anything?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Er, no. No, nothing at all.
REECE GODDARD: Carey and Doctor Smythe are on the other side of the portal. We have to help get them back.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: You saw this?
REECE GODDARD: Yes. Sucked through.
(REECE GODDARD makes a sucking inward sound with his mouth.)
REECE GODDARD: And they were gone.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: But ... well ... how do you know they weren't killed?
REECE GODDARD: I can't see why they would be. A Cyberman took them through. If he wanted them dead, one chop from his arm would do that. Strength of ten men, remember?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Yes, yes ... I wonder how that portal works. The commercial opportunities are endless.
REECE GODDARD: Administrator?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well - don't you see, Goddard?
(View of the glowing octagonal door of the portal with the steps leading up to it.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: This is a fantastic discovery. If we can harness its power...
REECE GODDARD: A power that in oh, fifteen or so minutes, is going to swamp out and do to us whatever it did to Osborn's party, and the earlier one.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Oh, use your mind, Goddard. It's obvious the Cybermen are controlling that. You saw for yourself that those Cybermen with Doctor Savage were members of the previous parties. No-one dies. But this is a marvellous opportunity. Imagine, if we could reason with the Cybercontroller, we could see the future.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Come on, man. You're a scientist - or want to be at any rate. The Cybercontroller isn't daft. If we can give him something in return, he could show us the state of the universe in his time zone. We could bring back no end of advances. Cures, information. We could avert wars, we could ... we could anticipate new plagues and counteract them before they start.
REECE GODDARD: (gasps.) Rewrite a history that hasn't happened yet, that sort of thing?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well ... yes. But for good reasons.
REECE GODDARD: Playing God with Time as your toys, is that how you see yourself, Administrator?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: I don't like your tone, Doctor Goddard.
REECE GODDARD: I don't like yours, Administrator. Believe me, trying to change the future isn't something to take lightly.

CYBERCONTROLLER: The Doctor will soon open the secrets of the Tardis to us.
(CYBERCONTROLLER on his high throne towering over the small figure of EVELYN SMYTHE below him.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Funny. I thought I was going to do that. Change of heart? Oh no, silly me. Like Dorothy's friend, you don't have one.
CYBERCONTROLLER: If the Doctor gives us his secrets, I will no longer need you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, good. Does that mean I get to go home?
(Her face falls.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: No, I thought not. I suppose I just end up like poor Carey, wherever he is now.
(View of the banks of cubicles with dormant Cybermen inside each one.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Of course I do, I'm bloody terrified.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Once you are like us, you will no longer fear anything.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Where's the fun in that?
EVELYN SMYTHE: A sense of adventure. A fear of dying. That's what makes us human. That's what makes life worth living. But what have you got to live for?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Perfection. Dominance. Power.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh, very nice. That's the Cyber-creed, is it? But what about you? What do you want?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Power. Dominance. Perfection.
(In her green dress, yellow shirt, hands in her orange cardigan, EVELYN SMYTHE stands incongruously amid the drab grey metal around her which is only broken up by the luminous glow from the demi-globes on the floor.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: No, I mean you . Not the Cybercontroller who wants "power, dominance" - you. The person who lived before becoming ... this. Who were you, what did you do?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes, you ... you must have had dreams once. You must have lived, loved, and had a belief in ... in something. A purpose.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Dreams are unimportant to the Cyber-race. Belief is unimportant. Power is all.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes, but I noticed something.
EVELYN SMYTHE: That dreams weren't unimportant. They were something you understand. You remember. Who were you? See if you can dig back through your database and discover your name.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Name? I have had no name. My role, my purpose is to seed the universe with Cybermen. The Cyber-race will destroy all those who do not succumb to conversion. That is all.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh. Yes. I see. Thank you. By the way, who are you so desperate to convince? Me, or yourself?

(Police Box with view of the giant sun in the golden sky behind it. TAYLOR RENCHARD, THE DOCTOR with arms held out expansively and CYBER-SAVAGE outside it.)
THE DOCTOR: Here she is, Savage. My Tardis.
CYBER-SAVAGE: We cannot get it to the portal. There is not enough time to break the walls of the structure down to enlarge the entrance.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Before that temporal wave thing, I guess, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: But surely you're controlling it? Can you hear me, Controller? Surely you are responsible for that.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: What if they're not, Doc?
THE DOCTOR: Then we have a stalemate. Because I have no intention of letting Cybermen in here. And if they want to avoid the temporal wave, they'll have to go back through the portal. Then I'll open the Tardis, we can scoot inside and pop out when it's passed. Which'll give us another ... eighteen hours to re-negotiate?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Please. Help me. I can't hold back.
CYBER-SAVAGE: The conditioning. I'm trying to fight it, but the Controller's influence ... so strong.
THE DOCTOR: Good grief, you poor girl. What can we do?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Help me...

(THE DOCTOR's face visible on the monitor inside the Cybermen control room.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Please.
THE DOCTOR: (monitor:) Oh, this is excellent news, Mister Renchard. If we can reverse Nicky Savage's conditioning we've found an Achilles Heel.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: (monitor:) Well, let's do something.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Please. Before I lose control, and my Cyber-personality reasserts itself. Can you change me back, make me human again?
THE DOCTOR: (monitor:) I ... I hope so.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Please.
(Police Box seen on the monitor. Click to turn off monitor.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: What's excellent now?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Everything is going according to plan.
EVELYN SMYTHE: (smiling:) Plan? Your Cyber-conversion's breaking down. Another few minutes and the Doctor will have saved Nicky Savage.
(Her smile fades.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: It's a trap, isn't it? You set this up. Oh, Doctor.

REECE GODDARD: Administrator, listen to me. You can't trust Cybermen.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What do you know? You're barely old enough to have read more than half a dozen books on them.
REECE GODDARD: If you didn't think I was expert enough for you, why am I here?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: A damn good question, Doctor Goddard. Central will be getting a good grilling from me when I get home.
REECE GODDARD: If you get home.
THE DOCTOR: Gentlemen, quickly.
(DAVID ISHERWOOD sighs. Rushing out.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: I ... can't...
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Heavens above, Doctor, what - what's going on?
THE DOCTOR: It's Nicky. I think her conditioning is breaking down. Blast! I need a delta wave augmenter from the Tardis. Er - Doctor Goddard, can you help me carry it?
CYBER-SAVAGE: What is...?
THE DOCTOR: Back in a mo.
(Walking off.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What happened?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: I don't know, she just collapsed, and...
THE DOCTOR: Oh, and by the way, Administrator...
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Don't do that, please. Gave me a fright. Thought you'd gone.
THE DOCTOR: So sorry. Did you find anything?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What? Oh, yes. This.
(A sealed container like a small bottle or test tube.)
THE DOCTOR: I see. I wonder what it is exactly.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well, it's...
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I can see that, I mean, exactly. Back soon.
(Walking off.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Strange man. He really is.

CYBERMAN: Controller, the new convert is ready for you.
CYBER-CAREY: Reporting for duty, Controller.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Mister Carey? Oh no. What have they done to you?
CYBERCONTROLLER: He no longer dreams or believes.
CYBER-CAREY: Reporting for duty, Controller.

THE DOCTOR: Well, here we are.
REECE GODDARD: What about this delta wave augmenter you mentioned?
THE DOCTOR: It's inside the Tardis, Doctor Goddard.
REECE GODDARD: Well, why don't you open the door and get it?
THE DOCTOR: No point. She's faking.
THE DOCTOR: I've been round the galaxy enough times to know when I'm being baited. She wanted access to the Tardis. She wasn't getting it via conventional Cyber-threats. I know when I'm being lied to.
(THE DOCTOR hand on his chin, thoughtful.)
REECE GODDARD: So ... why are we here?
THE DOCTOR: Because I needed to talk to you properly, away from a Cyberman. And as you don't have a transponder, we should be all right here.
REECE GODDARD: Talk? What about?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, about you, Doctor Goddard, and why you are here.
REECE GODDARD: Isherwood needed an expert on the Cybermen.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I congratulate you. You must have learned many lifetimes' worth of knowledge in what, four years? Five at most?
REECE GODDARD: I'm not as young as I look.
THE DOCTOR: Something else I've been pondering about. You're invisible, aren't you?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, not to me, not to a human.
(Image of CYBER-SAVAGE and the two Cybermen who came out of the portal with her.)
THE DOCTOR: But to the Cybermen, to Nicky Savage and the others, whose sight has been augmented by alien technology.
REECE GODDARD: I don't know what you're...
THE DOCTOR: Oh, stop lying, Goddard. Who are you?
REECE GODDARD: Why do you think I'm invisible?
THE DOCTOR: I noticed very early on that the cybernetic Savage ignored you when you spoke. She didn't follow you when you moved.
THE DOCTOR: She mentioned that there were four of us when there were five, right in front of her ... eyes.
THE DOCTOR: So who are you?
REECE GODDARD: Let me show you.
THE DOCTOR: What are you doing?
REECE GODDARD: It's okay. Just rolling up my sleeve. No tricks, no weapons. Now, watch.
(Metal whirring as the bare arm suddenly shows an image of what lies beneath it - circuitry.)
REECE GODDARD: Impressive?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. But I confess I'm confused.
REECE GODDARD: I'm giving off a mild ultra-violet frequency scrambler from all over my body, keyed to cybernetic receptors. As you say, it's like I'm invisible around them. They can't hear me either. It's easy enough to hide amongst Cybermen when you are a Cyberman.
THE DOCTOR: A Cyberman? But ... how did they get the ability to do that to you?
REECE GODDARD: Oh, from you, when you gave it to them.
THE DOCTOR: I most certainly did not.
REECE GODDARD: Ah, but that's the tragedy of all this, Doctor. You will. In about fifteen minutes' time.

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits.)


(Opening Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated title sequence.)
REECE GODDARD: It's easy enough to hide amongst Cybermen when you are a Cyberman.
THE DOCTOR: Cyberman? But ... how did they get the ability to do that to you?
REECE GODDARD: Oh, from you, when you gave it to them.
THE DOCTOR: I most certainly did not.
REECE GODDARD: You will. In about fifteen minutes' time.
THE DOCTOR: Me? But what will I do? How can I stop it?
REECE GODDARD: That's what I'm here to find out. Their records are very detailed about who you are, but not about what you do and why.
THE DOCTOR: So you're from the future?
REECE GODDARD: Exactly the opposite, actually, but - I represent the ultimate development of Cyber-technology gone mad. Flesh made machine.
THE DOCTOR: How much of you is still flesh and blood?
REECE GODDARD: The exterior. Inside I am pure Cyberman, but with a brain, not a computer.
REECE GODDARD: You want the story, the whole story?
THE DOCTOR: The Brodie's Notes version would be nice.
(Image of planet Earth beside REECE GODDARD.)
REECE GODDARD: In Nineteen Twenty-Seven, four days after I was born, the Cybermen brought a virus to Earth.
(Image of planet Earth beside a CYBERMAN.)
REECE GODDARD: It attacked the nervous system of all living things transforming them into a techno-organic hybrid - veins and nerves re-laced themselves as metallic carriers for cybernetic signals.
(Images of people being infected by a virus.)
REECE GODDARD: The animals died quickly, their brains unable to cope with the shock. They went catatonic and starved, as did millions of humans. Whole continents died in days. The survivors were either converted, or fought back and were eradicated.
THE DOCTOR: And you?
REECE GODDARD: As I said, I was a baby, one of a new generation of skin drones, that grew up in a techno-organic world.
THE DOCTOR: And where did the Cybermen develop this virus?
REECE GODDARD: Over the twenty-four years of my life, I and a limited number of - well, you'd call us rebels I guess - grew up determined to save our planet and reclaim our humanity. We stole Cyber-technology. Hundreds sacrificed their lives feeding the rest of us titbits of knowledge and information purged from the Cybermen's computer databases. We traced a nexus point to Thirty-Two Eighty-Six. Here. This nameless planet where, going by their records, the Cyber-race discovered the ability to manipulate Time. Oh, the Cybermen's knowledge of temporal science was without equal. Oh yes, Doctor. They crushed your planet and learned all your secrets.
(Image of rows of Cybermen.)
REECE GODDARD: Daleks, Sontarans, Draconians, all fell to the new Cyber-race, thanks to their ability to time-travel, crossing from one time-line into a divergent one. There was nothing now.
THE DOCTOR: And thus you think I'm responsible?
REECE GODDARD: It's a possibility.
THE DOCTOR: So how did you get here?
REECE GODDARD: I left planet Earth, centrepiece of the Cyber-verse, in Nineteen Fifty-One, in a stolen Cyberman Chronosphere.
(View of the globe from near the start of Episode One with the man inside it.)
THE DOCTOR: So, you arrived here in our time-line, with this.
REECE GODDARD: How did you ...?
(The bottle DAVID ISHERWOOD found. Small, red, white cap.)
REECE GODDARD: Oh, of course. You got Isherwood to go through my stuff. I thought he was behaving oddly earlier.
THE DOCTOR: It's a phial of what? The techno-organic virus?
REECE GODDARD: Sort of. It's a reversal of theirs.
REECE GODDARD: Organic techno, if you like. We used nanotechnology to imprint upon the virus commands that will decay the metal and plastic implants within a Cyberman, render it useless. Instead of converting our internal organs into technology, once inside the Cybermen it reverts theirs to a mushy goo.
(Image of a Cyberman whose metal parts around the flesh melt and turn green.)
REECE GODDARD: I doubt they'll survive. Thank you. I'll take that.
THE DOCTOR: What, you idiot! Don't you see what you've done?
THE DOCTOR: You've created a time paradox. The Cybermen don't have the ability to make a virus like this, it simply wouldn't occur to them, it's too illogical. But if they get your virus, they'll do what you did. They'll reverse it, so instead of attacking them, it'll attack flesh again. They're far more adept at nanotechnology than you probably are.
REECE GODDARD: Your point?
THE DOCTOR: They'd have an ultimate weapon. Once they've got time travel, all they have to do is retrace your steps back to the twentieth century, and start it again, creating the divergent time-line that will become the real time-line, rendering this one - where we are now - the divergent one.
REECE GODDARD: The grandfather paradox.
(THE DOCTOR sighs.)
REECE GODDARD: Or an interesting twist, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Interesting twist? Is that all you care about? Give the phial back to me. We must destroy it.
REECE GODDARD: Destroy it? Twenty-four years before I left Earth, you gave them the ability to bring their virus to Earth and start the nightmare that is - or hopefully was - my life. My entire existence has only been bearable so that I can live for this moment, and you want me to throw it away? The only thing, Doctor, stopping me from killing you now is that without you to protect it, I can't guarantee the Cybermen won't access your Tardis, before I've introduced this little tube of goo to their respiratory systems.
THE DOCTOR: I can't let you do this, Goddard, you must see...
(Punch. THE DOCTOR cries out, mouth open as REECE GODDARD who is just a blur attacks THE DOCTOR. THE DOCTOR drops to the ground.)
REECE GODDARD: Strength of ten men, Doctor, with reflexes to match. Remember that when you wake up.

DAVID ISHERWOOD: Goddard just thumped the Doctor.
CYBER-SAVAGE: What are you saying?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Jesus. Boss lady, are you all right?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Renchard, look out.
(TAYLOR RENCHARD cries out as CYBER-SAVAGE holds her Cyber-hands to the sides of his head.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Why is the Doctor lying down?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: You're crushing ... stop it, please...
(Gritting his teeth, TAYLOR RENCHARD cannot move the metal arm away from his head.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: For God's sake, you're hurting him.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Answer me.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Goddard thumped him. Goddard knocked the Doctor down.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Please, no...
(He screws up his face in pain as the metal fists crush the sides of his head.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: I don't know why. Ask him, he's coming back.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Who is Goddard? What is a Goddard?
TAYLOR RENCHARD: You ... (cries out.) you came with him on the mother ship.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: You must remember.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Probe. Probe Nicola Savage's memories.
CYBER-SAVAGE: None relevant, information has been purged.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: You're breaking my head...
(Blood starts to pour from his nose and the sides of his head.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: What is Goddard?
REECE GODDARD: Hello, Nicky. I am.
CYBER-SAVAGE: I repeat, what or who is Goddard?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: He's right beside you. Him!
CYBER-SAVAGE: You are incorrect.
REECE GODDARD: Fascinating.
TAYLOR RENCHARD: For crying out ... out loud... Goddard, tell her what she needs to know...
DAVID ISHERWOOD: He's there! Look!
TAYLOR RENCHARD: Goddard ... Dear God ... Jesus Christ...
(Sudden crack. Screen goes red. DAVID ISHERWOOD with red marks on his face and mouth wide open in horror splutters in disgust.)
REECE GODDARD: Strength of ten men.
(Lots of red also staining DAVID ISHERWOOD's uniform.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: For God's sake, Goddard!
(CYBER-SAVAGE with red liquid dripping from its metal hand.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will come with me.
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Controller requires your presence.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Why me? Please. Don't hurt me. I'll tell you what you want to know. Please. Goddard, help!
REECE GODDARD: Sorry, Renchard...
REECE GODDARD: ... but you were expendable. All's fair in love and war and all that.

(THE DOCTOR groans, eyes open, hands holding the back of his head. Sighs.)
THE DOCTOR: So that's what a hedgehog hit by an articulated truck feels like.
(THE DOCTOR groans.)
THE DOCTOR: Goddard? Goddard!
REECE GODDARD: Wakey-wakey, Doctor.
REECE GODDARD: We ought to see about following them.
THE DOCTOR: Why did it take the Administrator? Where's Mister Renchard?
REECE GODDARD: Renchard got a ... head start on the carnage that's about to be unleashed here.
THE DOCTOR: Unleashed by you and your virus, no doubt.
REECE GODDARD: That's the plan.
(THE DOCTOR crouching.)
THE DOCTOR: I need to get Evelyn out of the Controller's grip. If he's been monitoring things he'll know what's going on now. Then I'll deal with you.
REECE GODDARD: Forgive me for saying this, Doctor, but you are expendable.
(THE DOCTOR laughs this off.)
REECE GODDARD: So's Evelyn, Isherwood, the mother ship, everything. The only thing that matters is my mission.
THE DOCTOR: I misjudged you, Goddard. I thought that despite your ridiculous plan you had some morals, some scruples, some shred of humanity left within you.
REECE GODDARD: Your morality, Doctor, is a luxury my people have learned to live without. Your fault, remember.
THE DOCTOR: How can it be my fault? I haven't done anything.
REECE GODDARD: Yet. We have minutes before the temporal wave hits.

CYBERCONTROLLER: Why have the reports from the planet ceased?
CYBER-CAREY: The Cyber-Commander is within the structure bringing Administrator Isherwood.
CYBERCONTROLLER: The temporal wave is due in moments. Where is the Doctor?
EVELYN SMYTHE: What will happen if he's hit by your temporal wave? Well, surely he'll just be swept in here.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Only humans within the structure have been dragged back through the portal. Those on the surface were aged to death in microseconds.
EVELYN SMYTHE: And for a Time Lord that may take four or five seconds.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Seconds of pain. Excruciating pain.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Why, Controller, you sounded almost human then. So where are the others?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Osborn. The other two teams.
CYBERCONTROLLER: There is not enough energy here to maintain them or to extend the range of the portal.
(The rows of Cybermen inside the inner cubicles.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: They have been converted and are now in hibernation awaiting my signal to revive. Trooper?
CYBER-CAREY: Controller.
CYBERCONTROLLER: This human is of no further use. Take it to the conversion chamber, and prepare to extract its brain. The body can be disposed of. It is too frail to accept Cyber-technology.
EVELYN SMYTHE: I'm tougher than I look, Controller. You should keep me around. You might need the odd arm or leg. Don't worry about the hip - I can feel a touch of rheumatism in that, but the rest of me's good for a few years yet.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Take her away now!
EVELYN SMYTHE: You're losing your cool, Controller.
(CYBER-CAREY approaches.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: I've seen department heads get like that when they realise they've buggered up their annual accounts. They didn't frighten me either.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Convert her, now!
EVELYN SMYTHE: What are you so scared of, Controller?

(THE DOCTOR and REECE GODDARD standing before the portal, the octagonal doorway pulsates.)
THE DOCTOR: Look, Goddard. The portal's activated, and fading.
REECE GODDARD: I guess Savage took Isherwood through.
CYBERMAN: You are the Doctor. You are required.
(THE DOCTOR gasps as his arm is grabbed the CYBERMAN's hand.)
THE DOCTOR: I forgot about the fact that Savage had two guards. Goddard! A little assistance, mm? From the invisible man?
CYBERMAN: You will...
(REECE GODDARD uses the bottle of virus. The CYBERMAN cries out and falls Some of the metal melts away, replaced by green which absorbs the body, the cry becomes more human, then silence.)
REECE GODDARD: Well. A bit of a hurried field-test, but - the virus works.
THE DOCTOR: Too well. You killed it.
REECE GODDARD: Let's have a look under the face-plate.
(Plate removed.)
REECE GODDARD: Of course. Osborn's military commander.
(Beyond the plate is a human skull.)
THE DOCTOR: So what?
REECE GODDARD: Nothing. Just habit. When we killed Cybermen back home we'd always check the face, just to see who we'd helped.
REECE GODDARD: We release them from their pain. We honour them by knowing their faces and names if possible.
THE DOCTOR: As you suggested, our moralities are many miles apart. Shall we go through?
(REECE GODDARD and THE DOCTOR walk through the pulsating multi-coloured portal.)

(The portal transports REECE GODDARD and THE DOCTOR to another place, a room.)
THE DOCTOR: What now?
(The sealed bottle, now half-empty.)
REECE GODDARD: Half the virus just ... vaporised. Damn it, something in that portal counters it. There's not much left.
THE DOCTOR: Shame it didn't all go.
REECE GODDARD: I wonder why?

CYBERMAN: Controller, the last Cyberman in the structure has ceased functioning.
CYBERMAN: What of this one?
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Please. Don't hurt me. I can help you. You need to know things about Thirty-Two Eighty-Six, yes? I can tell you. We could come to a deal.
CYBERCONTROLLER: You are of no use to me.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Well, I could take you through to my time.
CYBERCONTROLLER: I cannot go through the portal.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Observe. Commander, escort him to the portal.
(Walking off.)

(THE DOCTOR muttering.)
REECE GODDARD: Now what are you doing?
(THE DOCTOR examining the green markings on the purple wall.)
THE DOCTOR: Examining these hieroglyphs on this side, comparing my earlier notes. Yes. Yes, I see.
REECE GODDARD: (sighs.) Can we get a move on?
THE DOCTOR: Wait a minute. It's the instruction manual we talked about earlier. Yes, so if I do this ... and this...
(Whirring of controls being activated.)
THE DOCTOR: A bit of sabotage.
REECE GODDARD: What, exactly?
THE DOCTOR: There. Well, I hope that works, and I hope we've enough time.
REECE GODDARD: What have you done?
(THE DOCTOR crouching by the wall.)
THE DOCTOR: I'm not telling you. It might appeal to your morality ... and it certainly offends mine.

(CYBERCONTROLLER standing before the glowing portal.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Human, observe the membrane within the portal.
CYBERMAN: Controller, this action is not recommended.
CYBERCONTROLLER: It is merely my hand. It will revert once I return it through the membrane. Observe, human.
(The outstretched four-fingered metal hand changes to flesh. DAVID ISHERWOOD gasps.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: My God, your hand. It's becoming human.
(The hand has five fingers, and the visible thumb has a long fingernail, like that of a woman.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Observe. It is ageing, decaying.
(The hand becomes speckled with age.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: The portal affects me in a different way from others.
(The outstretched hand returns to four fingers and a metal hand.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Now my hand is back in this time zone. It has healed, the suit regenerated.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Fascinating. But why were you affected differently?
CYBERCONTROLLER: That information is not known.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: So why are Savage and the others half-human still?
CYBERCONTROLLER: When I first arrived here, I was dying. My last three troopers went through the membrane, and were destroyed when the temporal wave was triggered.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: And with them gone, you had only a limited amount of technology.
CYBERCONTROLLER: As each human was washed back through here, it was only possible to utilise the minimum requirements to convert them.
(Image of the alarmed Professor Osborn from Episode One, and then metal conversion machinery drawing blood as it cuts into the side of his head.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Why are you telling me this, if you say I can't help you?
THE DOCTOR: I rather think he's telling me .
DAVID ISHERWOOD: Doctor. Goddard.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Again, Goddard. What is Goddard?

(Conversion chamber like a butcher's shop.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Carey, you ... you - you don't want to do this, do you? Please. Stop. Remember who you are.
CYBER-CAREY: I must convert you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Carey, this will kill me, make me like you.
CYBER-CAREY: You will be like us.
(Machinery starts up.)
CYBER-CAREY: You will be like us.
(Conversion machinery operates, a snake-like metal object with a sharp point hovers before her face.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits.)


(Opening Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated title sequence.)
CYBER-CAREY: I must convert you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Carey, this will kill me, make me like you.
CYBER-CAREY: You will be like us.
CYBER-CAREY: You will be like us.
(Conversion machinery operates, a snake-like metal object with a sharp point hovers before her face. One such device is inside her mouth, another is hovering by her neck. Her eyes are shut tight.)

CYBERCONTROLLER: I repeat, what is Goddard?
(CYBER-SAVAGE beside DAVID ISHERWOOD, CYBERCONTROLLER at the top of the steps before the octagonal doorway, THE DOCTOR with REECE GODDARD standing nearby.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: He's right there, Controller. He's a scientist. An expert on your people.
THE DOCTOR: I don't know what he's babbling about, Controller. There's only me here. Quite harmless.
CYBER-CAREY: Controller, the conversion is underway.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, Mister Carey, what have they done to you?
CYBER-CAREY: Be silent.
THE DOCTOR: You know your chum, Savage, there? She killed Renchard. Remember him?
CYBER-CAREY: Rench...?
CYBER-SAVAGE: This conversation is unimportant. You will...
(She bumps into something and stops.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: Controller? I walked into something.
CYBERCONTROLLER: There is nothing there.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What are you talking about? She's just lumbered into Goddard.
THE DOCTOR: (scolding:) Administrator!
CYBERCONTROLLER: Goddard is invisible to Cyber-technology. Alter your receptor wavelengths, now.
(The screen becomes a dark green.)
REECE GODDARD: Nice one, Isherwood.
(The dark colour fades and REECE GODDARD is visible.)
(REECE GODDARD cries out as he is held.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: That is Goddard.
CYBERCONTROLLER: What is that he is carrying?
(The half-full bottle of virus seen.)
THE DOCTOR: An organic techno-virus. I'd destroy it now if I were you.
CYBERCONTROLLER: What does it do?
THE DOCTOR: Dissolves all Cyber-implants, totally eradicating all Cyber-technology, transmittable by touch. One spill on just you or Savage or Carey or anyone else, and it'll spread through you all like wildfire.
CYBERCONTROLLER: We are the last of the Cyber-race. To destroy us would mean you were committing genocide. Article Seven of your own constitutional law expressly forbids that.
THE DOCTOR: How awfully well-informed you are, Cybercontroller.
REECE GODDARD: Maybe he wouldn't use it, Cybercontroller, but I would. Now, tell this one to let go of me or I drop it here and now.
REECE GODDARD: Thank you. Now, back away from me. Isherwood, I can't think of one good reason to save your neck, but I'm going to do so anyway. Go back through the portal and get to the mother-ship.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: But the temporal wave will go out there in about five minutes.
THE DOCTOR: Then I suggest you run very fast. Goddard, look out!
(Thump by CYBER-CAREY. REECE GODDARD gasps but is unharmed.)
REECE GODDARD: Ha-ha. You don't quite know what you're up against, do you?
CYBER-CAREY: Do not move, Doctor. Controller?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Take the phial of the virus, Commander, analyse this.

(EVELYN SMYTHE with eyes shut tight.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh Doctor, just for once, I could do with a bit of saving right now.
(Conversion machinery operating. She is surrounded by what look like three metal cutting devices around her face, but as they do not cut, they may have nozzles which are used to release a numbing agent around the face before the operation begins. A large machine is then pressed against her face.)

(CYBERCONTROLLER standing at the top of the steps facing the others.)
THE DOCTOR: If you kill me, Controller, you destroy your only route away from here.
CYBERCONTROLLER: We have your companion. She can pilot your craft.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: But you can't get to it. You'll die.
CYBERCONTROLLER: The female will pilot it back here.
THE DOCTOR: What? Forward from the Thirty-Third century to ... wherever here is? Oh - she's good, Controller, but she's not that good. Even I am not always that good.
CYBERCONTROLLER: She will have Cyber-technology to aid her.
(Image of EVELYN SMYTHE with eyes shut and mouth open in pain.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: It will not present a problem.
THE DOCTOR: Not a problem? The Tardis is a marvellous machine, more living, instinctive and self-aware than you are. No matter what you force Evelyn to do, the Tardis will make sure it ends up somewhere else.
REECE GODDARD: Is that true, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Well, it's the excuse I always use on myself.
CYBER-CAREY: Controller, scans of this Goddard show he is not human.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What are you, Goddard?
THE DOCTOR: Him? Oh, he's no different from Carey, Savage and the others. He's a Cyberman, Administrator.
(DAVID ISHERWOOD looks astonished.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: What? No, that ... that's not possible. Are you from the future too?
REECE GODDARD: (laugh.) No, no, Administrator. I'm about thirteen hundred years old.
THE DOCTOR: I thought you were going to kill us.
CYBERCONTROLLER: You have convinced me otherwise.
THE DOCTOR: Really? Or it is the fact that Savage there has analysed the virus?
CYBER-SAVAGE: The Doctor was correct, Controller. The liquid is an iolite-based retrovirus, specifically designed to destroy our cybernetic systems, yet it has Cyber-technological origin.
REECE GODDARD: Excellent? What are you talking about, Controller? It's going to destroy you.
CYBERCONTROLLER: You are wrong. Trooper? Take them to the conversion chamber. Hold them there.
CYBER-CAREY: Yes, Controller.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Convert that one.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No. But ... we had a deal.
CYBERCONTROLLER: Dismantle that one.
(Indicating REECE GODDARD.)
REECE GODDARD: Great. Thanks.
CYBERCONTROLLER: I will ... consider your future. Take them.
(Others led off.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No! No! What about our plan?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Delay the conversion process on the Doctor's companion.
CYBER-SAVAGE: Yes, Controller.
CYBERCONTROLLER: I have a new plan.

(The large device over the top of EVELYN SMYTHE's face is whirring. The whirring stops.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Oh. Thank goodness. Oh, my jaw, it aches. Feels as though I ... I've been to the dentist.
(Marching in.)
CYBER-CAREY: The process has been temporarily halted.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Thank you, Mister Carey.
CYBER-CAREY: Do you ... remember me?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes. Yes, of course I do.
CYBER-CAREY: Renchard. Do you remember Renchard?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Yes, yes I do. He's your friend.
CYBER-CAREY: He has been terminated.
CYBER-CAREY: Why ... why am I aware of this?
EVELYN SMYTHE: Aware? Oh. Why are you thinking about that. Well, because he was your friend. How did he die?
CYBER-CAREY: The Commander killed him. Why?
EVELYN SMYTHE: I don't know. Perhaps you should ask her.
CYBER-CAREY: I will do that.
(Marching off.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Any chance you could get me out of this contraption first? Hello? Hello!
(But it has gone, leaving her trapped inside the machinery in a room with metal and flesh body parts hanging up on hooks.)

(CYBERCONTROLLER on his throne in the room with Cybermen dormant in inner chambers.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: Ah. This is excellent. Reversal complete. Commander?
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Controller?
CYBERCONTROLLER: Reactivate conversion chamber four.
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Yes, Controller.
(Noise starts up. Image of EVELYN SMYTHE who will be affected by this.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: (monitor:) Conversion chamber four reactivated. I am activating chamber eight as well.
DAVID ISHERWOOD: (monitor:) No. No. Please!
(DAVID ISHERWOOD's face on the monitor filled with horror.)

(THE DOCTOR and REECE GODDARD in the room where flesh body parts are hanging up.)
THE DOCTOR: Goddard, we have to get Isherwood out of there.
REECE GODDARD: You get him out. I plan to complete my mission.
CYBER-SAVAGE: You will be silent.
CYBER-CAREY: Commander?
CYBER-CAREY: Why did you kill Renchard?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Query your query.
CYBER-CAREY: Why did you kill my friend?
CYBER-SAVAGE: Trooper, something is wrong with your programming. You need...
(Cybermen groans as CYBER-CAREY suddenly attacks CYBER-SAVAGE and she fights back.)
THE DOCTOR: Time to go, Goddard.
REECE GODDARD: I have to get the phial of the virus.
THE DOCTOR: The Controller will have destroyed it by now. You get Isherwood, I'll find Evelyn.
(CYBERMAN cry in the background.)
THE DOCTOR: Do it, man.
(Upper torso of body parts suspended by metal hooks.)
REECE GODDARD: Hold on, Administrator, hold on.
(Metal parts are pointing into DAVID ISHERWOOD's flesh.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: No. I'm connected to the Cyber-systems. Oh my God...
REECE GODDARD: Keep talking to me.
(The fight between CYBER-CAREY and CYBER-SAVAGE reaches its conclusion with the electronic groan of CYBER-CAREY.)
CYBER-SAVAGE: You ... will remain ... where you are.
REECE GODDARD: Hello, Nicky. Exhausted, are we? Ripping the guts out of Carey must have taken it out of you, hey? Here. Let me help you.
(REECE GODDARD with a cry launches himself Bruce Lee style at CYBER-SAVAGE, striking her with a fist of fury, knocking her down.)
REECE GODDARD: I'm sorry, Nicky. Let me get the plate off from around your eyes so you can see properly for the last time. It's better this way.
(CYBER-SAVAGE lying on the floor, the green retro-virus around the body.)
REECE GODDARD: Administrator, I'll have you out soon.
(One eye of DAVID ISHERWOOD is normal, one is the red eye of a CYBERMAN. The sides of the head are metal with a tube up one nostril.)
(DAVID ISHERWOOD's voice is starting to change. Traces of blood are visible around the nose and the red eye. He struggles to speak.)
DAVID ISHERWOOD: I'm already a Cyberman. I don't want that. Listen. I can understand all the Cyber-command circuits here, their words in my head. I ... I need to tell you something.

(THE DOCTOR rushes forwards. He sees EVELYN SMYTHE still trapped in a machine which has been pressed against her face.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Doctor. Knew you'd ... come ... to get me.
THE DOCTOR: Come on. Come on, let's get you out of there.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Didn't turn me into a Cyberman after all.
THE DOCTOR: Something's going on. Machinery's still running. Oh. blow this, I'll have to heave these tubes out, from the sarcophagus.
(The sound of him dismantling metal.)
THE DOCTOR: I wish I had the strength of ten men right now.
(Metal crashes as tubes removed. EVELYN SMYTHE is undamaged.)
THE DOCTOR: Come on, Evelyn. We only have a few seconds before...
(CYBERCONTROLLER appears from a doorway not far off.)
CYBERCONTROLLER: (nearby:) Stop. You will not escape.
THE DOCTOR: Try stopping me, Controller.
THE DOCTOR: This way. Run!
THE DOCTOR: You have to! Goddard, Isherwood, we have to leave now!
(REECE GODDARD appears on his own.)
REECE GODDARD: Isherwood is ... I made it quick. But there's something you need to know.
THE DOCTOR: Not now. Remember that sabotage I did?
THE DOCTOR: I reversed the portal's power services. The temporal wave won't be going out onto the planet, it'll come in here, destroying everything in less than a minute!
CYBERCONTROLLER: You will be destroyed.
THE DOCTOR: Go on, Evelyn. Go through.
(EVELYN SMYTHE still with eyes shut and mouth open.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: I ... I can't...
REECE GODDARD: No, Doctor, no!
THE DOCTOR: I'll come back for you, Goddard!
(THE DOCTOR and EVELYN SMYTHE travel through the portal.)
REECE GODDARD: Doctor, wait! Isherwood told me about the virus. The Controller did as you thought - reversed it. He's...
REECE GODDARD: ... Reversed it. And infected Evelyn. She's carrying the virus that made me.
(Thump by REECE GODDARD onto the armoured Cyber-suit of the CYBERCONTROLLER.)
REECE GODDARD: Oh, Doctor...
CYBERCONTROLLER: Destroy. You will be destroyed.
(REECE GODDARD punches repeatedly.)
REECE GODDARD: Destroy? Destroy? Try me, Controller. You made me. You destroyed my people. See if you can breathe without this, Controller.
(He attacks the chest unit of the CYBERCONTROLLER.)
REECE GODDARD: You think you're a God? You - well, I am your child. I'm your Adam, chucking you out of Eden!
(He punches repeatedly. The CYBERCONTROLLER lies on the floor with green liquid pouring from an eye hole and the mouth area.)
REECE GODDARD: Let's take your face-plate off. Look upon my face with your own eyes one last time.
(The CYBERCONTROLLER cries out. Beyond the face mask is flesh with metal attachments - the metal has removed the eyes but there is a nose and a mouth. The cry changes to the original owner of the face - EVELYN SMYTHE.)
REECE GODDARD: No. No. It can't be. Evelyn.
(Pulsating from the portal. A sudden blast of energy as the temporal wave hits, REECE GODDARD and the CYBERCONTROLLER crying out.)

(The Police Box in the desert with the sun behind it and the pyramid-like building beside it. Inside the brightly-coloured control room with the roundels on the walls, the normal EVELYN SMYTHE stands as the old woman that she is now, destined one day to change into the Cybercontroller. Tardis control room. Tardis doors closed.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: Safe, at last. I'm sorry I was no use.
(THE DOCTOR comes over to her.)
THE DOCTOR: Oh, nonsense. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
EVELYN SMYTHE: What about the others?
THE DOCTOR: Well, Goddard was yelling something as I dragged you through the portal, I couldn't hear him. Then the temporal wave hit them and when I looked back the portal just showed a flat rock wall.
EVELYN SMYTHE: They were all destroyed, then?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid so. But Goddard succeeded, it seems. Now, let's have a look.
(Console bleep. In space, a spaceship is approaching a planet.)
THE DOCTOR: Yes, the mother-ship appears to be still in orbit which means time hasn't diverged, and his time-line has been eradicated as he wanted. The Controller never got the chance to use the virus either.
(Superimposed image of the jar of retro-virus.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: I need a lie-down now.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, you do that. And when you wake up I'll have a spot of lunch ready.
(EVELYN SMYTHE gentle laugh.)
THE DOCTOR: And we can go somewhere ... less exhausting.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Poor Goddard. He studied our version of history, you know, just to make sure he fitted in.
(Image of REECE GODDARD behind her.)
EVELYN SMYTHE: We talked quite a bit. He seemed a nice young man at first.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I'm sorry, Evelyn. Everywhere we go you get to know people, and then they die. That's not fair on you.
EVELYN SMYTHE: (laugh.) Listen. Without wishing to appear callous, you stopped me becoming a Cyberman. For that I'm grateful. But ... can we go somewhere special?
THE DOCTOR: Ah. Where would you like?
EVELYN SMYTHE: In honour of Doctor Goddard, I'd like to go and see Charles Lindbergh make his historic flight.
(Bleeps as controls on the console are adjusted.)
THE DOCTOR: Saint Louis, Nineteen Twenty-Seven it is. You have a rest, and when you wake up, we'll be there.
EVELYN SMYTHE: Nineteen Twenty-Seven. (Laugh.) Sounds refreshingly peaceful.
(Outside, the Tardis dematerialisation starts up, and the Police Box fades away.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer, played over the animated closing credits. Note: Closing credits have Ryan Carey credited twice.)